North Carolina Newspapers

35th YEAR
The Railroads Claim There
Are No Strings Tied To
Their Propasal v
Farmers To
Hear Sot!
New Schedules Will Be
Applied Just As Speed
ily As Possible
Raleigh, Sept. 29. The officers of
three railroad companies, replying to
the resolution introduced in the House,
handed their anwer to Representative
Justice today for transmission to that
body. In the answer the carriers
assured Mr. Justice that the offer was
made in good faith, that it meant what
the Governor and the Corporation
Commission thought it meant, and
that the carriers were relying on the
fairness of the people of North Caro
lina to give the railroads square treat
ment. The officers say they will put the
rates into effect as quickly as it is
physically possible after the Inter
state Commerce Commission has in
spected them, this being absolutely
necessary because the lower rates
in question violate the principle of
the long and short haul clause. The
carriers, it is said, could not apply
the rates until permission is given
but since Hon. Edgar E. Clark,
chairman of, the Interstate Com
merce Commission, has been in the
confidence of the Nofth Carolina
Commission and has advised Chair
man Travis to accept them, the Gov
ernor and the Commission have not
anticipated any trouble on that
When the House convened at noon,
E. J. Justice made a lengthy statement,
in which he presented the interstate car
riers' repay to the inquiries propounded
. Saturday, through Mr. Justice, as to
phases of the proposal for rate re
duction and probable time for its ap
plication, if accepted by the legisla
ture. The reply states that the pro
posal means as to rites fromtfce West,
that proportional rates proposed to be
established South of Virginia cities
will apply from points west of Buffalo
Pittsburgh Zone, whether based on the
Ohio river crossings, or on Virginia
cities; that after acceptance of the
proposal by legislature it will have to
be submitted to the Interstate Com
merce Cqmmission, after rates in de
tails have' been worked out and then
the?e printed schedules distributed to
agents, but that certainly the new
rate will be applied just as speedily
:n i - !:: .. u
I as possime, anu apiuiiaiiim win in
lYVanade in the utmost good faith, possi
within sixty days after the Inter
I' Ve Commerce commission makes its
( Jfrrs" the principle that reductions
must not extend beyond the borders
of the State, though special order by
the Interstate Commerce Commission,
has been eliminated and that there is
no restriction contemplated in the pro
posal to bar the State from retaliatory
legislation, the railroad companies
have entered negotiations in spite
of the compromise to meet the wishes
of the people, relying for their pro
tection, upon the sense of fairness and
juuice of the representatives of the
people and upon the faith that if the
Ftate should accept the proposal, such
course will there after be pursued by
the State as would be in keeping with
the spirit of the settlement.
J. R. Gillespie, secretary of the East
ern North Carolina Colored Fair' As
sociation Company, has received a
letter from the Secretary of Agricul
ture at Washington, D. C, stating that
this department would furnish a dem
onstrator to come to New Bern on
Thursday, November 6, to give dem
onstrations and to make an address
to the farmers. Thursday has been
set aside as "Farmers' Day" and tillers
of the soil from this and adjoining
counties are expected to be present.
Secretary Gillesp ie had an interview
with H. S. Leard, general passenger
agent of the Norfolk Southern Railway
Company, while he was in .the city
Tuesday night and Mr. Leard informed
him that the comany was intending
to give reduced rates from all points
along its line to New Bern the week
of the fair and would operate special
trains on two days.
Frederick Wiseman, the Chester,
Pennaylvanis, man who created so much
excitement at Kinston several days
ago when he kidnapped his three-year-old
daughter from his wife, who was
Fall Reunion To Be Held In New
Bern October 7, 8,
and 9.
An Elaborate Program Has Been
Prepared For The
Scottish , Rite Masons from all over the
state with the exception of Buncome,
Mecklenburg and New Hanover counties
which have consistories of their own
will gather in New Bern on October 7
to attend the fall reunion of the con
ferring of degrees from the fourth
to the thirty-second inclusive.
Among the many visitors who will
be present to assist in the work' will be
John A. Nicholls, W. F. Randolph,
Clyde Cotton, Clyde F. Wood and Her
man Carr, of Asheville; W. S. Liddell,
F. M. Winchester, D. P. Byere and
W. H. Lambeth, of Charlotte. These
visitors are from consistory Number 2
and number 1 and those who are to
take the various degrees will come from
different sections of the State.
The reunion will continue for three
days. The first session will be held
Tuesday evening, beginning at 7:30
o'clock. On that night degrees up to
the j ninth will be conferred. Wednes
day the first session will be held at
2:30 in the afternoon and during the
aitcrnoon ana evening nine more
degrees will be conferred. Thursday
the first session will be held at 3
o'clock in the afternoon the remaining;
came reconciled and decided to return
to their Pennsulvania home.
George Williams, Robert Jones and
V. W. Rogers, colored and of Wayne
ciunty, who were, at the last term
i f Federal court in this city, sentenced
to a term of four months in the Craven
cniaty jail, were yesterday released
f Ota custody. These men were also
I tied one hundred dollars and the costs
f the cases against them, but by
t niaining in jail thirty days longc
t the time for which they were
u ntenccd they were allowed to take
t'le insolvent debtor's oath and be
After having been on the ways for
M venil weeks undergoing repairs, the
i iver steamer Vanceboro, owned by
M ayor T. S. Jackson, of Vanceboro
vas again put in commission yesterday
i .id made a trio to this city. The
V.inceboro was damaged by fire whe
Redmond's wharf, at the foot
Craven street, was partially destroyed
n few weeks ago.
Several Hundred Dollars Contributed By Public Spirit
ed Citizens cut Not Enough Money
Has Been Secured
When the members of the Peoples
Concert Band announced a few days
ago that their instruments had arrived
and that they needed several hundred
dollars to get them out of the express
office, they did not think that the citi
zens of New Bern would be so liberal
in assisting them to pay for these instruments.
Monday the band boys started out
soliciting subscriptions and donations
and they have met with much success.
However, there is still a deficit and they
are asking the business men to help
them cover this. Any amount, no mat
ter how small, will be appreciated and
the boys promise to give New Bern
the best band withia, the history of the
historic old town on the Neuse.
The following contributions have been
received up to the present tine:
City Beautiful Club, $25; New Bern
Sun, $25; Clyde Eby, $25; E.B.
Hackburn, $25; Wm. B. Blades,
$25; Pepsi-Cola Co. and Bradham
Drug Co., $25; Jno. M. Faison, $10;
New Bern Ice Co., $5; Hilton &
Rawflngs, $5; N. E. Mohn, $5; Hy-
man Supply Co., $12.50; C. L. Ives,
$10; J. B. Blades, $5; Jas. Gaskins,
$5; T. A. Green, $5; S. Coplon &
Son, $10; J. S. Miller Fur. Co., $5;
Wood-Lane Drug Co., $5; A. T. Dill,
$5; Capt. Dave Henry, $5; Kafer's
Bakery, $5; Guion & Guion, $5; S.
H. Fowler. $5; L. G. Daniels. $5;
Joe Lipman, $1; S. Lipman, 50c. ;A.
B.i Sugar, 50c; New Bern Iron
Works, $5; Stallings Bros., $2.50;
H. H. Hodges, $2; J. D. Rogers, 50.;
D. S. Ayers, $1; R. L. Moore, 50c;
Geo. W. Taylor & Sons, $5; J. F.
Rhodes, $2; J. C. Whitty & Co., $1;
E. K. Bishop & Co., $2.50; E. H.
Meadows, $2; J. A. Meadows, $2.50;
a M. Brinson, $2.50; cash, $2; F. S.
fluffy, $2; W. L. Lewis, $2.50; Bert
Roberts, $2; E. S. Mitchell, 50c; S.
H. Eaton, $2.50; C. B. Foy, $1; W.
G. Boyd, $2.50; J. W. Biddle, $1;
W. B. Flanner, $10; William Dunn,
Jr., $5; S. R. Street, 50c; Tolson
Lumber & Mfg. Co., $5; H. B. Crav
en, $1; J. M. Howard, $1; James A.
Bryan, $5; New Bern Gas Co., $5;
Everett Morris, 50c; H. C. Arm
strong, $1; New Bern Electric Sup:
ply Co., $2.50; S. Monsos, $1; Allen
Bros., $1.; W. F. Richardson, $1;:S.'
B. Parker, $5; W. C. Willitt, $8;
Peoples Bank, $5; West Lumber Co.,
$5; Wright Tailoring Co., $1.00; Geo.
Daly, $1.00; E. K. Tyndall, $L0Q;
B. L. Hapgood, 9.100 Jno. J. Smith,
$1.00 Philip Howard, $1.00; M. Gold
man, $1.00 C. P. Bartling, $2.00;
W. T. Hadder, $1.00; C. J. McSorley,
$1.00; Marcus Dill, $1.00; Hill Tailor
ing Co., $2.50; W. Carroll Rodney,
$2.50; New Bern Furniture Co., $2.50;
Gaskins Cycle C, $2.50; Wooten Moul
ton, $3.00; A. H. Bangcrt, $5.00;
Former New Bernian Has Spent
Several Years Near The
"Big Ditch."
Gives Interesting Data And Fig
ures That Are Vorthy
Of Mention.
travelling with a carnival company,
and later came to New Bern, has left I degrees up to the thirty-second will
this citv. Wiseman and his wife be- I be conferred
elaborate care has been exercised
in arranging the program. There will
be two banquets (luring the three days
that the Masons are in the City
Each day's program includes many
musical selections and great care has
been taken to make the sessions intense
ly interesting for the members. The
choir which will furnish the vocal
Harry SelZ Of Chicago Sayi I selections during the convention is
. rnmmpfi ii I -n it. nnrn I I
I t 'i I II 1 1J K" J J
Uflliea diaies mil navs Tolson. Jr.. L. C. Tolson. I. W. Watson
Uam n oHIo at fWa I and Mrs. Mamie Benton, all of this
mviv uaiuu ui wiiuvi
firmahtoabl. interest sad alarm is manl- lne following committees will nave
fast all through the United Stat. ovar ths charge of the reunion and will attend
cattle situation. Those who have bees to the various duties assigned them
making s study of this and are in poal- I during the three days that the re-
tion to accurately foreesst the condition I union is in progress
in this country sake s very serious view Reception: A. H. Bangert, Chairman
W the matter. I R. n. Hurst. A. F Dnsne. W. I.. Bell.
J. Harry Sell, president of 8eU, Schwab I w , r- c , aimii. n..
& Co., Urge of Od- '
eago, who are probably among the largest I J . ,'
War. am) mm of fine leather, in an in- J "
t.rviw twUv aUtod that the short- Nelson, W. W. Swain and W. E.
ace of cattle was the greatest menses this White.
country has to face "The real impor- I Membership: H. T. Patterson, Chair'
tancs of this," said Mr. Sets, "can hardly man; Thos. Gold, J F. Lane, J. B
be perceived by the avenge person st tna i Baird( G. A Hurgt( E- M- Roonce,
present time, sod tbsy will only Jacksonville; M. W. Nelson, T. W
ww ",r T"" ."TT u, JT K. Kellum, J. C. Morris, W. M.
con UI iit.uh wuui - " 1 U!.kl, r n 1 M V D
here the situation and the mischief hss ' " ' . J ' . " '
been done. Meat will be hishi,.end.f . H. B. Smith.
course, that affects the pries of leather i Executive: W. S. Simmons, Chair
and likewise the oriee of shoes! If ths man; J. E. Warren, H. T. Gowan
population continues to increase for the W. T. Shull and J. H. Parker
next six years in the same proportion that I Credentials: Robert DuVal Jones,
H has in the last six years and the cattle chairman; W. A. Mcintosh ancTT. A.
supply seeps on diminishing in toe same I ucnrv
ru: a u o . I i n
.... ...... . . i . .
H, th. mrmhar of Tamil Skat there 1 Uawson.
were twelve rears ago. It expected that the reunion will
If this question were thoroughly anoer- I be one of the largest attended and most
stood by the rural community and immer I successful ever held
diate action were token towards more cat
tle raising, the situation would be some
what relieved. We are slaughtering our
cattle, and especially ths calves, ruthlessly,
without giving say thought to the future.
Every farmer In this country ought to be
encouraged to doable, treble or quadruple
E, M. Green, $5; Busy-Bee Cafe, $1;IF. E. Brooks & Co., $2.50; Empire
Pinnix Drug StortvS2.50; Paint and Brokerage Co., $2.50; J. A. Jones,
Powder, $10; West Lumber & Box ,$5.00; New Bern Plumbing & Hard
Co., $5; S. W. Wiili , $1; A. R. Con- ware Co., $1.00; E. C. Tisdale, $2.00;
ncr, $1; T. P. Ashfc rd, $2.50; S. W.'H. E. Royall, $2.00; T. P. Hammer,
Ferebee, $1; Chas. B. Hill, $5; H.
E. Martin, $1; Model Steam Laun-
Philadelphia, $2.00; H. C. McKeel,
$2.00; Alie Cook, $3.00; Broaddus
dry, $1; B. B. Davenport, $1; C. L. jand Ives, $10.00; L. H. Cutler, Jr.,
Spencer, $2.50; W. T. Jones, 50c; $2.50; Athens Cafe, $2.00; H. M.
Burrus & Co., $2; J. B. Watson, $1; (Groves, $1.00; G. H. Roberts, $5.00;
A. Pasman, $1; Mollis 1'asman. $1; E. B. Ellis, $5.00; W. F. Aberly, $5.00.
Bradley Hanff, a former New Bern
ian, but who for several years past
has resided at Panama is spending
a few days in the city with relatives.
Having been closely connected with the
work on the big canal Mr. Hanff is
thoroughly familiar with it and talks
very interestingly of the remarkable
progress which has been made in the
work. Mr. Hanff has written the fol
lowing article for the. Journal, explain
ing in full manner important details
of the work on the canal.
"TheCaaal Zone, or the strip of land
owned by the United States for the
canal is 5 miles on each side of the
center of canal, or 10 miles wide,
and is governed by the United States.
The Panama Canal does not, as it
is generally thought, run from east
to west across the isthmus. Its general
direction is Northwest to Southeast,
the Pacific entrance (near Panama
City) being about 22 1-2 miles east of
Atlantic entrance, near City of Colon.
It is a lake canal as well as a lock canal,
its dominaating feature being the
Gatun Lake, a great artificial body of
water, covering about 164 square miles.
The Gatun Lake is an elevated body
of water with a surface level of 85 to
87 feet "above sea level, maintained
by the Gatun Dam and Gatun Locks
on the Atlantic side of the Pedro Miguel
Locks and Dam on the .Pacific side.
The Gatun Dam, which forms Gatun
Lake (by in pounding the wate.a Of the
. .ass t V .1
proportion, our " Refreshments: E. B.
of cattle to every ten people. This is Just
Only Few Thousand DoJlars Needed Before New En
terprise Will Be Started In New Bern Pro
moters Hold Important Meeting.
J. O. DuVal, of Weldon, who is con- . not solicited subscriptions,- but at a
nccted with the Weldon Cotton Manu- meeting held last night, several com
facturing Company and the Shaw mittees were appointed to go out
Cotton Mill Company of that place, among the business men and capitalists
arrived in the city last evening. Mr. of the city and secure enough sub-
DuVal is interested in the proposed scriptions for stock to get the required
cotton mill which is to be erected in amount of money in the treasury
this city at an early date and has before actual operations are begun
taken five thousand dollars worth of. New Bern needs a cotton mill and
stock. there is not the least possible doubt
The movement to secure stock for but that such an enterprise would prove
this mill was started several weeks to be a paying investment. That those
ago. It was at first planned to get who have subscribed for stock believe
fiffy thousand dollars subscribed be- that this is true is evidenceed by the
fore the work on the mill would be interest they have taken in the pro-
started, but after investigation it was ject.
found that this would not be quite Mr. DuVal is an experienced cotton
enough money to start with, and it was m;u man. He has been engaged in the
decided to secure a few thousand cotton manufacturing business for many
more before taking any steps towards years and thoroughly understands every
beginning operations. department of the work, and he has
At present about forty thousand dol-' agreed to give any possible assistance
lars have been subscribed. During the in organizing and getting the mill
past week or two the promoters have in operation.
The members of tile Peoples Band
were out yesterday securing sub-
hia sudoIt. In my opinion cattle raising scriptions to be used in getting their
will not only prove profitable in the next I instruments out of the express office
few vears. but almost a nation-wide neces- and quite a neat sum was1 secured.
aity. I am speaking not only from the I Among the other contributions was one
hide end of it, but from the food sappiy. 0 teB dollars from the Paint and Pow
'if ths government would pay mors
attention planning to give a benefit performance
and less in bickering about things that J"
der Gilb. This organization is also
for the band at an early date.
don't concern them, it would be a great
ktn th jmintrv in the and. It mar
sound fooliah to some people if the gov- In order that the people living be-
ernment would pay a bounty on every 1 1 ween this city and Jacksonville can
head of cattle raised, bat it would be bet- I attend the night performance of Barnum
tor expended than for s lot of public build- I anrj Bailey's circus, which exhibits here
ings in out-of-the-way places. next Saturday, the Atlantic Coast
"They talk about turning to BoutLine Railway Company have agreed
SSZT '." .hoA"" to operate a late train out of New Bern.
ago ths cry went out that America eouM This train will probably leave this city
feed ths world. South America cannot I about 1 1 :30 o clock
supply us with good cattle. They don t
You can't measure the enjoyment
take care of them down there. Argentina
Umm iim k.niU full ftiinnlvinir other COUB-.
tries. The only other large cattle rata- of others by your own.
ing section is Australia. England asm bee
colonies consume this product.
T. D. Warren left yesterday fq
professional visit at Vanceboro.
, . definite
but ha
On October 7, the championship
ha a hall series between the New York
CepUin J. M. Satterfield, who for r.u.,. ,nt the Phitadelohia Athletics
more than a year nas been in cnarge The iourm.i ha, made
of the local branch of the Salvation . -.llr. j-,ii nort.
Army, nas receivea notice irom neaa- iu uch , theM games at the end of
quarters that he is to be transferred iaaing .nd these.wUI be posted
to spartansDurg, a. t-. capuna sat- on . bu,tin ,n front o( the t0.
terficld does not know just when he 1,, buding, No. 45 Pollock street
wm leave isew nern or wnom nisi... a,irin h n..t
lessor will be, not having received L, ,own o..-,,,,- d ,he lournal can
instuctions.irom neaoquarters, anv infm.tion reeardini these
thinks that two or three weeks I . -.111.. ,,n the nffire v h.
a .1 tw l 1 ' -
oeiore me cnange is maae.,oof distance telephone.
Official Announcement Has
Been Made By Clerk Of
Eastern District.
Officers Of This Section Are Search
ing For Lenoir County
Negroes Apprehended At Maya-
vllle Were Not The
One Wanted.
When five unknown negroes walked
into Maysville yesterday morning and
began to inquire if they could secure
work in that town, the citisens felt
sure that they were five of the ten
men who early last Sunday morning
overpowered the guards and escaped
from the Lenoir county chain gang.
This suspicion grew stronger when
the men said that they had walked
through the country from this city
and were enroute to Wilmington.
Deputy Sheriff L. T. Gillette caljed
up the Lehofr county Sheriff, who -was
in New Bern, aftd asked him iF he
wanted the men arrested and brought
here for identification. The Sheriff
felt sure the men were the ones-he was
in search of and asked that they
be placed under arrest and this was
Yesterday afternoon the five negroes
were brought to New Bern, but they
proved not to be the ones wanted and
were released from custody. The five
negroes have been working down in
Pamlico county and were enroute
to their homes at Wilmington.
That one or more of the fugitives
are now in New Bern is almost a cer
tainty. Monday night a shotgun and
shells were stolen from O. H. Wether
ington's store, at Tuscarora, by the
escaped convicts, and yesterday morn
ing Policeman A. L. Bryan found a
number of the shells in a deserted house
in the northern part of the city. A
pair of old shoes and some cast off
Cahgres river and ' its tributaries), is wearing apparel was also found there
about 1 1-2 long and 1-2 "mile and the police firmly believe that one
across the bottom and 400 feet wide 0f the negroes spent the previous night
at the water level and 100 feet wide there.
at the top. It is 105 feet above sea Four of the ten who escaped have
level and 20 feet above the surface I been captured and it is probable that
'"lof the lake. The dam is composed the remaining six will be taken in a
of two walls of rock and other material day or two as every avenue of escape
excavated by steam shovels and earned I js being closely watched.
by trains and numpec there, the in
terior, or core, of the dam is Composed I WILL ENLARGE PLANT.
of a natural mixture of sand and clay
pumped in by the big suction dredges I Pine Lumber Company Award Con
front pits above and below the dam. J tract For N -w Building.
The entire length of the canal from
deep water entrance in the Atlanti I An ever increasing volume of business
While no official announcement has
been made it is generally understood
that George Green, who for the past
twenty-five years has acted in the
capacity of deputy and clerk of the
Federal Court in this city will within
a short time be succeeded by Colonel
P. M. Pcarsall.
The new clerk of the Eastern Dis
trict, Alec L. Blow, was in New Bern
last week and while here it is under
stood informed Mr. Green of his inten
tion to put a new man in the office.
Mr. Green's books have been checked
up and were found to be in excellent
condition and it will be possible now
for Colonel Pcarsall to assume charge
of the office at any time.
Just when the change will be made
is not known. Probably not until
after the next term of Federal Court.
Colonel Pcarsall was interviewed last
night by a Journal reporter but stated
that he was not in a position to give
out any information at the present time
on account of the fact that the matter
had not been definitely decided.
While Mr. Green has always capably
performed his duties, end has been
highly commended upon his work
by his superiors In office, Colonel
Pcarsall is a gentleman of ability
and his friends feel assured that he
will capably fill the office.
to deep water in the Pacific is 50 miles has caused the present quarters of the
and from shore to shore line is 40 pjne Lumber Company to become
miles. I inadequate for their needs and the
A ship in going from the Atlantic company has decided to erect a band
to the Pacific will enter the approach sa w mill as an addition to their present
channel in Lemon Bay which has a I plant.
bottom width of 500 feet, and extends The plans for this structure jpave
to Gatun, a distance of 7 miles. At been drawn and the contract for its
Gatun it will enter the locks (of which construction has been awarded to
there are three), and will be raised, H. S. Hanccok, a well known contractor
85 feet to the level of the Gatun Lake and HuifcteW- Mr. Hancoct: 'will Begin
From here it can go at full speed through wort on this building within the next
the Lake (in a channel of 500 to 1,000 1 few days and will rush it to completion
feet in width), for a distance of 24 miles I as quickly as possible.
to Blas-Obispo where it enters Culebra
Cut. This (t. ulebfa Cut) is where they I perhlpS the ; cost ol living
have had so much trouble with the may due t0 the ppfe whhave
big land slides. permitted their appetites to outgrow
It wiir pass through Culebra Cut their incomem.
(which is 9,miles long) in a channel .
300 feet wide at he bottom to Pedro ' . 9m
Miguel. Here it will enter the Lock to be intermediate gates in all
and be lowered 30 1-3 feet to a small (Pt one pair of locks) Jn order to
lake 54 2-3 feet above sea level, through ve water and time as 90 per cent,
which it passes (a distance of 1 1-2 of the ships are less than 600 feet long,
miles) tp MiraHores. At this point These gates are so placed as to divide
(Mirafiores) it enters 2 locks in series the lock, into chamber, of 400 and
a j. UworoH Wl nainr 600 feet long. The highest gate, and
, nTi!, out into the Pacific Ocean through B the highest lock wall, on the canal are
corset? Did Solomon chew ,ut "7 .. . , , i:. Iat Mirafiores. and these locks are the
cnannci suv leei wiue ami o i- mura i ... . ,
lon8 n jonly ones that don t have the inter-
There are 6 double locks in the Canal, meaiaie gaira.
pairs in fftght, located at Gatun There will be 92 leaves or gates
t the Atlantic side with a combined required, and they weight from 390
ngth of 85 feet. One pair at Pedro I to 730 tons each.
Miguel with a lift of 30 1-3 feet, and I The locks arc filled and emptied
pairs at Mirafiores, with a combined I through a system of culverts. Some
lift of 54 2-3 feet at mean tide. The nf tnc culverts are 254 feet in area.
The Wellington Journal says: "The
simplest and plainest laws of health
are outraged every day by the average
man. Did Adam smoke? Did Eve
wear a
tobacco? Did the children of Israel
make for a beer garden after crossing
the Red Sea? Did Rebecca chew
chocolate bonbons and ice cream and
call for soda water? Suppose E e
had been laced up in a corset, worn
tight shoes and hobble fig leaves, and
sat up all hours of the night eating
chicken salad and Welch rarebit and
trying to keep on four pounds of dead
people's hair?"
The . simple life physically for the
highest in health, as well as the simple
life morally for -the supremest spiritual
riches. Frills and complexity make
for trouble in both spheres
It is one of the best signs of the times
that private funds are being donated
for public health work, for the scien
tific prevention of disesae, for the tea
ching of the public how to live so as to
avoid getting sick, and thereby get the'
most out of their lives and be of the
arsatest sood to those around them.
Uo to a few years ago public health
work was supported only by pirbUe
funds. Bequests and donations wMr
to hospitals and dispensaries for tat
cure of sick people. Nobody gave any
money to prevent people from getting
Mrs. Timothy Connor was taken
to a hospital at Richmond, Va., Tues
day to undergo an operation. She was
accompanied by her sister, Miss Damie
Jones snd Dr. R. D. V. Jotrn
No. 666
TMs t pisserlpllaa arapatad sspselsJW
Five or six doses win break ear ease, as
If taken than at tonic the Paver will not
return. ' It sets on the liver better than
Calomel aad dBsa not gripe or aickeo, 25c
locks are all the same sise, being 1,000 cross ection, or the siae of the Hudson .'"V
feet in length, 110 feet wide, with walls (tubes; a locomotive could pass through.
nd floors of reinforced concrete. I casilt.
The side walls are 45 to 50 feet at the I .. . . lhi-
bottom, are perpendicular, and narrow .. t through the
to 8 feet at the top. The middle or . . . -itrlp locomotive, which
center wall, which separates the locks . . tw, lockj wrfW
(which arc on each side of it so the boats .. ... . ,nm,iVM 2 on each side
can go from the Atlantic to the Pacific, rarrv the Kt. through.
nd Pacific to Atlantic, without inter- . t ... m fh, .h.. ta
fering with each other), i. 60 feet . M thrwu h th
wide and 81 feet high, and each face fm fear co,Hding wfth the
is vertical. lerates and putting out of commission.
There is a hollow place in it like the The toU, amount tic (or tke
letter U whfcb is 19 feet wide at the . ... . ; 300.000.000 f3
bottom and 14 feet at the top, in this . . . . .
there will fee 3 sections or tunnels, --cavatloa
divided in three stories (oae above I .( Cebra tween Gold aad Con-
tmjioyierj. ine .ower runnc. .... trtctofi Hia whkh WM 495 feat
be for drainage, the middle for the I tfc ,nd
wires wnicn carry eiecrnc current ! ,id ff)ck Tn Mtt vary (rora .
to operate the gate and valve machin- I m0fe
ery, which is installed ia the center .. , the east bank of
wan, ana tne upper is a parage way , Cllebffc
for the operators . Fk Comoanv trouble and has
The lock gates are built of steel, given the Americans trouble ever
last 7 feetdfUck, 65 feet long and 47 since tney too over tne canei. oy use
Ho 82 feet high, and are hollow and I time the caaal is finUbed it is estimated
watertight so as to make it buoyant, that over 10,000,000 cubic yards ew
so a to float in the water and thus have Been taaen on tnai suae.
take the wHeht off the hinges. There ire M C0mtn4.)

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