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mntml I
; -r-
Nc. 103
35th YEAR
A n 11 I T r 1
T St RID Hit
.Second Annual Eastern Carolina
Fair To Be Held Week
, Of October 27.
The Executive Committee Met
Last Night and Made
Many Plans.
Want Money Back They Paid For
Stock In Newly Organized
About Three Thousand Dollars
Worth Of Stock Sold In
That Town.
October 27 to November 1 is the
date set for the next Eastern Carolina
Fair. These dates ere set at a meet
ing of the Executive Committee held
last night in the Elks' Temple.
The meeting last night was jpne jf
the most important ever held akd was
attended by every member of the com
mittcc. One of the most important
matters taken up was that in regards
to) getting transportation to the Fair
Grounds. Ever since the Eastern
Carolina Fair Association was. first
organized this has been a serious prob
lem to the stockholders and officers
Last year, which was incidentally the
first year, large sightseeing automo
biles and limits were utilized in getting
the visitors to and from the ground
but this method was very costly to
the 'patrons of the Fair and was not
very satisfactory in other ways.
Since that time the Executive Com
mittcc has been evolving some plait
to get belter transportation facilities
and they have decided that a car line
from the city to the grounds will be
the only way to solve the problem suc
cessfully. Accordingly, at' the meeting
last night T. G. Hymah made a motion
that the Fair Association' have a car
line to the Fair grounds before the next
Fair, even if the Association is com
pelled to build it themselves by bond
ing the road. This motion was una
nimously carried and Clyde Eby, T.
G. Hyman and T. A. Uzzcll were ap-'
pointed as a committee to take up mat
ter with ti e New B;r.n Ghent Street
Railway Company or with the Norfolk
Southern Railway Company or both
and ascertain whetler or not they
would furnish transportation to the
Fair grounds and if to offer
them a monetary consideration for
doing this.
The proposed plan came in for con
8iderablc comment and every member
of the committee was unanimously
in favor of gfcUlng ' r caC fine'tO the
grounds and offered their entire support
in any possible way. I he committee
who arc to take the matter up with
the local street railway company and
the Norfolk Southern Railway Company
will act at once and will make report at
a meeting to be held at an early date
President Clyde Eby was given the
power to appoint a committee to open
Glenburnie Park and he will do this
today. This committee will have in
structions tdNret the cost of the erec
tion of a large pavilion, the placing of
numerous electric lights at various
points on the grounds and will also
have charge of securing the amuse
ments. The work of getting the park
in readiness for opening will probably
begin next week and will be rushed to
completion arearly as possible. There
, is much to be done before the pat k will
be ready to be thrown open but when
everything is in readiness the publt
may rest assured that it will be one
- -of the m .st complete pleasure resort-'
of its kinds in the entire State.
Every Department Thoroughly Or- Journal Correspondent Picks Up
ganized To Take Care Of Seve al News Itemf In "The
Reunion. Village By the
Many Will Gamp In City's Beau- Citizens Preparing
tiful Parks Grand Time
Promised All.
A number of Citizens of Newport,
Carteret county. who subscribed for
stock in the bank which the State's
Trust Company of Wilmington or
ganized at that place are greatly wor
ried over the recent developments in
that company's affairs.
Several weeks ago two of the State's?
Trust Company's organizers visited
Newport and after explaining the ob
ject of their visit succeeded in getting
stock subscribed for to the amount of
about three thousand dollars. A part
of this money was paid in cash and the
remainder in notes, the latter being
put in the bank and discounted.
Fortunately for the investors they
purchased but small amounts of stock,
the largest block sold amounting to
only five hundred dollars. The pro
moters seemed working in good
faith that the proposition they were
offering was bona fide and the people
of Newport, having implicit confidence
in their integrity and business stand
ing, had not the least fear. The ma
terial for the erection of a banking
building was secured and work on this
was to have been started within a ew
days, but prior to tlyat time the an
nouncement was made thatthe State's
Trust Company was not complying
with the State laws and all thought
of going ahead with the work was a
Further developments led the New
port stockholders to believe that they
had been buncoed and they came to
New Bern and engaged the services
of D. L. Ward, a well known local at
torncy. Now they arc trying to get
back the money that they paid out
for stock in the bank. The notes
which they gave, it is understood,
were placed in a bank and discounted
and they w II be compelled to pay there.
At present the entire situation, is
somewhat mixed and nothings definite
has beeri given out about the plans for
recovering the moneyyWhich -they paid
Chattanooga, Tcnn., April 10. T. O.
Plunkett manager of the Farm Improve-
A Large Number ei Sum
mer Visitors.
(Special to the Journal)
Beaufort, April 10. "the people -of
Such the Convlct'on of One Of
the Chief Speakers at
Richmond Meeting.
Woman's Great Problem Now Is
To Adjust Herself To New
ment Department of the Southern this place are greatly pleaded with the
Railway, with p-cscnt headquarters I rapid progress being j!)ade by the
in Atlanta has addressed the following Home Telephone and Tflf graph Lorn
letter to the newspapers of the South: pany in fchcir wcrk on ;he local line.
"On a recent visit to Chattanooga Practically all of the wiring has been
I made it a point to get in touch with done and it is understood that the
th rnmmittoxmnn whr. have charee iclepnoncs will cc piaceo in me resi
nf the arrangements and entertainment dences and stores at an early date
nf , bo rnnfeHerate renuion. I want F. C. Tocplcman of Henderson, mana-
t o:v tmv friomls who intend to iro gcr of this company, was in town re
to Chattanooga that they will receive cen dy and he was very much gratified
th n,,,m.r w-lrnmi- and the best by the outko'i at this point. When
attention any city can give. I found this line has been connected up, the
. .i li : llrntnnanv nwnina it will have more
mrnni r nnn ft tnanr t nnrniifrn I v orL?Liiieu I .-....,--. - a -- r
v.t.j "--i" - ' .1.. .l i c l i i :i
to look after the entertainment and man iwo mousanu nT; p uuwqu
comforts of the old veterans, their of line, twenty-seven exchanges and
cnnnor. n, and daughters and more than five thousand subscribers
, , - .
tr;A Tho v-ntnrina will he enter- m seventeen counties in p
taincd at the expense of the city, and and on Virginia border
it is understood that they are not to I Two government boatB, the Hydro-
pay for anything. In the beautiful Igrapher and the Endeavdr, which have
parks arrangements have been rnadcl been stationed -at this point several
to camp all those who wish to stay with weeks, are still engaged in maicing
the "bovs." Hundreds of private surveys. lhc hndcavor has a very
residences will also be thrown open I interesting record. She was built at
to their entertainment. ' Not only Norfolk and during the war between
Southerners but citizens who came from the South and the North was used as
th; North since the war will help take a man-'o-war by tho Confederates,
take care of the veterans. The boat has been in many tight places
further understand that there and a history of the encounters in
.:n u ,A,,n in nrires at the which she engaged would be very in
Will UC liu luit"'" ' t' , . , ,
u.i ifa. ttr a. tcresting. After the- war the vessel
greW on before the committee extend- was sold and made her las. trip to this
!j !,.. th,. vMr-mns section . more than thnty-five years
come to that city. There may be some ago and was not seen again until she
nettv.raft that cannot be control led was brought here to be used in survey
in anv ritv. hut if visitors will take time work
and look uo the bureau of information I But very few fish are being shipped
.... . Ir ... r f. .L. .:
I am sure no one will be grafted upon, irom ueauion at uie presem nine uul
rv.. f rl intends the dealers arc paying a good price
j .u: u.. I for the water food and each day scvera
10 UO Uie rigiil. iuiu& uy
to the reunion aud there is no place
in the South where they can have a
better time than in that hittoric city.
Richmond, April 11. "The present
time is woman s hour, anu tnis age
represents woman's problems. All over
the world women are entering more
deeply than ever before into ommunity
work and getting closer into touch
Frank William. Charged With F'k WUUam. Is Avaltlng Hear-
ing ror t ,1..
A II....... n-J THIHC J-BUjr.
iiaT j I'vuu.
Taken Before Mayor For Prellml- Young Lady Was Returning Home
Alter Atienwiuis """""
nary Hearing But Waives
Immorality, Disease, 111 Temper
And Couple's Parents Next.
Chieago, April, 12. Drinking, by an
overwhelmingly majority, is the cause
of the wrecking of most homes whose
affairs came under the Chicago Court
of Domestic Relations in the past year:
The court is about to close its second
12 months and Judge Gemmill has near
ly finished his report for that period
Three thousand six hundred and
ninety-one cases were heard this year
Nearly 7,000 have been handled in
the two years of the court's existence
Following are the causes of domestic
trouble as tabulated yesterday by Judge
Liquor, 42 per, cent.
Immorality, 14 per cent.
Disease, T3 per cent.
III temper, 11 per cent.
Ill temper, 11 per cent.
Wife's parents, 6 per cent.
Husband's parents 1 per cent.
Married too young, 4 per cent.
Laziness, 3 per cent.
Miscellaneous, 6 per cent.
"More tian $150,000 has been col-
The April ni mter of Carolina and lectcd and turned over to deoend'ent
the Southern Cross, the official organ 'wives and children during the yoar,"
of th. Daughters of tlitf Confederacy, i gaid Judge Gcmmi I. "Perhaps the
which is cuiicu oy wrs. l.. v. ArcnDcll, best -feature of the court's record is
small catches are made. A few soft
shell crabs are being sent to the uorthern
markets where they command fancy
Summer, the season when Beaufort
is filled "with pleasure ekers, is fast
More Important To Nation Than approaching and the owners of the
President, Says Bishop. local ooaraing nousc ana noteis ire
TWnn Anril 12. "A oreacher is of I making extensive preparations lores-
far more importance to a nation than a tertaining the hundreds of visitors who
President and a nation without a preach will dc nere. i nc approacning sccso..
cr is afloat on a shoreless sea." .. fair to be one of the most successful
TUioio u,w Bi.hnn Inn. W Hamilton in years and the people 01 ueauion
told four applicants for the mirHstry are in ending doing their share in bring
who were admitted to the New Eng
land Conference' of the Methodist
Episcopal church
"The history of the Christian church
during the early ages was one cf per
secution," he added. "The greatest
peril that it has to confront today it
the frivol lusness one sees everywhere.
It has led to a superficial study of
God's word, and the poor, superficial
indifferent souls that tr fle with eternal
things are worse sufferers' than any
other class of people. If you wish
to be factors 'or good in a community
attach yourselves to permanent thingst
which have in them the spirit of Jesu,
Christ." "
ng this condition about.
- nr n t A min mhn
Frank Williams, the negro who was wiiuams, a m.u,
I : .ilwmi tlnrtv vears of aec.
arrested late Thursday night on a Craven (ountyjai1 await ng a
warrant charging him with assaulting preiimmary hearing on a very serious
Miss Fannie Sloan neaclter home on charge, that of assaulting a while lady
New street, was taken beferc Mayor land making very insulting -n"f'f
with life outside of the home. In McCarthy yesterday aftcrhoon for a and if proven will mean a tony -u... u.
fact, everything that the women ol I . aro jan or on me coumy
the world have been doing has taken " ' n 1 ... I The alleged assai:It tooK pt e, vu
them out of their homes and into the mrougii ... attu.uey . ""-. Thursday n ght when miss
community ,and now the great prob- waived an exmaination d wasbojind j sloan who is ernpioyed as cashier in
J ' I - ., i 1,,, nnmrt- t jit-tn nf f riron I Alinfv I .... i . .. I . -.n nrr
lem confronting them is to make homes MU"7 I a (7 l0Ca' 8 '
in the community and to adjust them- - - "." home Irom churcn. vvnen near
selves to their new environments." thousand dollars- In default of this homc on Front street a negro
Such was the epitome of woman's nc was comm.tteeu tu tue cuuuty man 8uppolSed be Williams, steppeu
status in the affairs of the world to- lor salc KeeP,n8 u"1" out from behind & tree ana put nis nanus
day, which was given by Miss Mablc This assault was one of the most on Miss Sloan and made several m
Cratty, of New York, general sccre- ourtageous that has ever occurred in suiting remarks. The young lady
tarv of the national board of the New Bern and nas caused consmcraoie screamed lor neip ana tne negiu nn
' I . . 1 II. . . I 1 . S " 1 .' . . . ...... 1 i I ( A
Youne Women's Christian Association excitement. Miss Sloan ana ner mom- ner on the neao, reiasing ner nii""-
at the opening session of the national er were returning nome irom cnurcn ly atterwards ana maKing n.s
convention in t. Paul's" Church. Miss when a negro wno miss oioan says iNaturaliy Miss oiuan -v
Cratty set forth that there must be a emphatically was Williams, steppco frightened out sne imormeu .vC,.
more practical adaption and appli- out in the centre of the sidewalk and laid 0 the neighbors of the affair and they
cation of the association's principles his hands upon her. Miss Sloan scream- summoned Policeman A. L. Bryan.
that natural inertia and timidity must ed and her mother struck the mis- From the description given ine omeir
give way to organized effort and con- creant across the face with her parasol, he had Williams under arrest a short
d action in solving the problems I I his seemed to anger nim anu ue strut. i time later ana nau pmeuu ...... -
I. . . r ' t I r t t ! Voo for.
which arc facing women. the young lady in tne lace, ner screams county jail lor saic Kcep...s.
That at the present there was an had by this time attracted attention day Policeman oryan was tg.....
uneasiness and no little uncertainty land the negro, evidently tearing troupie to go to Kinston to atteiiu tu
and hesitation on the part of woman if he was caught, lost no time in leaving matters andon account oi n.s duscm...
on account the newness of surround- the locality. the preliminary hearing was posipuncu
ing conditions which the. boradening The shock of the assault had so until this aiternoon at i u e....
of here sphere of influence and work badly frightened Miss Sloan that she, Williams appears to be a half-witted
had brought about, she said was nat- for a time was unable to give -any person and ne empnautduy uu.. .....
ural, but this, she said, would be dcflnitc information to her neighbors he is the man who made the assault,
over come as she entered more active- friends, however, she soon regained claiming that he was not in the locality
ly into the work which lies before her composure ar.d told them of the m which the assault toon pw w-.
her. The speaker urged that there a(Iair an,i Policerran A. L. Bryan was night and thought that he was being
be a closer drawing together of all summoned and after being given a arrested for being disorderly. Howevcry
associations of women on questions description of the negro soon had him the police are ot tne opinion ui w.v,
.1 I. s.
and matters of mutual interest and .,nri(r arrest and behind the bars. have the ngnt person.
that there be a better crystallization Williams' on his first day in jail at-
of methods of carrying on the work tcmpted t0 icad the officials to believe
of women for the betterment of con- Lhat hc had not the average intellect
dilions under which they .live and tboce who saw him yesterday be- 1
work. lievc that his mental ability is on an
San Francisco as the next meeting . . th members of his race,
place of the convention was indicated I d tha(. he reairing the enormity'
the report of the committee on f . . tt emDtine to hide be-
meeting, which was presented by Miss ... f :aiocv.
Gertrude McArthur, chairman. It was
stated in the report that the associa- rrisoner
tion was dtsirious of meeting next in Late yesterday afternoon snerin
the Golden Gate City on account of the Lane heard in an indirect way that
fact that the Panama-Pacific Exposi- there was some talk of taking Will ams
tion would be held there. The. report from the jail later on in tne nignt ana
lso contained a resolut on changing meting out pumsnment to mm lor ms
the length of time between the meet- crime before the law had an opportunity
ings of the convention from two years of giving him justice.
of Kinston, is just from the presses of
the E J. Land Printing Company.
This issue of the magazine is one of
the best yet issued.' It is replete with
Interesting historical information and
war tine recoll-jctions .and cannot fail
to be interesting to the reader.
that recjne'liations lmc been brought
about in 50 per cent, of the cases of on that came Lefore it.'
Like Magic after taking Lydia
E. Finkham's Vegetable
New Laws Permit Only Small
Shipments and Railroads
Won't Take These.
Majority of the Shipments Here
Come In Consignments
Of Tour Quarts Each.
Mrs. H. W. Gibbs of Bent fort is'
in the chy visiting her daughter, Mrs.
O. A. Kaftr.
Many beautiful Lines of Sum
mer Dress Goods Just Received
Also Shirt Waists, Laces, and Embroideries, Underwear,
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city be sure and see our .stock before buying elsewhere.
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immune fr m Texas fever, also full blood Berkshire
Hogs. Youare cordially invite i to visit farm and
see stock.
New Bern. N. C, R. F. D., io, 'I. ,
PtKMc, Bdlair line, 4 fines,
North Bangor, N. Y. "As I have
used Lydia ti. nn::
ham's Vegetnblt
Compound with
great benefit I fee.
St ray duty to write
and tell you about i u
I was ailing from fo-
male weakness and
hd headacho ana
backache nearly all
the time. I was late;
every month than 1
should havo beec
.nrl an sick that I had to (to to bed.
"Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Con
pound has made mo well and those trou
hla havo disaDoeared like magic. I
have recommended the Compound tc
many women who have used it success
fully." Mrs. James 3. Stacy, R.F.D.
No. 8, North Bangor, n. I.
Another Mado WclL
Ann Arbor. Mieh. " Lydia E. Pink
Vasretable Compound has done
nrnrutara for mo. For years I suffered
terribly with hemorrhages ana nau
pains so intense that sometimes I would
ftint awav. I bad female weakness
so bad tht I had to doctor all the time
end nevor found relief until I took
nnr nmadiaa to ol my husband.
i nwwnmand Tour wonderful medicine
to all sufferers as I think it is a blessing
for all women." Mrs. U E. WYCKor
112 8. Ashley St, Ann Arbor, Mien
There used be no doubt about the
ability of this grand old remedy, nwdo
f mm the root and herbs of our fields, to
rue($y woman's diseases. Wo posses
Wumes of prool or wis isci, cumr,"
to convince the most skeptical. Why
don't you try It T
fflfflS KM
For some time the citizens of More
head City have been endeavoring to
K.oin an :i nnrnnriat ioa from the Fcd-
o three years, which is to go into Naturally this caused the Sheriff I Government for the purpose of
ffect after the next meeting in 1915, some anxiety and after a consultation .. . nanriei 0f Boeue Sound
Ihe convention has in the past been witn other omcials an automobile was T guch a Wfty a3 t0 cnable boats of
meet ne every two years, it was sei seCured from a local garage and wn- . ; coast-wise trade
forth in the report that two years be- liams wa, hurried from the jail, placed, -tomnor ncar the town when they
tween the meetings was not sufficient in tne waiting machine under guard harbor for the purpose of
time for the affairs of the various de- and the driver ogt no time in getting di8charg;ng their cargo or step for
partments oi tne convention tu w. ol the CIty. supplies.
ten into shape for report on them and Inquiries made iast night failed to '. rforU of the pcoplc of
did not ailow sufficient time for new any dennite i ormation as to Moreh,ad city have met with the
movements and phases of development . r u.a b. taken but H,orene . ' . r--...n
- - aucic wn. - I favor ol tne vjovrnnn;"!. .-.&"-..'"
to be tried out enough to be reported .g gupposcd that he was carried to p1 . Q rccSmmcnded- that
on. The report was unanimously , , . the jail in that a. fr ahovc- our-
, . line aipiF""v
town for safe keeping. L.i made. However for ;omc rea
son the Board of Review saw fit to re
commend against th? e -.tension of
Bogue Sound charn:! and invited all
Never b fore has the local office of
the Southern Express Company has
such a large quantity of whiskey ar
riving on -c: cry train from the ir
. . . . . , i.
mas, unlcs; it was Uunr.g tne wcck
before the Christmas holidays, as they
have had during the past ten day?
A careful estimate places the number of
packages received during this period
he majority of the in containing four
luarts of the spiritus frumcnti, at one
housand or a total for four thousan
Since the Webb law and the State
Search and Seizure Act has gone into
ffect the railroads has arc not handling
shipments of whiskey and the business
has gene over to the express companies.
T. e express company keeps a book
n uhich the consignee of all whiskey
received is compelled to sign his name
And a iy one who desires to look over
his 1 st can d ) so at any time by calling
it the express office and asking to be
illcw. d to do so. There arc no non-
dc plumes used in this book and if
the e press puoplc are in doubt about
man being the right party they have
1 c right to compel him to be identified.
This "social register" is of great heir,
to the police. The quantity of whiskey
received by each consignee h placed
m the I'st end in this way they are
iblc to kec a line on all fuspicious
characters and there is small chance
that violations ol the law will be over
I ocked.
In one da during the past week
the local office of the South
Ccrepany i sued ninety roc
Brldgeton Lassie Leave Her Home
Return Married.
An article in yesterday's i.sue of the
Journal told ol the dispearance irom
her homc at Brldgeton ol Miss oeneva
Parker, daughter of S. G. Parle of
that place. It was believed by the
relatives and friends of the young lady
that she had eloped with Thoirias Gil
lette, a voung man whose home is at
Jacksonville in Onslow county, and I , A.r8t)ng who
this supposition proved to be correct. in .hinring abng these
Frank Fields a boy about ten years
of age, got hold of a charged electric
light wire yesterday afternoon at about
one o'clorjcwhilc playing around the
little park on Pollock street next to
the Athens, theatre and inainta ned
by the City Beautiful Club. He was
unable to free himself, but a colored
man who happened to be in the vicin-
ity, saw h s plight, seized him by the
tail of his coat and jerked him loose.
The lad tustained quite a severe s.iock ( c Roscnber(( 0f New York,
and the current also burned his hinds , . . o( thc loca
somewhat. ' K-,h nf the National Woolen Mills
,e-sons interested in tie cxtens on
to present their argument in its favor
either in person of by ktt r In ac
cordance with the suggestion made by
the Board of Review thc people of
Morehcad City have appointed Mr.
G. D. Canncld and Mr. C. S. Wallace
as a committee to visit Washing
ton and take thc matter up with the
Board of Review. In on e; that Mr.
Ca, field and Mr. Walhcc may have
da' a as to the amoui t of commerce
Yesterday morning the young iaay
returned home and announced that she
and Mr. Gillette had been married
on thc prcv ous day at Jacktonville.
Thc father of the young lady bitterly
opposed thc nupitals but the young
couple are now at Bridgeton awaiting
A feed wi.e for a number of incan-
Company has resigned his position
descent lamps which are used on gala .. mornina or his home
occasions runs over thc lot. Cc'ectivc
waters arc requested to lurnisn Mr.
Canfield or Mr. Wallace with a state
ment Of the amount oi shipping w
their business wh eh use these waters.
The improvement suggested will be
of immense value to thc i m cr in
teret of Eastern Caroina, a , m ell of
the lumber s sent by thc waier route
Hugh Wood arrived in thc city yes
terday from Goldsboro where hc holds
a position with thc Goldsboro Gas
inst lation togetlicr with a vet l ost
supporting thc wire and touching the
low wire fence with which thc lad
came in contact is supposed to have
been the combination responsible for
thc shock, the wet post serving as a
:onductor of electricity.
("hMHren xr much more likelv to
contract the contagious diseases when
they have colds. wnoopmg cougn,
diphtheria, scarlet fever and consti
nation are diseases that ate often con-
I tract A when ihe child has a cold. That
to he sent to Virginia liquor houses, j, why a medical authorities say be
am! ninct)' 'ight money orders were I ware of colds. For the quick cure of
! ,,, ,1 .t the nmt office a total of one colds yoa will find nothing better than
i ucd at rnt post omce, a uhbi m I ,u.,L.,u;'. iv...o. umrdv. it
d eighty cig
and this wai
.(lei UC
ipun ami i
take. For sale
ay all dealers.
High Grade Natural Tone Talk
ing and Singing Machine
One Standard Talking Machine F-W cus
tomer whose cash purchase amounts to
and heights wonderful Instrument and leaf n
1 how Easily you can obtain one at my store
Dealer in Wholesale and Retail Men's and La"'.JuJ!,'
ntahlni Gooda, Middle St. New Bern, w.

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