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The Semi-Weekly Journal's appeal,
made a few weeks ago for more
news from country correspondents,
had a noticeable effect as we imme
diately received a number of most
interesting letters. Now we are wri
ting agaii for fear the ardor of our
friends will cool. We urge you to keep
the good work up. Help us make
the Semi-Weekly Journal helpful and
interesting to you.
We regard the letters from our
country correspondents as one of the
means the Journal has of being of
service to the section of country
through which it circulates, These
letters bring the people closer to
gether and tend to the development
of a community interest which is
most helpful. You help your own
community and by suggestion help
cth:r communities by sending us the
news as it transpires in your neigh
borhood. Let us hear from you !
Of course it is to be remembered
with respect to affairs in Mexico that
is is easy for the men in the saddle to
promise peace. Bringing it to pass is
another thing. A revolution can
brew in Mexico with very slight pro
v .cation. Bui recent develjpments
in the- national capital should certainly
have the effect of making the people
generally Jiesitate to participate in
movements calculated to continue the
state of unrest and insurrection which
has existed o long and which has well
nigh wrecked the country.
president. ' He has been a vigorous
and efficient chief executive. Ire
people generally ought to think about
the unselfish eervicc that men like Mr.
Hyman, Mr. Cutler and other prsidents
of the Chamber of Commerce render
to the public and do verbally what the
Journal is doing through its columns,
namely, make acknowledgement ol
it. One likes to feel that his services
are appreciated. And believe t s, it i
vastly easier not to be troubled with
the leadership of an organisation like
the Chamber of Commerce than it is
to have it on one's hands.
The selection cf Mr. J. Leon Williamt,
as secretary was to be expected as he
proved his worth, being one of the livest
and most capable secretaries in the State
We heartily agree with our contem
porary ,the Sun, in thinking that it
is time the city was shamed by the pro
gressiveness (I privaic property-owners
on Craven street into building a suit
able' city hall. If these citizens who are
thinking of shying a hat Who the ring
in connection wuh the coming city
election will adopt as thiir platform
a new city hall and will make it plain
that they believe that p'atforms were
made to stand on as well as to get in
on, they will gel a fine following and
will probably gtt into office on just
that one plank. New Bern is getting
to be sucli a wide awake and progressive
city that it simply cannot altord to
get along any longtr without a modern
municipal building.
The situation looks decidedly bright
er in Mexico. Madrro has bien forced
out by his own men and placed under
a-rest. His commancVr-in-chief, Ofcn.
Huma, has been proclaimed provis
ijnal resident with the understanding
t iat lie is to he st.ccccded by dcncral
Felix Diaz, the leader of the rebellion.
Hiierla, Diaz and Ccneral Blanquet
are in charge of the affairs f the dis
tracted republic. The policy of the
new g ven inent is suggested bv (lie
lollowing utterance of Ccneral Blantiuct
"This inhuman battle must end,
l ne time nas come when seme drastic
means must be taken to stop a con
flict in which father is killing ron and
brother is fighting against brother;
-vhen non-combatants are sharing the
jlte of war and all 1 1 is bcrat se of the
caprice ol one n an.
That is the sane and sersible view-
There is no need for the Mexicans to
continue tearing one another to pieces.
Now is the time, loo, for Mr. Barrett's
mediation pi: n to be pLt in operation.
Let the United States ar.d the other
benevolently disposed nations suggest
to Mexico the wisdom of establishing
peace and the folly of war. Hurrying
dread-naughts to Vera Cruz is perhaps
necessary, but the appointment of a
commission to try to arrange for a
permanent cessation f war would be
much more agreeable to Mexico and
wo. Id be a lar grebter contribution
to the sum of human happiness.
1 he English suffragettes appear to
have lost their minds. Imagine a wo
man standing up before an audience
as Mrs Pankhurst did Wednesday
night at Cardiff, Wales, and braiemy
"We have blwn up t c Chancellor
of thfc Kxcheqi tr's House. The auihor
ities need not look fur the women who
did it. I personally accept full respon
sibility for it."
She added that if she were sect to
penal servitude she would go on hi nger
strike and that the government w uld
either have to let her die or let her go
I One thing at a time for the govern
ment world seem to , e a wise course.
Punish Mrs. Pankhurst for the bomb
throwing and then consider the pro
I le of how she accepts the punish
ment. Really we can't think that the
agitation for woman's rights i ti.i
country can evtr had the won r to
uch extremes as taek sisters are in -sulging
in in the mother country.
The Chair.bcr of Commerce has done
well to name Mr. Thomas G. Hyman
ks president As one ol i he most suc
cessful ami enterprising business men
in his own Km he is naturally well
equipped to handle with success the
undertakings of the city's principal
commercial bpdy. He has been for a
Ions time one of tie most earnest acd
The way Sheriff Dick Lane is piling
up wealth is alarming. The Journal
is agrinst the concentration of wealth
in the hands of a few and it holds it
to be its duty to point out the danger
that obtains in connection with the
rapidity with which Sheriff Lane is
adding to his personal fortune as a
result of the Salary Act in Craven
In the month of January alone he
cleaned up ten dollars and it's a shame
too. Something must be done about
it or pretty soon the Sheriff will own
the whole county. We cannot tell off
hand what should be done, but it is
time the loyal yeomanry of the'eounty
were getting busy.
Personally we think Mr. Lane a
fine gentleman, but we are eternally
opposed to permitting him to amass a
fortune so much more rapidly than the
reat of his fellow citizens are finding it
possible to do.
We repeat and with all the emphasis
at our command that it is time to cai
a halt. HALT, Sheriff, and leave some
thing for the rest of us.
Some one has sent the Raleigh News
and Observer a circular letter in which
it is claimed that it would be political
suicide for the Democrats if they were
to order a new assessment of property.
The News and Observer points out that
if considerations of right and justice
demand the re-assessment, considera
tions of party policy should not be allow
ed to operate to prevent it. And that
seems to be a pretty sensible view to
take of the problem. Taxes are very
inequitably laid in this State and the
only way to approximate justice is to
keep on trying. The News and Observer
"The suggestion of re-assessment is a
suggestion born out of the desire to
end the gross injustice in assessment
which schocks every sense of justice.
There is property in Raleigh woith
more than $125,000 assessed from only
a little over one-half of that sum,
and there is property in Raleigh worth
less than 54,01)0 assessed at its true
value, it is a great wrong to compel
the person owning a email farm or a
small hi use assessed fairly to pay on
a fair asresscment and permit the big
houses, farms and industries in the
State grossly undervalued to continue
lor two years more to pay taxes upon
this undervaluation. This is a dis
criminate n against honest people who
pav upon fair valuation that is indj
fensible. "The only argument against rc-as-s.'ssn
ent is that it has been the cus
tom of North Carolina to assess prop
I erty only once in four years, and that
this State assessed it two years ago.
That is true, but there are only five
Stales in the Union that assess
pn perty only once in four years.
The other forty-five States reassess
property every year or every two
years. The right rule is that the
tax commission shotdd re-assess pro
perty whenever its assessments are
too high or two low. Certainly, an
assessment ought to be as often as
every two years in a growing State
like ours. In the old times, when
nearly all the property consisted of
farms, small stores and residences,
there was so little change in the value
that quadrennial assessment was all
right, but in these days of city build
ing ar.d truck growing and great
lumber camps and big factories, it is
absurd to make an assessment on
property appreciating yearly and let
the tax piyer pay on the low assess
ment f( r four years, when the prop
erty may have increaseel 25 per cent,
or more in value one year after the
We venture to say that there is not
a county in the State where there is
not to be found the same kind and
degree of inequalities as those described
by the News and Observer as existing
in Wake county. There should be a
traveling tax commission that will go
into every county in the State and even
things up. It should investigate and
inspect all tangible property and as
sess it all alike without fear of favor.
A Pender county man writes the
Wilmington Star condemning the State
wide stock law. He says it would ruin
hundreds of farmers who have been
rasing their own meat supply. But
one of the strong arguments for the
law is the better quality of stock and
consequently better meats which would
result under it. As it is the beef which
North Carolina raises is under the ban,
in short, is nut regarded by experts as
wholesome. Not only so, but thore
f? riners to whom the Pender county
man is referring are raising their stock
in many cases on land belonging to
other people. That is not just. Owners
of hogs and cattle as a matter of justice
should keep them on their own pre
mises, and as a matter of best resul s
for the farmer in the enrichment of
his land and the improvement of his
stock experience is said to have shown
that the advantage is all on the side
of the stock law.
1 he Star's correspondent is very
positive in his views, but it is possible
that he is mistaken.
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ward for any caw of Cartarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall' Catarrh
F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. t for the last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business nnsactions and financially
able to carry uut any obligations made
by the firm.
Toledo, O.
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ally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Testi
monials sent free. Price 75 cents per
bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hail's Family PiUs for con
tipation. (Adv.)
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rotton seed These seed are absolute-
I. I. & Gil
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Bluffton, Ohio. "I wish to
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; Personals :
M. H. Sultan returned last evening
from a visit to several northern cities.
Captain Wilson I Davenny, Field
Secretary of the National Rivers and
Harbors Congress, passed through thr
city Inst evening enroute from Bcl
haven to Goldsboro to deliver an
address last night on the subject of
"Deeper Waterways."
L. I. Moore left last evening for a
short professional trip to Kinston.
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Fodrie left
yesterday for a visit at Norfolk.
Mrs. Richard B. Lane left yesterday
for a visit with relatives at Jasper.
E.- M. Green left yesterday for a
professional visit at Raleigh.
Miss Mary Miller of Bayboro is the
guest of her sister, Miss Ruth Miller,
who is stopping with Mrs. Walter
Pugh on Metcalf streot.
Miss Alice Spruill o Ashwood va?
among the visitors in the city yester
F. H. Sawyer returned last evening
i t . . .--ill . "
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Parsons re
turned last evening from a short viit
with relatives at Newport.
I. W. Waters returned last cvenine
from a business trip to Golclsboro.
Mrs. Charles rate ol Havelock wax
in the city y.-sterday shopping. "
Mrs. Wm. Dunn, Sr., left last even.
ing for a vis't with friends at Philadel-
i j i r . i . :
pina itnu oauuuuic.
Mrs. K. c Bennett ot Philadelphia
Pa., who has been visiting in the city
returned home last evening.
General Superintendent Witt of the
Norfolk Southern Railway Company
parsed through the city last evening
enroute to (.,oldsboro.
Wm. Dunn, Jr., returned last even
ing from a professional visit at Wash
ington. '
Charles Humphrcv of Goldsboro was
. L , ' ' - . l "
a ill on g tnc uusiness visirors in tne city
D. W. Richardson of Dover spent
yesterday in the city attending to
G. A. Niroll left last evening for a
short visit at Ooldsboro.
Deputy Sheriff J. E. Wetherington
went to bort Barnwell yesterday alter
S. M. Brinson went to Goldsboro
last -evening to act as one of the judges
in a debate between the Goldsboro
and Durham High School.
Dr. C. S. Barker of Trenton was
among the professional visitors in the
city yesterday.
J. B. Collins of Trenton spent yes
terday in the city.
Mr .and Mrs. W. R. Guion and son
William returned yesterday from Snow
Hill where they have been visiting
relatives and friends.
Miss Jennie Coplon Ieavys today
for Baltimore for a visit with'relatives.
W. L. Lewis returned last evening
from a business trip to Beaufort.
S. M. Brinson returned yesterday
morning from a short visit at Golds
boro. George Atomore left last evening
fcr a visit with relatives in Pamlico
N. T. Weeks of Tuscarora was among
the business visitors in the city yes
day. George H. Roberts, Sr., spent yes
terday at Morehead City attending to
business matters.
Mrs. A. D. Ward left yesterday fora
visit at Raleigh with Senator Ward.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Perry and little
daughter are visiting relatives and
friends at Beaufort.
Rev. and Mrs. H. A. Merfeld left
last evening for a short visit at Raleigh.
Mark Hall returned last evening
from a business trip to Washington.
J. F. Tyndall returned yesterday
from a business trip to Norfolk, Va.
H. W. Gibbs of Beaufort was among
the visitors in the city yesterday.
D. E. Henderson spent yesterday
at Kinston attending to some profes
sional business.
Mrs. J. R. Pigott is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Clarence Myers, in
Mr.-- and Mrs. G. W. Skinner of
Suffolk, Va., are vishing 'in the city
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
The House on Friday killed the
lecalizde Drimarv bill. Oh well, if we
can get a six months school, the money
to pay tor it with and a lew other
things like that, the Legislature can
run along home and wait till next
time to give us the legalized primary.
It s a good thine and the right thing
and a thing is never settled until it is
se tied right.
Njthi is is clearer to a woman than
how much handsome jewels could im
prove her character.
WANTED Mn with teams, either
oxen or mule, to hsul wd deliver logs
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ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
The Centaur Compart,
'Guaranteed under tne
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Over
Thirty Years
It is an insurance against over-payment
to settle all accounts by check be
cause the cancelled .checks returned to
the depositor by the bank are unques
tionable receipts of what has been paid.
It is also a great convenience tobe
able to settle accounts involving an odd
number of dollars and cents by simply
writing a check for the total.
We invite deposits subject to check in
any amount and render uniformly courte
ous attention to all patrons, whether their
accounts afe large or small.
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No matter how much money you earn, you
do not get along wjell unless you save a
part of it. When your money comes in,
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protected against any possible loss.
Barrington House
When in Norfolk
908 Main St.
Z. V. BARRINGTON. Proprietoi
Rates $1.50 day; S7.60 week
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attention to transients. Home
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pose. J. S. Basnigh t Hard ware
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J. S. Basnight Hdw. Co., New
Bern, N. C.
ol Ik. MM. Mil
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in stamps to above adiressand
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G. T. RICHARDSON, Proprietor.
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see stock.
New Bern, N. C, R. F. D.. io.
Pfione, Bellair line, 4 rings.
Don't Forget
Farmers' Union Department
F ARRIS NASSEF, Proprietor
66-68-7 Middle St. NEW BERN
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