North Carolina Newspapers

    No, 148
35th YEAR
Charges Have Recently
Been Preferred Against
An Investigation Will Be
Started At Once Much'
Interest In Matter
For the past two or three weeks
rumors have been going the round
in New Bern that there wtmld probably
be a change at an early date in post
masters at tne local postoffice and these
rumors were partially substantiated
Friday afternoon when Postmaster
J. S. Basnight, who was appointed in
June, 1910, was asked to resign.
For some time there has been dis
satisfaction among the -force in the
local office and this grew stronger
avfew weeks ago when George Howard,
who has been in the office only a short
time, was appointed to the postion. of
dispatching clerk to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of Clarence
Crapon. j
R. E. Smith, who is at present
the night clerk, thought that he should
have been appointed to this position
on account of the fact that he has been
in the service much longer than Mr.
Howard and would therefore be t he
one to stand in line for promotion.
The matter was taken up by Mr. Smith
with the Postoffice Department and
Congressman John M. Faison, of this
district, was also acquainted with the
In addition to this matter, other
charges were made against Postmaster
Basnight and these resulted in a decision
on the part of Congressman Faison
and other officials to look over the
record of Postmaster Basnight since
being in office. After this had been done
Congressman Faison came to a decision
to give Postmaster Basnight an oppor
tunity of quietly resigning without
having' any Investigation made and
just to let the matter go along quietly.
Coming to New Bern Friday morning
Congressman Faison had a consultation
with one of New Bern's most prominent
business men, and who is a staunch
Democrat, and the latter agreed to
call upon Postmaster Basnight and
state the case to him. This gentleman
called on Postmaster Basnight Friday
afternoon in behalf of Congressman
Faison and asked him to resign, telling
him at the time just exactly how
matters stood.
This, Postmaster Basnight emphatic
ally declined to do. Following the
interview with Postmaster Basnight
a message was sent to Congressman
Faison in which the outcome of the
interview was given. Now, it is under
stood that an investigation of the char
ges against Postmaster Basnight will
be started and if these are substantiated
it will in all probability mean that
the present holder of the office, and also
his assistant, will be removed.
There is a great deal of speculation
as to who will be appointed to the po
sition of Postmaster and Assistant
Postamster in case the present incum
bent and his assistant are taken out of
the office. There are many who are
positive that they can name the two
gentlemen who will be chosen in case
the office is made vacant while others
are undecided.
Mr. Jesse S. Basnight, who is
Republican, was appointed Postmaster
at the New Bern Office in June, 1910,
and hia term will expire in June, 1914
Government Files Suit In The Su
preme Court.
ihington, Oct. 16. The govern-
filcd its brief in the lumber
trust case today in the Supreme Court
It was prepared by G. Carroll Todd,
assistant to the attorney general, and
mark another stage in the action un
der the Sherman anti-trust law against
a number of associations of retail turn
ber dealers, throughout Massachusetts,
Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland
and the District of Columbia.
The associations are appealing from
the southern district court of New
York which held the retailers to be
violators of the anti-trust law and en
joined the further distribution of black
lists against boycotted wholesalers
who sell directly to consumers.
E. B. Haekburn has offered a barrel
of flour to the lady who has the beat
exhibit of bread at the approaching
Fair, i The committee in charge of the
exhibits in the culinary department
request ... Mies who intend making
exnmit. to ,et them in readiness at
A very ingenious and effective ad
vertising device has been installed
in front of Wright's cleaning and pres
sing establishment on Middle street.
The device is an electrical one and
throws on the sidewalk in front of the
store an exact reproduction of the face
a thermometer, giving the right
temperature at all times of the night.
Within the face of the dial is an in
scription informing the public that
clothes are cleaned and pressed right
by Wright.
Mrs. J. L. Logan, a white woman
who lives on Jones street, was given a
hearing yesterday before Justice of the
Peace J. W. Biddle on a warrant charg
ing her with an being accessory to the
prostitution of a girl (her daughter)
under fourteen years of age and of
keeping a disorderly house.
The case attracted considerable at
tention and a large unmber of specta
tors were on hand to hear the evidence.
Attorney W. D. Mclver appeared id
behalf of the defendant and succeeden
in clearing her of the first
charge but Magistrate Biddle held
that there was some evidence that the
woman had been conducting a disor
derly place and held her for the next
term of Superior Court under a bond of
one hundred dollars. This bond was
reduced to fifty dollars and Mr. Mc
lver volunteered to stand for the amount
until his client could secure it.
This case is a very unusual one.
The woman, who has seven living
children, came to New Bern several
weeks ago from Virginia . Not being
familiar with the city she secured a
house which in itself bears a bad repu
tation. Those who are familiar with
the case are of the belief that environ
ment had more to do with the charge
against the woman than her conduct.
The woman's husband is working in
Surry County, Va.
SARY. New York, Oct. 18. Appointments,
resignations and transfers of prelates
were considered by the house of bish
ops, the higher governing body of the
Protestant Episcopal church at the
triennial general convention Joday.
Bishop Edward William Osborn of the
diocese of Springfield, HI., resigned be
cause of age and infirmity, Bishop Jo
seph M. Francis of Indianapolis asked
to be transferred to a climate more
favorable to hia family and probably
will be assigned either to Cuba or Porto
Rica. Bishop Cameron Mann was
transferred from the missionary dis
trict of Florida.
Any probability that the name of the
church might be changed at this general
convention was disposed of today by the
house of deputies, which adopted a
report from the committee om prayer
book finding that it was without juris
diction to act upon resolutions pro
posing changes in the legal title of the
New Bornian
Wed In
News has been received in this citv
of the marriage, a few days ago, of
Mrs. Annie Wallingtord, formerly Miss
Annie Green, of New Bern, but who,
for the past few menths, has resided
at Kansas City, Mo. Mrs. Wallini-
ford was first married to George Wood
of this city, but was divorced after two
years and moved to Des Moines, Iowa,
wnere sue met her second husband
ner uura nusband name is Albert
R. osteopath, of ClarksviUe.
A white man whose name could not
oe learnea was run. down
and injured last night by Charles
turner, too of T. J. Turner, while
driving up follock street. The accident
IWIlWll nn D. . 1 1 I .
street near Burn
and wae witnessed by several Demons
ine injured man was riding a bicycle
si 1A aiksi. ik. Lit. . .
rlda. th"! " '
Ui,...!. . ' "T" " -
iwu mc puvemen
New Bernlana Have Thrilling Ex
perience While Enroute
From Norfolk.
Veasel Carried Cargo Of Groceries
And Oil For Local Mer
chants. Lost in Pamlico sound 'in a frail
gasolene boat, with not the least idea
of how far they were out of their course
and with the wind blowing a gale
was the experience which befell Cap
tain John Dowdy and David Morris
of this city a few days ago and it is
safe to say that both of these gentle
men will not soon forget their harrowing
On Tuesday of last week Captain
Dowdy and Mr. Morris left Norfolk
with the gasolene boat Mary Bell
enroute to New Bern. The vessel
was heavily loaded with groceries
and oil consigned to merchants at
this port. The weather was fine and
all went well until Thursday Vhen,
in coming through Pamlico sound
Captain Dowdy in some manner ran
out of his course and found that he
was heading for some unknown point.
The wind was blowing hard and to
the two men on"the boat it seemed as
though a storm were approaching.
However, this impending disturbance
of the elements did not materialize.
All night long the boat' floated, at an
chor in the sound, Captain Dowdy
not caring to make any attempt to go
ahead after he had lost sight of the bea
con lights.
Soon after the break of day on Friday
morning a fisherman's boat was sighted
and the occupant of this told the two
mariners that they were only about
ten miles from the mouth of Neuse
river. '
The engines of the boat were put in
action at once and the vessel and her
crew arrived here on Friday afternoon.
Pamlico sound is a dangerous place
for even a large boat to get out of its
course in. If a violent storm had
arisen there is little doubt but that the
small craft and its occupants would
have been lost. .
November 5 and 6 has been set aside
las "Good Roads Days" in North Cro-
lina by Governor Craig, and on that
day citizens of the State who feel so
inclined will shoulder a shovel and
go out to assist in building new rods
and improving the old ones.
The following proclamation, in part,
has been sent to the Craven county
Farmers' Union by Dr. H. Q. Alexander
the president of the State Union:
'Whereas His E cellency, Locke
Craig, Governor of North Carolina,
has issued his proclamation setting
apart the 5th and 6th days of Novem
ber, 1913, as good roads daysmnd ap
pointing these days ah holidays and
days of festival throughout the State,
to celebrate the dawn of a new day
in North Carolina; a day in which the
march of progress toward a higher and
better civilization is made easier by
good roads with modern schools as
signboards guiding the people, on
ward and upward, and, .
"Whereas, His Excellency, the Gov
ernor, has called upon the president
of the Farmers' Union to issue his
proclamation to the organized farmers
of North Carolina to enlist iff this
great movement and the development
of both country and town.
"Now, therefore, as president of the
Farmers' Union,. I hereby call upon
all the local unions in the State to as:
semble at their regular meeting places
on Friday afternoon or night October
31, and there organize and arrange to
work every able-bodied man of the
community on the roads of the com
munity, on Wednesday, the 5th and
Thursday the 6th days of November,
Let all farmers gladly embrace this
opportunity of uniting with all other
classes of our citizenship, and, shovel
in hand, realize that it is one of the
very few instances in life where brawn
will hold its own with brain."
Captain J. M. Satterfield, commander
of the local branch of the Salvation
Army, who is soon to leave to take
up this work in another State, will
preach his farewell sermon at the
Christian church on Hancock tercet
tonight and the public is extended
an invitation to attend.
At this
will tell
service Captain Salter field
of the work which he has done since
T "
- vumniK lu new ocrn.
Elizabeth City Editor Engages Local Counsel To Defend
Him at Next Term
In This
W. 0. Saunders; the Elizabeth
City editor who is td be tried in the
United States Court, in New Bern
on Tuesday, October ,28, charged with
having deposited obscene and indecent
literature in the"UnitedfStates mails,
was in the city last night. Editor
sn 1 sanaaf
H bbbW1 Las
Make JOURNAL Office
YOUR Headquarters
When attending the
Great Eastern Carolina
ffl FA1K
trongly Believed Position Of Other Nations May
Finally Force Huerta Regime Back
to Conciliatory Attitude
Mexico City, Oct. 16. That the
crisis in the relations between Mexico
and the United States, which was al
most reached yesterday, is only tem
porarily delayed, is the general feel
ing here tonight among Mexicans and
foreigners. When and how the next
development will be reached is a
question agitating all alike.
While the American Charge, Nelson
O'Shaguhnessy, professes to expect
no reply whatever to the Washington
memornadum, and the Foreign Office
says there will be none for the time
being, it b still regarded as certain
that the nature of the American
Government's notification regarding
future recognition will necessitate ac
tion on the part of the Mexican au
It is not expected that the elections
will be postponed, although it is ad
mitted this is a possibility. To many
it would be no surprise should Mexi
co return to a conciliatory attitude.
Tlfc impression which is gaining
ground that other Nations are in
clined to fall in line with the Wash
of New Bern Semi-Weekly Journal
published Tuesday and Friday at
New Bern, N. C, required by the act
of August 24, 1912.
Editor, C. A. York, New Bern, N. C.
Business Manager. H. K. Land,
New Bern, N. C.
Publisher, E. J. Land Printing Co.,
New Bern, N. C.
R. W. Haywood, Raleigh, N. C.
C. L. Stevens, Southport, N. C.
E. J. Land, New Bern, N. C.
H. K. Land, New Bern, N. C.
Known Bondholders, mortgagees, and
other security holders, holding 1 per
cent, or more of total amount of bonds,
mortgages, or other securities: Natibn
I Bank, New Bern, N. C.
Average number of copies of each
issue of this publication sold or distri
buted, through the mails or otherwise,
to paid subscribers during the six mon
ths preceding the date of this statement.
11. K. LAND.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 20th day of October, 1913.
Of Federal Court
Saunders doesn't seem to be the hide
ous personality one might mistake
him to be from all the ominous things
set out in the Government's indictment.
Saunders is a mild-mannered, cheer
ful, companionable fellow, not qui.
30 years old. He is six feet tahy j
weighs 225 pounds. He is a fighter
and therein perhaps, lies the trouble.
He fights for anything he believes
to be right; and although he may
sometimes, or often, be in the -wrong
he is no half-heVrted fighter. If he
thinks Bill Jones is a liar, and thmks
the- public ought to know it, he says so
and he'll meet Bill Jones in a back lot
or go to the Supreme Court with him
to prove it. And Saunders must be
right a good part of the time or his
enemies would have put him out
of business before now. Thousands of
dollars and a dozen lawyers have been
employed in efforts to jail him. He
was defendant in three criminal libel
prosecutions in three different counties
this summer and won every case.
The case in New Bern next week
was tried in Elizabeth City -last week
and resulted in a mistrial. The jury
stood nine to three for his acquittal.
Just why Saunders' prosecutors
should chase him all around the State
with prosecutions forcing unreasonable
and unnecessary expenses upon him,
looks a little queer to folks on the out
side; but Saunders can come to New
Bern unafraid; he'll get a fair trial
ington Administration in the matter
of future policy toward Mexico, it is
argued, may tend to cause the Mexi
can officials to seek some ground upon
which they can with dignity meet
Washington half way toward an ad
justment of the strained relations.
At the same time it is acknowledged
that the accomplishment of this
would be difficult, since the only re
course is the holding of the elections
or the retention of the presidency by
General Huerta, either of which would
be equally distasteful to the United
States. It is regarded as extremely
improbable that General Huerta will
release the Deputies and restore them
to their functions which appears to
be the only alternative.
The Deputies are still in the peni
tcntiary and processes- in the civil
courts are being prejudiced against
many of them? They are allowed
to receive aid from friends, although
thus far they have not been permit
ted to communicate with the outside
Notary Public.
(My commission expires 17th No
vember, 1913.)
FOR SALE A few grand, good,
white and buff Orpington cockerels,
Cook's strain and Owen farms direct;
also white Wyandotte, Fells strains;
and barred Plymouth Rocks, Ringlet
strain. Show quality, at prices of
from $2.00 each up. Also trios of the
above strains, prices on application
Address Wm. R. Dewhurst, R. F. D. 3,
New Bern, N. C. 10-9 1 mth
Midnight Mp der Enters Estab
lish-?" . On Sou,th
ont Street. 1?-
,ilce Have A Clue And Are Work-
ing On The
During the wee' sma hours yes
terday, morning some bold thief gained
an entrance into the store conducted
by J. H. Hardy at the corner of South
Front and Middle streets and succeeded
in getting away with several valuable
watches and a small amount of money.
The ploice are at work on the case and
have a clue which they think will help
them in apprehending the guilty 'party.
The section in which the store is
located is frequented by negroes and
at all' times of the night there is much
passing in front of the place and it is
frequently the casethat groups of men
loiter around the street until very late
at night. This in a measure accounts
for the fact that Mr. Hardy and his
family, who have apartments over the
store, did not hear the intruder when
he broke a glass from one of the front
windows and gained an entrance.
Mrs . Hardy heard a noise down in
the store along about 1 o'clock, but
thought that it was made by rats or
possibly a cat which is left in he place
at night, and paid but little attention
to it. Upon opening his place of busi
ness yesterday morning Mr. Hardy
found that one of the front windows
had been broken and upon making
an examination found that the cash
register was missing and that a number
of valuable watches were also not to be
The cash register was found sitting
on the floor in the front part of the store
but its contents were missing. The
thief had evidently tried to get it
through the opening in the window
but had failed in doing this. Mr.
Hardy has the number of the watches
and can readily identify them.
Since the police have waged such a
fight on the vagrants of the city,
there have been comparatively few
depredations of this variety and the
authorities are doubly anxious' to ap
prehend the party who broke into Mr.
Hardy's store.
Kinston, Oct. 18. Thursday after -
noon at 3 o'clock grouped on the green
at the court house with the building as
a background, 17 convicts sentenced
at the term of superior court now under-
going, were photographed at the in-
stance of the county authorities,
The group was an interesting study
for a number of people who witnes -
sed the picture-making. AH of the
Decide To Purchase Three Large Wagons To Trans
port Pupils To And From New School In
the Seventh Township
A very important meeting of the
school committee of Township Number
Seven was held in this city yesterday
at the office of S. M. Brinson, county
superintendent of public instruction.
The citizens of that township have
recently voted for a central school
and work on this is now in progress.
When this central school is completed
which will be about November 15,
children from all sections of the town
ship will go there to be instructed
instead of going to a number of schools
located at different points of the town
ship. Naturally it will be necessary for
those in charge of the school to furnish
the pupils with some method of trans
portation to and from the school and
their homes. At the meeting yesterday
the committeemen decided to purchase
three large double horse wagons which
Chicago, Oct. 18.WiWam C. Ellis,
the Cincinnati leather merchant who
was found wounded in a hetel . room
here yesterday near the body of his
wife, confessed to a coroner's jury to
day that he killed the woman. He wae
held to the grand jury charged with
After a conference with members of
his wife's family, Ellis abandoned his
assertion, made at first to the police
that the tragedy was the result of a
suicide pact. He assumed the entire
blame for the killing and devoted his
statement to obliterating the impres
sion, given at first, that jealou'V was
the motive of the crime.
Suffering from a bullet wound his
chest and from cuts on his wrists aiK'
throat, self-inflicted after killing his
wife, Ellis listened almost all day to
the testimony in the coroner's court.
His confession was made in few words:
"I wHI state that I shot my wife,"
he said. "I suppose my mind must
have been affected. I was worried
over business troubles and the state pf
my health. I want to say that my v&e
was the grandest little woman in Ok
world and the most virtuous. There
was no trouble between us. She
couldn't do anything wrong. She was
in bed when I shot her. I did not
know what I was going to do. I did
not have any intention of doing this
when I came to Chicago. I shot her
first and gashed her afterwards with a
Ellis' confession came soon after the
testimony of Coroner's Physician
Springer that the woman's throat was
cut after she -was dead from bullet
wounds. The Cincinnati, man seemed
to have regained possession of himself
when he rose to make his confession
and his voice strengthened as he re
nounced his previous statements re
flecting upon his wife's character. He
said he fired -four shots into the wo
man's body and then gashed her
throat. He then shot himself and cut
his own throat and wrists. Mrs. Ellis'
body will be sent to Cincinnati. Ellis
is detained in the House of Correction
No, Cordelia, the chap with a cork
limb doesn't necessarily belong to the
floating population.
convicts were colored men
variety of classes. Son
. .
timers were melancholy, an
a few
entirely indifferent. The
discussed their individual choices of
the best and the worst of them; and one
fellow who aroused a deal of sympathy
was a typical black who will dp 30
days for assault with a deadly wi
and about 60 more because he & ui
1 to pay the costs. He appeared un-
; able to comprehend the ' procedure
; and his simplicity and expressionless
face won for him the opular verdict
that he was mentally irresponsible,
The prisoners were taken to the county
i camp after beine ohotosTaohed. The
picture will be a large one for purposes
1 of identification in the event an) of
the men escape.
will be used for this purpose. These
conveyances will be so constructed
that they can be closed during bad
weather while it will be possible to open
the door and indows whenever so de
sired. An order has been placed for these
and they will be in readiness by the
time that the school opens. Another
matter that was taken up and disposed
of was that of securing drivers for the
vehicles. After some discussion it wss
decided to secure tsW white men
to take charge of the vesicles and the
contract will be awarded at oace.
Work on the school building is pro
greasing rapidly, in fact the contractor
is making much better ps 'Ogress than
it was thought could be done under
the circumstances and the building
win rc in readiness tor occupancy on
November 15. S M tan 3.
several teet.

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