North Carolina Newspapers

    No. 109
35th YEAR
Goldsboro Young Man Slays Wom
an With Whom He Had
Been Intimate.
Chief of Police Lupton Apprehends
William G. Gates May Have Lo
cated It In Heart Of
The Andes.
Weddina of Wide Social Interest Mistress of White House Having
Pair Wanted In Wilming
rixtAtntiriit Church Her Gowns Made in
Yesterdav Afternoon. Monumental City
Tragedy Took Place Tn Hospital
Where The Woman Wa
Being Treated.
(Special to the Journal)
Goldsboro, April 14. For the second
time in less than a month, Goldsboro
is shocked by a tragedy, this time in
which the lif: cf a young women was
snuffed out without warning and the
life of her paramour., who rushed her
soul into eternity, is hanging by the
slenderest thread.
Shortly after 9 o'clock this morning,
Mrs. May Carter Lomax was shot
and instantly killed by Cleveland
Prince a young man who is well known
locally and who lives in a section of tljel
uiiy kiio-wii tta ncuu tuwn.
Prince had only rec&fftf? 'returned
from a trip west in the interest of his
hca'th and last Thursday he and Mrs
Lomax went out in the latter's auto
mobile frr a " oy ride". The machine
was wrecked and Mrs. Lomax was in
jurcd and later carried to the hospital
for treatment. This mprning Prince
went to Mrs. Lomax millinery estab
lishment and told one of the young
lady clerks that her employer wanted
to see her. Not doubting the young
man's word the clerk donned her hat
and cloak and together the two went
to the hospital.
As the floor nurse had no reason to
question the visitors they were per
mitted to sec Mrs. Lomax; neither did
the young lady who accompanined
Mr. Prince suspect anything for she
went with him on his statement
calling for her to accompany him, that
Mrs. Lomax had requested him to
call and take her out to the hospital,
that Mrs. Lomax wished to sec her.
Soon after the two entered Mrs
Lomax room the young lady was re
quested by Mr. Prince to step into the
hall for a moment, that he wanted to
have a private talk with Mrs
Lomax, and hardly had she complied
with ' the request when two pistol
shots rang out in the room and through
the hall and when the startled floor
nurse and others hurried to the scene
they found Mrs. Lomax dead with a
wound through the head and Mr.
Prince writhing in unconsciousness
from a like shot, self inflicted, im
mediately after shooting Mrs. Lomax
Her death was instantaneous.
inere was a noticeable intimacy
between Prince and Mrs. Lomax and
many of the more observant suspected
that an infatuation existed mutually
between them but few if any gave it a
serious turn in their minds. Rumors
however, began to go the rounds as
rumors will and Prince, about four
months or so ago, went west for his
health and cople forgot it. He return
ed two weeks ago and Thursday night'
he and Mrs. Lomax in the lattcrs auto
mobile left the city together after
midnight 'o' a "joy ride" and Friday
morning the wrecked automobile was
found on the road near the park and
there was evidence that there had been
drinking aboard. Rumor again be
came rife and yesterday Mrs. Lomax
was entced as a 'patient, in the hos
pital, At llft'clack tonight Prince
ii still living but is unconscious and
t'.icrc is no hope for his recovery.
Prior to her marriage Mrs. Lomax
was Miss My Carter. She and her
father and mother and two brothers
came her.; about ten years ago. A
shcrt time later she opened a millinery
eitablshmcnt on East Centre Street
JJjn II.
-V ,
(Special to the Joi;rn:il)
Goldsboro, April IS. Cleveland
Prince, the young man who yesterday
visited the Goldsboro hospital and
fired a bullet into the brain of Mrs.
May Carter Lomax, killing her instant
ly ,and then turned his still smoking
revolver on himself and inflicted in
juries, died this morning without re
gaining consciousness.
Immediately after the young man
had shot himself he was placed rn the
operating table in the hospital and an
attempt was made to save his life but
from the very first it was feen that
there was not the least hope for him.
The Female Member of Duo
tempts To Make Her Escape.
Many Ministers and Elders Ar
rive In The City To Attend
Important Meeting.
Introductory Sermon Was Deliver
ed By Rev. J. C. Shive of
Wilson, N. C.
The Presbytery of Albemarle, co
posed of ministers and ruling ciders in
the northeastern part o' North Caro
Una, convened here 'ast night at the
Presbyterian church in its annual spring
session with Rev. J. C. Shive of Wi'son,
presiding as Moderator
This meeting is of special interest
to the members of tte Presbyterian
churches in this section of the State
and is always well attended by the
ministers and elders of these churches
About twenty-five delegates arrived
last night and others arc expected to
reach here this morning.
The major part of last night's scs
sion was taken up with the opening ser
mon, delivered by Rev. J. C. Shive. Rev
Shive is a speaker of ma ked ability
and the sermon rendered by him
was thoroughly enjoyed by
wno nea a it. following the ccrmon
the organization was completed after
which the night's session was adjourned
This morning another cession will be
held and the public is extended a cor
dial invitation to attend this
The follwoing ciders and minister
arrived in the city last evening and
were in attendance at the session held
at night: v
Samuel Walker, Henderson; Franklin
McNiel, Raleigh; George Howard, Tar
boro; R. H. Bach man, Edenton; Leo
D. Hart, Raleigh; Mr. and Mrs. W
D. Morriton, Bell .-view ; C. M. Brown
Washington,; Prof. S. L. Sheep, Eliza
teth City; E. W. Kendrick, Goldsboro
John Webb, Oxford; A. C. Hughes
Apex; N. H. McLain, Farmville
Rev. V. G. Smith, Goldsboro; Rev
J. E. Ballou, Tarboro; Rev. W. D
Morton, Rocky Mount; Rev. S. K
Phillips, Oxford; Rev. H. B. Scaright
Washington; Rev. R. A. White, Hen
dcrson, Rev. J. E. Hemphill, Wak
eounty; Rev. M. Mc. G. Shields
Greensboro; Rev. W. Mc. C White
Raleigh; R-ev. J. C. Siiive, Wilson
Kev. Robert Key, Fayeitevilb; Rev
C. O. Pardo, Sanford.
Alt h mgii she has not announced
her plan. It is understood that M
vriisun w.n conic ncic once c.r twice
Secure The Treasure That
Pizarro and His Men
Failed to Obtain.
Haywood and Rachel Pollock, colored
wanted in Wilmington for the murder
colored woman several months
ago, were apprehended and placed
under arrest in this city yesterday after
noon and arc now in the Craven coutny
jail awaiting the arrival of an officer
from that city who will carry them
back to stand trial.
Immediately after the woman, whom
the two fugitives captured here yester
day Afternoon are charged with hai ig
killed, the latter left Wilmington and
although- diligent searpji was, made for
them they could-not be located. The
police department of that city sent
out descriptions of the pair and one of
these fell into the hands of Chief of
Police Lupton and since that time he
and his men have been on the lookout
for them.
Yesterday afternoon Chief of Po
lice Lupton was at the depot when the
train from Wilmington arrived. Hay
wood Pollock alighted from the train
first and a few seconds later was cined
by his female companion. Their ac
tions appeared suspicious to Chief
Lupton and he watched them for a
minute or more. Suddenly he thought of
he description sent him from Wil
mington and decided that these two
were the ones wanted. Keeping in
the background, so as. not to alarm
the fugitives, the Chief wa ched them
en er a colored boarding house close
by and as soon as they had gained the
inside, he had Policemen Bryan and
Lup on who were also at the depot
made a rush for the door.
The woman saw the officers first
and made a dash for freedom, running
through the house and out into the
yard but Chief Lupcon was watching
their every move and he had her under
arrest before she had covered many
yards. In the meantime fouccman
Whitford had taken charge of Haywood
Pollock and the two were then taken
to jail.
At first they both dented that they
were the persons wanted but after a
short time the woman owned that
their names were Pollock and the ones
wanted by the, Wilmington police bu.
both stoutly deny having committed
una this proved very popular from the more in connection with the work
very first. A few years ago she mar-1 which she is having dor.e by the drcss-
ricd a Mr. Lomax whs was employed maker.
as a conductor by the Southern Rail-1 '
-ray Company on he run between cary history. She was a very attrac
this city and Greensboro. Aft.r hcrtivc woma,, in fact charms
marnage she continued to) conduct such that Bhc was , adrojrcd .
her r.:d.ncry establishment with the1 al, who Ww her and the tray which
same access which characterized its caustd her death is regretted by all.
Many beautiful Lines of Sum
mer Dress Goods Just Received
Also Shirt Waists, Laces, and Embroideries, Underwear.
SWcl o, "u nose IOr the Ladies- Suits Straw
Hats Shoes. Shirts, Ties and Sok for Men. When in
uiy oe sure and see our stock before buvinsr else hrro
63 Middle Street,
A. B. S0GAR,
New tern, N. C.
Beliair Stock and Fruit Farm.
G. T. RICHARDSON, Proprietor.
I have Full Blood Aigus Bulls and Heifers for fale
imrrtune fro rn TexaT fever, also full blood .Berkehire
Hoes. You are cordially invite J to visit farm and
see stqek.
New Bern. N. C , R. F. D, io. '
Phone, Bsllair line, 4 rines.
Chattanooga, Tcnn., April 16'.
TckcJ up on the walls of Confederate
reunion headquarters in this city, i:; a
large card, dimensions about two by
three feet. This card contains infor
mation of interest to,the reunion hos
pital service.
For three days of the reunion, May
27, 28 and 29, the physicians of Chat-
kanooga will give their services to the
reunion association to look after the
health of the veterans and visitors. A
couple of physicians each day will be
located at convenient points in the
city and on the battlefields, so that
medical service- may be quickly pro
vided if needed.. The card indicates
tbc assignments tor each day, tells
where the. doctors will be and gives
their names.
So, if a veteran or visitor is suddenly
striken with any ailment he will be
given . immediate attention by the
medical, corps. City Physician Stcrl
is at the head of the medical ccrps,
and has been active in making prepara
tions. Prominent ex -Confederates from
other states, who have looked into this
branch of the coining service, pronounce
it the most perfect they have ever seen.
In case of accident, the medical corps
will promtly give attention to the in
jured. service will be pro
vided free of all charge to veteran?,
and any othc s that may need medical
attention in an emergency.
May is the healthiest mon h of the
year lit Chattanooga, but in immense,
crowds, like that expected during the
reunion, medical attention is generally
in demand by somebody. The pre
parations to provide thi attention
immediately if needed, arc all that
could be desired.
New York, April 14. On the United
Fruit Company's steamer Carillo,
which sailed yesterday for Guyaquil,
Ecuador, were Mr. and Mrs. William
G. Gates, of Callao, Peru, arid thrc
mining engineers and assaycrs.
Mr. Gates has had large mining in
terests in Peru for some years past;
but a couple of months ago he came
upon a "find" in the course of explora
tions in the wilds of the Andes that
impressed him so deeply that he came
at once to New York in o -dcr to secure
expert Opinion on the1 question. The
location of the "find" Mr. Gates re
fused to make public beyond saying
that it is between the headwaters of
two rivers.
The ore, says Mr. Gates gold ore
is of such richness that he believes he
has at last actually found the original
treasure lode of the Incas, and ha
thus re-discovered, an ancient mine
that has been the subject of wild spec
ulation, the object of hundreds of pros
pecting expeditions and the theme of
scores of romances in every language
since the days of Pizarro.
"The tales of the old Spanish con
quisladoes," said Mr. Gates, "are full
of descriptions of the Incas, Manco and
Huaym Capax, of the gold plates on the
walls of their places and temples, the
eold ornaments on the costumes of
the meanest of their court at
tendants, the gold that apparently
strewed the very ground around them
The precious metal seems to have been
common as lead among them.
"Pizarro and his men seized vast
quantities ot gold and silver at the
taking of Quito and Cuzco, but it has
always been believed that even larger
portions of the treasure escaped them
and has remained to this day buried
far back in some almost inaccessible
recess of the Andes.
"I do not know whether these talcs
are myth or cxiggeration or plain sober
fact. Certainly none of the many ex
peditions organized to search for the
treasure has ever been successful. But
it is not open to doubt that Pizarro and
his men did seize immense quantities of
gold in Peru. Enough ot it was brought
back to Spain to prove that. None of th
back to Spain to prove that. None of
the mines now known in Peru would
account for such vast wealth. The
lode I have just found, however, is of
such amazing richness that I think
it is only reasonable to suppose that
it must be the true source of the treasure
of the Incas."
Mr. Gates said that he had not let
hii discovery be known in- Peru fc
fear of Governmental interference
is un lerstood in Lima that he ha
found iron ore, and his expedition
known in Peru as an expedition to
develop a new iron mine.
B. D. Stephenson of Washingto
editor of, the Washington News wa
among .the visitors, in the city Sunday
The twenty-fourth annual meeting
the Grand Council of the Royal
Arcanum of North Carolina will be
held in Wilmington today and to
morrow and will be one of the most
important meetings of that body ever
Id. .
I he committee on entertainment
has made extensive and elaborate
preparations for this event and
xpectmg a large number of visiting
elegates. It is expected that there will
be something like 75 representatives
n attendance from the 48 councils in
the State and a great many of these
will be accompanied by their
or daughters.
I he grand Council will convene
this,, morning at lt):30 o'clock and
the address of welcome will be made
by Rev. Dr. S. Mendelshon, Rabbi of
the Temple pf Iseral, and the response
will be made by the Grand Regent,
Mr. Clarence A. Johnson, of Raleigh
There will be another ses.ion in the
fternoon. The second business
will be held Thursday morning,
following which the visitors will be
aken for a trip to WrightsviUc Beach
and for an oyster roast at the Light
house, WrightsviUc Sound.
Each visiting, representative will be.
presented with an attractive silver finish
watch fob. The feature of it is the
five point star of the order, surmounted
with pine cones, emblematical of the
'Land of the long leaf pine" and the
points of the Star contain initials
standing for the words, Virtue, Mercy
Charity cardinal principles of the
order, as well as for the words, Past
Regent. The fob also contains the
ol lowing words: iith annual session
Grand Council of North Carolina
Roya' Arcanum, Wilmington, N. C
April 16th, 1913."
The following are the officers of th-
Grand Council: Grand R.eent, C. A.
Johnson, Raleigh; Grand Vice Regent
H. B. Craven, New Bern; Grand Orator
R. L. Aflen, Waynesville; Past Grand
Regent, Frank W. Hancock, Oxford
Grand Secretary, J. Howeli Way
Waynesville;. Grand Treasurer, E. L.
Harris, Raleigh; Grand Chaplain, Dr
The Brtifa a A Daunhter of Senator May Mean That First haay
and Mrs. F. M. Simmons Thinks Baltimore rnces
. .
Cf This Citv Lowest to Be Hao
On account of the social prominence Baltimore, April 16. Mrs. wooarow
of bride and grocm, a wedding of wide Wilson is having her gowns made in
social interest in North Carolina was Baltimore and she came here "yesterday
oleminized at Christ Episcopal church for two fittings
it five o clock yesterday afternoon, Whetner tnts means mat me mistress
when Miss IsaLelle Gibbs Simmons, of the White House is trying to Keep
daughter of Senator and Mrs. Furnifold within the limit of $1,000, which she
Mc.Lendell Simmons became the said several weeks ago should ue the
bride of Dr. It seoh Flanner Patterson, maximum annual cost of a woman's
son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Patterson, clothes, or whether she just likes this
Fhere was eathered at the church one patricular Baltimore dressmaker bet
of the most brilliant wedding assem- ter than all others in the country her
blaees ever seen within the precincts friends have not ventured to ask.
of historc New Bern... . ... i HoWcVar, Mr. Wilson arwvea aoour
Rev. Bartholomcn F. Huske rector of 10 o'clock by train. She was accom-
1 I 1 1- ....... VI ,, ... UnniL-
tl r.hrr.h nnrinrmprl thp paniea Dy ner secrciaiy, n
r..,.w Tho .Wnrations of the Mnd a Secret Service man. the pre--
-hnrrh wnre heantifiil and effective, senre Ol tne specia. agent u. t..c
riw.,; , t h.m, nf whltP and eminent was a source ot surprise to
green dogwood branches, palms and
Southern simlax were used as, a back
zround. whiie the back of the alar
was covered with white and' festooned
with smilax and tnow balls.
Quantities of lillies inter per-
scd with Cathedral candles decorated
the altar. The chancel was a mass
of ferns and palms and the choir stalls
and organ were effectively decor at d-
with Easter lillies and white tulle,
while festooned above the chancel wa
i garland of m'lax and white rosebuds.
Unders this the cc emony took place.
Mrs. Garrison Fajrow presided at
the organ, and before the entrance of
he bridal pa ty, rendered the following
beautiful s lect'ons: "Spring Sing
Mendelssohn. "O Thou Sublime
Sweet Evenine Star." Pastoral from
William Tell, Bercense from Jacelyn
Mrs. Wilson's friends, but it was ex
plained that the ire aution has al
ways been taken for the safety of the
wives of former Pre. idei t and had to
be followed in the case of Mrs. Wilson.
After a short stay at the home of
icr cousins, the Misses Hoyt, 609 Len
nox street,-Mrs. Wilson, still accompani-
d by Miss Bones and the Secret Ser
vice agent, went to the dressmakers.
vhere she remained for about an hour.
rhe party returned to the Hoyt resi-
ence for luncheon at 2 o clock.
Mrs. Wilson was anxious to sec the
family of Mr. W. D. Hoyt, on Twenty-
first street, iespecially the children,
whom she had not seen for some time,
and so she visited their, home in the
arly afternoon. Mr. Hoyt is also
her first CoSlin
Another fitting at the dressmaker's
and Love's Old Sweet Song. As the took place in the afternoon and then
the party, by special permission, spent
about two hours in the Waiter's Art
It was the first time that Mrs. Wil
n had visited the gallery Being
herself an artist of repute her appre-
Mendelihon. Wilmington; Grand
Guide, N. Barfoot, Elizabeth City
Grand Warden, S. M. Hampton, Leaks
ville; Grand Sentry, John Machin,
Asheville; Grand Trustees, T. W. Slo-
cumb, Goldsboro; J. M. Norwood, Ra
leigh; W. J. Toomer, Wilmington.
organ pealed forth the grand chords
of Lohengrin's W ddings March, the
four ushers, Mr. John Patterson,
Ensign Donald Patterson, U. S. N.
Mr. William Dunn, J, and Mr.
esse Claypoole, leading ihe bridal!
ii. .j u ,un h leiation was ratense.
party, waiitcu itw y i w-" - i . -i,.,
centre aisle, up to the chancel and stood It was the second time Mrs. Wilson
t nithpr side I had come to Baltimore without formal
Mr- WaHr. Meadows, as dame of I announcement, the first having been
honor was her sister's only attendant Uout a month ago when she came to
She wore a handsome gown of white see a sick relative at jonns noPK,..s
frimmorl with nnini lace and I Hospital.
carried an arm bouauet of pink Kil- the guest of Reverend Doctcr and Mrs.
Brief News Picked Up By a Journal
(Special to the Journal)
Loco, April 14. J. F. Parson?
visiting relatives near Kinston.
Some of our young lolks attended
services at Brick Kiln Sunday.
Miss Susie H gtius who has been
teaching school near Burgaw has ic
turned home. She reports a pleasant
Mrs. John Huffman of near Kinston
pent last week with relatives here.
Mrs. E, L. Barbce is visiting relatives
near Rirhlands.
Rider B. F. Eubanks has an appoint
ment to preach at Loco Schoolliouse
next S inday morning at 11:00 o'clock.
Every body cordially invited to come.
Johnie Barbec was in our town laft
week "blowing up stumps" with dyna
Tenderloin Man of Mystery Found
Dead In Saloon Storeroom.
Philadelphia, Pa., April, 15e True
to his. often-declared intention of drink
ing himself to death, "Professor" a
Tcnderlion habitue, whose real name
is unknown to the police, was found
dead at Fourth and Vine streets, with
two partly-filled demijohns of whiskey
beside him. It is the belief o the police
that the litterally carried out hii in
tention by consuming part of the con
tents of every bottle, demijoh and
keg in the place.
For several months the man had been
seen in the neighborhood, and his
language indicated that he was well
educated. This fact earned for him
the nickname of "Professor y and on
account of his reticense his real name
or past was never found out.
' Yesterday morning when John J.
Gochler, one of the bartenders went
to the storeroom to sweep it out he
found the man lying in a heap in the
midst of the remains of his alcoholic
orgy. Special Policeman Beigcr and
Fagan, tf the Seventh District, were
notified and tley had the body re
moved to the mcrue, after it had been
taken to Hihnemann Ho pital and
pronounced dead.
'arney roses and asparagus fern.
The bride entered the church on the
arm of her father, who gave her away
She wore an exquisite creation of white
charmcusc, trimmed with duchess and
rose point lace. Her veil of tulle was
arranged in a cap effect, being held
in nlare hv a coronet of oearls. She
carried a shower bouquet of. lillies o
Harris E. Kirk.
Another tribute to the bnd i wa a
...... ... i i. ... r.....
leauti ul Sliver iruit uisn aeiii iuvi
'Members of the North
Delegation in Cong ess." A hahdsMne
litver service wis sent from : he groom's
anvly and a chest of flat silver by
laients of thebride. Cut glass, trays,
i-lvcr services, chinaware and house-
he valley and asparagus fern and her I ',0d goods go to make up this gorgoous
only oranment was a pearl and diamond I collection of wedding presents.
La Vallierc, the gift of the groom.
At the altar she was met by th-
groom, attended by his brother, Mr.
Albert Patterson, as best man.
Shubert's Serenade was .softly and
sweetly played during the ceremony
Bridal Party Entertained
Many pre-nupitah affairs were given
the bridal party. Mr. and Mrs. Wade
Meadows entertained the bridal party
and a few other friends, Uesday
and Mendelssohn's March played as I evening, at their home on South Front
the recessional. street. Eas er lillies, lillies of l he val-
Following the ceremony, Senator jey an(j smUax attractively decorated
and Mrs. Simmons cnterta ned at a the rooms.
!: ii t if ii 1 buffet luncheon, at thei
elegant home on East Fron' street.
Lovely pink and white roses, Easter
lillies, ferns and palms weie used to
decorate the home. In the dining
Mrs. Thomas Williams gracefully,
resided over the beautifully appointed
, nch table and all drank to the future
appincss of brid and groom elect.
The dining room was espec ally a
Land Sale At WhitevlUe Yesterday
Was Veil Attended.
Tiic thiid and last sale conduct cd
by the All ntlc Coast Realty Company
for t;ic Simmcns-Bradham-Farnor syn
room the white and gre n color motif tractive, being decorated entirely in
was artistically carried out tall vases jijes and smilax. A lovely wedding
and handsome baskets filled with white cate formed the centerp ecc of the
and Easter lillies adorned mantles and table, the chandclie above wa wr ath-
tables. An exquisite chiny lace cloth ei ; r mi tax, and the trailing vine
covered the dining table and a cut twined with white tulle extended to
glass vase, encased in a silver deposit, the four cornc s of the table where they
filled with Easter ffl lies, Iillie3 of the were caught by tapers in silver candl -
valley and maiden-hair fern formed sticks. Much merriment was caused
the center piece, lighted taper also tj,e cutting of the wedding cake,
adorned the table. Rev. B. F. Huslfe cut the thimble.
Later in the evening Dr. and Mrs. Delicious re'reshment ; we e se ved
Patterson left for a.bridal tour North. 1 anj ag souvenirs of the happy occasion
Hundreds of beautiful and costly 'each guest was presented with minaturc
presents were received by the young boxes, decorated with lilliei and con
couple. Included in this wonderful' fining wedding cake. Thos enjoying
array of wedding gifts was a handsome Mr, and Mrs. Meadows ho pitality
mahogany Slushed cedar chest, fromwere: Misses Isabel le Simmons, Mary
the office ree of the Snite Finance' Hughes, Mary Nixon, Mildred Ball,
Committee. Another I ntetestirg frt jane Stewart, Mamie Hunter Richard
sen was a handsome silver service g0Ili Dr. Joseph Patterson, Mr. George
with a card as follows: "Congratu- Atmore. Rev. B. F. Huske, Mr. John
Washington, April 16. Secretary
Bryan received congratulations today
upon the birth of this fifh grandchilJ.
Reginald Bryan Owen, at Elphan,
Kent, England.
This newest grandson of the Secre
tary of State is a son of Lic it. Reginald
Owen, of the Royal Engineers, and Mr .
Owens, formerly Ruth Bryan.
Hir:.t.. wa. held vesterdav when rcsi- llations and best wishes from Senator paUcrson, Mr. Jeec Claypoole,
donee lots for c.lorcd teople or.lylF. M. Simmons' Democratic Col- Albert Patterson, Mr. Rodman Guwb.
offered for sale at Whiteville, leagues of the S.mtc Hninec com- Dr. and Mrs. Robert uu vai Jones
H. S. Hancoek, one of New Bern's
contractors 'and builder, has returned
from Morehesd (
ing a large brick bu
R. S Minion- Work on thii structure
is progressing rapidly and it will be
completed "wlffiln a few ,Uiy. The
building it located
There 'has always been free wool for
the Wall street shearing.
were oiiereu iui hic at niii.t.nii,
locctcd little more than a mile from mittce.
New Bern.
As on the two former days, the sale
was well attended and the lots were
sold rapidly, about thirty being dis-1
posed of at prices averaging seventy!
five dollars. The sale was conducted
by the Burton brother, the twin auc-;
tionecrs who claim the dis incition of j
selling a lot a minute.
Whiteville is an ideal location for I
the colored man who wants to pur-
and Mr.
and Mrs.
Thomas Willianu,
High Grade Natural Tone Talk
ing and Singing Machine
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how Easily you can obtain one at my store
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