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measure with might and mam. Toe
currency bill is also likely sooner'" or
later to meet with all obstacles that the
opposition party can throw in its path.
Published in Two Sections, even
Tuesday and Friday at No. 48 Pollock
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Only in advance.
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quiry by mall.
Entered at the Postoffice, New Bern,
N.,C, as second-class matter.
A practice in this city which causes
a great deal of inconvenience and might
very well cause a serious accident
i that of bicycle riders as a general
hings colored boys are sent to deliver
packages riding on the sidewalk. Yes
terday there came to the attention of
the writer the case of a gentleman
who was so nearly run into by one of
these reckless riders that his knuckle
had a piece of skin taken off by the
basket on the wheel as it whizzed
by him. There is an ordinance forbid
ding the riding of bicycles on the side
walks and it is believed that if a few
jf these reckless young nerroes who
ise the sidewalks in this manner in de-
n-iance of law were arrested and pun
ished, persons who lawfylly use the
sidewalks would be materially safer.
Citing the bitter quarrel and scandals
in which the Governor of Virginia,
the ex-president of the Virginia Poly
technic Institute, and others have been
involved, the Charlotte Observer says:
"These accusations affecting the
Governor of Virginia, the new presi
dent of the Virginia Polytechnic In
stitute, and others as well, are ugly
enough. To North Carolinians they
may serve as an agreeable reminder
of the fact that while of course in
trigues and disturbances have not
been altogether absent from our pub
lic institutions, squabblings or scan
dais so inclusive involving the Gov
ernor, for example have been un
kno. n 1 ere.8
The fact of the matter is that North
Carolina is a far more progressive
State than Virginia. There is hardly a
progressive step that has not been taken
by North Carolina far in advance of
Virginia. We had a railroad commission
lonir before the need for such an
organization was. seen in the Old Do
minion. We have lad Wtate-wide
prohibition for years while it will
still be some years apparently before
Virginia will adopt it. The fee system
of comnensatine public officials has
been largely wiped out in this State
while it still has a firm grip on Virginia
Our impression is also that this State
settled the race question by the adop
tion of a constitutional amendment
some years before the same thing was
done in Virginia. This State promptly
approved the amendment to the Federal
constitution authorizing the imposition
of an income tax while Virginia was
one of the few States that refused to
sanction that amendment. One simply
has to contemplate Virginia, mother
of Presidents though it be, to realize
what a fine State North Carolina
The eyes of the whole country, and
to some extent, of the world, are on
John Lind, the peace messenger from
this country to Mexico. There is a
suspicion that Huerta will make trouble
for him out of resentment for the
faili're of this country to recognize
the Huerta government, but this view
is not entertained by administration
officials. Lind is a man with a fine
record for having a head and for using
it. If he does anything appreciable
in the way of bettering conditions in
Mexico he will deserve great credit.
It takes courage and confidence in
elf to undertake a task like that to
which Lind has addressed himself,
and the admiration of the American
people will go out warmly to him.
What has become of the activity
of past years in the direction of urging
people to keep the grass bewteen the
sidewalk and the curb mowed? The
grass in these places is allowed in some
instances to grow up knee high, thus
affording the best opportunity in the
world for mosquitoes to breed. Mos
quitoes spread malarial fever so that
these unmowed places simply mean
more sickness, more un happiness, more
doctors' and druggists' bills to meet.
There could be a general cleaning up
of such places as we have described
with great gain to the health condi
tions here.
Southern banks get half of the crop
fund, says a headline. There is an
administration in power now which
can be depended on to treat the South
Col. Burleson is as original at a
postmaster general as his chief is as
a president. What he doesn't like he
lojcsno time in trying to throw on the
trash heap. There's some new wrinkle
being hatched all the time in his de
partment and inthesame way old and
time-worn practices and customs are
being ruthlessly tossed into the dis
card. The Postmaster-General has
more authority than many have sup
posed and "old man Burleson," as
somebody has more or less disres
pectfully called him, is using his au
thority right up to the limit. Commend
us to Burleson for not being afraid
to turn in and do something.
would be more stoutly resisted. They
are ignorant aid misguided and will
have to be educated and reformed
before they can be reasoned with.
The thirst for pleasure which pre
vails so widely at the present time
was mentioned yesterday, the occasion
being the remark by the Greensboro
News that not since the sixteenth cen
tury nave people been so bent on
seeking amusement as they are now
The News seemed doubtful as to whe
ther this meant moral decline or not.
Bearing on the question is an editorial
which we find in this week's Biblical
Recorder on the subject. "What is the
Worst Calamity?" The Recorder
"To the question a thousand different
answers might be given, but none would
surpass that of Charles Kingseby who
years ago wrote: 'The very worst cala
mity, I should say, which could befall
any human being would be this: to have
everything he liked for the asking
or even for the buying; never forced
to say, "I should like this, but I must
not do it"; never to deny himself
never to exert himself, never to work,
ind never to want. That man's soul
would be in as great danger as if he
were committing great crimes.' "
In a measure the calamity that
Kingsley threatens describes those who
jive a substantial part of their time
to th enjoyment of the so called
pleasures cf life. Of course the calamity
of not having to work will not ordinarily
befall an individual, but the other
conditions described by Kingsley are
largely met by the many who demand
to be entertained by every conceivable
form of entertainment during the hours
that they are not working. It would
be good for the individual and for so
ciety as a whole, if pe-sons who are
able to buy any form of entertainment
that they like best would deny them
selves occasionally.
SILY. The law is sometimes a very clumsy
machine so far as the amelioration
of untoward conditions are concerned.
Take the case of Harvey Baker, the
young man in jail in default ofv bond
for his faithful performance of the
mandate of the court that he pay hit
family eight dollar a week.
He it a stranger and no one. naturally
feels like going hit bond particularly
at his record it decidedly unsavory
So he hat to "loaf" in jail. Meantime
hit wife and children are-face to face
with want, being deprived to the sup
port of the husband and father.
What it needed in a case like Harvey's
it tome place for him to work at a fair
wage and under compulsion the proceeds
of his .labor to go to the support of
his family. Of course the State could
not undertake to keep that sort of thing
up indefinitely, but a few months of it
under the right kind of influence might
have a wholesome and permanently
corrective effect on the delinquent.
; Per&mals
Friday August 8
Mrs. John Cox of Kinston
among the visitors in the city yesterday.
oeorge At more left last .evening
for a short visit with hit parents at
Mrs. Ernest H. Wood left yesterday
far a visit hh relatives st Kinston.
Miss Grace Mrris, of Oriental,
returned home last evening after a
short visit here with relatives.
A typographical error in a dispatch
telling of the proposal of the railroads
as to freight rates led the Journal in
an editorial published a few days ago
to fall into the error of assuming that
New Bern was Included in the re
ductions proposed. But this is not the
case. Of course the Chamber of Com
merce is doing exactly the right thing
in joining with Wilmington and other
places similarly interested in demanding
that the reductions apply to the water
points as well as to the interior points.
As one of the speakers said at last
night's meeting, this is one of the most
important questions that the Chamber
of Commerce hat been called upon to
consider. New Bern should be heard
Tuesday and in no uncertain tones.
An Oklahoma newspaper man has
been made minister to Venezuela
If the President continues to hand out
jobs to the scribes there will be danger
of shortage of newspaper help.
The Wilmington Star speaks
parable when it says that "active
capital, enterprising men and energetic
people build a city and keep it going
ahead." You can't keep a working man
down and by the same token you can'
hold a working city back. The com
bination named by the Star is invir
able. Every city ought to strne
to possess all three of the sine ai a
nons that the Star mentions.
No determined
administration s c
made in the Houi
nority Leader Mann
irmincd V ion
lion's cjfl Flull
he HotiMqKrdini
ider MannF Si mi
ion to the
bill will be
K to Mi
Something of
It is usually the case just at this
season 'that the amount of business
done in this section is comoarativelv
sman, mis condition is due In a measure
to the fact that many people are away
from home during the summer months
According to reports made by local
merchants and business men in New
Bern this condition does not prevail
Naturally the amount of business
is not as large as that which it done
during the spring and fall but still it
is very gratifying and shows that this
is a prosperous section. If there is any
one who does not think that business
in commercial lines is not large enough
to mention, a glance in the stores
any Saturday night will quickly dis
prove this idea.
The farmers will soon begin bringing
in their cotton and the money received
from this will be put in circulation
and local bankers are of the orinioa
that the financial condition of this
section during the approaching fall
and winter will be all that can be de
the same sort was said about the Re
publicans and the tariff bid, but our
Republican friendt are hammering the
The President's plant for the pacifi
cation of Mexico are said to have
aroused the antagonism of many of
the warring factions ia that country.
That wat to have been expected.
Peace it the very thing that many
of the Mexicans don't want. There
ia a certain class of people who are never
better satisfied than when in a conflict.
Mexico seems to have rather more
than itt share of people of that stripe
Perhaps there are no people on the
globe when a pad best on program
A new Richmond has galloped into
the Virginia political field in the person
of John Garland Pollard, whom the
Democrats of the State in a primary
held Tuesday made their nominee
for the position of Attorney General
The last man to enter the race, with
but a few short weeks to conduct his
campaign and with the powerful Vir
ginia machine arrayed against him,
he made such a clear cut and able
campaign that the Democracy of the
State decided that he was the man it
wanted ja it candidate for the import
ant position for which he was named.
It is said that he is grooming himself
as the next candidate for Governor
and it is recalled that it was by way
of the Attorney-Generalship that An
drew Jackson Montague, now a Con
gressman, elevated himself to the posi
tion of Governor. Pollard is a pro
gressive of a pronounced type and will
be heard from.
The Richmond Journal thinks that
this government should lift the embargo
on arms for Mexico and let both sides
fight it out. If Huerta stays on bis
high horse it would not be surprising
to see the administration doing that
very thing. The Constitutionalists
have a less unsavory record than the
faction that is now in authority in
Mexico City and their name is agree
able to a people who believe in abiding
by legally established authority. The
Richmond paper says: "Apparently
the problem can't be solved as things
are now going. Give the Mexicans all
the weapons they wish and all the mu
nitions of war which they may need
Their population may be decimated
to some extent by the experiment.
but they will be better off in the end,
and to will numerout others who are
more or lets Interested in the welfare
and upbuilding of their country."
It is said in the dispatches heralding
the coming of Dr. Henry R Carter,
the government malaria expert, that
his directions as to the prevention
of malaria are followed implicitly, ninety
per cent, of the malaria in a community
can be wiped oat in two years. It
would be well to stick s pin right here.
A local expert in Greensboro calcu
lates that malaria costs that city ia
round numbers sixty thousand dollars
year. New Bern, not being so large
as Greensboro, would probably set
off with, say, forty thousand dollars
year. Ninety dct cent, o that i.
thirty-sii thousand dollars a year.
Let ut all get busy, follow Dr.
Carter's Instructions implicitly and
save to the community that thirty-six
thousand a year! But don't thiak
it will be easy. It will take organisation
energy and leadership. But the benefits
will be worth much more than they will
cost. ,
It b s shame that a community
should go on hi way heedlessly and
hopelessly with a fourth of its popula
tion sick or ailing when then ia a way
to avoid it.
Mrs. G. T. FarneU And daughter
Miss Helen of Bayboro were among the
visitors fat the city yesterday:
T: J. Mitchell Jr. returned last
evening from a business visit at Cove
J. F. Duncan of Beaufort was a-
mong the professional visitors in the
city yesterday.
B. B. Davenport and son Roderick
left 'yesterday morning for a- vitit
at Morehead City.
Mrs. Luvenia Hall went to Polio ks-
ville yesterday to visit relatives.
Stein H. Basnight went to Maysvflle
yesterday on a business trip.
R. A. Nunn left last night for Black
Mountain to ipend a couple of weeks
with his family.
L. H. Cutler Jr. left last night for
Ridgecrett to ipend some time with
his family.
Mrs. R. W. Haywood and children
left last night for Lenoir to spend
some time.
Mrs. E. B. Ellis and daughte ,
M s. W. L. Hand left last night for
Black Mountain to spend the remainder
of the summer.
I. t if .
S. M. Brinson returned last evening
from a short visit at Vance boro.
samuel dampen, of Alliance, was
among the business visitors ia the city
Dr. R N. Duffy left last evening
for a short visit at Morehead City
Mr. andlMrs.lj. A. Dees, of Grants-
boro, spent yesterday in the city. .
J. Vernon Blades left for Morehead
City hut evening where he win spend
several days.
Bishop McCoy, of Alabama 'passed
through the city last evening en route
to Oriental where he will today dedt
cate the new Methodist church.
Answers The Call
Now Bern People Ham Found That
This Ia Necessary.
Mrs. J. V. Blades left last evening
for Morehead City where the is ipend
ing the summer.
Mrs. George Dunn of Beaufort
returned home last evening after
short visit ia the city.
R. A. Nunn left yesterday for Black
Mountain where his family is spending
the summe.-.
Mrs. Raymond Pollock aad children
returned f'ora Morehead City yester
Mrs. ft! B. Ellis and Mrs. W.
Hand left yesterday for Black Mount
am wnere they win spend the re
mainder of the summer.
Mrs. Pattie Taylor Miss Lula
Aldridge and Mrs. Jane McCotter
of Kinston spent Thursday in the city
and left on the evening train for
Oriental for a visit of several day
with relatives.
Fred S. Dixon of Petersburg
is in the city visiting relatives.
F. M. Augoitine and Mrs. L. M
Hilton left Thursday for a several
weeks' visit in Philadelphia and New
York City.
William Dunn Jr.
HOI last evening.
left for Chapel
r. b. Aldridge of Durham passed
through the city last evening for Orien
Saturday August 9
Mr. and Mrs. A W. Haskins,
Otiental, passed through the dty
yesterday afternoon after a visit
several days at Winston-Salem.
Sheriff A. H. Stephens, of Oriental
was among the business visitors here
Dr. R S. Primrose left last evening
for a short visit at Morehead City.
J. Vernon Blades left last evening for
a visit at Morehead City.
A. F. Midyettc, of Oriental, was a
mong the business visitors in the city
Mies Love Eastwood, of Olympia,
returned home last evening after
visit here with relatives.
Mitt Clara Belle Petletier, of Onslow
county, who has been visiting rela
tives here, left yesterday morning
lor a visit at Beaufort.
Mrs. W. A
n-ning for a
ia Delaware.
left yesterday
with relatives
Preparations are now being
for the races to be aeM at the Fain
grounds on Labor Day. There will
be three races, a fro for all, a three
minute class, and a 2:28 class. Sixty
five dollars in prises will be awarded
each of the races. An entrance
ee of threedollart will be charged for
each horse and entries can be made
up until September I. B. B. Hurst, I
Sunday August It
C. D. Kidder and H. J. Carpeater
returned yesterday morning from a
short fishing trip at Beaufort.
Mrs. M. M. Marks, accompanied by
her daughter Miss Esther Marks,
returned yesterday from a visit of
several weeks in the North.
visit of
ta returned from a
weeks at Northern
Mr. aad Mrs, Mark
Kinston, are visiting Mr,
T. A. Grantham.
Cnastnings, of
r. and Mrs.
Mr. sad Mrs. Louis Urich at North
Wilkesboro, an visiting relatives here.
The trip to New Bern was made ia a
large touring car.
T. A Green will return to Black
Wm. Ellis and W. C. WUIett have hot 1 Mountain tomorrow ass spending a
appointed as racing committee. , wiek here attending to business.
A cold, a strain, a sudden wrench,
A lit tie cause may hurt the kidneys.
Spells of backache often follow.
Or some irregularity of the urine.
A splendid remedy for such attacks.
A medicine that hat satisfied thou
sands. "
Is Doan's Kidney Pills.
Thousands of people rely uppon it,
Here it one case.
James E. Askin, James City, N. C
says: "While in the army, I had
severe strain and alter that, I was
subject to attacks of kidney trouble
My back ached a great deal and as
time passed, the trouble grew much
worse. I tried many remedies, but
seemed unable to get relief. Hearing of
Doan's. Kidney Pills. I got a box.
They gave me great benefit. They
not only removed the pain in my back,
but strengthened my kidneys and
improved my health."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents
Foster-Milbura Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
--Stop at The
While In Norfolk, MS Main Street
Z. V. BARRING-TOM, Proprietor
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Attorney and Counselor at Lav
Omen 60 Craven Strut
Telephone Not 97 and 801
Simmons & Ward
Attorney s and Counselors
at Law
Office, Rooms 401-2-3 Elks
New Bern, N. C.
Practices in the counties of Craven
Duplin, Jones, Lenoir, Onslow, Carter
t, Pamlico and Wake, in the bupremt
ana reaerai tourts, ana wnere ver ser
vices are desired.
Rooms jso-jti Elk's Temple.
nonrs: to to is, s to 4 ana 7 to a.
Ten years experience ha treating chron
Do yen wear a truss? If so
show you my special make.
from babies up.
PHONE 704.
For all
Carl Daniels
Attorney and Counsellor
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are required.
Office in Masonic Building.
Local and Long Distance Phone.
D. L. MR D
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ratal haT In lain mi Tanlaasl fl
Circuit, (.'rarer., Carteret, Jones aad,
FmUos tat wbeaerer awrlOM are
You have your children's welfare
constantly in mind. You are prob
ably making plans for their future.
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basis for these plans? Why not
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afford them a business education,
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watching a process of import
ance. One of the moat Inter-
eating games for young or old Is to
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will have more fun watching-your
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xiiiwi nnp pur no i
hvwvuvv a vi A II v fj

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