North Carolina Newspapers

jir 28, 1913 S
35th YEAR
Pit 1 MM ' 1 11 " 1 i ! m -!t-
i ttff oil
Murder nd Anarchy Let Lome Farmers Manufacturing Company
To cement the Work of Will Turn Out Barrels and
the Revolution. Farm Implements
Jpttbr In Flag-Bedecked Capital James Sprulll Purchases Valuable
out 11 hi 10 anocK cne u.iv- 1 1 rarm 1. oca tea southeast
Mixed World. . I , of Oriental
Mexico Citv. February 24 A reiaAlf (Special to the Journal)
of terror has been inaugurated. Fran- . Oriental, Feb. 24 It became known
ciscfrl. Madero and Jose Pino Suarea, I "ere, week that preparations
deposed .President and Vice-President re enK made to erect and operate
of Ihe republic, have fallen shot dowhl"IKWne.r ,arSe "arret lactory at this-piace.
in mM Mfwwl r.rU. n.lrfnl.hi r!rln. 1 Several dava ago E. F. East. President
fronf'the NationaYktece to the pen- the Ffar",crrc' Manufacturing Compan
tentiary. va"y uhuik, arnvcu ui town ana
Felix Diaz's threat of Saturday night, after making an investigation took a
"Wr wilt -use such energetic mean three months option on twenty thou-
as to put an end to rebellions forever" f"a acres of valuable timber land in
has been followed by swift execution, t ha section.
Murder and anarchy have been It is the intention of the company to
let loose to cement the work of the us this timber in the manufacture of
revolution. The Maderistss and all barrels and farming utensils amd the
other opponents of the military dy- plant will employ about eighty people,
nasty which has been established are M'- Ea8t has given tbe. people here
to be exterminated. Opposition to every reason to believe that his company
the Diaz-Huerta regime is to be drain- w purchase this land and erect the
eel in blood. Martial law alone pre- P'ant nere ... , ..
vailo The ;i. are hpincr fillorl with James bpruill, on- of Pamlico count v's
s. There are rumors of other I ",UBl progressive larmers ana wno lives
I assassinations arwut ft ve miles trom tntal, has re-
i events of the past twentv-four cently purchased from A". F. Midyette,
hours in this flag-bedecked capital, a valuable tarrr, i located northeast of
Oriental. Mr. Spruill will turn this
order, have been such as to shock the tract of land over to his son Clifford and
civilized world and call for instant 11 ' operated by him.
retribution in behalf of outraged hu- A force of men are now engaged in
manity tearing down the brick dry kilns
The ' officials explanation of Ma- at the 'ca P'ant of the John L. Roper
dero's assassination and Suarei's is Company, who have discontinuedopera-
twofold and contradictory. General tlonsJ here 8lnce Part, of their P'ant
Vtrtnri.iu. H,,r(, tW. n;.inn.t was destroyed bv fire a few months aeo.
President, swears ' that the killing The b"ck are being cleaned and will be
miam ineijenral In an imn In rn drne Sent tO New Bern.
the two deposed officials. Foreign . W. F. Grigg, one of Oriental's
Minister Francisco He la Barra di . I leading physicians, performed a suc-
clares that it occurred because the cesSlM' operation on J. S. Nunn.of Arap
., m. ..n,ni ' M.ifh.. shoe several days aeo. Mr. Nunn had a
will make a definite statement. It is H??d attack of appendicitis, and his con-
possible to obtain information as .to
which side began the firing from
which side came the fatal shots.
But Francisco Madero, riding in
an automobile, with guards before
dition was critical before, the operation
was periormed. He has almost com
pletely recovered now and returned to
his borne.
Work on the new Methodist church
-.,! kin, a;-a 7mm .tnote is progressing rapidly and the conereea
.hni A hitltt pni i h. hurlr rf I tionBhopcs tobcablc to move in Lo t heir
an,l emeroeH at the fni-o. I new nouse oi worsntp nurtne; tnc next
a - r ,l.. Tk. i:e . u..
. msi "i Pi?
etc tnosjl of wMc
i rant.
reed, by many bul-
h entered from the
the only witnesses were those- ac
tually engaged in the shooting.
An international phase of the trag
edy, which is causing great concern,
19 that ttjtse two otncials were slaughter
hands of the painters.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sadler left this
morning for New Bern where they will
make their home. Mr. Saddler is in the
employ of the John L. Roper Lumber
.Charles Miller left today for Enfiild
where he has accepted a position with
la jewelry firm
K..I Wn maHp hv thP amtuuarlnr Miss Pearl Johnson returned Sunday
had been made by the ambassador
(r . U "it fd States in their behajt
nd assurances from Muerta that their
safetv would be guaranteed.
Ambassador Wilson is making an
investigation. 'An official investiga
tion has been also started, and sol-
t from a visit at Stonewall and
Guilford Lewis of New- Bern spent
Sunday night in our town as the gusest
of his brother, Charles Lewis.
Marvin Aldrich who has been visiting
Colored Man, In Flftht, Makes , Correspondent of Baltimore Sun
Lunge For Axe, Engineer too Adds som?, interesting
Quick For Him. Sidelights.
Wounded Man Brought Here and Seea Huerta Following News of Ma-
. . . A ' . nan!. A ....
Carried to Sanitarium
Died Sunday Night
dero's Death Commander
Of Escort Talks.
Following an altercation with a
white man named Lane, employed as j
an engineer at the Roper Lumber Com-1
pany's camp at Camp Perry, Onslow .
county, John Parker, colored, another
employe of the camp, was practically
riddled with bullets by Lane near that
place early last Saturday morning.
The wou n ded man was brought to this .
city and placed in Stewart's sanitarium
for treatment. His wounds were so
numerous that i' was impossible to
Mexico City, Feb. 25. Now that the
excitement of the day following , the
Washington Leaders Say Mrs. Wil
son Can't Dress on
$1,000 a Year.
Thousands Dollar Wardrobe of New
President's Wife Awaited
With Curlsoity.
Washington, Feb. 25. If Mrs. Wood
row WtUnn u if.. tt tlx. Pm.Mnn.
a of Francisco I. Madero, Jr., and can riressnn St nnn awr ;t :
Jose Pino Suarez is past the corrcspon-1 than notable leaders of Washino-ton
concensus of
dent of the Sun, cf Baltimore adds
some details of events that seem nec
ccsary to complete the picttre of an
event that will live in the history of
Mexico and probably of the world.
The correspondent who went to the
palace after the- assacsinations retains
a vivid picture of the scene there, day, that while Mrs. Taft and
save his life and he died late Monday , Within an hour the news had reached daughter did not over-dress, yet
u'gnt ana nis Doay was yesteraay pre-, me newspaper men anu liuimuuuiis , spem at icast 3,uuu a year,
society can do. The
opinio , is that Mrs. Wson will be
obliged to enlarge her dress allowance.
The average dress allowance here is
$5,000, while many use $10,000 and
others go even higher.
A close Iriend ol Mrs. Taft said to
President-elect Strangely Aloof In
His Relations With The
Outgoing President.
Charles Spencer, Colored; Held
Without Bail For Neit Term
Of Superior Court.
Taft Frankly Confesses That He
Cannot Quite Understand
the Sftutation.
Washington, Feb. 26. President Taft
is trying to figure out his successor in
office. He is endeavoring to learn, if
possible, why it is that Governor Wil
son so consistently declines to accept
any favors tendered byvthe present
Up to this time the President-elect
has refused every offer that has been
made by Mr.. Taft, directly or indirectly
with the view to making it easier for
the new regime to take hold of the
executive affairs of the nation.
In conversation wjth friends the Presi
dent has declared that he cannot quite
Dared for shioment to his home near came to them that thev would find! friend estimated the oaffit needed or
Mavsville. I General Huerta, the Provisional Presi- the first lady of the land, based on ' understand the situation. He says that
Parker, was a notoriously bad negro dent and military dictator, at the clothes Mrs. I aft got during the year each time an attempt has been made to
and was somewhat of a "bully" around . national palace.
the camp. . From the few details which The troons sleot on in the courtyard.
could be learned in regards to the shoot-'oblivious to the happenings of the
ing it seems that he became intoxicated ni-sht, and the guards before the room
and attempted to get too famiiar with formerly occupied by the prisoners
the white man. This the latter resented slumbered soundly after the relief
and the negro made a ltinge for an axe, from the long strain. In the green
which was lyaing nearby. Securing this p0om if t?w palace General Huerta,
weapon he was preparing to strike who w.s dressed in a drib military
Lane with it when the latter opened field uniform cloak and with cam
fire on him with a large calibre pistol paign cap pulled down oVer his eyes,
and continued firing until the last which were shaded by dark hsse.,
cartridge had been used. j paced the room, inscrutatL, stern and
It is understood that in order to oblivious to the salutes of officers
avoid being arrested, Lane left for walking on tiptoe and conimunicatin?;
parts unknown after the shooting and jn whispers after the deaths. In one
as follows:
Tne evening cowns at $300 each,
Four street suits each season at av
erage cost ,$50, $200 season, four sea
sons, $800.
Two afternoon ' suits a season, av
erage ,iuu; lour seasons, 5800.
show Governor Wilson courteously
some of the inside workings of the
executive departments a firm but most
polite declination has been received.
All of which brings up the question
who is to pay for the White House
luncheon on the dav of the inaugural.
Either the incoming or the outgoing
has not been located.
(Special to the Journal)
fhrcc afternoon receDtion cowns. at ' President is to joot the bill, but nobody
$75, $225. can foretell just now which one it will
Accessories, hats, gloves, etc., year- be-
Iy, at least $1,500. I This luncheon is given immediately
Total, $0,325. , after the oath of office, has been ad-
Miss Helen Taft, being a debutante ' ministered to the new President. It
for the last two years, has spent un-! comes between that ceremony and the
douhtedlv half as much ru her mnrhni-' starting of the parade. It is generally
corner of the room Colonel Maas gave ! n clothes. . I e aborate, for the reason that the re-
. ---- u flU.
a statement to the reporters.
Major Cardenas, commander of
the escort which had Madero in chatgc
stated that he was ordercfl to transfer
the prisoners to the pentjetitiary and
awaken them shortly after 40 o'clock.
: Ri.a.i.fnrr N C Feh. 25. A new Madero. on being arousedi said it was
life saving station equipped with all the ' a pity he had not been told before, so
moaern improvements is soon iu lane
the place of the present one at Cape
Lookout. The Captain is to have an
office, parlor and bedroom. There
are to be two bath rooms one for ihe
Captain and one for the surf men
equipped with hot and cold water.
Mrs. Robert L. Henrv. wife the
Texas Repesentative, who is promi
nently mentioned for the Cabinet, can
not emulate the low -eost of dressing
wi ivirs. wnstwi. Mie said to-day.
tiring Cabinet members and a host of
other guests are on hand.
It has been the cuslom for the re
tiring President to pay for the luncheon
i Cleveland did it in Harrison's time:
Following a preliminarv hearing be
fore Mayor McCarthy yesterday aCttr
noon Charles Spencer, colored, was
held for the next term of Craven County
Superior Court without bond on thai
harge of having murdered Alice Har-
gett, also colored.
Acquaintances ol the Hargett w mn-
testified to seeing evidences ofa brutal
attack on her and to her told
them that on Christmas night Spencer
attempted a criminal offense against
her, beating her with a pair of brass
knuckles t nmcrcifully. The sarne wit
nesses testified that the wc man died a
few days after Christmas.
It is claimed that Spencer, not con
tent with beating the woman's face al
most into a pulp with the weapon, in
flicted injuries on other parts of her
body. The woman is said to have
crawled beneath a house in Pavietown
where the attack was made, and he
is said to have struck her as she was
doing this with a heavy crutch.
Learning that the police were on his
track Specner made his escape and
remained at large until located and
aptured at folloksville several days
go by Constable T. J. Hawkins. " At
hat time Spencer jumped into the river
at a point where the water is ten feet
deep and only with difficulty was he
that he would not have gone to bed
As they entered the cars Madero said:
"Please take us down Ralejo and
Lecumberri streets." It was planned
to take this route, but orders were
changed and the party went by a j
different way, arriving near the peni
are among the most efficient in the
Capt. Willis and his crew of life savers ' tentiary two blocks from- the route
originally, planned, rtiter crossing ine
railway bridge a band of five men
tired ntles at the party and tnc cnaut
feurs started to obey, their orders to
halt, but were ordered to proceed at
higher speed instead. Within 200
yards of the penitentiary a larger band
(Special to the Journal)
Loco, Feb. 24. There has been con
siderable sickness in this section dur- opened fire and succeeded in stopping
ing the past few weeks but we areglad j the machines. The escprt descended
to say that the majority of those who and answered the fire. JThe escort
havs been ill are improving. report that Madiro and Suarez then
The public school at this piece is I started toward the attackers and were
progressing nicely under the able caught between two fires,
supervision of Miss Annie Henderson. This is Cardenas' version of the
The attendance is gratifying and the I event. Their bodies showed bullets
"Mrs. Wilson may be able to do it I Harrison when Cleveland came back:
but .-I cannot. I have heard other wo-1 Cleveland when McKinley was inau
men make like remarks, and the mira- gtirated; Roosevelt when Taft was
clc of their accomplishing it has been ' sworn in, and so on.
a puzzle to me." I Following these precedents, the Tafts
i Another Democratic social leader, ' were arranging to be the hosts at this
Mrs. Champ Clark, wife of the Speak- j nna' meal. Lately, however, the Prcsi
er, thoroughly indorsed Mrs. Wilson' dent has been wondering if the new
views, and rejoiced it her good com-! Executive will be wholly satisfied to
mon sense in not allowing clothes to Pave It tnat waY- Governor Wilson
rule her. I may prefer to serve this luncheon, in-
Mrs. Edson Bradley, who thinks asmuch as it comes officially during
nothing of spending $5,000 for a single 1,18 administration rather than in that
entertainment, laughed when asked if of Mr. Taft.
a Washinirtnn- civ iit ,-,,,,.,.. I In discussing this amusing situation
dress on 51,000 a year. "Not to my with friends the President recalled
knowledge," she said. "I find that a the fact that he and Mrs. Taft had in
single gown frequently costs more than vited Governor Wilson and Mrs. Wil
that." son to the White House for a week-end
Mrs. Hugh Rowland French, recent- fr a nfent r ev-n a single meal, just
ly delcarcd bv IJe Lion Nicholas to hp Deiore tne laits sauea ior ranama.
one of America's most beautiful wo
men, says Washington social life
onft.oaa.Jit. Miy i
emn promises are made that the guilty Mrc ,or th? P081 week returned yester-
ill lw nuninhrd. I"y iui""K i" ouuiu v .immui.i
- r : . . i i i . : i i i i
It is simple truth to state that not w,,crc 18 :'P'"ycu on ruirouu
n Mexico City be-
reports ol the assas-
sinWHB the aoctnnes ol leyiuga
is being quoted on all sides "fugitive
law" Which, is the unwritten law that
has been invoked for centuries in
Latin countries when the death of a
prisoner' is desired. Under it, the
night of a prisoner is facilitated, jn
order that he may be shot down in
the attempt, after which it is recorded
in the records that the prisoner was
slain while trying to escape.
'In this manner Gustavo Madero
rliarWMiorl tf thl ot Hnr llav Mn
Francisco Madero and Senor Suarez f New"; York, Feb. 24. There is es
sure added to the list.
pupils are
their work.
taking much interest in
(Special to the Journal.))
Rivcrdale, Feb. 26. A movement is
on loot to dredge iirice s crceK. it
this is done several thousand acres of
pecial interest in musical circles over
The most dramatic and heart-rend the homecoming of John; Powell, a
ing incidents attended the discovery youjajjiencan. 1 he celebrated Zim
r it.. ti..,l,.r nf ik. i.n nffimli ballat.'Mb already made Powell known
Scnora Madero, heartbroken wife of HWaunwy oy tne playing rt row- vaiuaoie iano win oe arainca anu out
the former President, got the first ell's in concerto all over Europe, ( in condition for farming.
definite news of her husband's death at the festival in Richmond, Va., I It is understood that the John L.
from the Spanish minister Senor Colo- Mr. Powell's home town, in Carnegie Roper Lumber Company will soon
gin y Cologan. Reports had before HjII early in the season and with more cease working in this section This
this reached her that serious and un- than ordinary sucess in Chicago with Is regretted by our citizens as the com-
usual events had occurred. But a few Theodore Thomas' orchestra. ' pany turns loose several- thousand
hours before she had been on her knees Mr. Powell has devoted himself dollars each year. -
to Huerta, begging for the life of her Iwgely to compoiition, but lie is a Last Saturday night two young men
-4rtlsbiH'4-for a sight of him a word pianist whose successes have been ol tnis town taiiKca up on mino nger
I to enable her o sustain the especially gratnying recent in London anq prpcecaeo to paint me piacc rea.
Ar.A.r -.htnli .h. i.knrina and in Vienna. He is one of the Thev succeeded ii such an admirable
had turned her coldly away. I chetsizky exponents, and will demon- manner that they fell into the grasp
iag, she was carried off by friends, strate this side ot his equipment Tues- ol thciaw ana today werc -iorcca to
n the aewt came of the Iday afternoon in Carneglc Hall, when "coiugh up" two dollars each for their
-.tracedv. it reached her friends first, he will give a joint recital with Zim- luni .
w u .-,u.vnt tr. w . fmm balwt. I (. harlcs Simpson has invented a
w Vnr r.rtv.ihr hour, oho hjt Mr. Powell said he could see vast fountain marking brush which bid
not' slept. There were fears for her improvement in the condition of the fair to replace the much used marking
reason which have grown grave now, American composer, but He did not be- pot and brush. With Mr. Simpsons
in the light of developments. At I live that he would come into his full brush, one can mark objects for hours
u.t k,n h innr detail. rnnU nni powers until opera would be given in the at the time without soiling the hands.
longer be kept from her, she was told I vernacular for the reason that opera He has made an inquiry as to securing
was a great innuence in popularizing a paieni un u.
music, and that this began with the The farmers in this section are mak
elevation of the lighter mucis and ex- ing extensive preparations for the ap-
ll-liueu muugliuui lu music in US High- pruat-lllllB kubuii. nuwuy laigi; umiiir
est acceptance ol tne term. ties oi seed potatoes nave pcen pianicu
from wtti
as fjently as possible that the end which
he hid feared had come. She fainted.
W OF P101
both in front and back.
The bodies were then taken to the
penitentiary, where they were held
all day. An autopsy was made by
military surgeons and the bodies were
embalmed. General Huerta offered
to inter the bodies last night with
military honors by 400 of the infantry
and cavalry, but the families re
fused and asked that the bodies be
given them. It was believed there
would be a secret and quiet burial last
The Cabinet at the palace heard the
report within an hour of the conference.
De la Barra sent a message to the
diplomats explaining the occurrence
and containing the statements of the
officers. He said he would send the
diplomats full copies of the records
when he had investigated the case,
and reiterated the regret ol the Gov
ernment at the 1 tragedy.
As soon as the message about Madero
was learned the Spanish Minister and
others tried to ascertain the facts and
confirm the death report. They went
to the penitentiary, but were ret used
admittance. Then they appealed to
United States Ambassador Wilson,
the dean of the corps, who promised
to do everything possible to clear
ud the situation.
Crowds gathered at the place of the
happenings in the afternoon, tearuiglj
up the pavenjent and making mouipfaf',
tor tne placing oi crosses ,as is cps
moary in qaies of assassinations ''ItjWifiy
Mexico. The crowd was ordered to4j8irt
dixoersed bv General Blannuet.
Demonstrations planned in honor of
Diaz were called off in honor of the
death of the two men. The capital
is greatly depressed. Public opinion
although there is little possibility of
trouble from that source, labels this
deed as a great blot on the history of
the nation, and this Government
anxiously awaits the opinions of foreign
nations ot tne occurrence, it is Be
lieved that these deaths will have a
great effect on further developments
quires an outlay of much niorc tharf
$1,000 yearly. "Why, I have seven
evening gowns this winter," she said;
they cost Irom $400 to 51,00(1 apiece.
I could not even buy my hats for Si, 000.
a year. I am certain mv complete
clothes bill for the year is $20,000; and at
that 1 am by no means the best dressed
woman hire."
Mrs. Wilson's $1,000 wardrobe wilL
be awaited with much curiosity, and
it is possible that it may usher in an
era of dress reform here.
wajtiW'cHv'rrnfly f.
hv, N. Y., Feb. 2.
nss bi
been informed
il plot lb assassinate
Governor last night related that on Fri
day a man with bead swathed in
bandages called at the executive chant-
aad was referred to Owen L.
tter, his legal aattatint. To Mr
He believed that this would create a and other seed will soon be planted. . i -i, ha unread over the
more sympathetic audience and that it The approaching season bids fair to cit an(( peopie gathered on street
wouici inspire tnc composer to nis Best oe a very guuu uiw. 'corners speak in whispers. No state
efforts. Asked about the attitude of Vuite a number ol visitors were in meJ)t couj obtained by the dip-
mjrope to tnc American composer, our town msi .-.unuay mtenuiiiu uie . omatg from the Madero tanuly.
'mt, Powell said that he had found all services conducted by Rev. Ftilcher.
countries exceedingly sympathetic, es- His sermon was interesting andvery
peejally to music that was frankly instructive.
American that has characteristics of Local fishermen have had exception
its own; this, he said, did not fail to ally good luck during the past few wcekB
awaken more interest and respect than and have caught large numbers of shad
American music based upon tne school and other varieties of fish. The deahvs
ff a fiii-ofa-ii miintrt. nrit muni' a tjnntl nriro fnr 1 hp watpr
Governorl Mr. Powell is a ArriniiR-lnnLirir .in. food and the fishermen are making of the University of Chicago, told b
ot an al-lcere sort of young man, whose manner a considerable amount ol money.
mm. i ne l hardly betrays the Southerner more
Professor Also Predicts Little Tee
Will Vanish.
The following article from a recent
issue of the Baltimore American is of
interest here as the young man who
figures in it is the son of W.E. Dickinson
of Bridgeton, having left here several
ago to live in Baltimore where
9fincV'ii wiit.whe Packard Auto-
tention of going
Dickinson, an
itomobile sah'smarfr and Marguerite
Ebaugh, 18, years old, daughter of
lifflrt an Mfsr Albert Kbaugh, 122
Prospect avenue, Roland Park, eloped
and were married yesterday by Rev.
B. F. Devrics in the parsonage of Mount
Vernon Methodist Episcopal Church.
"So quietly did the young couple
lay their plans that no one was aware
that they intended getting married.
Yesterday morning young Dickson
called at the home of his fiance in
an automobile, and after telling Mrs
Ebaugh that they were' j list going for a
spin, they departed, taking with them
Miss Esther McKaddcn, a cousin of
Miss Ebaugh, whom they later took
into the secret. -
"They planned to go to Washington
and it was while on the way there that
the hrst difficulty was encountered
One of the tires of the automobile blew
j Governor Wilson replied that his ap
pointments were 9uch that he could not
find it Convenient to accept the in
vitation. Incidentally this was the
first time the hospitality of the White
House has been declined in so many
years that much tuss was made about
it in official circles.
Shortly after the first of the year it
was learned at the White House to
day the President sent word to Governor
Wilson that there were a number of
important state matters which would
be pending when administration chang
ed and that if the new bxecutive cared
to do so one or more Cabinet members
would be sent to Trenton to explain
their status. To this proffer came an
other courteous reply asking to be
excused, with the explanation that
New Jersey affairs needed attention
at the time.
A third time advances were made by
Mr. Taft. A few days ago the President
sent word to the Governor that the con
fidential dispatches and other private
information of the State, War and
Navy Departments bearing upon the
Mexican situation would be laid belore
the incoming Executive for his infor
mation, if Mr. Wilson had the op
portunity to acquaint himself with
these matters now. A third time the
offer was not accepted.
There is nothing in all this of serious
mportance, of course, but it has caused
a volume of capital gossip. All hands
agree that Governor Wilson has the
eminent right and privilege of waiting
until his turn at the bat comes belore
tie plunges into the big affairs that will
I . . . ! . l . I I . .
await nis attention,- anu nuuuuy 11
offering any apologies for his conduct
l ne aioomess oDservect oy nir. wu
son, however, is so foreign to the official
procedure and custom in Washington
that the people here are at a loss to
understand a man who declines
White House invitation when he feels
like it and who refuses to accept ser
vices when he is not in need of service
It all seems to presage a new way of
doing things in Washington, and the is tilled with intense interest, re
'g irding the family that is to occupy the
executive Mansion.
The Norfolk Southern Railway Com
pany on Monday paid to the Home
Bakery 1103 in settlement of damages
sustaihedliy the bakery when one of its
wagons a short while ago was demolish
Eye-Witnesses to Affair Evi
dence Given by Persona
To Whom Woman Talked.
Residence of J. P. C. Davis on South
Front Street Damaged To
Extent of $2,000.
Error In Alarm Caused the Fire
Wagons To Arrive Fifteen
Minutes Late.
Fire which is supposed to have origi
nated from a spark from the chimney
almost completely destroyed the second .
story of J. P. C. Davis' handsome resi
dence at No. ii, tiouth treat street
late yesterday afternoon and also darnag
ed an adjacent residence, owned by
Charles H. Hall.
The fire was discovered shortly
before 4 o'clock and the alarm was sent
from box number fourteen, ror
some reason unknown the alarm system
was in an erratic condition and the hrc
companies were not able to locate tnc
blaze and were delayed in reaenmnj
the scene of the conflagration la the
meantime an immense cxtmm mm
gathered to watch the fire and sasssqr
of these assisted in paving the furniture
much or which -was taken Irom tnc
building before being damaged.
The fire had full sway at the second
story for at least fifteen minutes and it
was wrapped in names when tne com-
Sanies arrived and the first Hne of
ose laid, but within a short time there .
were a number of streams ot water
being thrown on the blaze. The hyd-.
rant pressure was very low and it a as
necessary t; bring out one oi tne eQ)
Soarks were flying in every direction
and for a time it seemed as though Mr.
Hall's residence would be . destroyed
but a few streams of water saved this
building. A small structure in the yard
occupied by Ruff's boarding house was
ingitcd by tailing spams put tne oiaze
was discovered and extinguished before
any damage was done.
It is estimated that Mr. Davis' home
and f irnishings were damaged to the
extent of two thousand dollars, partial-.
ly covered by insurance. Ihe damage
to Mr. Hall's dwelling which will
amount to about three hundred. dollatjs
is also covered ty insurance.
The missioa study classes which
State Sc;retary L. B. Padgett of the
Laymen's Missionary Movement has
been conducting for the last few day
in the lecture room of the Presbyterian
Vd by a Norfolk Southern freight train, c'turch have been discontinued because
The management of the bakery was of the fact that Mr. Padgett had to go
than it does the artist.
He has become thoroughly cosmo
politan, Dut insists that the mur(road-
ly i
R. H. Seward was Tuesday awarded
y one knows Europe the more likelv
nnp i. tn feel tYm nr.ti ,.f I.:
ter the man. whose name the lmuntrv mil U, r....if ..u .w. damages in the sum of five hundred
rnor would not divide, said that never would have realised the wonder-. dollars in Wake County s"P"r tour
7. u,sf!.1 . an anan-nul spirit ol the Southern melotl e f " Z. """'" l,,c -""",.M.
heard two had not hfard them under the idcaliza- Lmc railway company in which lie
the Gov- kion of on: suffering from homesickness. w" su'ng ' V?m ! V' 'S2 '
its earn- Mr. Powell i. well bn.n i h. thirty thousand dollars for being "black-
' listed" bv that company for an accident
Bey assaulted and robbed he has also played very much in 'public which occurred while he was operating
and hi inn. ., ..u.. ,.i f. one oi i-.eir locomotives. Alter tnc
told tha man to report qucntly by his collcians. all of whom
?. the-npany police, but are ent husks'! ic over the Southern
kS.' iS.i tik 'sssm
ne presence ss? tr
ed of t
7K s?5n!Si!ttK he hd ,pirlt of the "'"" no '" an of the
? "ndjccftetidquarters. Ixomposer. Mr. Powell has tcn a way
L u I uom m ow country since 1902.
and wa
ed at
s and
, out. Next, after changing tires, a ..uu ,k. itK 1 tr. Aheville to look after the a rr a nee-
chicken was run over artd crushed X:h Hjhe railroad settled and also ments for a laymen's convention to be
Soon after the chicken was killed badl :,u ,l rit f nnrl fair h-ld in that city soon. He left this
i ...... ..... .. ..,. t ...,.i ii...n v"- "i . . r : . i
v.e.---.v.w -v ...v.. ,a , tWc rallroari omcialf
was decided to return to llaittmore. .. a i..,n...,.
class yesterday that some time in thej . . ,hue courtship ot tl young people 'on the seulcment
future hair, teeth and tne in tie tee'"-"-" -V ,, I
Chicago. Feb. 26. Prof. Frrdiricj
Starr of the department of anthropolog'
officials, particular-' marning for Aaheville. He will return
ndleton, in connec-! in time to preach twice Sunt'a '. once
. 7 I . T71 A. O L-l-i. .U...ek a.J natM
al InC I II st DALrl is' (miih.ii iivi vmmm
a ( j-Mi.-ii.irv MpthnH.Ht church.
mure iiair, ircui i tc nnn g , - . - VT A , ,. i - j - -
would be missing from the members , ",u frLom his home in Norrth Carolina ENT ON TO SI,PER,OR COURT. I Monday the mission study classes
of the human race. Alter tne weaning tnc news was nroaen i , ill be resumed and last lor two aiter-
"Pre-digestcd foods hats and shoes ,,re,u,,u; iiei. m umi juac Kosetta narru ana kissic layior, noons and two evenings. tne Ml
have rendered hair, teeth and the Ittlc r-"aua" re,,'5C." IO De!"ve w"n:colored, were given a hearing belore session sbemg for the womea
toe useless" he said. "The time will mrs- ""VS". w" l '"f B,,c Mayor McCarthy yesterday aiternoon night sessions tor the men
; . .r. ,.r at once folded them both in her arms nn a warrant rharoinu them with the I Wn.nrv Paitvelt ha.
I 'Mil. ni.v.l . ........ ........... v
child possessing these will b a curiosity
the natural man needed nair as a
defense and protection against the
struggles of primitive life. We with
our nats and our civilization do not
need it. Persons with a seant supply
of hair ci ni to die out among primitive
peoples, but in civilisation they in-crceifC-.
"tf teeth-aad haif and the little toes
at once lolded them both in her .inns n a warrant rharoinu them with the Wnrv Pari dp It haa been much
and gave them her blessing, and the xl1rceny pf geveral articles of wearing impressed by the interest t hit has been
ed then it will bt
ivilized inhahitni
back to nature ai
Judge, too, finally came around after j apparel from the home of one of their
mrs. r.uaunii nuu icimiiucu nun turn friends while the latter was absent,
they too, had eloped 25 years ago.' The ibthing was found in the womens'
y " '.home but thev claimed that it was
brought there bv an unknown colored
red too thin
obablc Cause
nexttqrm of
uuerior v ourt under
f (SO each, In default
re committed to jail.
uesday afternoon's Fayctteville
ver: "VVc notice that Rev. .E
inner, so well and favorably ki
: WfyhV' found .
tVhrover to, he
taken here in the study of missions
and he is expecting very enjoyable
ano nciptui ciass meetings on nu
next week.
The members of the Pslnt and
vj nic puny, ooin ne
After all is said and done
i so sulc as a sausfied man.
tg let-

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