North Carolina Newspapers

    te ;''v-
No. 91
XtstU VP A D
a,,,, u'ftlv
1 ! . - J
Following Its Spread Excite
ment is Great in Mexico
Another American Killed--Ri-
fle Ball Narrowly Misses
Mexico City, Feb. IS A rumor was
current here tonight that President
Madero had been shot. Great excite
ment prevailed following the spread of
the rumor, but it could not be confirmed.
Madero is not at the palace, but it is
believed to be possible that he is on the
firing line with General Huerta, who is
in charge of the Federal troops.
The Senate committee called at the
national palace late today to demand
his resignation. He was not there,
having disappeared sometime previously-
Clearing the Streets.
Soldiers are clearing San Juan Letran
Street in front of the cable office, saying
that there will be firing on the building.
Cannonading and rifle firing began
again lite in the afternoon following a
brief respite.
Federal troops in the State of Oaxaca
and in Tch-an'orec are reported to
be in reve It and to be coming here to
aid General Diaz, the relcl leader. .
Ambassador are trying to arrange
a daily armistice of certain hours to
allow peoi le to get about I he my v.ith .In 'T L. - 1 ' t
Br pt tits To Build Parsonage- 1 if
evling Man Gets Better.
(Special to the lournal i
Jacksonville, Feb. 13. The membtrs
01 the naotlst con cremation .it larlrsnr .
villc have decided to erect a parsonage
ior i ne convenience oi tne pastors whon
t.hey call to the service of the rhiirrh
The exact location of the parsonage
nas not oeen determined, but this ant
other preliminary questions will be
settled at an early date and the actua
building will soon begin.
E. C. Harrell of Elizabeth City, the
traveling salesman who on Isri Kridn
afternoon was accidentally shnt nom
Dixon by Miss Eva Foy, a daughte
oi j. c. roy oi tnat place, is now re
covering and in a few days will be able
to return to his home.
Next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock
there will be service in the court hmm
at this place. The public is invited ti
Thomas Hill, Colored, Wants Coast
Line to Pay Him Two
Thousand Dollars.
Nellie Gray Jones, Aged Five Years
ran into Fire and Sus
tains Fatal Injuries.
T.iought It Was To New Bern, But
It 1 urned Out To Be To
Some Other Place.
Left Alone a Few Minutes, She
Was Found With Clothing
In a Blaze.
News of a distressing acident whicl
occurred in Number Two town-hit
inre i nursaav aiternoon anrt her
mit HanOTpr 1 hfU arc olei- e U r... causeel the death of Nrllie C, ra v
a well "r'p fined pci tra I 70 nr. little eirphan girl five years of age
TheGiveri'meitlvishcidedtlic nro.rei!ched ,hi c"y yesterday.
test of 4-ier.rv I anp ik, n 1 he parents of the victim of the
Amlassador, ai.d removed 1 he bat-. atL'jdcnt died several years ago anc
rery irom the vicinity of the American "Vc wii8 nolnlnS more, man ai
embassy. .infant she was taken into the home o
Another American Killed
R. E. Meredith, aeent for the Nai ion
alCash Register Company, was killed
Mr. and Mrs. lease R. Kvi'rineMon am
since that time has lived with them
TI I r . , , , . .
i iiurseiay anernoon Mrs. Cverine
room beside an oper
.. - j . ... . Ti . . ?
this afternoo by a rain of bullets ?s hc! ffi" B'r' ?er.c. 81 Un "
wn i, ..-I,,,, Pr.,,.,.'. U..l u:u l.i v viiuti 9 ucu
....... unci o iiuivi wine ii mi i- li
ters American women and children. I pre
1 juinruiiini. .hi nii'eriian rci rrr-1 , i,- . , , z
. ..u. : .l -V .Z. .the rCQJli for a few minutes and lefi
tne little girl alone, little thinking thai
harm, would befall her. A few seconds
alter leavin the room Mrs. Lve'rtngton
tuard, frantic screams and rnsnintr
back to the room found that the little
girl was enveloped in flames
She seized a rug from the floor and
with this managed to extinguish the
child's blazing clothing. However,
sne naa Deen so badly burned that
death ensued a few hourt la er.
It is supposed that' the little girl
got -too near the blazing wood in the
hrephce and that the clothing became
i asted from this. The little victim
wis loved by all who knew f er and
er painful death was the tajse oi
gnet in many hearts
entering roriers noui wnie n n 1-. fir,r,-. , .u " " "ST.
ters American women nnd chilelren. i. ' 'V" r.ja"H
i mi s. r.viTinuimi w;w ra inn rm
wrman rnrrrt. I.t. . - s v s
er, was shot in the lee in the same t'n
lade. A rifle ball entered the AmericJi
embassy this afternoon, missing Am-
l j u;i l - .
inXr m! my a ''aHwoL frantic screams
Ambassador Wilson has invited the
British, German, Spanish and French
ministers to confer with him on Ma
dero's reft sal to resign.
Proclaims Himself President
Emilio Vasquez Gomez, a former
Madero lieutenant, crossed the line into
Mexico today and proclaimed himself
Women like to atltend a social func
tion in order that they may be able
to criticise it properly.
orvr a on
There will always LY11
be a market for-JUce. PAYS
Half the people of the wnrliT i;
on rice, and their demand nuk n;. ....u
impossible. But if you are to tsmUt h. tKi. a...i
' - --- - Mbiiiaiiu
and market good crops, you must see that your land
is nch enough in available
Pn2A fJT ?dvCe "P'f" great inroads on the
Poush of the soil. Keep your soil p to the high mark of pro-
dUCtInn hv inffiitttnn- n, (mr. V. . . ....
, ..... .. . , UIIK( uuiivuningst least S7i rbtasli.
ii your aeaicr aoetn t c.rry inch brands, nor Potash Sslts.
write lo ui lew prices on any amount from a 200-lb. bag" up.
I ?m "'.Sli0' ook of prohtable (ertiliur lormulaa
Une ol ti c most interesting cases
aken up at yesterday's session of
superior Court was one in which
Thomas Hill, colored, is suing the
Atlantic v.oast Line Railway Company
or damages in the sum of two thousand
loljars for being put off one of the'r
rains alter ne naa purchaser! a ticket
tnd had the same in his possession,
"rom the evidence introduced during
he trial it seems that Hill was forking
n Wilmington and that he wanted
o come to New Bern to visit ' his
laughter. Havinir only a small sum
il money he purchased a ticket, pre-
lumaDly to New Bern and had only
hirty cents remaining.
Being illiterate he was unable to
earl the destination printed on the
icket and did not know it was a ticket
o antither city. He claims that the
onductor tdet him he could not ride
n that, ticket on that division of the
oad and was told to leave the train,
le contends that he did this and was
impelled to walk back to the city
.f e;:i. i i n'
y iiiiiiugiuii unci oeing pnysicauy
inable to do this was greatly injured
jy being compelled to do so. The
-ailway people claim that the man's
itory is incorrect. The counsel on
oth sides are making a hard fight
The case will probably be placed in
the hands of the jury by noon.
- In the case of Grantham vs. Grant
tam, a separation proceeding which
was decided in favor of the plaintiff,
Mrs. Grantham, on the previous day,
he attorneys for th'e defendant yes
terday asked for a new trial. Judge
Allen has not rendered his decision
is to whether or not this will be granted.
In the case of James Quinnerly vs.
Miles Simmons, in which the plaintiff
was suing for a balance of one hundred
ind sixteen dollars which he claimed
was due on a e'eel, the jury decided in
avor oi tne rielcndant.
Two divorce cases were c.''s josed of
luring the day. In the case of Charles
lanklord vs. Melissa Tankford t e
jury rendered a verdict on favor of the
plaintiff and granted a divorce In
he case ol David Richardson vs
susan Richardson the iurv also found
in favor of the plaintiff and eranted a
aivorce. ;
Samuel Small Awaits .Superior
i.ourt I rial.
Samuel Small, eighteen vcars olel.
was placed under arrest Monday night
it Savannah, Ga., by a railroad de
tective on a warrant charging him with
being implicated in the theft of a num
ber of boxes of tobacco from one of the
Norfolk Southern Railwav Company's
cars at this place.
ine alleged theft was enmm: ted
several weeks ago and yout g .Smal
left the city a short time later. An
other young man who is said to have
been connected with the robbery is
now under indictment and will be
tried at the next term of court.
Small was brought to New Bern
and placed in the county jail, being
released yesterday afternoon when he
gave $100 bond Ipr his appearance at
ne next term ol superior court.
Judge Alien Thinks Neighb n
Districts Concerned In
Monuvent Project.
No Admirer of Dc GratTenried
nut Approves of Monument
To His Colony.
Several members of the committee
in charge ol the erection of a monu
ment in this city to the De.Graffenried
Colony met at the home of R. A. Nunn
last evening tor the purpose of con
ferring upon the subject with Judge
O. H. Allen of Kinston.
A few months ago, during the time
I. . . . i ; ? f .Tt
tiiae. me campaign ior lunas to be used
in 1 1 iv iiitiioii ui mis memorial was in
progress Judge Allen had published an
article in which he gave his views upon
I Vl. r.mrtJ . : . L - 1
uiu9cu mi nun ui cms. memorial
At that time Judge Allen understood
:hat the nemorial was to be erected
n memory of Dc Graffenrieel.
sonallv. and cited several instance In
which his conduct was not all that it
should have been.
Last eveninir fude Allen ct.-itpr!
that since learning that the memorial
was to be erected not to Baron De
Graffenried alone but to his colony
as a whole, he was heartily in favor ol
the movement and earn stly hoped
that it would prove to be a complete
susccess. Judge Allen is well read in
the history of the early settlement ol
this country and is considered to be an
authority upon the subject. He stated
that De Graffenried had
colonists whom he brougnt here in an
ungauant manner and had taken ad
vantage of them in everv wav rnsnible
and personally he derserved little
credit for what had been acconvplishe I.
It is Judge Allen s opinion that the
citizens of New Bern should he assisted
in me woric oi erecting this; memorial
by the citizens of Onslow! .Pender
Duplin, Jones, Lenoir and Wayne
:ounties for he has found unmistakable
evidence that many of the members nf
the colony brought here by De Giaffen
ried moved to those places and traces
of them can yet be found.
Judge Allen is heartily in favor of
(the erection of this memorial and said
that he thought it would be a fitting
tribute to the memory of the men and
women who underwent untold hardships
and many times faced death in order
to make the settlement of New Bern
i permanent one.
Contibutions to the memorial fund
are coming in, although slowly at this
time and the amount of subscriptions
and donations in the hands of S. M.
Brinson, County Superintendent of
Public Schools, who is treasurer- of the
fund, is very encouraging.- Within
a few weeks the active campaign for
funds to bp used in its erection will be
resumed and it is hoped that the full
amount necessary to erect the memorial
will be assured at that time.
New Bern vs. Washington and New
Hern Vs. Elizabeth City on
Next Friday Night.
-The Past Week Was Examination
Week IrylngTime For Teach
ers and Pupils.
Only It Would Be Better If
Were Closer to New Bern.
(Special to the Journal)
Russell's Creek, Feb. 14. Oi r town
is situated tour nulcs west of Beaufort
on the New Bern roar! nnrl thi it hind
The boys chosen to represent New I waterway.
Bern in the debates with Washington Sweet potato growing is engaging
and Elizabeth City are busy getting the attention of our farmers to quite
their speeches ready. The question an extent. The sweet potato is per
Resolved that the Constitution of feet ly at home in. old Carteret, the scil
North Carolina be so amended as to and climatic conditions suit them anil
jftve women the riirht to vote under with fhp canal at our r!onr v-i I hint
the same qualifications as men", is ajwe can send the Northerners come
live one and will, of course, prove jn-1 "taters".
Cresting. On the affirmative, Charlie I We hope the Legislature will not
Hollister and Fred Cohen will sneak I forffet our preatesl nrorl vi 'Sinfp
and on the negative .George Green and I wide stock law." The range is gone
rcooert ihorntcn. land woods stock is almost extinrt.
The first debate will be III neTt I The fpnrp nrnhlnm i n hi'.r ,inrr. n Iih
rnday night, rebruarv 21st. in the I us. Wire fenrino is nrvt lo a faib.n.
school auditorium. Washington will Ion account of the salt sorav and wood
tend her negative team over to me. t fencing is entirely out of the question.
our amirmative team. Our negative! Ducks anel peese are slow about
side will go to Elizabeth Citv to meet I makinp their annual vUir What W
their affirmative side there on the same I become of the thousands of Hni-tc
n'f?ht. I that formally swarmed in our waters.
We have several new settlers this
season mm t ravpti nnd iHifiinmn
This has been a trying week in school I counties viz. Messrs. Stulwden. Mnnir
both for pupils and teachers. Exami-1 Morton. Skinner. Freeman and Owens
nations tell the tale. The only happy I -
persons on the Green were those who I THOMAS HILL, COLORED, RE-
Income of Organization Now
Over Twenty-Seven Hun
dred Dollars
These Will Meet Wednesday
JNight to Elect the
Burned or
Oxide of Lime
by VS.OO per .ere in a sixteen ye.r
test, and proved beyond question that
it is a wperior lertiliit ingrediant.
Brown' C COJ by .ndUfc,, teW
hesds the list of fertilirio, HJW,; Pof
foil inIoi wrhe st'dne, u
New Bern. N. C. 1
my, Corn, Oats. Rnn
MalliOf.rl J; Zm WMCK fob
ti Attention.
..u4c ctxcei, New Bern, N. O.
Norfolk, Va.. Feb. 13. A
ments for a conference bwtween lead.
ing physicians anel Governors of II
Southern Slates, to be held in this city
February 21 have been completed.
The object of the conference is to map
out a campaign for the eradication of
malaria in the South.
Some of the physicians and snrm.nn
who will attend the conference are rr
W. TL Welch, of Johns Hopkins Unh
versity, ot Baltimore- Dr. Rupert Blue,
surgeon-general of the army; Dr. W.
S. Thayer, of Johns Hopkins; Dr. C. C.
Bass, of Tulane Univesrity, New Or
leans, and Dr. C. E. Driver of Ne rfolK
Dr. Driver stated tonight that it
would probably be.deerided at the con
erence to adopt the meti.od now in
vogue in Italy fir the eradication of
malaria along the Southern seaboard.
Dr. Driver, who studied the Italian
plan under Prof-. A. Celi, rf the Public
Health Department of Italy, says that
the percentage of malaria cases has
bee i reduced fre m 55 per cent, to 2
p;r cent, in that country.
FoHcwing the conference an elabor
ate banquet will be held at the Monti
cello, to which 300 guests will be in-
Unique invitations were sent out
by the yojng m;n f the Roper Mill,
inviting a few Iriends to sn ovser last
Friday ni:ht. in honor of Mixi Alice
Pander; of Tarboro, g eil of Miss
L ura Ives.
It. Was indeed a merrv rrnwH whn
met in the boiler roost f the mill and
While the merchants in other towns
in Eastern North. Carolina are com
plaining about the lack of business,
local merchants both retail and whole
sale, say that their business is the best
that they have ever had at this season
of the year. Such a condition as this
clearly demonstrates the fact that New
Bern is the livest city in this sec ion
of the State.
made 90 or over on each subject during
the term. After roll cad these wise
ones were dismissed for the day, while
nose wno made less than su remained
uj struggle witn tne examinations
which were necessary for promotion
Regular systematic work counts two
tnircls an exmaniations count
third in school work anel reports
At the opening o' yesterday's ses
sion of C raven County Superior Court
the case of Thomas Hill, colored, vs.
the Atlantic Coast Line Railway Corn-
one- I pany which had bei n continued from
the previous day. was resumed.
New York Feb. 13. It was Mile.
Lina Cavalieri who stood and sparkleel
little sparklers on the deck of the
Kaiser Wilhelm II as it came up the
bay and she explained the appraise
ment of herslcf -of her jewls. Sublime!
"How much are my jewels of value.
you ask me? Ol), tra-la-Ia, who can
say? I have made the declaration of
12,500. Perhaps they are-of a value
as that perhaps less. Maybe more
who can say? '
"Ah! truly, I have three ambitions
in life. Give ear: Thev are to have
jewels, to have hats anrj to have spa
ghetti. There you have it.'.
One of the so-brave gentlemen of the
press ventured this:
You are so beautiful? You have
the secret of beauty. What it is, little
sister oi tne starsf .
Spaghetti." answerd I.a Relic Lila
"Always and only spaghetti.
spaghetti and you will be as beautiful
as the dawn in spring."
jalfetohgt 1n Boller4.d.:T f "m'"?"7"' ' IN LESS THAN .THREE 1 EES.
h-fKPlant. """'""S 7 "" rrajon- THAT NUMBER ARE
cijoyed the roast.
uri- g the evening each rue t wa
pn-senteil with a souvenir of the
jollyce4alwii,-These looked tike-oysters
in the shell but wh'i the oyster shell
were, opened thev h-M, not ovstrrs,
but valtentines THoV; enjoying the
iviisses sra Stewart,
Holln er, Cwendo-
lia, Rissoun, Lila
and Sffv'Marek
s Nnf Street. Ii hi
n bourne, Frank Felt!
nccasfcm we i
LsWra lve
If I. ,s
waiter sa
RUhlands Young People Delight
Good-Sized Audience.
R chlsnds, N. C. Feb. 15 The local
talent of Kichlanels arranged a pretty
entertainment, which was given at
that place last night, for the benefit
of the Baptist church. Rirhlands is
well provoeri witn talented young
people who are independent - ai out
i ne average uany atteneiance during I t-ounsel on both sides o! the case
January in the white school was 772-. made a strong fight for their client and
65 and in the colored school 512.70, considerable time was taken up in the
making the total average daily at- argument. The case was g.ven to the
tendance during the month 1285.35. jury before noon recess and they re-
as 10 i union fupils. Iturr.cel a verdict in lavor ol the piain
I he following regulations were passed I tiff but awarded him damages only
at the Janary meeting of the School! in the sum of sixty dollars.
Hoard in regard to tuition pupils in! In this case the plaintiff was suing
the sclmeil. I for in the sum of two thousand
All children between the ages of I eloilars for injuries claimed to hav
u and il years of bona tide residents I been caused by being put off one of
o! the city of New Bern, except deaf,! the defandant's trains after he ha
dumb or blind or such as may be af-1 purchased a ticket and hail the same
dieted with contagious or infectious I in his possesion. The ticket in question
aiseases or exposed to the same shall I was supposed by Hill to contain the
be admitted free of charge. I necessary credentials to get hi
Children who have not taken up New Bern to visit his daughter. Hut
men resilience in ine city oi .New I tne t'CKct was good only tor a trip Irom
Bern with the purpose of remaining I Wilmington, the point at which the
permanently, and all rhildren whose I plaintiff boareled i lie train to a town
parents or guardians reside elsewhere I in South Carolina
or wno snail nave removed to ,ewl Hill claimed that he had paid twei
Bern only temporarily for the purpose I eloilars and twenty cents for the ticket
of obtaining the benefit of the scheiol.sland had onlv itferitv cents .rmitottw.
shall pay reasonable tuition charges J That he was put off at a point three
prescriDen Dy tne Hoard. I miles Irom Wilmington and was leirccd
ll non-residents who pay taxes I to walk back to that place and in ad
on City property, shall have the whole ition to this his physical condition
amount of special city school taxes was bad and that he was caused great
paid by them, deducted each year from hardship by neit being able to reach
tne amount Ol tuition charges due the I New Hern.
City Cchools for their rhildren or I At theconclusion of this case the d
wards, on presentation of their taxlvorce mill again got in action and the
receipts. Icaseol Kobt Kdwarr's vs Sylphia hdwad
All tuition shall bedue and payable I was taken up, jury finding in faor of
in advance during the hrst week o I t ie n ainti and granting him a divorce
each month. All persons not paving I ludge Allen has not rendereel hii
same in this time are to be excluded decision in regards to setting aside the
trom scnooi alter the hrst week ol th? vertlirt in the case ol (jranthani
month. I Grantham in which the jury grinted
i-.,piis not admitted iree shall pay I Mrs. K. A. t.rantham a separation
tuition as iollows: 1st, Znd and 3rd I 1 he term closes today
urades, $1.00 per month; 4th, 5th and
Jth Grades, $1.50pcr month; 7th, 8th, I In sonic cases money is the only
nn, ana 10th trades, UU per month. Jsugar that sweetens matrimony
t nc .attendance lor the past week
has been as follows: Monday-present
776, absent 26; Tuesday present 772.
absent 3,3; Wednesday present 769,
absent 43; Thursday present 771,
absent 28; rnday present j6, ab
sent 55.
In order that time may be gained
in arranging the grades and assigning
the teachers to their work, pupils will
come to se hool on Monday one hour
later than usual and school will open
at 10 instead of 0 o'clock. The regular
bells will be rung about one hour later
than usual.
This arrangement will give lime
before school opens to get the full
reports of the teachers on the numbers
promoted and the size of the new
The Teachers' Meeting will lie held
from 8:45 to 9:45 Monday morning
The annual meeting of the Chamber
of Commerce was held at the Court
House last evening ; nd was largely
attended, among those present being
a number of new members who have
become affiliated with the organization
during the pas few days.
At the opening of the meeting Sccre
lary J. Leon WilFams presented his
report for the past year. In this re
port Mr. Will'ams stated th; t when he
took hoi of the Chamber of Commerce
tvvo years ago the receipts were only
nine y dollars a month. Last year,
he stated, the r.ceipts averaged $116
a month . During the campaign waged
thos week one hundred and seventy
six new members were added to the
list anel the 1 otal income of the orga iza
tion from the members is now two
thousand seven hundred and forty
two dollars each year.
The report also showed how the
Chabmer of Commerce has helped
in ceveloping New Bern during the
past year by woiki.g up intercut in
various movements and how i. had
advertised the city.
After the repor had been read and
accepted the election of the Board uf
I directors wa t.ken up. h had pre
viously been decide to elect b. t 15 mem
bers but upon motion of Will i.m Dunn,
Jr., it was decided to elect iweuty-OBe
members of the organization on this
board. Ballots had bee.i prepared and
upon these the members were allowed
to write the ne mes of any members of
the Chamber of Ce mmerce whom they
wanted on the Baoid. After this hail
bee n e!oie and the votes collected za I
f . d, tie following were found to have
been elected:
E. K. Bishop, J. B. Blades, C. D.
BiaJham, J. A. Bryan, L. H. Cutler .Lr.,
J. S. Claypoojp, II. B. e. raven, Clyde?
Eby, William j ifnn, Jr., . T. ill.
(). . DuhhtC E. Fov, W. W. riffin,
B. B. Hurst, T. G. Hyman, C L. Ives,
W. J. Lucas. II. K. Land, K. A. Nunn,
VV. H. Newell, Jr., W. C. Rodney and
T. A. Uzkdl.
Next Wednesday night the Boarel
f Direct rs wit! meet in the Chamber
of Commerce room and e'e:t the t ffi'ers
for the nsuing year.
'1 he campaign for members just closed
by the Chamber of Commerce as
successful in every way. The greater
part of the eild members who had in
hanel the work of securing new mem ers
re enthusiastic over the movement
nd worked hard. H. K. Land was the
champion "getter", securing twenty-
one new members; W. W. Griffin came
next with twenty new members and
he was fo'lywed by Jesse Claypoole
witu nineteen. The oth. r "gel ters"
succeeded in landing ironi two to fiftein
members each-
News has been received here of the
death of Mrs. ,Thos. P. C.arke ol
Vancouver, Wash. Mrs. Clarke was a
daughter-in-law of the late Hon. Win.
arkc of thi-. city and a sister-inlaw
and Mrs.
had visited
oi Mrs. ueorge iwouiton ana Mrs.
William K. Clarke.
here a number erf times
People who arc light 1 earlerd aren't
necessarily feather-brained.
People who are rolling in weall h
should be able to find better ufe for it('
In the looking-glass a woman often sees wrinkles, hollow circles under eyes,
"crow's feet,' all because she did not turn to the right remedy when worn
down with those troubles which are distinctly feminine. Backache, headache,
pains, lassitude, nervousness and drains upon vitality bring untold suffering
to womanhood and the face shows it. The nervous system sad the satire
womanly make-up feels the tonic effect of
It sllays and subdues nervous excitability, irritability, nervous exhaustion, end '
-- - d;ui),u,ui3 vuiiiuiuiiijr Biiruuaiib uuub luuc uoiiai anej urxBJnc
diseases of the feminine organs. It induces refreshing sleep and relieves
menmi anxieiy nnd aesnonelencv. Known everywhere and for over) vaan
as the standard remedy for the diseases of women. Yoar dealer in medicines
sells it in Hquid or sugar-coated tablet form; or you can send SO one-cent
stamps for a trial box of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription tablets. Addraes
Dr. H. V. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.
"He Who by the Plow WouM Thrive
Must Either Hold or Drive."
We Sell Blount's TRUE BLUE Une Of Plows
man and Samuel Bridgets.
able preparations, they can do as much
as any group ol young people to en
tertain and interest the public audience.
The entertainment was both musical
and llterrry. There were two pan
tomimes, a tableau, piano solos and
duett, re; dings aid songs, !oteMi, trior
and rl crus,
Thrrr who faced inelenieni weather
And slippery fttfltway to attend ths
function, will gladly go sf far nnd
as long lo hear and see I he fame class
of entertainment, when those who gave
last night's performance, kc fit to
give another one.
A g'xiel amount was rcaise-d for thi
church benefit, and it would have been
much larger a hd the weather not bten
so discouraging.
An .ettDomy program is utuallv ad-
vocatW ipiM Congressmen, wfto haVe
gotten What tftey want.
(Special la tue Journ I) '
Heiufort, N. C, News ;is receiVf d
here today eif the eleath of ins l.icy
VV. Iihe-lton, eil HriiUenort. Ceinn..
She died Tue:dy aisht, Feb. 11. f-h?
was the sistrr uf . H. Shclton, .1
Beaatort, nho' was buried Tuesday.
Feb. II. Thin N fovr depths tK t
have occrirreel in the fainilv in less than
three week. 1
The B. Y. P. I . n-et st the homo oi!
Mrs. W. I. Wallace Us: nhtht.
The commonwealth qu rtetappeared in
the Court House last nieht before a
audience under (he 'auspices of- t
Civic League.
Word hasHicen rere-'ved frora TOfll
'lupin, a l0rmer Beaufort bey, who
bft sometime ago, and whose where
abouts were uncertain, that he is
Middle Bursters, a Plow That Fills a Long Felt Need
Blcunta' Daisy Plow. A Light Steel Turning
Flow: Vry Popular. Prices TUght.
J. C Whitty Company
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