North Carolina Newspapers

No, 123
39th YEAH
without onunr
That Is The Thought That Comet
As One Glides Over New
Hanover's Thoroughfares.
Also The Years Of Effort On The
Part Of The Good Roads
Advocates Of County.
Washington Man Painfully Injured
Here Sunday Night.
A white man who told the police
that he was J. C. Robinson and that
his home was at Washington, N. C,
was badly injured during a brawl with
several negroes on Cedar street last
Sunday night.
Robinson was thoroughly intoxi
cated and according to his statement
to the officers had secured a cab and
gone to that locality to purchase an
other supply of "booze". In some man
ner he bacame engaged in an alter
cation with several negroes and re
ceived several knife wounds on his
face and neck.
He was rushed to a physician's
office and after having his wounds
dressed, drove to the passenger station
and boarded the train enroute to Wash
ington. Robinson could not tell the
police who cut him but they have a
clue as to who the party was and his
arrest will probably follow.
Seventy-Two Want icense
Practice Pharmacy. Forty
Two Fail To Pass.
Examining Board Completed Their
Work At U M O'clock
Last Night.
Thirty-Five Barrels of Beer And
Thirty Cases ofWhiskey
Were Confiscated.
Warrants Will Be Sworn Out For
Consignees And They
Must Face Court.
Charles L. Stevens of Southport,
former editor and owner of the Journal,
was always an earnest advocate of
good roads while he was in the pub
lishing business and he has not lost
his interest and enthusiasm in this
great means of developing the country
since embarking in the real estate
and insurance business in another
Elks in Wilmington last week and with
the other representatives of the ant
Icred tribe enjoyed the splendid auto
mobile ride over the fine roads of New
Hanover. At the request of one now
connected with the Journal and also
. a recipient of the numerous courtesies
extended visiting Elks by the Elks
of Wilmington Mr. Stevens wrote an
article, which is 'presented below, in
which he gave his impressions' of the
automobile ride given by the Wil
mington lodge:
"As an Elk, attending and enjoy-
111' llii' I 1 1 1 t w 1 I j ! nntArtriln mnn f nrn.
vided by Wilmington, at the State ,nal cases only was convcned ,n th,s bert C. Daniel, Zeuulon; Joseph
A one week term of Craven county
Superior Court for the trial of crim-
After working continuously since A. H. Stephens of Oriental, Sheriff
last Monday morning the Examining ot ramlfco county, was in the city
RnarH nf rtu. Nf&tk P.rnlinn Ph.TP. IV e aV attending tO OtllCial business
and in an interview with a Tmirnal
maceutical Association, who on last reporter gave the details of the locating
Friday and Saturady conducted the and capture of half a car load of whis
examination of applicants for license key and beer at Oriental last Friday
to Dractice pharmacy in North Caro- night.
lina which was held in this city, com- According to Sheriff Stephen's ac
pieted their work at 11:30 o'clock count of the affair thirty-five barrels
last night. ' bcer and thirty cases of whiskey,
. consigned to two men at Moreneaa
There were seventy-two applicants s .
for license to practice pharmacy but
only thirty of these succeeded in pass
City, arrived at Oriental last Friday
afternoon, coming via New Bern, In
r -i i . i HAH4.n::nn
. Tj rr. , M11I1V Way U C VI H1C UUlllLS tU 11 Id 1 1 1 1 11K
ing the Board. There were a number , . . . , , , ,
, .. . .i . a t the spiritus furmenti had been broken
of questions in various departments . .
and it is estimated that in all at least
three hundred questions were asked
in transit and the contents of this had
trickled over the floor and was emkting
The examination was a rigid one and Kedr whh in the Par'ancc of M
the young men who succeeded in pass
ing deserve much credit for their work.
The following are the successful applicants:
William W. Tucker, Concord; El-
Convention of Elks, last eeek, there , city yesterday morning with Judge Jones, Reidsville; Emil R. Mayerberg,
0. H. Allen of Kinston presiding. Uoldsboro; Harvey b. t lire, unicorn;
,t. Lawrence O. Whitley, i: In gioii Lity;
I c" i 1 1 mi.. r t i:... ir
following grand jury was drawn: George " ' . J '"" T
R WhStphiirut Fnrpmfln' R. H. I.;imh-
' ' I r -I Jl DI-I I I I AM .
inghouse, A. D. Hawkins, Isaac Lewis, rUH,suor"' "JL,m'u S "la'n
Charles C. Simpson, D.' A. Swindell, Me"onJ Eugene E. Thomas Roxboro; agv wou,d arrivc (rom
D. F. Gaskfns, A. F. Wiggins, W. A. " r' . Z'J . Morchead City about 9 o'clock at
was one feature, that to me, and I
knowa number of other Elks feeling
the same way, that of the automobile
ride .was one of the best and most
"This ride was not given for any
advertising effect, but to any one
concerned in good roads. To any one
noting the difference between a road
that is good, and one that is just a
road, the Wilmington ride could not
but' be most attractive. Looking
further into this, it must be remem
bered that Wilmington and New Han
over county is a sea-shore country,
with u!l .hat uuOii in the way of sand
and more sand. But those enjoying
. i , . . . . i t .
last inoays nae gave mue wougm y , h dutfc which " Tr V T v 7
to this, whirlina swiftlv at thirty or'.,. LlT u , P. Wolfe, Mount Airy; John Lcland
" , IIICV WUUIU UC CAUCCLCU IU III 1.1 VII II I . I , ii f f L A I i . ,
forty miles an hour over a road way I ' , . Henderson, Hickory; John A. Betts,
i..i ,nH umih ii fKr, i. nnlv i "c 1 " w" f ayettevillc ; Chas. L. Lox, Warsaw.
and only three cases were tried. They
lv"w. piisnc cui?ky news
in tbe ease o) the Mate vs. John
Sheriff was "strong enough to walk."
Passing by the car Sheriff Stephens
caught a whiff of this and naturally
his suspicions were aroused. After
considering the matter, he swore out
a warrant under the search and seizure
act and called upon the railroad agent
to open up the ca. The agent at first
refused to do this but later saw his error
and informed the officer that the car
contained whiskey and beer and also
gave him the names of the consignees.
Sheriff Stephens learned from the
Agricultural Commission Studying
Farming Methods Abroad
With Profit.
Irrigation Makes Such A Result
Possible. Country Honey
combed With Ditches.
Washington, D. C, June 10. Cable
grams received here from members
of the American Commission on Ag'
New York, June 10. Dr. Frederich
F. Friedman, has turned over to the
health authorities here a specimen of
his turtle vaccine which he claims is
a cure for tuberculosis and with it
made a request for permission to ad
minister his treatment in this city.
This announcement was made today
by Health Commissioner Lederie. At
the present time Dr. Friedman is THE
barred from making use of the vaccine
here because of a resolution adopted' ,
by the board of health about ten days Dr. Waletr Watsoni Acting Coroner,
Keeper Of Trent River Draw
Made A Gruesome Find
night to transfer the shipment and he
at once planned to capture the crew
n ' l t . r i : ii IJ 171. :..
M,.I.., O U7 Pt n r S.l.. ''. ummvuw, ary ii. mining
frn I W ilW. r. n Won!n N C Hassell; John T. Boone, East Durham;
-i J " " " I n i i r r j ri 1 v W
Brooks, H. P. Willis, O. C. Wethering- aP" 11v'anaauay' "t,,r of the vessel with the cargo on their
ton and . E. Gaskins. JS """ - hands.
' ah . u Kicnmond, va.; Lioya 3. uojarun,
JUogC .n t..argC lU tnc g.auu Davidson; prontis LctE MunrcsviUc;
jury was brief but to the point. In
Benjamin Williani3 (col.), Raleigh;
a .ones, m-nmrr covCr:u every pau, c Duun; pranda J.J Mc.
piinwui i-ruiiiimi ... wi.h... wll A.WUl,.. Th,m. A Tr.r
the grand jury would come in contact j h p- Cord Clayton;
and explained to them in the most Thomag A Crowel Mo.
the sensation of gliding, there is only
the desire to lie back and take in tbe
quickly passing scenery, without any
mental effdrt just enjoy the ride and
have the "rich-feeling" of a motor
car owner.
"But this .ride of 25 miles, over
continuous fine roads, that gave im- turned a verdict of not guilty.
The shades of evening fell and the
Sheriff was right "on the job", patiently
waiting for the men from Morehead
City to arrive on the scene. Shortly
after 9 o'clock the chug-chug-chug of a
powerful motor boat was heard in the
irection of Adam's Creek and, a few
minutes later the craft drew up along
side the railroad wharf. Inside of the
station went the captain of the boat
and signed for the bee.- and whiskey
and it is believed by the Sheriff that
the agent "tipped" him off that there
was trouble brewing for after coming
out of the depot he made a bee-line
for his boat and within less than a
minute the engines had begun their
pression of endless smoothness and
made the ride short, when ended, has
only been made possible through years
of effort on the part of the advocates
of good roads. It has meant voting,
issuing and selling $250,000 worth
of bonds, but the result is one hun
dred miles of paved and macadam
roadways that make city and county
one, without that nearly always dis
tinguishing division between city and
county, the drop from a paved road
way into deep sand or impassable mud.
"Wilmington and New Hanover
county good roads have given rich
results in suburban developments, and
this was prominently before the eye
of every Elk, who cared to look, as
the motor cars swept, in a line of
over a mile in length, carrying the Elks
through sub-division after sub-division,
with their beautiful homes, making
suburban residence a joy for thousands.
"When the sub-division left off,
there was the country, with land in
fine cultivation, with farmer-folk on
porch or ia field, familiar with the sight
oft he speeding motor-car, yet often
pausing from work, to note the pass
ing, particularly so on last Friday,
when Elk banners and streamers were
waved at them. Can the New Hanover
fanner not see whst the good roads
have done for himself and family?
And today every portion of the county
can be cultivated, and be within an
hour's drive by wagon, to market
Aq so among so many feature,
that gladdened and made glad the
visiting Elks, to the Convention, at
Wilmington, to the writer the most
l.lrasing was the automobile ride on
Friday. It carries with it the know
ledge of the greatness of the hospi
tality, that is so genuinely Wilming
Ionian, which placed private motor
car and driver, to the number of a
hundred, at the complete disposal
f the hundreds of Elks, to enjoy -a
ride thst was one of luxury and great
enjoy meat
Mannjna and John Dawson in which Breezy item. Caught On The Fly
m: detendants were charged with By journai Correspondent
carrying concealed weapons, the jury (fSnecial to the lournal)
Baird's Creek, 'June 9th. Rev. Lee L thi and the boat wag goon
ueorge Keio was louna guilty oi Saddler ol Wilson tilled his regular f .:y.t
..... . . . . - - -
retailing and waB sentenced to serve I appointment at Amity Church last Realizing that the whiskey and beer
a term of twelve months on the county Sunday. While here he was the guest w(y id ot be claimed. Sheriff Stephens
roads. of Mr. G. R. Brinson. Lmi. if Imtr, th nr and now has
Dan Hatch, charged with the lar- On Saturday, June the 14th, a it stored under jock and key, in the
ceny of a quantity of whiskey from a picnic will be given at Barrirgton's ;ce nouge at that place and it will be
Norfolk Southern freight car. was! Place for the benefit ot Amity Church, h ld th cre until the next term of Pam
found guilty but sentence has not yet Everybody is extended a cordial in- iico county Superior Cou.t. Sheriff
been passed. vitation. Please don't fail to bring Stephens also stated that he would
a lull basket. Uwoar out warrants aeainst the con
We an very pleased to state that siKnees and that they would have to
LOOKED FOR SNOWBIRDS Miss fcva npwn, daugnter 01 ir. expiain the entire affair to the Jugde.
and Mrs. O. f. fipkin, (s rapidly
No June Bugs Seen In New Bern recovering from an attack of typhoid
Yesterday. fever
- According to all accepted theories Mr. J. L. Barnngton of Dunn is
th is the month of June but there here on a business trip. He is the guest
were mightly few June bugs floating I0' Mr- ) t- Keel
in New Bern and vicinity yesterday.! The Misses Bertha nad Ollic Dixon
Instead every one was looking in all I of Orantsboro spent Sunday with
directions for the snowbirds and those Mus Ada Holton.
who had "pulled 'em off" felt like The Misses Bertha and Lena Lupton
"putting 'em on" again. I of Pamlico are here spending the week
Sunday morning the temperature I w,t'1 Mrs. C. A. Kawls
began to drop and this was followed! Mr. E. S. Weaver of Arapahoe was
by rain. At intermittent periodt I here on a visit yesterday, the guest
during the day there were showers I of Mr. J. E. Reel
and still the mercury lowered. At Messrs. J. P. Willis, Ben E. Willis,
10 o clock Sunday night many over-land G. F. Pipkin went to Arapahoe
coats were in evidence. Inn himinpRs Init SntiirHav
Yesterday morning dawned cold Miss Vera Reel, daughter of Mr. ,n not m,M thc reat Fourth ' July
and cloudy and later rain began oland Mrs. James E. Reel, has returned celebration at the Fair grounds this
fall and at frequent periods during I home from Wilson where she attended year
the day there was a deluge. At mid- school.
niuht it wim .till ..M 1. I l M w t 17 II.. I I . I 1. 1 ... 1
.v " vwiu viiuukii 111 a 11 1 mi. j. ... wuiiuil ii 1 114 yi.l u M in 1 1 r l , . , ,
, . ., . . I . , , , , , , this one of the greatest and most ex
nwrrnat tint ui h ... . .1 .. I kA .. , 1 t.Mk l..f. - XT I)... I
- - mmmv ihug nvn utim I liu. auu - idi im 111 " vei w
clouds overhead, the rain had ceased I on a visit to relatives and friends.
to fall. According to the prognosti
cation of a well known prophet, the I on business this morning
weather is "freakish" and may remain
1 1 this state for several days.
ricultural Co-operation now touring
Europe bring news of deep interest
to the farmers of the United States.
The thoroughness of farming methods
fn Italy for instance would doubtelss
form something of a revelation to many
farmers in this country.
"On a dry and gravelly soil," accord
ing to the cablegrams- from the com
mission, "farmers of the Milan" dis
trict in Italy harvest has many as nine
forage crops in a single year. The
secret of the extreme fertility of this
region lies in the system of irrigation.
"In the days when Milan was a
powerful independent power, the civ
tories of the Milanese troops were
celebrated not by statues, but by the
more sensible idean of building canals
or irrigating systems. As a conse
quence the country about Milan is
honeycombed with irrigation ditches.
"Even thc street sweepings of the
city are used to increase thc product
ivity of the neighboring farms. Bones
and other refuse matter of a similar
character are used in thc manufacture
of fertilizers, and the manure is sokl
to the farmers engaged in intensive
agriculture, principally in raising silk
worms. Trie fertilizer sales are in
sufficient to meet the expenses of ope
ating the system. T!ie cost balance
is made up through taxes.
"Abundant labor ii needed to ob
tain the agricultural results which the
statistics of this district show. But
progressive methods are also depended
fupon. American farm machinery is
frequently seen by the American vis
itore in northern Italy. Where such
intensive cultivation is practiced it
is profitable to use large quantities
of fertilizers and manure. To the south
of Milan where most o ,thc irrigated
lands are situated the arms are about
250 acres, i The principal industry of
these I arms ia i dnrying, the herd
averaging (rom lQO to 15(1 cows. The
milk is used in cheese making chieily
I he American l,ommi?ioners were
shown some excellent types of co
operative dairies which are peculiarly
fitted to thc type of farmer in that dis
trict who can not profitably make
his butter and market his produce
alone as his farming is on jtoo small
'The lact must not be lost sight of
that thc Italian farmers are progrcs
ing and that their progress is based
upon thrilt. The lesson learned by
the American Commission in Italy
has been a lesson in industry and thrift
ago against the use of living bacteria
organisms in the inoculation of human
beings for the treatment of disease un
til a specimen of the culture and de
tails as to the methods of its use had
been s'.imbitted. The board will pass
on the efficacy of thc Berlin physician's
vaccine before deciding on his applica
tion fcr permission to practice.
Views Remains And
Holds Inquest.
Make up your mind now that you
Every effort is being made to make
citing racing events that has ever taken
Mr. E. T. Banks left for New Bern place in this section of the State.
The motorcyle "kinrs" of this sec
tion are now tlhteninj their chains
testing their valves snd trying out
their carburettors. The public can
Palmyra, Wis., June II. The Drug
gists' National Home, which the Na
tional Association of Drug Clerks
has established here as a home for
tjHjrsic and aged members, wss for-
raallji dedicated tedny in connection
OTI? s W C III n , I
oimamoiur ia KKruK 1 GU OH I Mrs. Penelope Parkins Succumbs count on some exciting motorcyle races
N.. Vo,lr t o m , a J HWt DUe"M' this year. The horsemen in this sec
New York, June 9 No further ad Mr.. PenHon Pnrlrim. u,if ,.f '
vices were received todsy regarding w.rd Parkin., succumb! M,.;,v ihi tion arc PreP t0 g-ve us some great
the steamship Olinda of the Munson at her home on C .treft. HriHmn rcc: There will be two races, on this
line reported on fire, at sea somewhere to heart trouble. The deceased waJJay a thrce minutc rce na frec for
off thc Georgia coast. It is believed fortv-four vcar. of ! i. .,.r.
the vessel was heeding lor Savannah Lived bv her thro .mm nri The last feature of the day .will be
or Brunswick. The line's officers re-l daughter the Firemen's Tournament. Xtrenor
ceived two wireless messages giving The funeral mnrfiun fm .k mous tank will be erected at the Fair
no information except that the vessel residence yesterday afternoon at 4 Grounds, giving 100 lbs pressure of
was on fire in hold No. 1 and that o'clock and the interment was made wttr- Thus it can readily be see that
the vessel was making for port. The In Cedar Grove cemetery Dr E T the fire toy will' have the ouportunity
raiiwta l..f l. e-u ... ' . ii ' 't i.:
UEIV rriuay wicq passengers I Csrter, pastor ol the First Baptist ,"," "
,r"nl ,or -""n points. church of this city conducting tin mt
Baltimore, June 10. Almost on
the exact spot where the ill-fated
Titanic, of the White Star Line, found
ered a little more than a year ago,
thc lookout of thc North German Lloyd
stemship Eisenach, which docked here
yesterday with 1,302 immigrants, sight
ed a barnacle-covered lifeboat.
In the minds of Capt. Gustav Hillmer
and the ship's officers there exists no
doubt but that the covered boat was
launched from the moammthe vessel
which now lies beneath the Atlantic
Ocean. .
"It was on the morning of June 4
that we sighted the boat floating keel
upward, "said Officer Otto Wencke,
and it sent a chill down our spines
hen we recalled the horrors of that
awful night in April of last year.
believe that the steerage pi ssengers
ere greatly affected by tbe sight of
the boat as it drifted past us not more
than 100 yards away, judging from the
way in which they crowded to the deck
The lifeboat, lie added,, was
ghted in latitude 41' 47' and longi
ude 46' 39 , which, we ascertained,
was practically the same location where
tbe Titanic sank.
'A thick' haze covered the ocean at
the time when the lookout signalled
that he had sighted thc craft. 1 looked
at my watch and found that it was
:45 P. M. We made every effort
to reach the derelict, but it drifted
beyond our reach. The boat from its
appeararice, must have been at thc
mercy of the waves for at least 12
Believing that Alex Wiggins, color
ed, who resides on Attmore street, this
city was selling whiskey, Policeman F
P. Rowc a few days ago came to thc
conclusion that thc would make
attempt to catch the man in the act
and accordingly went to work with th
end In view.
Monday night Policeman Rowe having
donned a suitable disguise, went
Wiggins' home and asked him if h
knew where he. could purchase half
a pint of whiskey. Wiggins, not recog
nizing the officer, said that ho did and
after Mr. Rowe had given him fifty
cents, produced u blotte full of whiskey.
This the officer placed in his pocket
and departed.
Yesterday morning Wiggins was
placed under arrest andv later put in
Jail to remain until he can be given
a hearing at thc present term of court.
When arrested Wiggins emphatically
denied selling the whiskey and still
contends' that he is not thc man.
However, Policeman Rowe knows that
he is the right party. i
Will Be Generally Fair With Mod
erately Low Temperatures.
"Washington, June 9. Under the
influence of high barometric pressure
that covers the eastern half of the
country, the weather will be generally
fair with moderately low temperatures
during the next several days over thc
eastern States. 1 thc Great Central
Valleys and the Lake region, while
local rains arc probable the first part
of thc week along the South Atlantic
and Gulf Coasts. Temperaturts above
the seasonal average with generally
fair weather will prevail during the
week west of the Mississippi Valley
No imoortant storm will cross the
country thc coming week, but a dis
turbance that is now forming over thc
Western plateau region will advance
slowly eastward, preceded by a general
rise in temperature and attended by
local thunder showers, and cross thc
Middle. West about Thursday and the
eastern States near the end of the week.
A general reaction to normal temper
ature will set in over the Great Valleys
and the eastern States after Tuesday.
The body of an unknown negro
man was found floating up Trent
river between nine ana ten o ciock
yesterday morning by H. B. SpruHl
keeper of the railroad draw bridge
Just a few 'minutes after the time
that Mr- Spruill first saw the body,
John McNeill, a colored boatman,
came along in his boat .and Mr. Spruill
asked him to aid in tying the body
to a post. McNeill told the bridge
tender that he did not want to have
any thing to do with the corpse and
thc latter then placed a rope
around the body and anchored it by
one of the brigde supports.
Immediately after doing this be
came to this city and called upon
Dr. N. M. Gibbs, formerly county
coroner, with the intention of telling
him of his gruesome find. Dr. Gipbs
told Mr. Spruill that he was no longer
acting in the capacity of coroner'and
referred him to W. B. Flanner, clerk
of the Superior Court. After haying
been informed of the case Mr. Flanner
. . . ... .IT A .
appointed ur. waiter waison as njti-
ng coroner and after empanelling
a jury consisting of the following gen
tlemen: O. A. Kafer, for man, C. F.
Ellison, H. K. Land, Isaac Cohen,
Capt. J. M. Satterfield and C. P.
Bartling, Dr. Watson drove over to
James City, where the body had in
the meantime been carried, and viewed
the remains.
Thc corpse was in a fair state of
preservation and had probably been
in the water for a Week or' ten days.
In life the man would have probably
tipped the scales at one hundred and
seventy-five pounds and was probably
five feet nine inches in height. After
viewing the body, Dr. Wataon turned
it over to a colored undertaker to be
prepared for interment.
. At 8 o'clock last night the jury met
in Dr. Watson's office and held an In
quest at the completion of which they
rendered the following verdict: i .
"We, the coroner's jury empanelled
this the 11th day of June, 1913, in
vestigate tUe finding of the dead body
f an uuknown colored man in Trent
iver at the draw bridge of the A. ft
N. C. R. R. Co., find that death was
caused by drowning in a way unknown
to the jury."
Who the dead negro is or where he
came from is a mystery. Hjrndreds
of colored people viewed tMfebody
yesterday and not one of them could
identify it. It is supposed that the man
came to New Bern from some bther
town on an excursion a week or more
igo and that he in some way fell into
the river and was drowned. This
is only supposition and it is probable
that his identity will never be learned.
Thc statement of the National Bank
will be found in today's paper. It
eives full details as to the condition
of this strong banking institution
and shows that it is being ably and pro
gressively managed. The deposits are
now considerably over a half million
dollars. The National has a corps
of courteous officials and clerks and
this accounts in no small degree (or
its continued popularity.
r i k .
.JLLT" Croon W. W. Croston genera.
L L. T.T- .. Adslt agent of the Norfolk
With the third ann.i.1 , .1. southern Railway wav Cnr
- . vuiiiri inin DI ..K 1. I - . - I '
. 1 wiiu ii aiiii,.i
Admission to the Fair grounds will
he 50c. Admission to the grand stand
will be free.
Thc hookworm dispensary now being ,
operated in this county has been in
operation for three weeks. Although,,
i number of persons have been exam
ined and have takea the treatment,
the interest being manifested in K
by the citisens of the county is not all
that could be desired.
Dr. G F. Leonard, who is in charge
of the wrok, is doing everything pos
sible to Bet the people interested ill
the dispensary and has just had several
thousand circulars printed In which
the disease and treatment are fully
The county commissioners have goal
to considerable expense w securing
the service of Dr. Leonard and an as
sistant to conduct the dispensary af
it is possible that the people of tats
county will not again have an oppof
tunitv to net this free treatmewL
- -" n
Every Saturday the dispensary la cod-
ducted at the court house in this city
trier, in norfnlk w.t. w
business viurnr ;,. k.. -i...
7 )v.inv,;. i paay
LOST Monday afternoon in
ville, 'a hand-engraved brooch M if
with pearls. Reward if returned to
Miss Matt SaWiton, Mayville, N. N.
No. 666
' ' Thh is s ptescriptioa prepared especially
or sis doses will break any cose, sad
mew as tonic me revet wtu not
It nets en the liver better than
Ml gripe or sicken. 25c
John H., the infant son of Mr
and Mrs. H. C. Coker, died enrly Mon
day morinng at thc home of its pircnts
No. 112 Grif.ith street. The remains
were interred In Ced
and the people of New Bern are "W-
to go out and see the work, even It tMyQpr
do not take the treatment.
The annual tag dsy services of the
Elks will be held on Friday, June U.
at x in o n. at their temple and the
J. B. Phillips, public is extended n cordial tovitb
I'aptist church, tion to attend. L. 1. Moore w do
liver the address of the occasion.

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