North Carolina Newspapers

No, V2
35th YEAR
10 00 EiOTHINB
Former President Of The New
Haven Railroad To Get
- $30,000 A Year.
Information Mellen Has On Rail
road Matters Expla ns
His Big Pull.
New York, Aug. 30. Charles S
Mullen's announced intention of giving
his successor as president of the New
York, New Haven and Hartford Rail
way Company "advice from time to
time as requested" is not altogether
unselfish, it is learned. Through
an agreeWnt made by the retiring
executive with the board of directors
on July 27, the date on which- he re
signed, he is to receive a very substan
tial salary for at least five years, besides
large cash payment for services
rendered in the past.
Information that Mr. Mellen was to
continue on the New Haven's payroll
came as a surprise following his an
nouncement of Thursday, in wheih
he stated that "Mr. Mellen will have
no connection with the New Haven
after this week." When this fact
was called to the attention of his office
it was explained tha' the receipt
of an annual retainer could not be con
sidered asevedence that Mellen was still
in the company's employ.
"We tay hear from Mellen once in
(six months," it was explained. "Then
it may be necessary to communicate
him, and, of course, it is only fair
i pay him for his services. You cannot
ay that he will nave any connection
rith the New Haven any more than
he was a-lawyer getting an annual
etaincr from the company.
A member' of the New HaVcn's execu
Secretary McAdoo and Miss Elea
nor Wilson Revive Sport.
Washington Aug. 29. For the first
time jn nearly six years a cabinet
member has taken to exercifing on
the V.'hitc House Tennis Courts. Miss
Eleanor Wilson is responsible and
Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo
is the member f he father's c-fficia
family who has disclosed his fondness
for the game that was so popular
during the Roosevelt Administration
During the occupany of the White
House by President Taft tennis lost
its vogue as an administration game
and eolf supplanted it. While Presi
dent Wilson's inclination also lean
toward golf, the Misses Wilson are
enthusiastic devotees of the racquet
and net. Secretary McAdoo, however,
is their first recruit from the Cabinet
Los Angeles Cal. Aug. 30. After his
arrest here charged with violation
of neutrality laws by having aided in
the smuggling of the Mason aeroplane
over the Mexican border several months
ago Capt. Jaoquin Alcalde a Con
stitutionalist soldier of Sonora explain
ed why numerous bombs dropped from
the flying machine in its flights over
Guaymas failed to cause damage
The bombs he said were not loaded
with death-dealing explosives but with
cordial invitations to the discontented
Federal soldiers under Pedro Ojeda
to desert and come over to the rebels.
"We did not want to slaughter those
Elegance In 1st Architecture and In Ha
The president's office Is an ellipse In
plan. A triple bay window forms one
end and at the other Is an open fire
place. Four doors, opening Inward,
are equally disposed, two on each side.
and are curved to conform with the
carve of the wall. The tall windows
are hung with stately, heavy curtains
and are flanked by bookcases set Into
the wall. i
mi a l.aa.A In An. Tl O f
w . pTniTmrnr I AIMS UrcpiIlW IB IIKOSBU " mmw
3-ROOM FRAME STRUCTURE aa flntea tomc columns support
the mantel, on which stands a bell
The First School In the State To 5' " are complete
Building Will Be Erected By F.
Petteway To Be Ready By
November First.
Adopt Plan Of Transport
ing Pupils.
preparations for a wood fire. Even
the paper Is placed nnder the logs.
ready to Ignite.
The style of the room is classic co-
The school committee of No. 7 1 0nlal, and the woodwork is painted
Township held a meeting in the office a creamy white with bine white em-
of County Superintendent S. M. Brin- belllshment Each of the four large
son vesterdav and awarded the contract ornate door frames Is surmounted -by
fur till' hlltlH inr tn V P Pottpwav a rich pediment. The wall is covered
v . b - - j . VI.I.
his bid being the lowest received by the 8 warm oiive green uurmp. -u
I oTtmrk nn from n nnneled wainscot to
Work on the building will begin j tnre of plain plaster. A flat dome of
at as early a date as possible and this virgin plaster surmounts the room
it is expected to have it completed and gathers in its stinuow. inverted
and the rhool in oneration bv Nov. 1. Win "S"t "om me nay wnruow
The building will be a three-room
frame structure the mam portion
24 x 50 feet and with a wing 30 feet
long. There will also be a full com
pletement of cloak rooms. Between
two of the princiapl rooms rooms of the
building will be folding doors so that azine.
on occasions the two can be converted
into one and used as an auditorium
The building will be equipped with
modern furniture throughout.
Plans advised by the State Education
and gives play to every tint and shade
of gray.
Pendent from the middle Is a chan
delier of electric candles, and triple
groups of the same adorn fie wall be
tween the doors and windows. Wil
liam S. Nortenhelm tn National Mag-
An Interesting Division of the British
Army In India,
In the Enalish nancrs one may fre-
al Department were adopted by the q,,ently see pictures of tiny soldiers,
committee and will be followed faith-1 about seven or eight years of age,
fully by the builder so that one of the gravely saluting elderly officers. These
best and most convenient school build- infants at arms are boy recruits hold
ings in the county is a certainty for tag regular and dignified places tn the
No. 7 Township. The cost will be about ""Win army, aacn Bian regiwsjii
I . m a l m . 1 U 1 .. ...... .mi
... enn I anoweu eweivu ui iuv-su ni.uu vuuyo,
: i i wuo are truiuuu uiuiuol uvui imijuuw.
It was the original intention of the They are paid each 3 rupees and 8 an
committee to eiect a brick building nas a month and at the age of sixteen
poor Federals," said Alcade, who claim
tive committee said that it was trucUo have been the man who always
' -n'i-iitnii:itiiirl Maann thp Frcnrh a via -
that the retiring president was to con-
tinue to draw a salary 'or a term of
years, but he would rot make known
i the figures. The Boston News Bureau
says that Mr. Mellen is to get $30,000
a year for five years, besides a lump
payment of $70 000 as payment for
(the time when he acted as president
lot the Boston and Maine and Maine
This would make a total of $220,000
which the retiring executive will receive
during the life of the contract. A New
Haven director said that it had been
considered advisable to keep Mr. Mellen
! on the salary list for the sake of the
. information which he had on railroad
matters. The former president will
not have an office at either New Yo k
, or Boston, and will not be required to
: spend any time at the railroad offices.
It was said that he might reside at
Stockbridge or anywhere else, so far
as the company was concerned. He is
tor, "so we wrote messages and inclosed
them in bomb-shaped receptacles. The
messages told the Federals that a warm
welcome awaited them in our ranks.
We got a large number of recruits in
that way."
Alcalde was indicted with Didier
Masson, the aviator, and several other
persons just after Masson's flying
machine was snet over the border
from Tucson, Ariz.
. Captain Alcalde, who was a member
of the staff of former President Madcro,
of Mexico, was said to have been en
gaged' to be married to a daughter of
former Vice-President Saurez, who was
assassinated with Madero.
but after consideration it was decided
to be the part of wisdom to be content
for the present with a frame building
Later when the school gets under good
headway and its income justifies it
enter the regulnr army.
The Sikh Boldlers are an interesting
and remarkable part of the British
army In India. Their conduct In fron
tier engagements has distinguished
them as brave, steady and devoted to
a brick building will be erected and the ther Bngl,sh offlcers. Yet about fifty
frame structure converted into a home
for the principal.
The school in No. 7 Township is a
consolidated school and will be the first
school in the State to adopt the plan
of transporting pupils' to and from the
school building. A very fine session for
1913-1914 is anticipated.
Rochester N. Y. Aug. 30. The new
chair of civic design at the University f
Illinois will be filled by Charles Mulford
to have been receiving Robinson Rochester author of numer-
$34,000 a year recently, having sub- ou. wor on city planning. The
niitted to a cut from $60,000. It has University of Illinois is the first Amer
been reported that Mr. Mellen will fan institution to establish the course.
receive a salary of $100,000 as chairman
owl Mr tfl fWIA am nmiitvnt
' .vo.v BAiiun Airvn i vi i innnD r iCl'
An expectation that the New Haven p"""" v
will have to meet its lessening net ;
to 4 per cent, wa, strengthened by the preliminary hear before U S. Com-
;i.;w h.. r yc.uay -
publication of an interview with How
ard Elliott, who assumed the manage'
a -i '.I. . I W A
. without a government license. Probable
Circumstances sometimes compel "Li . , . ,
chanees on dividends." he iid. "The -
on a warrant charging him with at
tempting toscll spirituous liquors
years ago these well ordered soldiers
were fanatical savages who In their
mad uprisings shook the power of
Great Britain. Once conquered, they
ucceptefl British rule and were trained
and disciplined Into a well equipped
army of 30,000 soldiers. They formed
part of the force that subdued the mu
tiny. The Ilodson's horse troops,
which helped capture Delhi, were com
posed of Sikhs whoso devoted service
to their leader made them famous
Their scarlet sashes and turbans gained
them the name of "Flamingoes." Their
Confined in the Craven, county tail descendants are no less determined
on a charge of vagrancy, is a colored fighters and,staneh soldters.-New York
man who says that nis name is Mirror iress.
Baker. Baker answers the description! H ij
of a negro wanted by tne rono nf-.ha mikA.plti treatises of an
police and the afrthorities there have I 'ym A,vrin nre models of simplicity,
been notified of his arrest and an officer J nn cannot doubt the effectiveness
is expected to arrive today to identify 1 of their prescriptions. Thus we are
the negro. j II told that lt,a man Jyis colic we should
"make him crouch, aown on nis neeis
and pour cold water over his neaa.
That ought to, 'cure colic If only the
water Is cold enough. Again, wnen
man is bilious rub him with an onion
and let him drink nothing but water
and abstain from food altogether.
The onion part Is probably decorative
At least It can do no harm, while the
abstention from food la salutary In the
extreme, even for those who are not
very bilious. But If a man Is In
weak state" why should it benetlt mm
to; "strike him on the head fourteei
times with your thumb?" This Is sug
gestlve of faith healing
results on the New Haven road for the
year ended June 30, 1913, as published
1 k nAuani alinw t tilt t lift rAUrl
tu i lie uvnopai'vi a, oui; w vims v ihv vu i
failed to earn the dividends paid by committed to jail
$4,630,000. There are 27 directors
and the decision rests, of course,
with them. It seems obvious, however,
that dividends cannot long be paid
unless earned."
was bound over (o the next term of
Federal Court under a bond of one hun
dred dollars in default of which he was
Detectives Testify tn Mrs. Jordon's
Suit Against Her Husband.
Miami, Fla., Aug. JA-The steam
dredge Norman P. Davis owned by the
Bowers Southern Dredginfr (tompany
of Galveston, Texas, was -feuriwtf here
late yesterday. The damage is estima:e
ted at $50,000 covered by insurance
The dredge was displayed here by a
Baltimore Concern.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 29. Offi
cers intimately acquainted with the
situation are authority for the state
ment that the War Department fs
ready to mobilize at least 125,000 well-
trained militiamen on short notice
in the event of war with Mexico. They
would co-operate with 75,000 or 80,000
regulars,. exclusive of the navy and the
Marine Corps.
Plans for the mobilization and equip
ment of a big army on short notice were
effected months ago, and it is declared
that recent tests at the War Depart
ment showed every detail of the system
to b? in hne working order. Mili
tiamen all over the country have been
instructed in the Mexican situation
According to those who have given
Washington, Aug. 29. The testi
mony of two private detectives, it is
said, figured in the taking of testimony
in behalf of Mrs. Martha Tyson
Manly Jordon, who is suing her hus
band,. Eldridge E. Jordon. for di
Five deposition for the plaintiff, care
New York, Aug. 29. Otto S. Jonas,
Secretary of the Independant Retail
Tobacconist Association of America,
has issued a statement in which
among other things he says:
"I notice in to-day's papers an item
from Washington to the effect that the
Metropolitan Tobacco Company' of
New York has filed a petition with the-
Attorney-General against the Tobacco
Trust, etc., whereas, as a matter o
fact, such petition was filed by the
Independent Retail Tobacconist As
sociation against the Metropolitan To-
hacco Company. Among, other things
th f. Retail Tobacconist Association
say in their petition that:
It is a matter of common know
ledge that the most effective weapon
or instrument employed by the To
bacco Trust to crush the independent
manufacturers i the monopolization
of both the jobbing business and the
retail trade.
"By the arrangement between the
American Tobacco Company and the
Metropolitan Tobacco Company they
not only monopolized the jobbing busi
ness in the metropolitan territory, but
with the Metropolitan Tobacco Com
pany, the agent of the trust, as the
only recognized jobbing house in the
district, the independent manufacturer
seeking to introduce his goods in the
metroplitan market found himself al
most entirely barred. Thus almost 200
old established jobbing concerns were
simply forced out of business in order
that the trust might control the ave
nues and channels for the distribution
of tobacco produ ts, and to thus place
the independent manufacturers en
tirely at the mercy of' the trust in the
distribution of their goods in the terri
tories where the trust controlled the
jobbing trade.
" 'Having first limited its territory to
Greater New York, it has extended the
field of its operations from time to
time and by means of subsidiary com
panies and bogus independent con
cerns operating as independents, but
who are in fact owned by the Metro-
po itan Tobacco Company, that com
pany has extended its monopoly of the
jobbing business to Long Island.
Yonkers, New Jersey and other sec
tions. Thus with the United Cigar
Stores Company on the one hand and
the1 Metropolitan Tobacco Company on
the other hand what chance is there
for independent manufacturers or an
independent tobacco company.
" 'Almost two years have elapsed
since the decree of the Court for the
distribution of the trust was entered
and yet the independent tobacco
men are now suffering at the hands of
the trirst more than ever
"That the decree against the Trust in
the Government suit has failed to
bring about the hoped for improve
ments in the tobacco industry is per
haps due to the fact that some of the
principal stockholders of the American
Tobacco Company before its. disin
tegration were not made defendants
Directors Of Fair Association Com
pany Plan To Make Improvements.
Structure Will Be Located
Near Woman's Club
In addition to the many improve
ments which the directors of the East
ern Carolina hair Association are
making at the Fair grounds and at
Glenburnie Park, they are contempla
ting th? erection of a machinery hall
Ruuiin Bashkir Is tha Oldest
Type Still In Us..
There Is an Interesting collection ot
wheeled vehicles lu the National mu
seum In Washington which was got
together for the purpose of sbowlnjr
the development of conveyance
men and chattels from the most
Itlve times. One of the exhibit
full sized curette or ox cart
by the Indians of Arizona and New
Mexico as well as in some otJLm re
mote oarts of Spain. Tale flirt wai
SOON brought over by the early S9nnk.l1 set
tlers. It hss wheels iiuoui mrew iuu
a half feet In diameter, made of tore
nieces of tlinber fastened together with
dowels of wood, the wheel being thick
at the center to form the hub.
Another primitive type of wagon
known as the Red river cart and used
by the half breeds In Canada has Ave
foot wheels, the wheels In this ease
ha vine spokes, twelve in number. The
native driver of this cart sits In
with his feet higher than nis nips,
the shafts being higher than the bed
of the wagon. There Is also a repro
duction of an Egyptian chariot In the
collection, the wheels of which pave
at the Fair grounds.
In this detail alone is the Fair grounds I tweive gpokes, with slots In them hear
incomplete. There is at present a main I (be uuu go that a rope can be run
exhibit hall, a building for the exhibi
tion of swine, another for the exhibi
tion of cattle, large stables and a build-
ng for the exhibition of poultry. Last
year there was a large quantity of
machinery on exhibit but it was neces
sary to plage this in the main exhibit
building. '
Seeing the necessity for the erection
of a building in which machinery
alone will be exhibited, the directors
of the company came to the concl
elusion to erect such a building. It
planned to make the structure fifty
feet in width and one hundred feet
lone and to locate it between the
Woman'-. Club building and the poul
try building.
The site has been laid off but no de
finite arrangements for the erection
of the building have been made. How
ever, it can be erected within the
course of two or three weeks and will
be in readiness by the opening ef the
Fair during the last week in October
The work on the pavilion which 1
being erected at Cleiiburnie Park it
going ahead rapidly and will probably
be completed about the latter part
of next month. This building is sit :ated
on a hill overlooking Ncuse river and a
more ideal site could not have been
secured. Numerous other improve
ments are also being at the park
tiircugti to held t'ie sposes nrmiy in
What is thought to be the oldest type
of vehicle still In use is the Russian
bashklr or child's coach, with wheels
made out of a solid slab of wood, hav
ing holes burned through the center
for the axle. New York Sun. ,
Undo 8am Has a Good Income From
a Few Side Lines. j
Customs receipts and internal reve
nue taxation furnish the bulk of the
government's Income, but the govern
ment profits by a snug sum from tne
sources that grow out of sovereignty.
usually 0:1 the "penny saved, penny
earned" principle. For instance, about
$3,000,000 of small change la absorb
ed In the channels oftrade each year.
During periods of great prosperity
this amouut has been as high as $5,-
Buying for 50 cents a pound blanks
that will make ninety nickel Ave cent
pieces is proiltablc business. The gain
Is hurdly less lu one cent pieces. The
lilver In the quarter dollar would not
uow cost more than 10 cents, although
It wus somewhat higher when the
stock now being minted was purehnsed.
The treasury is the alner from the
destruction of pnper money uot re
deemed It also derives an luconie
from patents In the form of fees that
patentees pay for the privilege ' of
monopolizing their Inventions and thus
in a slight degree shares their profits.
Other returns of this sort might be
enumerated, but the receipts growing
rot w fwvereignty are limited tn scope
and are, after all, merely indirect!
forms of taxation. Harper' Weekly.
Primrose bay.
Primrose day In England, the annl
versary of the. death of Benjamin Dis
raeli. Lord Beaconsfleld, had Its origin
In the tribute, a modest wreath of prim
roses, sent by Queen victoria for me
funeral of Beaconsfleld. The general
impression that the primrose was Bea
consfleld's favorite flower came from a
misunderstanding of the words at
tached to the queen's tribute "F. Vic
New Bern is to have two circuses
this fall, one of these, Barnum and
Bailey circus, is the largest aggregation
of the kind in the world and the other,
the Government action and art Young Buffalo Bill's Show, is larger
therefore not bound by any of the pro- than any which has visited this city
visions of the decree. . ; manv vears.
The latter aggregation, which carries
more than six hundred people with it,
will exhibit here on September 16
and within a day or two the advance
advertising car will arrive and a small
army of billposters will begin their
work of plastering the surrounding
country with lithographs.
Such a large circus as Barnum and
Bailey's does not usually stop at
cities having a population less than
twnntv-five or thirtv thousand inhabi-
Local football enthusiasts will not e Km fhoir advance aeent has been
be compelled to Ieve home during the . . (t lookine over the city
ipproaching fall and winter to see a ij malcing an investigation as to the
Just Like Heme.
The two little girls, six yean old or
so, were playing housekeeping all alone
the garden wall, says the Milwaukee
Sentinel. On some principle that no
grownup could realise one section of
It was the kitchen, another the dining
room, another the sitting room, and as
on. One small maid was the mistress
of the house, and the other was the
servant girl. Then the big man cam
strolling along with a book tn bis hand
and, all unconscious, perched hlmseil
on the softest stone in the middle of
that wall.
"Oh, look how 'he comes and spoils
our play!" walled one of the twain.
"No, Indeed." replied the other, wun
a happy inspiration, --nes wj
band, and he's reading in his den, ana
he's not to be disturbed, so we neean 1
notice him."
So the game went on.
Hidden Treasuree ef the Tiber.
The waters of the Tiber are said to
cover many costly treasures of an
tiquity. From Lake Neml, near Rome,
manv bronse armaments ana statuary
from the Boating palaces of the Em-
Fleet Will Leave On Winter Cruise
October 25.
torla. His favorite flower." The pul
lie thought the queen meant that the
primrose was Beaconsfleld's favorite
the question thought and who haw Ljower when fi truth she meant that II
talked with army officers, the War the favorite flower of the prince
Departmentlstands ready to order out cworc-"QW xor.
the organised militia in every State . "Wallowed a Word."
in the Union. These troops would be teUIn what ,hc
nurned to a point seiectea lor mopiiiia- tboasbt was an exciting atory about a
tion, the companies put on a war Anmra. She stuttered la her effort.
footing as to strength, equipped for gulped and paused hopelessly without
held service and rushed to the front completing the sentence.
Washington, Aug. 30. Nine bat
tleships accompanied by colliers will
fully sealed, were filed today with the ,eave Hampton Roads October 25
as needed.
The Government is declared to be
in a. position to equip immediately
an army of from 50,000 to 1,000,000
men, including those now in the ser
clerk of the District Supreme Court
Although Justice Wright refused to
for the annual winter cruise through
the Mediterranean. The fleet will
hear the evidence in private chambers return December 15 and will
last week, he ordered the testimony remain in their home yards until after
sealed. It is possible that when theth i-wwtmas holidays.
comes up in equity court next fall The ""P" t"e the cruise.
the evidence will be made nubile. No t08etner w,th e itinerary, was an-
testimony has been taken for the at- "nced y SecreUry Daniel. tpdaLohi,., for foreign service
feast and it was stated that no further uu wcrc "": will be oresente.l bv either The Wyoming, the flagship of thi
side. comma
Vermont and Ohio to Marseilles, the
Arkansas and Florida to Naples, the
IT..I. rw! I t . triii. t? .
PAINTS the beet for all I. "7 " " "V-"T "V" 7"2 ?T"7
1 "v v-'Miiiciiruui unu ruinsaiAio
Bern by (;..,.., rniiUr. rvi n.i i...
Company will accompany the ships. , ,
Under the law making the organised
militia a first lint of defense to the reg
ular army, the President is without
power fb order a regiment into foreign
territory. All he could do, it was
explained, is to order the organisations
to the border, at which point the men
would be given the opportunity of
"Why, child, what Is the matter?"
her mother asked.
The little girl smiled ruefully and
replied, "1 swallowed a word" Id
dlana polls News.
The Main Thing.
Aged Sultor-lt Is true that I am
considerable older than you, but a man
hi aa young as be feels, you know.
and- Miss Pert-Oh, that doesn't
matter! What I want to know Is If
you are as rich aa you look. Boston
football tame. A team has been organ-Lobulation of this and surrounding! perors Tiberius and Caligula hare e
1 .L' j Lm . l . . . : - :.,....,.;,.! I . ....,....wl it ham limn
izeu in ini tuy buu 11 . v... .....v.".. countie8 ne came to tne conclusion
to play a number of games during the that Barnum and Bailey's aggregation
season. There will be a meeting 01 the wou,d no mjstake in showing
team at 8 o clock 1 hursday night at tne u, am, th wjn ve tw0 exhibi
Atlantic headquarters on Broad street tions m thJj dt on October 4. Both
and every member is urged to attend. shoW8 wiu exhibit at Ghent Park
This team, composed mainly 01 tne h the grounds will be accessible
mcmners 01 tne team wnicn was urgau- tQ tnfi Mr jjne
ued last season and every one is a gooa
player. Several games were played last
season and the locals were victorious
in the majority of these. This season
the team is stronger and the members
(eel confident that they will be the ama
teur champions of this section of the
State at the close of the season.
Arrangements are being made to get
a game with the A. and M. team dur
ing the week of the Fair. This was done
last season and several thousand per
B. P. 8.
purposes sold In New
J.S. Basnlght Hardware
Th recruiting stations of the regular
arinu a ra tumii wit tt mruiti I tun
1 t 1 m ... t. I""" ' v waist iwiuiii. It wcta
nder-inhltfw.llgotoM.Ia,th,l-,ted ta ,t w not due Mtire
lit anl rUtln ... XJ .H-M1- .
tp the prospect of war with Mexico.
"If met art out of work, said a re
cruiting tracer, "we get plenty of re
cruits. If, on the other hand work Is
plentiful asd wages good, business
is not so mkk with us."
Qood Substitute.
Edna-DM Mabel get that six shooter
be spoke of providing herself with an
a protection against burglars? sva
No. Hoe got a six footer.-Judge. .
sons witnessed the -conflict.
Pottsville Pa. Aug. 30. A remark
able cast of the resuscitation of an ap
parently dtad man by the use of the
pulmotor is reported from St. Clair.
1 ... . , 1 -
Durham, Aug. 29. Mrs. Betsey josepn Mango a miner e...p.ojri . -
' .... .1 .11' iL U .A...., 1J -. ... 1 t. ra It
Anne Keith, wife of Jerry Keith, 01 comery 01 mc .cau...B '-""j -
There are persons who are not ac
tors, not speakers, but Influences.
iKmereon It Is hard to believe that Tillman i.
in that Democratic "conspiracy o!
Wake County, five miles south of into a pocket of mine ga. and when found I
Crccdmoor. was instantly killed at by his companions life was apparently!
ll-H nVJnrk this mornimr. when by extinct.
,nmn unknown means she became Although the case seemed hopeless
caught bttween tht top of tht tit- three members of tht first aid corps
vat or and the third floor of the rushed for the pulmotor with which all
Durham Loan and Trust Building, mines are provided and began the w
Her neck was broken snd skull of resuscitation. The body was I
crushed to a pulp. Mrs. Hcith had rapped in seven blankets to rei
been to Dr. Jot Graham's office. lany heat that might remain and
She was 60 years oW. ' 1 machine lor producing artificial
. Ipiratiun was operated vigorously.
How dreary yesterday was, and howlthcy worked the men shouted m
I tomorrow nromiiei to be. 1 into the cars of the patient to bit
nadv been recovered. It haa long I
the dream of poets and the belief of
antiquaries that the Tiber's bed con
ceals a vast amount of artistic treas
ures which nave been flung Into It
elthpr from wanton recklessness or for
the purpose of preservation from se"
rllege. There la a legend that AttUn
burled all his treasure beneath the
Ne Reply.
Two English soldiers, seeing a com
rade's coat lying on his bed, thought
they would play a joke on him, as be
happened to be an Irishman Bo they
chalked a donkey's bead on the back
of the coat and then waited ts see
him nut It on When Mike took up
the coat ho gased at the donkey'a bea
with deep earnestness, and then, turn
ing to the Englishmen, be inquired.
Which of yen wiped your lace on my
"Why, she used to be a theatrical
tar, but since she haa grown fat she's
Just an ordinary actress."
"Nothing strange about that. Any
astronomer will tell you that as stars
Increase in rongnltude they decrease In
bright npsar-rMcngn Tribune.
and finally tfiy Observed signs of life.
I Keeping up tha work of pumping oxyges
into the lungs they had him breathing

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