The Best Pain Killer. Bucklen's Arnica Salve when applied to a cut, bruise, sprain, burn or scald, or other injury of the skip will imme diately remove all pain. E. E. Chamber Mothers Have Your Children Worms? Are they feverish, restleas, nervous, irritable, diziy or constipated? Do they continually pick their nose or grind lin nf PHntnn M rnh, their teeth? Have they cramping pains, cuts and other injuries of their terrors. n ravenous appetite? These As a healing" remedy it. equal don't ir " sWna of worms' Worms not exist." Will do good for you. Only onlv cause your child suffer, ng, but 25c at all druggists. (Adv.) stunl 118 mmQ anu ,, - "Kickapoo Worm Killer" at U.vnr r.vnr ; rnin tonm aa 9n f It kills and femoves the worms, im InHononHt nH .. nf one vote, proves your child's appet te, regulates I stomach, liver and bowels. The Suffered Eczema Fifty Years Now symotom9 KPpear and your b yfll i maae nappy ana neuuuy iiatuic tended. A 1 druggists or by mail, 25c, Seems a long time to endure the aw- ful burning, itching, smarting skin di sease known as "tetter" another name for Eczema. Seems good to realize, also, that Dr. Hobaon's Eczema Ointment has proven a perfect cure. Mrs. D. L. Kenney writes: "Icannot sufficiently express my thanks to you for your Dr. Hobson's Eczema Ointment It has cured my tetter, which has troubled me for over fifty years." All druggists, or by mail, 50 c. (Adv.) PFEIFFER CHEMICAL CO. St. Louis, Mo. Philadelphia, Pa. KICKAPOO INDIAN MEDICINE COMPANY. Philadelphia, Pa. St. Louis, Mo. If you are a chronic fault finder it's a sign that your acquaint nces are tired of having you around. Minister Praises This Laxative. Rev. H. Stubenvoil, of Allison, la., in praising Dr. King's New Life Pills for constipation, writes: "Dr. King's New Life Pills are such perfect pills no home should be without them." No better Most men want to reform those regulator for the liver and bowels. things that have a good salary attachment. Every pill guaranteed. Try them. I Price 25c. at all druggists. (Adv.) Costly Treatment.' "I was troubled with constipation and indigestion and spent hundreds of dollars for medicine and treatment," writes C. H. Hines, of Withlow, Ark- "I went to a St. Louis Hospital, also to a hospital in New Orleans, but no cure was effected. On returning home I began taking Chamberlain's Tablets, and worked right along. I used them fo.- some time and am now all right." Sold by all dealers. (Adv.) When people pay cheerfully for a photograph it is a safe bet that it flatters them. And it might be well to remember that no man is any better than your should be. Children dry FOR FLETCHER S CASTOR! A THE NEWS OF ERNUL. Personal Items Of Interest Other Local News. Good Reason for His Enthusiasm. When a man has suffered for several days with colic, diarrhoea or other form (Special to the Journ' 1.) Ernul, N. C, Aug. 26. Miss And Lela of bowel complaint and is then cured Wetherington, of South Carolina, who Eound and well by one or two doses has been visiting her sister at this place of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera an? has gone to Maple Cypress to spend Diarrhoea Remedy,, as is often the a few days. case, It is but natural that he should Misses Ida Cayton and Ruth and be enthusiastic in his praise of the reme- Blanch Heath are visiting at Bridge dy, and especial y is this the case ton this week. of a severe attack when life is threat- Mrs. Affic Barrington, of Vance ened. Trv it when in need of such boro, is visiting friends and relatives remedy. It never fails. Sold by all at this place. dealers. (Adv.) J Mrs. G J. Ipock, of this place, who has been visiting her son Mr. K. R Thev will cirt out a irreat manv Ipock, of' Newport, returned home drivers of automobiles if they make yesterday. the Unit the age of discretion. How the Trouble Starts. Constipation is the cause of many ailments and disorders that make life miserable. Take Chamberlain's Tablets, keep your bowels regular and you will avoid these diseases. For sale by all dealers. (Adv.) Not even a woman ever her relatives. liked all I Granulated SorejEyes Cured. "For twenty years I suffered from a bad case of granulated sore eyes, sa Martin Boyd of Henrietta, Ky. "I February, 1903, a gentleman asked nr to try Chamberlain's Salve. I bought one box and used about two-thirds of it and my eyes have not given mi any trouble since." This salve is for sale by all dealers. (Adv.) Mr. C. A. Ipock and son, Churchill, made a business trip to New Bern Monday. Mrs. J. R. Avery spent Sunday in Wilmington. A large crowd from Ernul went to Morehead City Sunday. They re ported a fine time. Mrs. Jane Cayton, of this place who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. K. R. Ipock, of Newport, re turned home Monday. Mr. Russel Lancaster, of Vance boro was at Ernul Sunday. The First Letter of Her Name By ALBERT KENYON PERFRFECTION PARAGRAPHS F. Ipock Painfully Injured By Falling Timber. Most of a man's illusions come out with his hair. Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOR. A (Special io the Journal.'1 Perfection, Aug. 27. Mrs, James I Dock was at Perfection last week visiting reltives Miss Susan DeBruhl visi ed last week at the home of 0. H. Wethering- on at Tuscarora Miss Estelle Dillon, of Tuscaro a, is spending a few days with relatives in this section. M s. Waldron Richardson, o Bel- lair, Misses Florence and Julia W ther ing spent Monday at Perfection. Mrs. Lynn Richardson and children, of Elizabeth Ci y, are visiting relatives and friends at this place, Mrs. Lon Taylor, of lrenton, is Wfc.t l. iw tM ttwtldMHon? visiting at tne nome oi w. w. roncr. M, A f n,mn.,in On. i V. layior, jr., oi liew oern, is a tarin ha. heen trnnhled for vear. with Wetnerington S place aoingsome inHi;n anH r-nmmnH rhamh, repair work on his automobile 6 ' I O I. II., U..- a Iain's Tablets as "the best medicine I r- W8S '- - ever used." If troubled with indl- few day "8 Piec.e timber rnn.Hnatlon rive them which was accidentally dropped oy f.i ti,v .,. rraln rn nrnv haa. his son Harvey struck him on the head facial. They are easy to take snd Pr. ipocK was loading a wagon at . i .a . n:,. k ume ana ms ion was bbsiiuuk mm -IMCMMMIl 111 CilCVt. L 1 HC, 4rJ VCNM I ... For sale by all dealers. (Adv.) We know some men who seem to know everything that isn't worth knowing. His injuries are not serious, Mrs. Grover Cox has returned from Many a man puts his foot in it visit e a ' hpn h, attomnt. tn .tanrl on h . wno IS ill ar ner nomc ai ociiair. mr. d; it I Cox reports that her condition is much a j i. . m improvea. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cox are spend Remarkable cure of uysentery. ,., wk, on their farm at I was attacked with dysentery AvH about July 15th, and used the doctors . w D and GeorIC Civilshave medicine and otaer remedies witn nreturtveu rom Kinston where they relief, only getting worse all tne time. QUtM a load 0f tobacco aad placed I was unable to do anytning ana my i . n tho thfl, the ware weight dropped from 145 to 125 pounds. bgaM opened. The price they received I suffered for about two months when from fc k the wccd was I . . I I L I I was aaviscu w uc iMinuwiu gratifying, Colic, Cholera and uiarrnoea Kemeny. . mu dolna around per s ..i t i. . l ' " I used two bottles oi it ana " fection afthe present time. The farm me permanent reuci, writes o. w. er M graamg tobacco, cutting hay Mill, oi snow i mi, n. all dealers. (Adv.) COUNTRY PRODUCE. (Quotations Furnished By Coast Line Meat Market.) August 27. Chirkrns, grows, pair 75 to 85c B. W ..ft. i ror SSJS Oyiniliiin f(Ml.lrr .nd eatinir watermelon There is very little fruit in this section this season and this fact is greatly lamented. There is but very little sickness In or around rencciion ai inu pru.i-m time and this a source of much gratifi cation to ail. One evenln' when I watered the horses and milked the cows and done all the other chores we farmers have to do I went into the house and got my sapper. By the time I'd washed the dishes I was dead tired and, set tin' down in front of the Are, got to thlnkin' what a lot o' work I had to do that was usually done by women. I could stand It all till It came to wasbin' dishes, and that I always hated. There came a rap at the door and Cynthia Jones came in to ask me If I wouldn't lend her mother a quart of milk. The Joneses have the next farm to mine. There's one boy and five girls. I've often wondered what Farmer Jones'U do with all his girls. There's only one lMn' at the farm, and that'll go to the boy. I went to the springhonse and got Cynthia- the milk, and as I handed It to her she said: "You're very comfortable here, Mr. Crabb, ain't you 7" "Well, yes," I answered. "I'm com fortable enough." "Don't you ever git lonesome llvln' all alone?" "No. I don't git lonesome' at all. You see, by the time I git the dishes washed it's perty nigh bedtime." "Do yon like dlshwnshln'? Most men don't" "I hate it" "Why don't you git a woman to do it for your "I den't know anybody that would like to hire out for that purpose." "You might marry some one.. She could do all the woman's work the sweepin', the cookin', the milkln' and all." "I don't know any one that would marry me." "You don't mean It I Why, there's lots o' nice girls would be glad of the position. I know a girl that would marry yon and make you a good wife." "Who's that?" "Why, Mr. Crabb, you wouldn't have me tell you. She wouldn't thank me for doln' bo. If she did it would be Immodest of her." "Is it Susan Park?" "No." "It ain't Melts Billings, is It?" "No: I don't refer toMells. But I won't give you any more guesses." "Seems to me that's kind o' mean." "I'll tell you what I'll do. Come In to our house Sunday night and I'll give you the first letter of her first name." I made the call on Sunday evening and found all the family except Cyn thla gone to church. There was a fire burnlu' on the hearth, and the brass andirons shone beautiful. Cynthia bad some apples and cider on the table waltln', and altogether everything looked mighty fine. Somehow I could never make my livln' room look like that, and I told her so. She said men couldn't do such things; only women could. Cynthia made me feel so good that I forgot all about askln' her the letter she was goln' to tell me, and I went away without It I met her on the road the next day, and I said: What was the letter you was goln' to tell me? I clean forgot it" "You'll have to come for It next Sun day," she said as she hurried on. I went the next Sunday night and the first thing I did was to ask for that letter before I forgot it Cynthia said she'd tell me Just before I went home, only I was to remind her of it The family was mostly at home this time, and Cynthia took me into a little 0 by 0 room off the dinin' room. There was only one easy chair In it Cyn thla set herself down In that and left me a chair with a wooden seat To ward 10 o'clock I got so tired I couldn' stand it any longer. I got up and walk ed about to rest myself, and Cynthia moved aside, and, seeln' she didn't in tend to be mean about it I set down beside her. Would you believe it? I went away without thlnkin' to remind her of the first letter of the girl's name who would like to marry met I met her in a few days in the store and asked her for it but she said I'd have to try It again and if I didn't remember this time she wouldn't tell me at all. I went round the third time to get that letter and found not only the fam lly at home, but a lot o' friends there So Cynthia had to take me to a closet where they kept old books and maga sines, and we set on the pile with our legs stfckln' out into the hall. The closet was narrower than the easy chair we'd set in the second night was there, and there wa'n't no room for my arm, so I bad to put it around her. We set there that a-way from till 10 o'clock. "By cracky," I said jest as I was a-goin' away, 'If I didn't pretty nigh forgit agin to ask for that lettorl" Cynthia larfed and said that the first letter I bad missed by not askln' for at my first 7:all and the second I' missed on my second calL So I was only entitled to the third letter, which was "a" I didn't liku that way pnttin' me off and went back and set down ag'ln to persuade her to tell me the whole thing. She wouldn't but we had our beads perty nigh together, and a lock of her hair brushed my cheek. I kissed her. Then I said didn't care a rap for all the letters the other girl's name. I wanted her come In and do the woman's work on my farm for me. And, laws, bow we did kick up our heels at the weddln'l MINNESOTA'S NOSE. Curious History of the Jog In Our Northern Boundary Line. How did the United States come to get that small corner of land which juts out from the extreme northern boundary of Minnesota? History of that little "nose" which sticks out Into Canada from Minnesota and which constitutes the northernmost point of the United States is very Interesting. Under the treaty of 1783 the boundary between the United States and British possessions was fixed. A certain point on the Lake of the Woods was mutual ly agreed to as one starting point this being considered the headwaters of the St Lawrence river and great lakes system. At that time It was not known wheth er this point was north or south of the forty-ninth parallel, but it was known, to be close to It The understanding was that from that point the boundary should go north or south to the forty- ninth parallel, as the case might be. Later and more accurate surveys showed that point was about twenty- five miles north of the forty-ninth par allel, and so at this place the boundary makes a Jog above that line. Uncle Sam thus has a little piece of territory of about a hundred square miles in extent north of the general boundary. And the Joke of it is that any one has to go by water in order to reach this little piece of territory unless he wants to go through Canada. Path finder. Answers The Call New Bern People Have Found That This Is Necessary. LOVE SWAYS THE ARTIST. His Work Shows the Glorifying Power of the Grand Passion. How Wagner must have loved when he wrote that!" exclaimed old King William of Prussia when he heard "Tristan und Isolde" for the first time. We know now through the publication of Wagner's love letters and other bio graphical and autobiographical mate rial that he was in love with Mathllde Wesendonck when he composed the opera. This passion was warp and woof of that immortal music drama, the greatness of which compelled Wag ner all the rest of his life to hold him self up to his highest level of production. Frank Harris has pretty definitely proved that Shakespeare wrote "An tony and Cleopatra" under the influ ence of a tragical and hopeless love for Mary Fitton. It has been declared by great critic that "Antony and Cleo A cold, a strain, a sudden wrench. A little cause may hurt the kidneys. Spells of backache often follow. Or some irregularity of the urine. A splendid remedy for such attacks. A medicine that has satisfied thou sands. Is Doan's Kidney Pills. Thousands of people rely uppon it. Here is one case. James E. Askin, James City, N. C, says: While in the army, 1 had a severe strain and after that, I was subject to attacks of kidney trouble. My back ached a great deal and as time passed, the trouble grew much worse. I tried many remedies, but seemed unable to get relief. Hearing of Doan's Kidney Pills. I got a box. They gave r me great benefit. They not only removed the pain in my back, but strengthened my kidneys and improved my health." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name Doan's and take no other. REVIVAL OPENS PINELAND SCHOOL GIRLS (Incorporated) Fall Term Opens Sept. 9, 1913. A large, modern brick building, steam heated, baths, running water in all the bed rooms, elegantly lighted. Furnished with the beet furniture. Good board prepared under the direction of the Domestic Science teacher. Excellent courses in Domestic Science, Music, and Voice. A Lit erary Course which prepares for College and life. A Faculty of Eight. Rates reasonable. Girls wishing to live at actual expense will find good accommodations in the Club. - - - - - :;-MSm For Catalogue, Address REV. W. Salemburg, N. C. - JONES, - - Sampson County. TRINITY PARK SCHOOL ESTABLISHED 1898 Location excellent. Equipment first-class. Well-trained Faculty of successful experience. Special care of the health of students. An instructor in each dormitory to supervise living conditions of boys under his care. Excellent library and gymnasium facilities. Large athletic fields. Fall Term opens September 10. FOR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE ADDRESS W. PEELE, HEADMASTER. DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Great Sale in Full Swing Our Big Summer reduction sale is now In full Swing Prices 25 to '35 per cent, lower than thev have ever been offered for in New Bern before on our entire stocKot dry goods, clothing, shoes, hats, caps, furnish ing goods, notions, trunks and traveling bags. BRIDGETON Sugar SERVICES AT THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, REV. J. R. SMITH CONDUCTING THEM. (Special to the Journal.) Bndgeton, N. L., Aug. Li. A re vival m eting at the Christian Church was begun Monday night by the pastor, Rev. J. R. Smith. The music is being onducted by Prof. Perry, a.bly as sifted by his wife, and will add a great deal to th meeting. Everybody cordially invited. A new piano pu chasec of the Full r Music House, at New Ben has just been installed in the Christ ian Church here and that with thi Ml Middle street, New Bern, N. G C. t. SBJSlCBR Dealer in Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Hominy Seed Wheat and Seed Rye. Brick for Sale. Mail Orders Given Careful Attention. Lower Middle Street, New Be rn, N. C. organ already in the chu ch is beinj patra" has in It every shred of Shake used in the meeting. spenre's vitalizing power and that asl The Methodist and Chrisiian Sun . ... i ii it,, ..p ,,,,, 1 . . . .... ITUKUuy . mania iub zeuuu ml uu (iay scnools 01 bridgeton Held tticir achievement. If it Is Indeed Mary Fit- ton who Is in It she possesses a monu ment more glorious than any memorial of stone ever raised to a potentate, a saint or a god. Not every man who lives by art is a Shakespeare or a Wagner, but every artist, great or small, Is subject to the same principle of the animating and ington Sunday glorifying power of love. Joseph Ed I morning gar Chamberlain In New York Mull. annual picnic a Glcnburnie Park last Thursday, and it was a complete success in every way. lv(r. ana Mrs. tlijaii layior ant' Mesdames J. H. Oglesby, E. R. Phil lip and H. C. Lancaster attendar the organ revival nice ing a Was! no returned Momkyl Mental Medicine, "Imnelnntion," says a doctor, "must always be reckoned with In medl cine sometimes as a friend, some times as a foe. I know a doctor who treated an old woman for typhoid, and on each visit he took her temperature I to large audiences. Isaac Lewis and family returned Friday from a visit to Pamlico Count Miss EvafMozingo has returned fron a visit to friends in the country! Daniel Lane, of Bellair, conducted ervices at the M. E. Church Sunday morning and night, and preached XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXKXX'XtXXXXllOa Horse Racing Motorcycle Racing LABOR DAY, September 1st. Eastern Carolina Fair Grounds, New Bern, I C. 1 3 Three Horse Races. Free for all. Three Minute 8 x anuz;zo. iwo ivioiorcycie Kaces. g J rvnj Toomvr rn riuiu j x YiViVii.-o i vy. aut. vniiui i.'ii unuer vweive zoc. x GRAND STAND - FREE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXJXXXXXX MAST FF SEVERELY by holding a thermometer under her tongue. One day when she had nearly recovered the doctor did not bother to take her temperature, and he had hardly got 100 yards from the house when her Bon called him back. "'Mother Is worse,' said the man. Come back at once.' "The doctor returned. On his entry Into the sickroom the old woman look ed up at him with angry and reproach ful eyes. " 'Doctor,' she said, "why didn't you give me the Jigger under me tongue to day? That always done me more good than all the rest of your trash.' "New York Tribune. Sharpening a Pencil. 'An expert manual training man talk ed with the writer about so simple a thing as sharpening a lead pencil. In the first place, he says, the knife should not be oversharp, but should be a little dull, as if too sharp it will cut aulcklv through the wood and cut away the lead. Then, again, be says it is best to bold the pencil in the left band with the end to be sharpened I vices, pointing away from yon and to cut away with a pushing cut rather than toward you with a drawing cut, as then the point of the pencil is rested against the side of the thumb and is sharpened by a draw cut stroke of the knife blade. Scientific American. H. E. Wyatt, who has been working in Greenville, is home on a visi . t M D. Laughinghousc, who is wo 1 ing in Greenville, spent Sunday with his family here Miss Elizabeth Morton left ycsterda for a visit at Belgrade and Swans boro Mrs. J. P. Taylor and children, of Columbia, S. C, who have beenvisiii ing relatives, lett yesterday lor visit at Swansboro. Miss NeMli Bray, of New Bern, R. F. D. 2, is here attending the r vival services at i tne Christian Church. Mis; Nora Lancaster, of Vanceboro, is here attending the meeting at the Christian Church. Miss Ruth Brinson, of Baird's Creek, is here assi-ting in the musical exercise:- at the revival services. Mr. and Mr-. Herbert Willis, of Nev, Bern, ar taking a leading part in tin musical exercises at the revival scr- INJURES ft CHILD SON OF CAPTAIN SATTERFIELD SEVERELY BITTEN BY A. A. KAFER'S DOG. Riggsbce Caldwell, the young son f Captain Satterficld, who is in charge if the local branch of the .Salvation Army, was attacked and severely bitten late Tuesday afternoon by a large mastiff owned by Alfred A. Kafer. The child was standing in front of the Army headquarters on Broad street when the dog attacked him. lie was littin in three places and the wounds ire such as to cause mm great pain, and his parents much uneasiness. Capt. Satterficld said last night hat he and his little boy would leave on the early morning train for Raleigh where tne child will take the Pasteur treatment. While there are no symr tome of hydrophobia the anxio s mother and father decided that it wou d be the part of wisdom to have the child take treatment in Raleigh. He was carried to a physician immediately after he was bitten and the wounds cauterized and dressed. A short time before the little fellow was bitten a supposedly mad dog was killed in the same neighborhood and this fact added to vhe concern of the parents. During Capt. Satterficld's absence which will extend over a period of about twenty-one days, Mrs. Satterficld will serve in his place in command of the local post and any business of the post can be transacted with her. The tele phone number of the Salvation Army headquarters is 446, B. P. S. PAINTS the beat- for all purposes. Sold in New Bern by J. S. Busnight Hardware Company Told by London's Bishop. The bishop of London told the fol lowing story to Illustrate the dlffl culty sometimes met with by mission arles among the working class. "A curate goes to a house," he said, "snd knocks timidly at the door. H hears a voice shout, 'Who's there Sallv?' and Bally replies, 'Please mother, it Is "religkn.'" "It requires a little bit of tact foi a man to do what he ought to do when he is ushered In as 'religion' on wash Ing day." London Standard. IS BEHIND TIE BARS KENYON MAN WHO KILLED IKE BENDERS CAPTURED EARLY YES TERDAY MORNING. "What! At the Theater. You can't see anything! IDIdn't you bring your opera glass WW" remained you?" "Yes, but I can't use It" "Whyf "Because I forgot my rings." Lon don Telegraph. Till Kenyon, colored, who several days ago shot and almost instantly killed Ike Benders, also colored, in the Northern part of t ln-city, is now being held without bail in the Craven county ail for the next term of Superior Court when he will be tried for his life. Immediately after Kenyon fired the fatal shot he made his escape and at large until yesterday Sounds Bettor. "It's all in the way you word it' "What do you meant" "A thing seems much more deslrabli Kit's popular priced that if it's cheap.' Louisville Courier Journal. The Washington correspondent of ns, half grown, pair 60 to 70c the Raleigh News and Observer tells to 80c of the visit in that city of Mr. and Mrs, He c. E, Foy and grand-daughter, Miss j sd 20c Agnc, Foy. They are stopping with 25c Senator and Mrs. Simmons. C. T. ,Utol6c Meacham and son , C. T. Meacham, ..10 to lie jr were other New Bern people - - 8 to 9c I in Washington Tuesday. Craven County Farm Life School For Boys and Girls Vanceboro N. C. AjHigh School emphasising Agriculture and Domestic Science. J. E. TURLINGTON, Superintendent C. A. MARSHALL, Hlfth School Principal morning when he was surrounded in a house on End street by Chief of Police C. Lupton and Policemen A. L. Bryan and A. A. Ipock and was placed under arrest. New Bern seems to have a fascina tion for Kenyon and the police were positive that he would return sooner or later and have been keeping a strict watch for him. Chief of Police Lupton learned Tuesday afternoon that he was in the city and was Informed as to where he could be found. However the Chief decided aot to place him under arrest until Yesterday morning, thinking that there was a probability of him escaping if the house was ap proached at night. Kenyon was given a preliminary hearing before Mayor Bangert at 11 o'clock and, the evidence of several witnesses was taken. Probable cause was found and he was held for the next JRr ALCOHOL 3 PEK CENT. AVcgelabh? Prepare fonrorAs similaliiifjiteFoodamlRcgula ling Ute SiuGartjs andflowlsof CAST0R1A For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Promotes DigesHonfl e ifii ness and Itest.Co mains ncitta OpiuTU.MorphLie nor Mineral Not Narcotic. SidptofMOrSH'mmum MkMIMs- I Smt I mf- W- I Anerfert Remcdv fnrOrofl tlon , Sour Stoiaadi.DUrrtoM Worms f oiwnlsKms Jrevtrisit ruas and Loss of sleek rVS'uiille Signature of las Centaur CoMPaa NEW iUKrV. Bears the A, Signature AA Guaranteed under ihe Copy of Wrat In Use Over Thirty Years CASTORIA mm. I term of Superior Court,

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