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35th YEAR
Huerta's Bodyguard Would Have
Asslaasnatod Him But
Por Accident.
Investigation Of The Af
fair It Now Being Conducted.
Mflffco City, March 20. According
to information given by the private
secretary of President Huerta the dis
covery of a letter in the National Pal
lace yesterday 'foiled a plot by the
members of the presidential body
guard to assiassnatc Huerta last night.
The secretary said the government had
the names of persons who paid mem
bers of the bodyguard a huge sum ot
kill Huerta.
"No arrests have been made so far,"
he added, "but a full investigation is
being conducted ' with probably will
result in arrests of prominent Madcr
ists and a ho of those who took blood
Itmiii... "
A cabled report of the assassination
: 'Was published by some news
! here today, including a de
scription of the midnight scene in
which officers, crossing their swords
over Madcro's grave, swore to avenge
the martyr's death. All of this the
secretary pronounced ridiculous.
Amensty Measure Signed.
Mexico Chy, March 20.-k-The am
nesty measure was signed today by
President Hureta and telegraphed to
the Governors of all the States for
Pascual Arozco, Jr., who is working
with the government to effect the co
operation of the adherents of the Zapa
ta, brothers, is meeting with much
success, and hopes to bring about the
allegiance of the two leaders them
selves. The government is not convinced
that Inez Salacar will continue in rc-
betlfon, and has sent him an order to
join a column now on its way to So
nora. A large proportion of the forces
intended for the Sonora campaign will
be moved westward from Casas Grandes
through the Mormon colonies.
Dispatches from Monterey -ndicate
that the residents there fear an attack
by Carraniza
Zambratto and twenty prominent res!
dents has caused considerable excite
ment at that place.
Attorney General McReynolds An
nounces He Will.' Take a
Hand In Liquor Fight.
First Case In Country Challen
ging Operation of Law
Was Brought There.
Richmond, March 20. An echo of !
the action begun earlier in the month
by Richmond liquor dealers to secure
relief from the operation of the Webb
Kenyon act, as applied to shipments
destined for South Carolina, came from
Washington yesterday in the form of
a statement credited to ' Attorney,
General McReynolds, to the effect
that should the Richomnd dealers
renew the fight the Department of
Justice will take a hand.
Such a statement, it is reported,' was
made by Attorney-General McReynolds
jfb Congressman E. Y. Webb, of North
Carolina, co-author of the new national
liquor act. Mr. Webb brought the re
cent action of the Richmond dealers
to the attention of the Attorney-Gen
eral, who is it said, will intervene in
the first case that is brought chal
lenging the operation of the Webb
Kcnyon law in a ny State.
The attack in Richmond took the
Secretary of War Wants United
Stater Naval Forces Put
in Condition.
Wants JSmall, Cotirpact And
Thoroughly Efficient Mili
tary Force.
Washington, March 20. In an officia
statement o policy today Secretary of
War Garrison declared in favor of im
mediate preparation of the military
forces of the United States, to meet any
emergency, holding a discussion of dis
armament by international agreement
to be entirely out of place in the con
sideration of what the United States
governement should do to meet existing
conditions. The secretary proposed re
tention of the regular array at its pres
ent strength, improvement of the na
tional guard and creation of a 'reserve.
Declaring that be was not urging
militarism, Mr Garrison said the
leading men in the United States army
do not advocate militarism, which
means the existence of a large standing
army, compact, but thoroughly effi
cient army.
The most rabid anti-militarists, he
said, could not seriously suggest that
Pittsburgh Physician After Ex
hustive Tests Says There Is
No Longer Any Doubt.
Approve Chief Executive's Action
On The Chinese Loan
Proposition. '.
Treatment Arrests The Disease
And Starts the Building
Up Process At Once.
Believe Government Should Take
No Action Guaranteeing
Baltimore, March 21. Almost with
out 'exception Baltimore bankers give
unqualified indorsement to President
Wilson's policy in regard to the. Chinese
. Pittsburgh, March 21. There is no
longer any doubts about the cura
tive effects of the "Friedmann tu
berr lasis serum," said Dr. Austin
B. H .Id, the South Side physician I jQan
wno was. the lirst practioner to use the
cure in this country. "Since I return
ed from Berlin, over six weeks ago,
with the serum which I secured from
Dr. Piorkowiski, I have been making
exhaustive tests on tubercular patients ' give such a clear insight.
in every stage ot the disease. 1 nave , Austin McLanahan; of
mso sent the serum to several hundred
They say his expressed views indicate
broad statesmanship and sound judg
ment on a propostion into which it
was not suposed his past training would
lorm cl an application tor a temporary tne greatest army of 89,000 to look
injunction in the United States Dis-'after a population of more than 110,
trict Court to restrain the Southern OOO.QOO in the United States and the
Express Company from refusing to'i,,,, p088eggion had any hint of
accept and forward liquor shipments niilitari m in it.
destined to South Carolina points. Be-1 "One one will pretend," he ad'dedm
fore Judge Waddill coukfact on the 0 one wyj pretena", he a ed,
application, the express company re- -t at with a mobile force of less than
moved the embargo under the authority 35,000 men in the United States pro
of a temporary order issued by Judge we are prepared; In fact, if you
Gary, of the South Carolina Supreme don't alter the condition, we are not
Court, calling upon agents in South even preparcd to prepare. If we are
Carolina to make deliveries. Judge caiied to meet force with force, we
Waddill subsequently refused to grant 8impy sacrifice men and money in a
the injunction asked for. shameful way. We literally send, men
With the removal of the South Caro- out t0 acqUire their education in armies
Una embargo, the chief grie4nee- of under the fire of an enemy, an enormity
the local dealers was dissolved, and whjcn ony t0 be stated to cause
it is now regarded as unlikely that oqe t0 shrink from permitting it."
further proceedings will be instituted por relief, the secretary proposed re
here, unless Judge Gary's order is set gg. & trained officers and mem im-
aside and the express company again provements in the present national
physicians, who inquired for it, and
I can gladly say now that my fondest
hopes have been realized. The serum
will xure tuberculosis; there can be no
further doubt of that.
"The results secured in some cases
are simply astounding. Not only am
I speaking from my own experience,
but from the experience of physicians
to whom I have sent the serum. Their
reports show that the treatment has
not only arrested the disease, but that
the building up process begun almost
immediately, following the first signs
of improvement.
"I am now sending serum as fast
as I receive it to physicians trough
out the country. Much of it I am send-
in to 1 California. Colorado and the
other Southwestern Stjtes. From the
physicians in those Stales I am re
ceiving glowing report of the results
attained bv the use of the scrum.
outlaws South Carolina shipments.
On April 7 a one week-term cf Craven
The arrest of. Jfajpri County Superior qpur.wilj be convene
tir tnis city witn judge u. n. Alien
Kinston presiding. This term' will be
devoted exclusively to the hearing of
civil cases. The next term at which
criminal cases will be taken up wilt be
convened on June 9.
i- The college professor is having his
nnings now. President Wilson seems
to be looking to the educational in
stkuions for-a. good bit of his diplomatic
ittjabcr. By the same token the frenzied
financiers are getting a very poor show.
An office tarting out' to seek the
,man would run oyer half a dozen of
Corn Is Our
It is worth
more than any
ether crop
It coats more
than any other
Crop iSllTfW
Ths tore slant over 1 pooni and qnnrtcr
r cTtry dosiwi 01 ears proauod.
It manure or clover sod by jU lo duD
of a lertiliier coMalslna at leant as
1 as phosphoric acid, 08 or 0 8 10,
XD Ibi. acid phosphate and 100 lbs.
naah per ncro alter plowing- aim he
f . and drill in with the seed 100 lbs.
Er arte 2 R 8 roods. On mock land broadest
I to 200 lbs. muriate of potash per acre.
To drite atrar cut worms and root Ike, drill in
100 lbs. Knluit per acre with the seed. Potash
makes mora sound ears in proportion to tho
stacks. Potash Pays.
We aell potash in aoy amount bom one 20Mb.
hat up.
guard and provision for a volunteer
soldiery, to be trained while the regu
lars, the reserves and the national
s respond to the first danger call.
the revsr the secretary
uggested that this could be bett treat
ed without bringing into existence a
arge professional soldiery by shortcn
ng the present four year enlistment
term to two years, so as to train more
men in short periods and turn them
back into civil life, immediately avail
able in case of need.
To ensure a sufficient stpply of offi
cers, the secretary would make good
use of the acadeny at West Point,
turning into civil life the graduates who
are not needed in time of peace. Final
ly, he suggested a graudate scheme
should be provided so that volunteers
may be readily called, officered, eqipu
ed and trained when1 necessity arises
Writ far SI las aW for It pamohUtt sat proHablm aw of HrtiBaon
GERMAN KALI WORKS, Inc., 42 Broadway, New York
No better place to buy them
than at Sugar's.
sugar nas tne goons mi no nas tne prices, r.o matter what you -need in
the way of Son ne and Sanimcr Dm Goods wc have it. Call and Inspect
oarlhnol dry goodsjind notions of uTlortJ ready made clothes, gentlemen's
aad Jaaies' furn thing-, shoes, h its etc. Wc have what y u want st figures
t win attorn: n you wnu conip ireu wan prices y u nave to pay at other
Us.' t ..i
Jtf J Middle Street, New Bern, N. C.
Bellair Stock and Fruit Farm.
G. T. RICHARDSON, Proprietor.
llvjLftSload Angus Bulls end Heifer for sale
Hftmuft&m Texas fever, also full blood Berkshire
Sogs. Vrjji are cordially invited to visit farm and
New Bern N. C, T. F. D., io,
Phone. iaWlair lin?, F iuus.
To Journal Subscribers-:
We haven't a regular man on
the road to collect subscrip
tions for the Daily and Semi
Weekly Journal - but have
made arrangements with Mr.
Hugh Lancaster to look after
the collecting nd Soliciting
on Routes 1 and 2 from New
Bern and also In Pamlico'
county, while Mr. R. C. Mor
ton of Hubert will collect and
subscriptions in Jones
inslow counties,. We
t all delinquents to see
these gentlemen and
settfa subscription account
or mail your remittance di
rect to the Journal at New
jr Yours very truly,
Pubs. Dally and Semi Week
ly Journal.
The Willis Grocery Company have
pu chased from the Hyman, Supply
Company a "handsome "Flanders"
motor delivery wagon which they wil!
use in making deliveries of groce- ies
to their patrons. Motor delivery wag
ons arc beginning to supphnt the ho se
delivery wagons in this city and it
will probably be only a matter of a
few years before the latter will be use I
but very little.
Brown & Sons, in discussing it, said:
"No one who knows the President
of who has follocwd closely his public
utterances and acts will be surprised
at the stand he has taken on this ques
tion. It is an issue in which a slight
misstep now might lead to awkward
and disagreeable complications here
after. But he has met the question
boldly and, I think, properly, and has
made his views known in a logical and
torilcetul way that cannot be mis
understood. It can be taken as a
dogma of his administration, I think
that under his rule there will be no
partnership, quasi or otherwise, be
tween the Government and private
banking institutions.
"That is what the sanction of the
Administration at Washington would
have meant and President Wilson told
the bankers he would stand behind
them in making this deal with China.
It would have placed this country, in
a position which might have greatjjj
embarrassesd it in some future negotia
tion with the Chinese Government.
We could not have been free to act
in all matters if we occupied the po
sition of having given a quasi guar
antee to Chinas debt. this would
make us in a measure responsible for
the payment of the interest and prin
ciapl to those of our ownpeople who
may have invested in the securities
on the strength of the Gonvcrnment's
"It tST hardly worth while to di&cuss
"where this might lead,, jfltheJiututc
dealings f the banketp with; Chinsa.
They might seek concessions here and
there to their own advantage and may
be not at all times forthe best develop
nient of that country. These privileges
might not always meet with the ap
proval of the Chinese, who may go to
the p'oint of protesting vigorously.
Then what would be our position?
The President has clearly seen all
these possiblities and has met them
like a patriot and a statesman. His
act has my hearty approval, i am
more Convinced now than ever that
the affairs of State are in safe and
judiciaus'hands." ,
Senator Simmons, who arrrived in
the city Friday night for a few days
at home, was warmly greeted on all
sides yesterday, his many friends here
taking advantage of the opportunity
to congratulate him'on his appoint
ment to the chairmanship of the most
important committee of the. Senate,
the Finance Committee, which will
have charge of the tariff legislation
in the upper House of Congress.
Senator Simmons is averse to dis
cussing the honors that have come his
way or any of the circumstances under
which they were received, friends 'of
his here who have been thoroughly
posted on the progress of events in
Washington say that there was never
any doubt that the chairmanship of
the Finance Committeee would be
bestowed on Senator Simmons despite
all the gossip indulged in by some'news
paper correspondents who tried to
make it appear that he was having a
hard fight to win the plaice.
One of the stoties published con
cerning the matter was that Senators
Simmons was only able to save him
self from being beaten by deserting
the standard of Senator Martin of
Washington, March 22. Storms of
cyclonicintensity last night devastat
ed sections of many States cast of the
Mississippi river, from Michigan to
the Gulf, and even sweeping Missouri,
and Arkansas, with a loss of 75 or more
lives, hundreds of persons injured and
property damage running into the
Twenty-nine residents of Lower
Peach Tree, on the Alabama river, in
Alabama, are known to have been
killed and the town was practically
wiped out.
Asccording to a report from Thrmas
ville, Ala., 19 persons lost their lives
Hundreds of other persons were bad
ly injured, industrial plants so badly
damaged as to throw 1,500 or 2,000
workmen out of employment, and ex
tensive damage to other property was
done in Alabama.
Not less than five persons were killed
and more than 50 injured in Poplar
Bluff, Mo., with one killed and 25
injured at Hoxie, Ark.
Indiana's record is two men killed,
four persons severely injured and $1,
000,000 damage done to property,
churches being among the structures Vfrjlttb' and supporting Senator Kern
to fare badly. of Itfcfiana for the Democratic leader-
Three persons were killed, two fatal- ship ajthe Senate. Convincing proof
ly injured and damage amounting to of t!he '"falsity of all statements it a
$500,000 was done in Middle Tennessee jointed out that Mr. Simmons and A r
two girls telephone operators at Mur- TWittin are the best of friends and that
freesboro proving the heroines of the
Several negroes arc reported to have
been killed near Macon, Miss. A man
was killed, several persons were injured
and property was damaged thousands
of dollars in Louisiana parishes.
Even Texas felt the destructive fury
of the storm ,$50,000 to $60,000 dam
age being done in one town in two
minutes and a ncgrcss being killed and
a white child hurt.
St. Louis sustaintcd a property loss
of $100,000.
Three persons were seriously hurt
in East Pittsburg, and much damage
was done in parts of Western Pennsy
Property loss in Eastern and Central
West Virginia is reported to be heavy.
P- "Only one death was reported in
Detroit, bnt malty "ilfjurcd persons'
were received at hospitals and the
damage throughout the State is placed
at $1,000,000, the wind having attained
a maximum of 86 miles an hour.
developments in the Senate over the
various committee charimahships have
no effect whatever in disturbing the
friendly and cordial relations which
have existed between the two Senators
for years. In the same conne tion it
is also pointed out that while Mr.
Martin was not made leader 4ut
withdrew from the race he was given
a very desirable chariinanship and is
entirely satisfied with the outcome of
the whole matter.
(Special to the Journal)
Elisabeth City, March 22. After
being out since 10:30 o'clock this morn
ing the jury ii the case in which Murden
Stokely was charged with the murder
of J. Fenton Towe, late this. afternoon
returned a verdict exonorating hint of
the crime. Immediately after the Ver
dict had been rendered there was, loud
and prolonged1 ' applause frotw the
several hundred people who had gather
ed in the court room to hear the final
outcome of the trial.
' The arugmcnt in the case was con
cluded yesterday atternoon and at
the opening of the session this morning
Judge Whedbce made his charge to
the Jury. This consumed more than
an hour and was fair and iiupart ial in
every detail. The case was then given
to the jury .
The crime for which young Stokely
was oa trial was for the murder' of
Towe, who had Ukreated a sister -of
the former and had refused to make
restitution. Stokley's counsel put up
a plea of temporary jnsan ary and so
well did they handle the caic that' the
jury found in their favor and acquitted
t h defendant. The verdict created
but little surprise.
The many friends in this city and
surrounding section of Mrs. Lucy H.
Robertson', president of Greensboro
In the April Woman's Home Com
panion appears a fashion talk by Grace
Margaret Gould, fashion editor of that
periodical.' Her article is entitled
"What Shall I Wear?" and following
is an extract.
"Suffragettes may come, and' suf
fragettes .may go, but the most impor
tant quest ion tbt women these days is
still: 'What shall I wear?' " The big
interrogation point of dress covers every
home, in the land. In my opinion, this
is, as it should be. After all, the way aLwrit this morning. -
A prize of twenty-five dollars for
the best essav on the life of Col. Ed
ward Buncombe written by a student ; Female College, will be interested to
of the hieh schools. Ditblii: or private. 1 know that she will retire from active
in the State of North Carolina, has life at the end dt this cshool year.
been offered by the North Carolina' At a meeting of the Board of Trustees
Society of the American Revolution, held last week Mrs. Robertson turned
The conditions tf the contest in in her resignation. Uwen years ago
addition tit the one already mentioned she entered upon her duties as presi-
are. dent of the college under circumstances
"All essays must be original work far from favorable for success.' By
of the contestants, giving credit byreason of her untiring labors and ex
quotations where verbatim copying is ceptional ability aha ha!i brought the
resorted to and referring to book and college through storm, stress and file
page from which quotation is made, j to its present condition of progresslvo
"Essays mujfc.not exceed 3000 words, ness and prosperity.
In all essays facts are to be staged. When Mrs. Robertson "turns the
as facts and traditions as traditions. c liege over to her successor, Dr. S.
"Three typewritten copies are re-; B. Turrentine, in June he will find a
quired of each one copy of wlch is to larger number of students than ever
be sent to Mrs. W. N. Reynolds, before m the long history of this coif
Regent of the Daughters of the Ameri- lege and it is the oldest institution of
ran ftpvolution of North Carolina, its k nd in the Mate. Its alumnae
Winston-Slaem, N. C, one to Prof. ! will celebrate thei diamond jubilee at!.
N. C. Newbold, Washington, N. C, the next commencement, the trustees
. ii i- n , A . XT i ' . I,,, .. w... .1 , . ,i I laKtra rvl
ana one IO R. 1. oonuer, aurora, n.v.. n-tuniti" m- .
"The essays must all be filed with Mrs. Robertson have offered her a
the above named persons before May home for We with salary and no active
Irt. j duties. Thus is a woman justly honored
"K several students in one High after a liftelme devotion to the cduca-
School prepare essays the best one is to tion of the women of the State
be selected from these by a local con
test or in any other way the fchool
authorities prefer. Only one essay,
the best one, from any one sfxoal c-tfi
compete in this contest."
woman looks her appearance in gen
eral is rJretty sure to be the keynote
of her personality. Nowadays, a;s she
looks, so she is judged. Dress. Is either
a confession or a guarantee. There wes
a time when Fashion furnished a. uni
form for all women to wear. Now she
suggests a style which each woman may
adopt herself. No longer is pprsonal
dress a copy. It is a type."
(Special to the Journal)
Richmond, Va., March 2!2. V aeccs-
sary attorneys, lor Uaude KS will
call on all of the justices of th-United
State Supreme Court in tans, Brtlssir
effoTt to obtain a writ of error with a
view of getting a new trial for the con
demned young clansman who,- to
gether with his father Floyd Allen is
scheduled to die in" the electric, chair
next Friday for his part in the Hills
villc tragedy. Such was the information.'
which reached here tonight from Wash-
ngton where Chief Justice White
turned down the application for a
Late today the lawyers read the
appeal papers before Jusiie Hughes
who ti understood totiavc alfo rejected
the petition although ' rib announce
ment to this effect had been made up
to 11 o'clock tonight. '
For some reason or other the law
yers appear to be endeavoring to keep
the matter a secret, just as they tried
two days ago to keep from the public
the news that Judge Keith of tthe Vir
ginia supreme court had reined , to
certify the case to Washington. Mes
sages from Washington tonight' in
dicated that the lawyers had, returned
to Richmond. if1
It developed here however, that they
are still in that city, evidently in hiding.
Secretary of the Navy Joaephus
runle t has recognised his own pro-
LXsssion in the appointment of Howard
MBanks of the Hickory Democrat as
his secretary. Nobody in the news
paper Bipfession in this State it more
popular than Mr. Banks and there will
Mr, McCombs decides after much
consideration and deliberation that
he doesn't want to be ambastador to
France. It is more than likely tHat
t is was a wi.c decision, for there is
.ason to believe that McCombs will
Pesnnylvania through its governor
agrees to co-operate with Illinois in
stamping out white "shivery. The
forces of, evil are so aggressive and
treacherous that a most vigorous war
f re his to be constantly waaet
keep them in : ubj ction. The futtft
wHl see-all the subdivisions of govern
ment from the highest .to.'the lowcs
heretofore hay
One report says that Representative
Godwin "demanded" of President. Wil
son the revocation of "the Taft order
placing 35,000 fourth class postmasters
under the civil service, while another
says that the representative pro
tested" against the order being allowed
to remain 'in force. Most people in
tne state win tntnK enougn ot Mr. XT .... . .
, , ilCW lldHUVCI IVUlliy UHVltl an RVi
ooawi. , nope udi me .a.eer thc recet LegW,ture will try OUt
incni oi i ne case is uic correct one. i ... ,. ., n... ; m..u ...
a lou my miihihji. iikic t umv n ,u
be said in behalf of the plan of having
local solicitors. Only a local man can
Whether Dr. Friedmann is a success I be fully conversant with local Con
or not there are thousands ready to ditions and needs as affecting the pre
take a chance on him. - I vein ion of crime.
Burned or
Oxide of Lime
by $75.00 per acre in a sixteea yeai
test, and proved beyond question that
it is a superior tartllitine; ingrefllant.
Brown' C COJ by enalitfcaj test
heads the list of fertilising limee, Tf
full iaformatka write at oncf t
New Bern, N. C.
1 1 WIT 40 tq
e' fuwCAmhiirnoue
ptaMMLsatsifsCtioa among the (rater.

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