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Some of His Fellow Democrats Bit
ter Because of Part He
Took In Allen Case.
Urge Col. Robert E. Lee To Make
Race Against Him Per Lieu
tenant Covernor.
Washington, April 4 Col. Robert
E. Lee, r'., grandson of the Confederate
chieftain will be asked to make the race
for the Democratic nomination for
Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia against
J. Taylor Eilysott, the present holder
of that office, as a result of the dis
closures in the eleventh-hour respite
of the Aliens by Mr. Ellyson while
Governor Mann was out of the State.
Behind the movement are a
number of Richmond and Norfolk mm
They stated that if Cocn:l Lee will
consent to make the rsce the move
ment will be formally launched with
in a short time.
Doubt e tists whether Cclonel Lee
can be drawn into politics again. Years
ago he was a member of the Virgin a
General Assembly from Fairfax county,
where he resides. Andrew Jackson
Montague was then Governor of Vir
ginia. He was regarded as one of the
Montague "anti-machine" leaders of
the State. Since his retirempni- from
the Legislature Colonel Lee has not
taken an active part in Virginia politics.
Eighteen months ago he stumped (h?
State for Congressman Jones and Glass
for the Senate against Senators Mart n
and Swanson.
Virginia is again torn assunder over
the AUen case, and the suggestion of
the iLee candidacy for Lieutenant
Governor is an outgrowth of the controversy-over
the last movement to
save the life of Claude Al en, the son
Casey Jones, nof he of railroad fame
but a citizen of Craven countv and
who resides a few miles beyond Bridge-
ion, is in Stewarts samtonum receiving
treatment ior injuries received when
he" came in contact with a mmnrrvri.
oeing rode by Ira Dixon late Tuesday
afternoon near Askin,
Mr. Jones was enroute to Bridgeton
at tne time of the accident and had
taken the rail.oad track as the best
route. Hearing what he supposed Was
the Norfolk Southern Railway Com
pany s motor car coming down the
track in his rear stepped to one side
without glancing around and in so
doing was right in the path of Mr.
Dixon's motorcycle. The machine
struck him on one of his legs and that
limb wa3 broken in two rlare
The owner of the motorcycle secured
assistance and the injured man was
brought to this city and placed in the
sanitofium for treatment, and is rapid
ly recovering.
Moat Successful Term in the HJs
tory of That Institution.
Goose- Creek, April 4. After one of
the most successful terms in the his
tory of the school at this place came to
a close today. -Miss Edith Brinsoh,
tne teacher, has given entire satisfac
tion in her work and the patrons of
tne school praise her very highly. An
interesting program was carried out
in the closing
Craven County' Good Roads MxA Rodman Law Expects To Be The
i iiipresseo witn titl- l nrsr Man to Fly Across
zens In This Section. The Big Pond.
Rapid Progress Being' Made In I Expects To Make The Flight In
work On The Road To Thirty-Six Hours, Indu-
Vanceboro. ding One Stop.
Rapid progress is being made by the New York, April 4. Rodiian Law
convicts who are now engaged in im- p s t0 the first man to Ay across
proving the road leading from Brfdge- a"C , "e Wl" th'
' 6 I Past- enact- rtf NT&nr J 1 .. i
ton to Va.ceboro. Thi, work was BurgessVright hyToX
started about three weeks ago and since with Henry Bingham Brown,, in July
that rime several miles of road have been next in a flight to itn theUtfjtuO prize
put m excellent condition. iirere ny tne London Da ly Ma 1 for
The work i. .,,), tne bTst avier-than air machine to
super-1 a.., .
ij v ill i ss t no hi tintin i: ... i
v . on of R P Q J .u j .' . . rT" iu
" "r?t l"c ,4UU - tne plans he has already made
35th YEAR
Question Asked By Teachers In
Graded School Causes
Much Interest.
3ne Gentleman Advocates Busi
ness and Domestic Science
Unusually large shipments of ferti
lizer are being made from this section
just at thjs time. Not only are the
(railroads handling heavy shipments
ot Hoyd Allen, head of the' Allen clan. 01 tms class of goods but each day a
Efforts have been made to place the numor of boats come here to receive
responsibility for the effort to save car8oes from the factories and ware-
L aude Allen after Governor Mann nouscs ln and around the 'city. At
left the State. Senator Claude A. the fert'ler plants men are working
Swanson has been drawn into the case. 001,1 day and ni8nt in order to supply
it is charged that the junior Senator tne dema"d
asked Lieutenant-Governor El ysoh to !
i.c rtcuun in tne matter. Senator
Swanson denies this, saying he was
asked to cal up Richoipnd over the
long distance tele phone andX when he
did so he was consu ted by the Lieu-,
tenant-Governor as toithe Allen case.
The last few hours respite given the
Aliens, it is charged, was preliminary
to an effort to get a commutation to
t hi'
pert and engineer recently employed flight wi I be made in thirty six hours,
by the Craven county Hoard of Com-1 lncludlng one stop in rnidocean.
missioners. and he ! r:..l ;.l..i I Tentative arrangements, fie savi
w v ft iiiiptanni i, . - ' ik
with the ""vc tt"uy een maae with tlieLu-
..... ..lcsleu nardi WhUe Sur and Anqhor stea(ngh.
cuzens living along the ,oad? lines, who will instruct' the .rantin.
-j . . . i i . . i
ma witn tneir nearty co-opear:ion. jot tne vessels to keep a sharp look-
The law does no require property out Jor the aeroplane. No wireless
owners to give their land for the pur- V E" Camed- tvcrVthing
pose of making a raod wider, but so chine Ljl be as ftt .. Ill a
anxious are the people that in a num- altitude of 1,200 feet wi 1 be main-
ber of instances they have voluntarily tained throughout,
allowed several feet of their land to Tne aeroPlane will be a Burgess
be taken in order to make the toed r''ght' wkPnton floa a"d will
wider oe constructed in Marblehead, Mass.,
r.e.t month. The eneine will he a
In Arlrlitinn tnttiic wrt A D.. I. l j e . i
ukci iovi 1 I v t 1 1 y seiteieu n ty-norse power
in each township along the route and mtr, and will be subjected to rigid
it will be the duty of these men to sec t0s.ts beforc .bt'!lg fute:1 t0 tIlc n a
that the road is at all times kept in chlT'e
good condition. Formerly this road e c1ulPment will consist of sixty
has, at times been almost inin.-iss.-.hl,. Uallon3 cf gasolene enough for fifteen
and many persons were kept from 10 ci8hteen hours' flying five pounds
coming to New Bern to do their trading UI -u"ucnsea "l "n thermos flasks
lie t Itl i .ri- ..i ....... . C . I , I
.. ui me aeatn sen
tence of Caude A en.
Scvcnty-tix dollars were realized
from the basket party and bazaar
held by the Ladies' Aid Society of the
Bridgeton M. E. church Friday night.
Miss Mattic Barrington, who hofds
a position at Edward Clark's cigar store
If the plans of several !ocal people
materia ize, the New Bern public will
have an opportunity to taking their
pick of sevcra' moving picture shows
during the summer months. In ad
dition to the moving picture machines
which wi. be placed at Ghent Park
and at Glenburnic Park, a company
is now endeavoring to secure a suitable
in tli.i city, was awarded a beautifi:! I location down in the on.;-..
silk pilh.w for beirg ti e racst attractive citjj for a vaudeville and moving
young lady prtsent. This pillow picture tneatrc. This company have
brought fifty-six dollars. The money eady secured a contract for
secured at the party will be donated picture service and have also select
to the arsenal fl,nd d their fixtures up t
I time have not fully decided upon the
r (location. At "present they have an
WILL REPRESENT HUPOMOBILE (Opportunity of securing a building on
lKfc.. inroatl StICCt but have not rerrheA a
"lehnitc cecision in r girds to taking
this. If a buildirg suiLiUc to their
wants cannot be secured in time fcr
opening in a few weeks they will prob
bably put up an "airdeme" thcatri
and uce that for a month cr two.
. f Greenville was in the
cily yesterday and expects to be here
for several weeks, pessibly longer,
rcprcoenling ihe Hupp Motor Car
Company of Detroit. !JciH demon
strate the car while in the ciy ard
proposes to sliow to all interested that
if they are thinkitJf of buying a car
thoy wtmld not fail to consider tie
claims of ihe He p,Unobi!e. Mr. W b
pent two years in the Ilcpp factcry
at Detroit.
Wilson trying to get in touch with
newspaper men. Headline.
That ought" not to lie diffic .lt unless
the Washington s iccies cf the nnimal
are different from those of the rest of
tie country.
and in this manner the local merchant
have lost considerable money, but in
the future this condition will be en
tirely changed.
Several weeks more of work will
be required before the road will be
two pairs of night glasses, a compass
and some rockets and coston lights.
When complete, with fuel and equip
ment, excl.s've of the avttors, the
machine w II only weigh 1,500 pounds.
Law is confident that the flight will
be successful. He says that he would
not undertake it were it not for the
perfect understanding that exists be
tween himself and Brown. They have
made many hazardous flights together.
, We hasten to congratulate the Colum
bia State on its decision to accept no
more whiskey advertisements. More
than two years ago, the new owners
A the Daily News refute f to accept
advertisements of whiskey horses, even
at a personal sacrifice. Since that time
other papers have discontur. ed takii
uch advertisements, until now there
ire very few papers in this Stale that
will accept such business. In dis-
c ntinuing whiskey advertisements the '2,500 WORTH INJECTED INTO
state savs that it is out of rpsonrt to 5 1 LIVER OF MAL-
the prohibition sentiment that exists
in South Carolina, and "we conceive
that the appearance of advertisements
of whiskey is distasteful, if not offensive
to them. Having reached that con
clusion we have determined to surrender
the few thousand dollars annually
derived from that source in preference
to publishing advertising that is jarring
to the sensibilities of some of the
State's readers."
Verily the days of the liquor traffic
as an organized and legalized business
ire numbered. Some day, maybe, the
'bli d tiger" will become an extinct
pecies. Greensboro Daily News.
Many beautiful Lines of Sum
mer Dress Goods Just Received
63 Middle Street,
New Bern, N. C.
Bellair Stock and Fruit Farm.
G. T. RICHARDSON, Proprietor.
IM Mock! V ' tCd 'J iim and
New Brm. N. C , R P n i ,
IV.0.19, B.-ilair Ln?,'4
At Regular Intervals Says
Lydia E. Pinkhaih's Vege
table Compound com
pletely cured her.
Adrian, Texas. "I take pleasure in
adding my testimonial to the great list
and hope that it will
be of interest to suf
fering women. For
four years I suffered
untold agonies at
regular intervals.
Such pains and
cramps, severe chills
and sickness at stom
ach, then finally hem
orrhages until I
would, be nearly
blind. I had five
doctors and none of them could do more
than relieve me for a time,
" I saw your advertisement In a pa
per and decided to try Lydia E. Pink
hara's Vegetablo Compound. I took
seven boxes of it and used two bottles
of the Sanative Wash, and I am com
pletely cured of my trouble. When I
began taking the Compound I only
weighed ninety-six pounds and now I
weigh one hundred and twenty-six
pounds. If anyone wishes to address
ma in person I will cheerfully answer
dl letters, as I cannot speak too highly,
of the Plnkham remedies. "Miss Jes
sie Marsh, Adrian, Texas.'
Hundreds of such letters expressing
gratitude for the good Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound has accom
plished are constantly being received,
proving the reliability of this grand old
Philadelphia, April 4. Physicians
in this city will watch with interest The
result of an injection of one three-hun-dredths
of an ounce of radium into the
liver of Malcolm Watson, as a cure fcr
v The operation was performed in
the Methodist Erjjcopal Hosp:tal by
Dr. G. J. SchwartzX The radium was
Several weeks ago we sent out seven
letters to various men and women in
Mew Bern asking for opinions as t)
what a High School graudate should
enow and be able to do. Up to date
we have received three answers which
neans one of two things either the
question is very difficult to answer or
. U . . . .
Lucie is nine interest in wnat and now
we teach in the school. Letter No. fc
"A High School graduate should be
ible to enter the State University
without conditfon. The tax payers
who desire to send their children to
college, should not be compelled to
have them take a course away from
home preparatory to entering college.
Should a child desire to enter busi
ness, he would have sufficient grounding
to enable him to handle any of the prob
lems which come up in an ordinary
business career, if your curriculum
equals the entrance examinations re
quired by the best colleges, otherwise
he would not
This letter gives two clear answer
to the question. This gentleman
opinion coincides, in the main, with the
ideas and plans of those in charge of
our High School at present and
cidentally this opinion is about th
same as the recent report of a com
mittee of experts of the National Edu
cation Association. With one more
year in High School in which a practi
cal business course including steno
graphy, book-keeping and typewrit ii
shall be taught to those desiring s.ic
a course, and all the entrance rjquire
ments for college entrance be give
to those who plan further study, we
think the school will be meeting the
needs of the majority of thq pupil
and the public in genera
Letter No. 2. "Replying to you
recent favor in regard to my idea of
what a High School graudate should
know and be able to d,, will state that
I think every parent that allows their
boy or girl to go thnugh the High
bchool to b; prepared for college, with
the idea of sendng them to college
is able to pay for the preparatory school
that they may enter college.
1 think, therfore, that ot:r High
School should give the boy or girl a
business course, or in the case of the
girls who select, a domestic science
course. There are many boys and
girls who are not able to go to college,
but after finishing the High School
have to go to work, and I think it would
be far more practical to offer these boys
and girls a practical business course
that would fit them to earn their own
The first point made in this letter
sounds reasonable enough until you
brought to Philadelphia bv Fr. Otto ct tlle lacts- 1" an investigation made
Brill, an Austrian chemist, now livimr this week in our Hi8h School, there
in Pittsburgh. were 23 wno tnou8ht their parents
The dote put into Watson's liver was werc ab,e t0 ECnd them t0 a preparatory
worth just $2,500. It is believed that ; scno0' uPon finishing our Grammar
the radii m rays will act on the cancer
as they do on a number of diseases
School, which consissts of seve n grades
There were 73 who did not think they
was a local applitation of con inc.
and gradually kill it. Several pro. jcojld afftrJ much more, if any, training
minent medical men witnessed the if were not for our Hi8n School. The
operation. The only anasethc.ic used 21 above if in school elsewhere would
take irom New Bern to build up other
towns about $400.00 each or $9,200
JESUS SALVE JESUS SAVE. i in all twice what the entire High
(Lines to a" long enfeebled invalid) j School now costs.
Life's barqr.c sai's oft some troubled s:a, ' Thc 8CCOnd Pint in this letter in
Where storm winds spray the rferelce t0 a buginess course is all
wave right if the business course is placed
That Barque must have a sheltering lea whcrc lt is POS9iolc t0 mean something,
Jesus Salve Jesus Save.
viz: a pupil who finishes the seventh
grade our last grammar grade is
j not capable of mastering a business
'course that woOid be acceptable in
! the business world. Sucli a pupil
' does riot know enough English grammar,
composition, spelling, etc.: his range
!of information is too limited and his
powers are not Hevefopcd sufficiently
to grasp the ordinary problems of to
'day and then wc would glut the mar
ket with stcn g aphcrs and typewriters
Some haven grant-some healthful mom and nobody coi.ld make a living If the
Some quiet shore where ripples lave one hundred and od,l who are in High
Where may thy barque find peaceful S001 wcre a" t0 pursue thi course
Above is all a cloud abyss
And all below a watery grave
In life's dark storm like this
Jtsus Salve Jesus Save.
W hilome fo.- some on Galilee
Thou stayed its rising wave
Such mercy show now Lord to thee
Jesus Salve Jesus Save.
Jesus Salve Jesus Save.
But if for barque no rising sun
She sinks beneath the seething wave
Help us to say "Thy will be done".
Jesus Salve Jesus Save.
James I'crman V arki
New Bern, N. C.
of study. Wc have shown that all the
development along the line of formal
jdisicipline of tlur-body and mind, -that
the average citizen of New Bern is to
!gct, must come from our public SehpUi.
What sort of a town will wc have twer.-ty-five
years- from now, if ist people
only have that degree of culture given
' n t ,(, rtrtman, anl .1 . -
in i iinmi j nuu giuinmai 1 a II b
with a business course added?
Letter No. 3. "In reply to voir
M want tMri
aeniMM) ijnm, nan
be openta! read t
Miis Luoise Hcrndon. assistant
Rev. J. B. Phi lip, pastor of Taber- leUcr of recent (date asking my "idea
nacle Baptist church, will leave Moi - 01 nat Ml8n Schoql graduate sho.dd
day afttrnoin for HuuiersviPe, (la., knov,-and be able to do', will say that
to make lh pre iminary arrange n e it tne "rw "swriai to is secure thc grad
for a revival which Mr. Phillips will uats- 8,nce nine,v P" cent othoae
coi d ict there, beginrirg next week. wno entcr acbo roP our before reacb
, - , , ; mg thc tenth grade.
FOR SALE I 'R con'tlerinK ,lu g',0l of all children
ui i vw m i ii u uu.t not signuy very
1 adrlee write to few bushels of long cottiB muc'1 what the ten who graduate (a h
The funeral of Mrs. Caroline Ban-
gert, who died early Wednesday morn
ing, was conducted yesterday after
noon at 4 o clock from Centenarj
Methodist church of which she had
been a member for many years. The
Liiurcn was well tilled with friends of
the family who had gathered to pay
their last trbuteof respect to the de
parted one.
Very impressive services' according
to the ritual of the Methodist church
were conducted by the pastor, Rev.
J. B. Hurly. The musical program in
cluded the sorig, "Some Day We'll
Understand", very effectively renderec
by C. T. Pumphrey, and "Lead, Kind
ly Light", the latter hymn being sung
by the choir as the funeral party lefi
the church.
The burial took place at Cedar Grove
cemetery where the body wa3 placed
in a vault. There was a profusion of
floral designs, one of the largest col
lections evqr seen at a funeral here.
some of the especially handsome of
ferings were a beautfiul pillow of white
carnations and lillies sent by the Elk
of which Albert Bangert, son of the
deceased, is a prominent member;
large and beautiful wreath sent by
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Craig of Gas
tonia, and a handsome design from the
Womani Missionary Society of Cen
tcnary Methodist church, Mrs. Ban
gert having been one of the chartei
members of that organization. There
were al o many other designs, some of
them coming from friends of the family
in dislant States.
The pall-bearers werc as follows
Honorary T. A. Green, L. H. Cutler
1. A. Henry, E. B. Hackburn, Dr. R
s. Primrose, Thomas Daniels. W.
Willott, IL B. Smith; active Dr. R
D. V. Jones, B. B. Hurst, D. M. Robert
A. E. Hibbard, Fred Whitty, George
Uail, hdward Clark, J. H. Hartsfield
friends Testify For Him In His
Suit Against Editor Of
Michigan Paper.
Examination of Witnesses Being
Carried Forward Behind
Closed Doors.
ati rday of next week, April 12, will
jc the last day on which a large num
)cr of newly elected magistrates may
ally qualify to discharge th: duties
jf their office. The State law with
-efcrencc to them vas ratified March
12 and a period of thirty days was al
lowed in which they might qualify-
by appearing beforc the Clerk of the
ijpeiicr Coutr and taking the oath
If the law is not complied with the
nagistrates-elect will forfeit the priv
lege of meting out justice and sitting
is judges of their fellow-men.
Washington, April 4. Did Theo-
lore Roosevelt, while President, drink
toxicating liquors and if so to what
extent? This question came before an
examiner in this city who is assisting in
reparing the record in the case of
fheodore Roosevelt against A. W.
Vewitt, edi'nr of Iron Ore Age of Isli-
peming, Mich.
Editor Newitt, in the last campaign,
harged in his paper that Mr. Roose
velt had indulged too frequently in
intoxicants. The Colonel sued for
bel, characterizing the story as a
malicious falsehood. He eniDloved
ames IL Pound, a noted lawyer of
Detroit, to take charge of his case.
The newspaper cditcr retained Oscar
Andrews, a lawyer of Cleveland.
Messrs. Pound and And ews have
been in Washington for the last two
days, hearing the testimony of witm sses
?ummoncd in behalf of Col. RooseveK
Admiral Dewey, Giffcrd Pinchot and
other warm personal friends of Col.
Roosevelt have app?ared before the
examiner as "character witness cs."
The proceedings, carried forward be
lind closed doors, are being kept sreret
:y agreement. The case wi 1 be heard
o:'fore Judge Flanagan in Michigan in
Testimony in ihe case was taken in
,Tew York a short time ago. There
was the same degree of secrecy. It ij
;aid that Silas McBce, editor of thc
Churchman, was one of those who ap
peared on behalf cf C1. Rj-jievelt,
Dr. McBee was in the par-.y accom
panying the Lord Bishop of Lor don
:o this city when he visited President
Roosevelt at thc White House. ' The
Joctor was a spectator at the tennis
natch between the President and thc
Lord Bishop.
the very beginning of schools those in
mthority have been trying to shape
he children to fit the system. Their
theory sounds very beautiful when
expounded by a pedagogue, but it does
not work out in practise except for a
few. Thc schools arc public utilities
nd should be operated for thc benefit
f all thc children. Why not reverse
his old order of things and give us a
ystcm to fit the children!?
The knowledge erf a foreign langaugc,
ving or dead, is not essential in the
ives of ordinary Americans, and most
of us are oridianry, notwithstanding
he fact that we have studied Latin
n the chance that wc might want to
become doctors, lawyers or teachers!
L tin and German are all right, but
on't try to force either on unwilling
victims. If I had anyting to do with
this school, I would make it possible
for these pupils who do not care to
take Latin of German or who fail in
eiter, to complete the rest of thc course,
nd receiye a certificate for the work
done. This would I do until there is
money enough to offer a practical ments. It is confidently expec:ed that
coirse. this law will have a power. ul effect
ln the past a great many have beentin breaking up thefts of thii character
sacrificed to thc system, and forced which not only involve a serious loss
Ut of school, at thc seventh or eighth to the railways and causes great in-
grade, because they could not or would convenience to shippers and travelers
not learn Latin, thereby losing thc but arc a constant menace to railway
untold btncfits which they might have employes and the traveling public
derived from thc High School." jsince it is notorious that car thieves
This letter naturally opens up quite do cot hesita'.c to interfere with trains
number -of debatable questions, or resort to other expedients to serve
several of which have been pondered their own purposes, regardless of the
over for many years. conferences.
Washington, April, 4. Car and de
pot thieves will find opeations
n the future more difficult than In
he past and v. i 1 have to f- ce prose
cution in the Federal courts as well
is before State tribunals as tl e result
f the bill introduced by Rcrresenta-
ive Carlin of Alexandria, Vr., pass
d by both houses of Congn es, and
approved by thc President.,
This act imposes a maximum fine of
$5,000 or imprisonment for not more
han 10 years for any person convicted
f unlawfully breaking into any rail
way car containing interstate or for-
ign shiprrents 01 lre:ght or ex ress,
or of stealing or obtaining by fraud
or deception from any car, depot,
platform, vessel, or wharf, any freight,
express or baggage, which constitutes
or is a part of any interstate or foreign
While the Carlin actjn no way in-
ringes.on thc jurisdiction of thc State
courts, U puts the wh le power of
the Federal Department of Justice
behind thc detection and presccution
of persons guilty of stealing fiom cars
r depots, since it will be prrctkally
mpossible for thieves to diitinguish
between intrastate and interstate ship-
MedlelneCo. (oonfl- seed".
a, lour letter Hi 1
nd answered br r.
U strict eoaldene.
Best quality
J. E. LATHAM, Agency,
New Bern, N. C,
year Kneiw ana ar
I It ii my opiniot
H gh Grade Natural Tone Talk-
mg and Singing Machine
One Standard Talking Machine Free to even cus
tomer whose cash purchase amounts to $25.00. See
and hear this wonderful Instrument and learn
how Easily you can obtain one at my store
Dealer in Wholesale and Retail MdtiV, and Ladia i' F r
nhhing Goods, rt-6g-7Q Middle St. New Bern, N. U

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