North Carolina Newspapers

No. 93
3?th YEAR
Consider Plans For Cruise of Mili
tia on Battleship This
Docters and Others Are Giving At
tention to Proposal For
New Institution.
Annual Convention of Commis
sioned Officers to be Held
Sunday afternoon a meeting of the
Cha nber of Coemmrce Should Take
Hold of Project Says a
Leading Doctor.
The announcement made through
officers' of the North Carolina Nayalthc columns of the Journal a few days
Militia was held in this citv on board ago that the Catholics of this city
the U. S. S. Elfrida, Among the
officers present were Lieutenant 1- ud
son of Edenton Lieutenant. Trinn
were considering a plan to erect a
hospital in New Bern, awakened a
great deal of interest here. Particu
of Hertford Lieutenant Charles Mor . "arly arc the physicians interested in
ton of Washington and Captailn homi i 1 propseo. new institution
as Daniels, Commandes B, D, Bradj
ham, Pieutcnant A, T. Willis, Pieuj
tenant C, J, McSorlep and Picutenant
J, T, Green of this city,
The object of the meeting was to
decide upon and arrange for a cruise
bv the naval militia of this state on
board one of the nited vtates battel
xships, Ohe matter was thoroughly
discussed by the officers and. they came
to the conclusion that it would be one
of the best was by which the militia
could see and participate ih actual
service on one of these big boats,
The officers having decided that this
cruise should be taken on board of
the battleship Iowa the next thing
was to arrange a date for the trip,
which will last ten days, This has not
been definitely decided upon at the
present time but will take place be
tween July and August 15, this pear,
The companies will in all probability
board the boat off Morehead City.
The cruise will probably be along
the Atlantic coast but just where stops
will be made has not been announced,
The men will receive regular naval
training and one day will be devoted
entirely to target practice with the
big guns,
The officers also decided to hold an
annual convention of-ali the commis
sioned officers in the state at Wash
ington, N. C, at an early date, At
this meeting several prominent naval
officers will make a-dresses on sub
ec ts ofinterpst,
New Bern has one hospital at the
present time, but the city is grow
ing, as is also the surrounding action
which furnishes many patients for the
institution, and at times the capacity
of the Stewart Sanitarium is greatly
taxed. The hospital which the Catholics
are considering .erecting would he a
commodious structure, completely
equipped in every way and one which
would be a credit to any city.
The Catholics have two great hos
pitals in the Western part of the state,
one at Greensboro and one at Charlotte
and the erection of one in the eastern
part of the state is believed to be im
A prominent physician discussing
the matter gives it as his opinion in
that the people here should go to work
right away and make an ettort to land
this big and important instiuttion.
"Here's a worthy undertaking for the
Lhamher ot Commerce , said be in
talking with a Journal man,
Joe Hill, colored, who several weeks
ago in Pamlico county skipped bond
to appear at the last term of court to
answer to a charge of assault, was
nicked ud in this citv yesterday by
Sheriff R B. Lane and is now being
held for his bondsman
Hill evidently thought that the
little affair in Pamlico had been for
gotten and that he need have no fear
of being apprehended. Yesterday
af:crnoon he meandered into the city
co :rt room presumbablv forthe pur
pose of seeing Mayor McCarthy, dis
perse justice to the law breakers of
Si.turlay night and Sunday. This
atti n caused Hill's downfall. Chief
of Police 1-iiDton cast his eyes over
the room and they alighted upon the
fug tive from justice. He telephoned
to .Sheriff R. B. Lane that Hill was in
the court room and that he could send
for him. Within less than f.v minutes
jk tVntitv was on the scene a d in a
iiffv Hill's wrist was adorned wi h a
pair of shiny sfeel bracelets and he was
on his wav to iail.
Z. V. Rawls of Pamlico county st .od
the negro's bond and he will be turned
ovor to him for delivery at the ext
tcjm of Superior Court in that county
By getting arrested if litant qities
some crooks make fine ' trips for the
officers of the law.
The ground-hog is probably fust
grunting in glee over what he has in
"sttrc for the 4th ot March.
Lillian Russel' is to lecture on ' How
to ! vc ItK) years." Bet she says she
lever used tobacco or drank ri rr.
Citizens living at and near VanccLo
ro are making preparations t present
a petition to the Chamber of Ce m
merce ot this city, asking; that this or
n make an effort to indnccthe
of the Norfolk-Southern Pali-
way 'Company to make a charge 1,1
the.SCBeaule ot the trains running bo
kwewiOftw city and Washington N
C ., so that they will be able to cdme
to atteng to their business matters and
will have more tune tostay in the c;tv.
At present the morning train leaves
New Bern tor Washington at 9
o'clock. Arriving there it awaits the
arrival of the tram from Raleigh for
about an hoir and 0.1 the return trip
reaches this city at 11:57 o'clcck.
Returning in the afternoon it leaves
here at 1;3S o'clock .this giving persons
wno come to New Be. n irom alone t hat
line and who want to return on the
next train less than two hours in the
It is oftentimes impossible for them
to attend to their business in this
time and they are then compelled to
wait for the midnigh train. which
causes them much inconvenience.
If the trata leaving here at OtOS
did not remain in Washington for an
hour, bi t returned at once, it would
give yisitors considerable more time
to spend in this city. At present many
persons jxyuu aiong tnc line between
this city aim Vanccboro who want to
spend a few hours in the city, go to
Washington in preference to New' Bern
on account f the fact that they have
more unie in wiucn to attend to Dust
Be Mobilized In All Probability j Believes That the Eastern Carolina
United States Inter
venes.In Mexico
Company of Coast Artil
lery In Line For Some
Active Service.
League Will Yet
If ft Stx-Team League Cant be Had,
Why Then, a Four-Sided Af
fair Will Be Tried Out.
There is a probability that the State
troops will be ordered to mobilize for
service iu the event that the Uuite.i
States intervenes in the anticipated
Mexican struggle. In view of the fart
ihat there is a company in New Bern,
namely, the First Company Coast
Artillery, it is evident that consider
able interest attaches to the probable
Captain J. Hunter Smith, who has
been following the preliminaries so
ar with the keenest attention, stated
last night that he anticipated that the
North Carolina companies would be
ailed out if the reg-ilar troops are
ordered to Mexico. In the event the
Federals are defeated and the so-called
rebels are victorious in the figluirg
that is now in progress it is almost a
certainty that the regualar troops w II
be. called into action. II this is done
the National-Guard in the several
States will in all probability be ordered
to mobilize aloug with all available
regulars. The North Carolina troops
in such eve t will doubtless be order d
to Morehead City where they will
await further commands.
Captain bmith and also the capts n
of every other company in the Sttte
now has in his possession emergency
transportation blanks which have only
to be tilled out, dated, signed and de
livered to bocorre instantly effective
A railway schedule has also been work
ed out for the anticipated movemci t
of the various companies in the three
Norh Carolina regiments to IWc:e-
head city in 'he event the oHcr comes
trom General Lawrence W. Young,
Adjutant General at Washington.
It is Captain Smith's bel el that the
members of the National Guard would
not be called into active service unless
absolutely necessary but that they
would be placed at some available
point and held there in case they were
needed and also for the purpose ol
protecting that point. It goes with-
out saying that the members ol the
First Company Coast Artillery will
await further news from the front with
the keenest interest.
The North Carolina Guard consists
of three icgiments of infantry, six
compan'es ot coast artillery and two
troops of cavalry in addition to the
sanitary eorps General BrS. Royster
cf Oxford if fe brigade commander;
J. T. Gardner ot Shelby, co.cne ccm
Clyde Ebv. president of the ,New
Bern Athletic Association, who was
appointed chairman of the proposed
Eastern Carolina Baseball Association
at a meeting of the baseball enthus
iasts from New Bern, Washington
Fayetteville and GoldsbOro which was
held at Goldsboro several weeks ago,
is now corresponding with several ether
tawns in eastern .North Carolina with
a'view of inducing them to put a team
in the proposed league and assist in
making the league a six team one.
To a Journal reporter Mr. Ebv yes
terday stated that he had received
replies from several towns but that up
to the present time nothing definite
had been decided upon. Anbther
meeting was to have been held at
Godlsboro next week and at that time
.he final arrangements for the forma
tion of the league wefe to have been
made. However, this meeting will not
be held until something more definite
can' be decided upon.
Mr. Ebv is very enthusiastic over
the reorganization of the old Eastern
Carolina League and is confident that
it will lie resurrected. If -it is seen that
.wo ether cities cinnot be induced to
put a team in the league ,it is possible
that the four cities which have already
signified their intension of placing
teams in the league will decide to "play
Battle of Wits Makes It a Most
Interesting Production.
A battle of wits that is viewed with
intense interest as waged by the sleuth
and the cracksman in Umcer 600
has made that play the most interesting! over onc
manding First Infantry W. J. Rod
man of Washington, cclcnel command
ing Second Infantry and J. N. Craig
of Reidsville, colonel commanding the
Third Infantry. Max L. Barker ol
Salisbury is the lieutenant colone"
commanding the Coast Artillery Corps.
The two troops of cavalry are those at
Lincolnton and Ashevilh.
Mrs. Charles Thomas, assisted by
jmhs cisie walker, was hostess 10
section B of the ShakcsDeare Club
yesterday atternoon at her attractive
h me on East front street. The aftcr-
. ...... f..n. .
' " uviiguiiuiijr sprni ill rcau
ing Romeo and Juliet. Daintv refresh
Imeirts were served during the nftr-
I T . . .
noon, inose present were: Mcsdamcs
c. u. Bradham, Owen Guion, Ceci
ijuDcu, tucnara uuny,
- Misses Mnllit- ll,...fii nba
Roberta, Elsie Walker and Bettic
ifcHLY Soluble FormA
Burned or
Oxide of Lime
by $75.00 per acre in a sixteen year
test, and proved beyond question that
it it a superior fertilizing ingrediant
Drown c CUJ by analitical test
heads the list of fertilizing limes. For
full write at once to
Nsw Bern, N. C.
Bill In Legislature to Make Good
City's $50,000 Kepudl
' - ated Bonds.
Emergency Meeting of Board of
Aldermen L;ist Night to
Consider Matter.
Champ Benton, Colored, of N'aple
Gy iress Awaits Hear nj
Champ Benton, colcred, whose home
Maple Cypress, was placed
nder arrest early yesterday morning
Un.t;d States Deputy Marshal
Samuel Lilly on a warrant charging
im with retailing spirituous liquor-
without- a government license.
The revenue men have been aftei
Benton for seme time, but not untii
yesterday were they able to apprehend
him. He was sitting alone in his home
when the officer walked in the doer and
placed him under arrest. He saw that
to make an attempt to escape woulc
be suelcss and readily agreed to ac
company the officer to New Bern.
1 he officer and his prisoner arrived
in the city yesterday afternoon anc
the latter was taken before Unitet'
States Commissioner C. B. HHl for
preliminary hearing. Owing to the
absence of several material witnesses
this was postponed until today at
1 o'clock and in default of a bond ol
onc hundred and fifty dollars the de
fendant was committed to the count)
(Special to the Journal)
Beaufort, Feb. 13. J. P. Wimbish,
production given to the American
stage in many years, and- easily the
most talked about.
It succeeded in creating a veritable
sensation when presented in New York
and Chicago a year ago. where the
interest aroused kept the box omce
busy and the theatres crowded during
its record run in the eastern and west
ern metropolis.
Umcer 000 which win ce seen
here in this city for the first time at
the Masonic theatre on Monday,
February 24 ,is a jolly good Jarcw, and
the secret of its wonderful appeal may
be attributed to the riddle that its
plot presents, the solving of which is
accomplished in a perfect maze of
merriment, and heightened by tne
unfolding of a charming love story that
threads the three acts of Augustin
MacHugh's thrilling detective story.
sais wnis
An emergency meeting of the Board
of Aldermen was held last night for
the purpose of taking action relative
ro ene Din imrtKiiTccei .ill -fitv juiiKrai
Assembly bv Senator Bellamy of Bruns
wick county at the reqi est of twe-Judge
E. K. Bryan of Wilmington, who is
attorney for the trustee of the bank
rupt estate of Thomas A. Mcjntyre,
deceased, of New I ork, to validate
550,000 worth of bonds issued by the
city of New Bern in 1S93 and which it
had decided not to pay.
The money secured from the sale of
these bonds was used in the construe
tion of a railroad bv the East Caro
Una Land and Railway Company.
In 1897 the citv council decided that
they would not pay the bonds. Mc
Irttyre instituted a suit and the verdict
wJUp in favor of the city. Later he
became bankrupt and died. Now the
trustees of the estate has instituted
another suit and this is pcr.dng at
tile present time.
The bonds were invalid under the
laity. The Attorney for the trustee
of ' the Mclntyrc estate has caused
bill to be introduced in the Legislature
for the purpose of validating them
At the meeting held last night the
Aldermen resolveTl to memorialize the
Legislature requesting that the bil
be not passed and upon motion of
rtiderman Baxter City Attorney R. A
Nunn was instructed to procure the
attendance of witnesses acquainted wi.h
the laets and take them before the
legislative committee.
Tweutv years have elapsed since the
bonds were issued and if the Legislature
were to pass a bill making them valid
it would mean that the total amount
due. interest and principal, would be
hundred thousand dollars
Western Union Telegraph ('iterator
here, is spedning today with his mother
in Kalcigh.
Jake Delamar, a Western Union
operator at New Bern, is spending this
week with Im parents, I. C Udamar
and wife on Ann Street.
Miss Martha Taylor of Wit, who for
the past few months has been at school
in Aydcn, has been compet ed to give
up. her bludtes on account e.1 ill health
She passed t brought Benulort Friday
enroutc to Wit, and . was accompanied
bv her unci-, Nnion H. btyrou. Ir.
who spent Saturday and Sunday at
Wit with relatives, and returned tt
Aydcn Monday to icsume his studies
Capl. Eugene vc . mans of Harkets
bland was in the city yesterday.
'Ihos Go'.i anil Frederick Ostcrmevei
are spending todav at Cape Lookouu.
Mrs. C. A. MOore returned las
evening from a trip to Baltimore ann
New York City. Mrs. Moore has need
buying her spri.ig millinery and dry
Ci (Ills.
Elisha Fclton of North River neigh
borhood, some o or 9 miles from Beau
fort, has joined t he U. S. lindeavc
now laying
W. P. Smi
Itfcown nierch
Way, Corn, Oats, Bran, Hominy,
A Wh ITT Ttlmn An m '
n.uu aua j tiauD. HIGH GRADE CORN MEAL.
iJ2A8Sn C,vtn Attention.
Lorver Middle Street, ern m q
:hor in this harbor
of Beiiufcrt's well
tft yesterday after
New-York aad sev
n cities. He will
spring stock while
Spnnglc is spending
Yesterday' News and ObscVver says:
"Representative G. A. Whitford, of
Craven .registered yesterday morning
1 against the House report-
r lor The News and Observer, in that
his name was not included in the Ibt
of fourteen .published in this depar
ment Sunday morning, who voted
gainst the scirch and seizure bill on
ina reading Friday night. Mr. wnii
ord was informed that neither the re
porter nor the paper had made any
error in the list, as it was copied from
the official journal and his name did
. ? . 1 II - M .1 -
not appear in ine roil can mere. n
Whitford thereupon went to the jour
nil elerk to ascertain the whyforcness
of the absence of his name from the
oil call. Th joirnal showeel that
while Mr. Whitford did not vote on
that roll call, and his nam? therefore
was not included in the list ol lour
tee he was paired with Representative
McNatr, ot Kobeson, who would nave
vot.d for the measure il he Jiad been
pre nt, while the representative from
Criven would have voted against the
ill, making fifteen. The reporter
S prtssed his willingness to set the
mat er straight in this morning's pa
per. Mr. Whitford said he was anxious
tha- it be done, so that his people
wo Id know how he voted.
'Tour p ople mist be all liquor
oiks.' suggested the reporter.
"They a c,' replied Mr. Whitford,
"Thev wan' more liquor, and' better
quor, and bigger glasses- to drink it
( harl s Daugherty Is Crushed Te
tween I og arrtafte and
Roller ench.
Brouoht t City and Placed la
Stewart Sanitorium Can
Hardly Recover.
Public Debate on Relative Cost
liness of Boys and Girls.
Decision Against Latter.
Large Church Being Erected Now
Store Cpens With Edgar
S. Wertver as Proprietor.
If the city was compelled to pay this
amount it would mean a substantial
increase in taxes.
A number of oung ladies and gentle
men between the ages of ten and six
teen years of age appeared before the
Board and requested them to annul
the ordinance relative to skating on the
sidewalks. Thev presented a petition
signed by a number of prominent citi
zens who were in favor of this action.
After considering the matter the Board
decided to amend this ordinanc;sothat
skates with wood or rubber wheels
could be used anywhere in the city
except around the court house or in
the business district of the city.
The maioirtv of the voung people
argued that their skates were con
structed with steel wheels and that if
steel or iron wheels were not allowed
they would be compelled to purchase
new ones or desist from the sport
However, the Aldermen were ol the
opinion that the steel wnceis win
iniure the sidealks and were obdurate.
Wood and rubber wheel skates will be
allowed but steel aud iron wheels arc
barred and every person caught using
these will bp fined the sum ol one dollar
Charles Daugherty. who resides w'th
his family on Crercent s reet , this city,
and who was employed a-, saw filer at
LHis saw. mill, located on 1 rent river
about three miles fom the city, was
s riously if not fatally injured shortly
after noon yesterday at that plant when
he was caught between the log carnage
aid the roller bench on v hi'-h the cut
lumber is carried to ih.' planers.
Shortly beloie nocm Mr. Daugherty
arranged to shapren one of the big saws
which are used at the mm. ne va
placed it in position and was preparing
to begin we rk on it when the noon
whjstle blew. The steam was cut off
from the machinery at this time and
he prepared to cat his dinner, beating
himself on the end of the log carrier
he failed to see a small colored boy
come in the building and begin playing
around the lever with which the steam
pipe, furnishing pjwer to the carriage
is opened.
Suddendly a el without the least
warning the carnage shot forward
with terrific force and crushed-the un
fortunate, man against the roller bene1'
Although bai ly hurt Mr. Daughei y
was able to cry lor assisto.xc and wm.
in a few moments had been ril ased.
He was pi: ce ' in a boat and I r night
to this city s fast as possible and upon
arrival here was immediately taku iO
Stewart's sanitorium for medical a
tent ion. Drs. Raymond Pollock and
N, M. Gibbs were summoned to give
the wounded man aid and after making
an examination they found that 01 e
leg was broken and badly crushed, his
skull fractured and other serious in
juries sustained. Amputation of the
crushed limb was necessary but the
victim of the accident was in such a
weakened condition from loss of blood
that the operation was deferred,
The colored boy who cause.l th;
terrible occurrence has not been seen
since the accident. It is supposed that
he came to the mill for the purpose o!
and that after causing the accident
was so badly frightened that he lost
no time 111 making his escape. But little
hope is entertained for Mr. Daugherty's
(Special to the Journal)
Arapahoe, 1 eb. 19. Valentine Day
w.,5 observed by the young people of
Arapahoe shroeil. In the afternoon a
dcoate was held in the Academy the
qi ery being, "Which is the more ex
pensive, boys ofGlrls." Theje.dgcs de
cided in favor of the negative. In the
evening a valentine partv was given
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adam
B ni ett, to the young 'iple. It wjm
indeed a lively scene every one seemed
happy and full if erthusiasm, valen
tines were presented to every yovng
lady present; 1 1 e refreshment
room was most beautifully decorated
fcr the occasion.
Among those j resent were M aid
Mrs. Adam Bennett, Misses Cassie
Bennett, Lydia lohnson, Nannie Bell
Brinson, Lillian Martin, Sudic Brinson,
Rosa Willis, B. Rawls, R. Philpot,
Louie Boyd; Messrs. W. P. Woodward, '
Shcm Lewis, Edgar S. Weaver, Albert
Enslcy, Calvin Willis, Lenstcr Brinson,
Naman Hardison, Raymond Willis,
Guy Lane.
Messrs. Edgar S. Weaver and Shem
Lewis left for Oriental ,N. C, last
Sui day as the guests cf Sheriff and Mrs.
A. H. Stephens.
Arapahoe is now erecting one of the
finest and largest churches in Pamlico
county. The contract was awarded to
Mr. W. H. Lewis, who is deeply in
terested in the beautifying of Arapa
hoe. Mr. DonshJ Reel and sister, Ora, of
Reelsboro, N. C, we're here visiting
friends and relatives Saturday and
Rev. VV. W. Lupton is here on a
visit, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo
Willis, lie preached two every inter
esting tcrmons at the F. B. church
Sunday and Monday night.
Mr. W. B. Nunn has just returned
l.oitl Oriental atfer visiting his son
Clifford who is re-covering from an
operation for appeni'.ithis. He in-
bringing one of the employes dinner formed us that Clifford is recovering
very rapiJlv.
We are gfad to state that Arapahoe
has another stoer added to its group
and are especially proud to mention
that it is conducted by Mr. Edgar S.
Weaver. Mr. Weaver came to Pam
lico county last spring on a visit. I'.
became vtjy much interested in the
some very interesting oductional' lec
tures and entertainments. Now he
is giving cs good prices. Mr. Weaver
is also an inventor, we are delighted
tq have him in our midst, we admire
his cheerful and happy presence.
Mr. Weaver was formally connected
with the U. S. ' Government service.
He was thrown from his horse while
on duty, and was left a cripple for
life. He was confined to the hewprtal
for over four years. While there h in
vented a valuable body brace.
iut 0
Saturday, FK 22, WasWrK on's
irliday, be ng a legal holiJay. th.
four bunks of the will te e'oied.
The Fort Barnwell Supply Company
of Fort Barnwell, Craven county, was
Saturday granted a charter, I h
authorised capital of the company is
twenty-five thousand dollars and ten
houstnd dollars 01 tnis amount nas
been paid in. The incorporators of the
new Company are J. W. Riddle, Jr.,
M. D. Lane, J B. Hellen and J. B.
Deputy Sheriff Claude Roberson of
Beaufort rount y passed through the
city yesterday enreiote home from
Kinston where he had been tOj.fcalie
cbsrge of Gecrgc Parrot I, colored.
I'aioit- ww convicted in Bcaulort
county Su"perior Court evral mopthi
ago of a wiisdemeanor and later es
caed from planter to whom he had
been hired out by the county. He went
to Kinston and was arrested at that
The Current Events Club was most
pleasantly entertained yesterday after
noon by Mrs. Charles Ellison at her
home on George street.
"The Development of Latin America"
was. the topic for discussion at this
meet inc. The current events given by
each member related to the develop
ment or to some feature of the,countn s
of South America. The interesting
tine Republic by Miss Mamie Weeks,
and on Brazil by Mr. J. P. C. Davis,
told of the development .growth and
nroeress of the Latin American re
publics; and showed the commercial,
economic, and social conditions of
these countries. The paper also brought
out the fact that there was never a
time in the historv of the relations of
ih Itnitpfl States with the republics
of South Americn which; a horded such
combined opportunity Slier necessity
as the present for the development not
Ontv of our moral influence, out of our
commercila interest. This subject will
be continued at the next meeting.
By a unanimous vote Miss Annie
Chadwick was made an honorary mem
ber of this department of the Woman's
Club. . I
At the conclusion of the meeting
a delicious salad course was served by
the hostess. '
Those present were: Miss Nina lias
sight, Mrs. L. II. Cutler, Jr., Mrs. H.
B. Craven, Mrs. J. S. fox Mrs. S. L.
Dill, Jr., Mrs. J P. C. Dais, Mrs.
Clyde Eby, Mrs. Chas. Elliscn, Mrs.
U. t. Henderson, Mrs. uonsier-natiKs,
Mr. Herbert Lupton, Miss Weeks,
Mrs. Ben Moore, Mrs. Raymond Pol
lock, Mrs. N. H. Street, Mrs. Kenneth
Styron, Mrs. Ernest Wood, Mrs. W.
A. Lane, Mis Carita Wallace, Mrs.
Nelson Angell, Mrs. L. C. Tolson, Mrs.
Walter Bishop.
Much to the consternation and dis
comfiturc of the clerks and carriers
in the local postoffice, another skunk
hide arr:d in the city last evening via
the parcel post route from Cedar Point
Carteret county. A few weeks ago a
package filled with the odorifrons
skins .vd consigned to a fur dealer in
Pennsylvania passed through the local
office and for several hours those who
were forced to come in close prox mity
to the package heaped imprtcttions
on ttie head of the consignor of the
The parcel received last night was
neatly wrapped and but for that awful,
penetrating odor would have passed
the most minute inspection. That the
contents of the package had been
"doctored" with a concoction cf cat
nin tea was evident from the combi
nation of scents which it emitted. The
consignor did this evidently for the
purpose ol counteracting me naiurai
perfume of the skins and alleviating
the suffering of the mail clerks along
the route. For several hours the
package lingered in New Bern then
continued its journey norm
The Tolson Lumber and Manufac
turing Company, manufacturers of
the Taylor truck, which is used ex
tensively by farmers, are being rushed
to their utmost capacity to fill in orders
With the urc f the Taylor truck
the farmer is enabled to drive over his
entire field at any time without damage
to the crop which may be in the ground
at that time. The truck is very narrow
and the wheels arc set close together,
thus making it possible to drive be
tween the rows with ease, carrying
fertilizer, corn, cotton, tobacco or
anything else that may be desired.
Realizing thic advantages offered in
this veh'e'e the farmers are fast plac-
- Evcrytimc a man gets ms ...... ....1 ; .E their orelers and the numbers of
gas bill he is glad trjal he doesn't hae)tales so 'ar has run far into the thous
tij buy the stuff by the ton. ands.
He Who by the Plow Would Thrive
Must Either Hold or Drive.
Well B'nunt's TRUE BLUE Line O; Plow
" The attention xt the public is called
to the Martha Washington Tea to be
given by the Ladles' Aid Seicirty 1 1
tns rVpsbyjtcrl n churrh in t he
lecture room mi I 1 k1.iv evening from
8 tojtt. A most delightful evening i
promised all who ttenrl.
Prominent musidsns from here AM
elscwferc will take jiart in the program
Martha Washington and her assi t(nt
with the charm of "ye olelsn tlB
t lifla'Bvnt'iKf, Plow That Fills m Long Fdt Ntsd
.. j .. tjMgiMMBsWBWWBisWsMWW
Blounta' Daisy Plow. A Liflht Steel Turning
f.ow. Very Popular. Prices Right.
Jj. C Whitty & Company

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