North Carolina Newspapers

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Of Distinctive Stamp Dii-
coatiniied By Order Of Poet- '
Effective To-day Alao, The C
O. D.
Feature Of Parcel. Peat Goea
that ordinary
aiao provinco
to-day, July 1, a number
in connection vhh the
go into effect. One of
changing of the rules, so
postage stamps can be
parcel post packages. It is
that parcel post stamps
for aft purposes for which
tamps are need. This ari l
hasten Hie departure of the distinctive
lor parcel poat purposes, and
when the present supply is exhausted
ao more will be made.
AsWtber innovation which the be
ginning of July will inaugurate will
be tpr C. 0. D feature of the parcel
post'aervice. The order of the Post
master General in regard to the col
lectttaH feature of the service is as
"The sender of a mailable parcel on
which the. po;e is f" ly prepaid
of 'the articleand
collected from
tnt 'of a fee of
affixed, provided
to be collected does not
Such a parcel will be
against loss, without additional
i an amount equivalent to its
t, but not to exceed $50.
tnArr of 3 C O D narrel
wilt-be given a receipt showing the
cfJfcc and date of mailing, the num
ber of the parcel, and the amount due
sWfcr, .
Jk t. 0. D. parcel will be accepted
for mail ng only at a money order of
fice, and when addressed to . money
may have the price
k. .1
tin: ( tour II TCI cvu
thedsuueon paym
iiuM $109
County Superintendent of Public
Instruction Inspects Work.
S. M. Brinson, county superintendent
of public instruction, returned yester
day from Vance bo ro avhere he had been
to inspect the progress being made
in the erection of the Craven county
Farm Life School. Mr. Brinson was
greatly pleased with the progress the
contractors are making. The basement
of the school building has been com
pleted and the large force of workmen
. f . em .
are now at worlc oil tne nrst noor.
Dr. J. E. Turlingtort, the principal of
the school, is on the scene assisting in
supervising the work.
Two is company, but three is a mul
titude when father butts in.
George H. Roberts, Jr., has returned
from a visit at Oriental.
Uncle Sam Does Tremendous A
mount Ot Bualnesa With Other
Germany Comes Next, Then Canada
While Fourth on List Is
Washington, D. C, June 30. The
detailed figures given out by the Depart
ment of Commerce show the aggregate
trade of the United States with foreign
countries for the eleven months ended
May 31, 1913, to be in" excess of
$3,983,000,0O0, an increase in the
total trade of over $395,000,000 com
pard with the corresponding period
of 1912. . During the eleven months
the United States imported over
$1,681,000,000 worth of goods, and
exported over $2,302,000,000 worth,
making a balance of trade in our
favor of over $620,985,000.
The United Kingdom is our largest
customer, buying from us over
$565,000,000, and selling us a little
over $27.,000,000, an aggregate trade
for the eleven months in excess of
$840,000,000. Germany comes next,
buying from us over $314,000,000,
and selling us $175,000,000, making a
total trade in excess of $489,000,000
Canada is our third largest customer,
purchasing of us over $377,600,000,
and selling us over $109,600,000, mak
ing a total trade in excess of
$487,000,000. Fourth comes France,
to 'whom we sold nearly $140,000,000
The plans for the establishment wonn, ana oi wnom we Pun.iieu
f mill in New Bern a.- roiiur wr l,uuu,uuu worm, maicing a
t j : ... ,:t(,rtnrv toial business with this republic of
lu.wo.u .. ""-"J I , ,
..M . f th.-nrmoterS over zov,ouu,uw i or me eiven
rnoatn period
th Uur sales aDroaa oi manuiaciureo
Plans For Establishment of New
Factory Advancing Sat.
Business Men Believe That Money
Put In Proposed Factory Will
Yield Handsome Returns.
manner, said one
of that enterprise yesterday.
Tho committee that is niacins
stock has aot made as good headway - Pt'y manufactured articles dur
i ..ttina around to the various "V the eleven-month period ended
prospects as had been hored for, owing May 31, . 1913, show a large increase
1U UllICI CiiKOKt-Hii'to esuvi iiiiuiu& i-in-
I i f n t i L : I
narties out or swav from the c tv. POnoing periwa oi ivu, uC...B ...
I e a a a. mui tru
Rut the committee wishes t known coss oi i,anw,,
1 4.1 a t AAA nnn 1
if .ill ,nnillv tret around WSZn l,iJl,uw,uu lasi yer
to all and hopes that aU who are looking " greatest ... Vu.
atrroan is in nnuuiea manuiaciures,
which we show a gain ot over
-A distinctive tag shall be attached
tO each C. O. D. pai
of three parts or coanons. The first, t
mm sHffiavaWached anal handed I for a sale and profitable investment
sesnsr as his receipt; the sec-1 will be prepared to subscribe liberally ,n
Dr. Pratt Telia Why Good Roadsl Self -Confessed Slayer of Golden
Con-en Ion la To Be Held
la East.
Piedmont and h Eastern Sections
Hare Not Regarded Bond
Issues Favorably.
Attorney D
After being
ner-a Jury on.
i tvuren
. mmmv ,rr
inall be herd as a record I for stock when approached
u.y i - - -
the $96,000,000 for the eleven-aiontn
at ''to miffing' office, and the third
I to the parcel
The sender of a C O. D. parcel
alt, fill ia as many of the items on
et. O. D. tag as possible, including
i : items showing the amount due
1 aad shall place his name and ad
is on the back. He shall also place
iiase and address on the back of
thereon pon retained at the mailing
"The CO. . tag must show the
amount due the sender, the money or
der fee necessary to make the remit
tance,andthe total amount to be collect
ed. The parcel will be 1 1 eated as ordinary
mail until it reaches the office of ad
dress, where on payment of all charges,
it will be delivered to the addressee,
or to any responsible person to whom
the addressee's ordinary mail is cus
tomarily delivered.
"The addressee will not be permitted
to examine' the contents of a C. O. D.
parcel uatft il has baea receipted for
antral! charges paw. a parcel may oe
refused when it is tendered for ddiv
ary, bat after deBvery has been effect
ad k cannot be' returned on account of
Jiastlsfartloa with the contents or
the amount collected."
The Poatnas General's order as
to the use of ordinary stamps on
parcel post paclagss is:
"Oa and after July 1st, 1913, ordi
nary pqasgHi stamps, taauotng com
i hall be valid for
for Insurance aad collect
on delivery fees on fourth-class mail
and distinctive parcel post stamps
shall be sjsJM for afl purposes for
which ordinary stamps are valid.
"The Issuance of pared post stamps
to puitasjilsri shall be discontinued
after the stock now on hsnd in the
Bureau of Engraving and Printing are
exhausted, and no additional supply of
these sumps' shall be printed."
Postmaster' Basoight last night had
aot received the official instructions
to authorise he ale of regular stamps
oaf narpoasii and said that
came hi would have
make the change
m'm, however, received, the official
MsJMHttVh C O. D. feature of the
I 'parcel post service and has everything
la readiness to put it on to-day.
. j : : i .1.. .
..Meet. The committee is Verv wdl perioa. n ga... -raw mauc ... ..... with the rwress that has been futures for further use in manufac
1. f iwiiwt ... 1
.i r I. : l : ,k. .t-r IturmK oi uver tni.mww, wucmn
inus ia. raw puiniis i -, ... . . a
It is being pointed out by the backers inre a u.....c ... .wu.tuua
of the new enterprise that cotton mills """"V manmacturen o. neany
si oAA nnn T 1. . iL. ; .. ,1
have proved some of the finest paying .wuu.yuv. i
investment, in the South, some of the "nrt statistics for the three classes
largest fortune, having been made out It will be seen that in each instance
of the great industry which gives the balance of trade is m our favor,
employment to so many thousand. For instance, of foodstuffs partly or
nnM thronohoi.t tho South, wnoiry wsiu
Another argument that is being used W.OOO.OOO worth and purchased a
is that the establishment of a cotton over '"'"7"
mill in New Bern will give this city tra. uav ln"
additional commercial and indus- frouP 01 ov" e".".
. .u-. :n i t j llaxtures lor lurtner use in manuiac-
p-ctag .... .. conooo .u J
.kU It will m.a omnlovmoot foi rnnK wc suiu o . . , v,vw .w....
many who are already here and swell baugnt overauuo.ovo wo.m, , caving
the population by bringing mure peo
ple in the dty as it is hardly lik ely that
cess of $56,000,000. Of manufactures
the prent population will aupply the U"' .L', 7... .
wssws MM-ww. - '""'I..... 1 1 1 i AAA A I !
are in the dty and the more steadily ",e over ""'TT,. "
tut i.w.ivrfv h.v . omrJoveH . tho very respectable balance in our
the promoters of the new enterprise
are argiung the better business will be
The men actively behind the pre
lect are J. S. Miller, C. toy, L. H. E. D. Cannon of Polloksville is the
Cutler, Jr., Thomas G. Ifyman, J. W. faat man to send the Journal a cotton
favor of over $329,000,000.
Stewart, T. D. Warren,
and E. C. Armstrong
A. D. Ward,
blossom. The cotton from which
the blossom wss picked Wars planted
the latter part of April. The grower
of this field of cotton is only seven
teen years of age,
cue oui
The Struggle Discourages Many
Citizen of New Bern.
Around all day with an aching back
Can't rest at night;
Enough to make any one "give out.
Doan's Kidney Pills ere helping
thousands. ., . - ,
They are for kidney aad backache
And other kidney ills.
Here is convincing proof of their
as . '-W
Dr. 0. C, Daniels, who has been a
iv.r tilM. nkifiirlin . . n.I ... --I
'- f"J . my uiicniw lot mcniM
the past ten years, has secured the J. A. Williams, 203 McDaniel St
office in the Elk's Temple formerly Kinston, N. C, says: "Doan's Kidney
occupied by Dr. G. A. Catoa and about Pills proved of more benefit to me than
July 13 will move to this dty. any other remedy I ever used and
Dr. Daniels will mske a speciality would be impossible for me to ssy too
of the treatment of diseases of the eye, much in their praise. I had kidney
ear and nose. He has iust comnlated trouble (or a lona time and was caused
m mvmxmm lourac in tne treatment mucn annoyance oy a irequent sjcasrt
I of disesses of this type st the New York to pass th kidney secretions. Therel
Post Graduate Medical School and was also lameness through the small
Hospital st New York. of my back that on some occasions made
la an interview with a Journal it hard for me to attend to my work. I
reporter yesterday Dr. Daniels aaid uaed many remedies but the benefit
that In his estimation New Bern was I obtained was only temporary. 1
the best towa in the State, and that its finally got a box of Doan's Kidney
- fj falias's ,or on Middle street -uranism cm ana development I rule sna soon alter using tnem, 1 was
W . aat.l,el " tob"ve that it would be only cured
aaaaa .0 .Mri.. .nnarel I" ""' ' ve before it would For sale by all dealers. Price 50
. rr .' he mm of th Urki ! c. I . c uil. r-
M latter h tastdufly arraagad . -T " " " -.
. . vw,u mi nww Bern nigniyi new iwa, ao agents lor me untie
recommended and them Is every prob- Ststss.
lahsaty that his efforts ban will asset I Remember the name -Doan's ad
Chanel Hill. N. C. Jury 1. Because
the Piedmont and Eastern counties
have not as a rule regarded bond issues (killing Golden
for good roads favorably the Executive
Committee of the North Carolina
Good Roads Association thought i
wise to hold the. 1913 j Good Roads
Convention in the Eastern part of the
State and selected Morehead City,
says Dr. Joseph Hyde Pratt, secretary
of the Good Roads' Association in a
good roads circular just from the
Press. The date for the convention
is July 31 and August 1.
Few States in the South," says Dr.
Pratt, "have exhibited more activity
during the past six months in good roads
work than has North Carolina, and
particularly Western North Carolina;
and it is believed that the work of the
the North Carolina Good Roads Asso
ciation has been largely instrumental
in awakening this interest and actrvity-
The annual convention for 1912 wa
held in Charlotte and was largely
attended, there bdng between 300 and
400 delegates. Since that convention
met counties and townships in Western
North Carolina have' issued about
$1,300,000 in bonds for good roads."
Continuing Dr. Pratt says in his
good roads circular:
"There are still a great many ques
tions in connection with the Good
Roads" work in our State which need
to be worked out, and it is by getting
together and discussing these matters
that the work is advanced and possibly
many errors obviated.
"A great many local road bills
were enacted by the .General Assembly
of 19J3 relating to road work in various
counties and townships, but no State
legislation was passed, and it is thought
by those who have given this subject
much study that the Good Roads cause
ill not advance as it should without
some State aid, certainly to the extent
furnishing engineering assistance
the counties. At the present
me the Nortn carouna
and Economic Survey has about thirty
applications for engineering assistance
which it is unable to fill on account oi
lack of appropriation. Many town
hips issue bonds for a certain amount
of money, but do not feel justified in
spending this j for a road engineer
account of the small amount ot
money they are thus able to obtain
The State, by furnishing an engineer
would enable the township , or county
to get the greatest good from its bond
issue, and could furnish the county
township better engineering work
than it could obtain by employing
an engineer temporarily
"A trip will be made over the
Central Highway by the Trustees ail
the Highway the week preceding the
Convention, beginning July 25th, and
it is expected that there will be many
delegates who will mkae automobile
runs to Morehead City from places
along the route of this highway to
attend this Convention. Among the
Question which will be taken up, at
this Convention are; Th Central
Htlhuay, Rood Pnbtems of Ike Jhfswn
lain CouhIus, Jtooa rroMemt
Piedmont Count!, Road ProVemi of
Ike Eailejm-fountiet, Wide Tirte, Mood
Maintenance, Koaa enpneere, nm
Relationship oj Good Roadt Is Property
"Delegates will be appointed to
represent every county, incorporate!
town, end county good roads associa
tion. It is hoped that as many fanners
as can will attend and take part ia
the discussions of this Convention
The headquarter Of the Association
will be the Atlantic Hotel, and it is
(expected that the railroads will give
reduced rates oa account of Cba
"A most cordial invitation b ex
tended to aM who are interested in the
promotion of good roads to attend the
meetings and take part ia the proceed -
fan of the Convention.
For further information, address
Joseph Hyde Pratt, Secretary, Chapel
Hill, N. C.
Mc RaejeTace A
k" Hehdersbo Pro..-
Man's ReJsrtivee.
(arafPSn a "V .,k3,
r -
charge of
Student Of. Budneaa Collage Will
Celebrate the Fourth.
I by a tSSrc
cRae, colored, at the
Prof. E. C. Bowersock, president of
the Southern Shorthand and Business
University, announced yesterday that
(SB1 ' .
the school will be closed, beginning
to day until next Monday on account
of the big celebration on July 4.
Daring this time the class rooms
will be repainted and renovated and
will be pat in first class condition
for the fall' term. Five new Remington
No. 10 typewriters will also be instal-
Isf In addition to the present equip
ment. The enrollment for the fall term
is already large and it is expected that
many more will enter before the school
opens on September 2.
There' sffisvat number of very attrac
K eVsiky-window la evidence just
Among these ate those
Willis Company's store
at j. M. Mitchell,
jiv osspsay-wsn
at. jMs time.
V BhaJaajk was I
Gaston Hotel last Saturday afternoon,
ne Munh 'eold' woman
some time been employed
id at thatt place, was
given a preliminary ncaring yesterday
afternoon before Mayor Bangert 'on
a warrant charging her with' murdering
MRa Prnhahle rauae "rSrSn foiihrl!
and the defeiidaa was - fcArrttl oVerfWA11
to the neat term' 'ot "'Craven county
Superior -Court under 'V bond of three
hundred dollars, in default of which)
she was committed to jail.
Bdng dissatisfied with the verdict
rendered by the Coroners jury, t the
relatives of the dead man had a' watf Smr
sworn out for Emeline Murphy, and
secured the services of Attorney Di 'R.
Henderson. The woman had returned
to her home at Oriental and it was
necessarv to have her arrested there
and brought back to this city where
she was given a. prdiminary hearing
at 3 o'clfe yesffirdayft'afternoon.
The same witnesses, Willie White,
a colored girl and Arthur Fleming,
colored, who are employed at the hotel
and who testified before the Coroner's
Jury, were placed on the stand and re
told their story of the affair which
corresponded in all the major details
with that related by the ddendant
which was printed in the Journal
Sunday morning in an interview which
a reporter had with her
In brief the alleged Slayer of McRae
said that she and the deceased were
sweethearts aad intended marrying
at an early date. Saturday afternoon
she was dttsng in the colored maids
dining room at the hotel, preparing
to light a cigarette. Just at that time
McRae walked into the room and told
her to throw the cigarette away
Playfully she picked up a revolver
which' had been lying on the table
and pointing it at her sweetheart
pulled the trigger and that there was a
report of a shot and that McRae
ranjfrom the room and fell dead some
distance away
The ddendant wa represented by
Wm. Dunn. Jr. and R. B. Niaon,
While bdng cross-examined by Mr
Henderson, the defendant, made con
tradktory statements. After hearing
the evidence Mayor Bangert found
cause aad Bound the woman over to Su
parlor Court.
Upon complaint of Dr. E. G, Har-
gctt, city meat and milk inspector and
I veterinarian, warrants were yesterday
d against Joseph Stevenson and
Palp and Dixon, operators of dairies
furnishing milk to the residents of New.
Bjerhy in which they were charged
with allowing their dairies to become
An active campaign is being wag ed
19 New Bern against tne nouseny,
and all unsanitary conditions, and
Dr. Hargett is doing his best to properly
attend to his share of the work. In
the ca9 against Mr. Stevenson Dr.
Hargett stated that he had given him
every opportunity to dean up and that
he had failed to do so. After con
sidering the case Mayor Bangert placed
a fine of five dollars and the costs of
the case on him. '
In the case against Pate and Dixon
Dr. Hargeft's chid complaint was;
against the unsanitary condition of the.
barn. The dairy proper was found
to be in good condition. In rendering
his decision 1n this case Mayor Bangert
said that' inasmuch as the dairy was
in good shape that judgment would
be suspended upon the payment of the
Dr. Hargett is making weekly in
spections of the local dairies and in an
interview with a Journal reporter
he said that he would devote every
effort to putting each one in a perfectly
sanitary condition and keeping them
in this shape.
. Vft
Badly Decomposed fE
covered Near A. C. L. Railway
Company's Whassi.
Second Body Found
During The
tni n)
1 tfc tOS
"W. ePPa?5k.
hi. ho .arf . '
' SalPaV M -
watTnMatf statT
tartting ,
hU ad ;
While crossing Neuse riverj
afternoon at a point
the Atlantic Coast Line
Comoanv's wharf. I. R: Poo
body of a dead negro floating on the
waters of the river. Upoh his return
to the dty he notified Acting Coroner
Dr. Walter Watson and the
Leon Scales to go out ia
bring the corpse to the
of;the bcMil
of decomnosition. aad
there was a wound just above the Idt
. ... . . .4 j . 2iC
fip . I his. wounn trarrured Toe ieub
r . c.
ana was apparency maw uy an
vy instrument or by the bow of
vessel. After examining the
it was turned over to an
to be prepared for burial.
Lart night a coroner s jury composed
of J. L. Hartsfield, foreman, D. P.
Henry, A. T. Land, C. F, Ellison,
M. D. W. Stevenson and C.T.M
met at Dr. Watson's office and I
inquest. Several witness
a mined, but there was not fhH"
evidence offiered which tended to
who the dead man is or as to I
his death. At the conclu
inquest the jury rendered tSe 1
"We, the Coroner's Jury,
this the second day of July.
to investigate the death of an i
colored man found this day
river near the Atlantic Coast'
Railway Company's wharf, have' 1
that the deceased met Ms death
causes unknown."
This is the second time
past few weeks that the
dead negro has . been found. 1
iii the water1 near the city., On the I
occasion a dead Dooy was iou
Trent river near the Nojfojk 0,l',S.-t
Railway Company's bridge. Several
days later this was ideni fiedaf r
possible that the body (quad yesterday
afternoon will be iden tiffed latef on.
ps ! W
,1 r vtn
Doctors Dou't Know WhaiSlil-t
se Richmond Man Died Of
Richmond, July
Lee Coleman,
dmase wkh
turn wno ixasaaawH
1. Victim Of
baffled the
him. Cuss.
five, s wdl
known young druggist, lor merry oi
Rirhmnad. but more recently of
Lexington, Va., died Saturday at a
hospital iav Wlndelphsa. , Hi. body
wa brooght o Rkhmond and buried
in Hollywood.
For several snont the young man
irotn pecu-
The United States Civil Service
Commission announces that on July
26 , an examination will be held at
Kinston, N. C. as a result of which it
. . r .
a, expected to maxe cenincaiion iu
W a contemplated vacancy in the posi
tion of fourth tlass postmaster at Dov
er, N. C. and other vacancies as
thehy may occur at that
office, nnless it shall be decided in the
interests of the service to fill the va
catney by reinstatement. The conr
nensation of the post master at this
office was $754 for the last fiscal year,
Application forms and full informs
. . . . -i
tion concernin tne requirements oi
the examination can be recured from
the postmaster at Dover and the local
secretary at Kinston.
had been a great
Wjedeell Aid
auvuoKV in" mm v 'jr-
recommended anJsMslBwn. Another
suspected eye trotsbis aad suggested
that aaJbulist laaffsulted. , Finally
Mr. Cossmas), de-pslfitdlF ffdting re
lief- keat. iiltaJiiysauhauji. in
Phdadelohi. .who eowduded that he
was iwobahlfeeulgi fcora n tumo
in the brain. He beffsme unconscia
about a. week .go Ana remain
that suullrlsn until ffsath came.
.in 'naaH
tH, laaaH'
Fiance Insolvent. Girl Must Give
Up Engagement Ring.
Phhadelohia. July 2. Sentimen
tal consideration do not govern
bankruptcy cases, according to a deci
aion bv Federal Judge McPher
son awarding a young woman's
gagement ring to the trustee appointed
when her fiance was declared insolvent
The ring, valued at $350, it was said
was presented to Miss Sarah Simon of
this dty by Ben F. Baker within four
months preceding the filing of a petition
in bankruptcy against him m Bluehelds
W. V-, where he was engaged in the
dgajf and tobacco business. Tho Judge
rUWS- tnat MISS nmon may a.ccy in
ring if she will pay the trustee its cash
Patrons of the Athens Cafe will soon
have an opportunity to patronise the
modern soda fountain which is now
hcing Installed in this popular eating
house. The fountain I very large
and is unusually attractive in ft p
pasrsnce. In addition to carrying
drinks of various varieties the eafe
wig also serve ice cream.
All number of the Chamber of
Commerce are requested to bNfrtiatlt
to-night at a mseting d that body
in iu new quarter over the Sete'Rdyat
BhN Shoe Store. Thistaeetinriscslled by
the Railway and Water Transportation
Committee, aad matter of vital in
tarcst rehtlv to tr asportation wilt
be discussed. The meeting will be cal
led at right o'clock promptly sad will
not last loafer than a ha hour.
riSJajiilili to a lady's wardrobe
Bsttmsat of dry goods is
There will be an important meeting
of th Executiv Committee of the
Eastern Carolina Fair Association In
the Chamber of Commerce room to
-. 11V'V. 'iiM
v eunm , war u nmmr
ST rZ SBLL . .
Line '
during the.
rorge of a
loupd w
ii rrm
d dag
.iH) ISw nl
. SMasSJi. t
. f
Gettysburg, 'Pa., July
$50, all' the money
with him and unable to Walk
battle field because he hist Ms left lag
at Winchester. Major John H. Kerr
asevr un In distrust and
and suited hack to his hosa la
eoyvule, N. C.
He came to camp wM.
2,000 Confederates frOJlfP
Una. His poclhrtboehJPs-l ej
turn railroad ticket wura
awoke in his tent the
hag. Arrangements w
another ticket.'
I came here to see the
on which I fought a a Member
parry H. Fffty-Sevont-t tlasfh
Regiment." Mid the MfOr, w
use aUtths. " but my f
been destroyed. It '
for me to walk over the sfeM. HavNff
no money, I can't sure a ishlchl, SO I
am going home."
Several of the veteran reported
that thev had lost soma dtdf W
made m
longings during the sSght
of men were m
vatioa all night, and ft is
the local camp
Red Mea held
At s meeting of
Improved Order of
last aight the following officers were
elected for the enuing yer: Garrison
Farrow, Prophet; Lawrence Wsntau,
Sachem; N. Mr Farrow, Senior Sag
M mil . :
more and Horace wi. niu, juto.
Sag a m ore . ,f
Milaritii Chills & Fever
that the
thieves broke tl
got into some of the
the fagged osft and
y" in the pulsus Sff,
cuSnb To
Wvsss shi da ss wtjrwsli y
taskssaal sud doss aot jilts ot skua,
th an account of a collision between
a bicycle and a motorcyqte contained
th the Journal Tuesday morning,
i It ws suted that Dr. Dunn was riding
rlko mntflfrVfU Tkiffi VIM afl HVTCWn
m rCWHa M.AiM. U .nv1 K TV Dunn
SMS kgkj lilt uiaiv-iii isv ss ' " vm
ewAmee, hut was bdne ooertrd by a nephew
man ' j Mrs. William Dunn who Is visiting
just after long journey.
UsffllWl 'HM
To Cffltta.
A tdegfam received .hart
brought the aad new
t M prehear City at
yesterday fteraooa of
dalt Meadows, the
old daughW of Mr. and Mrs
Meadows of this dty. Tl
had been Ml for severed st
attack of 0Htls, hut ha
wss not cdydarad
of t wo
remains ww 1
hi", wasraiuff
,.' riMaMI AaSBH
n-aV""' m
night al ft.30 o'clock,
in the city.
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