North Carolina Newspapers

No. 148
35th TEA
I .
It Ii Predicted That There Will
Be Bloodshed If Men
Are Punished.
, Crisfield, Md., Nov. 13. Eleven oys
termen of Fairmount, who, it it alleged,
have been prominent In the war against
oyster planting, are in the toils of the
law and will be given a preliminary
hearing tomorrow on charges made
by oyster planters..
The men are Harry Parks, Thomas
Parks, George E. Hall, Wjmer Catlin,
Wilber E. Cox, William W. Ford,
Roderick Holland, Oliver Ford, Archie
Ford, Luther Walston and Otto Ford.
Repeated raids have been made on the
planting grounds owned by George
A. Cox, of Fairmount, and a syndicate
of Baltimore City capitalists represent
ed by Mr. Cox.
These raid began with the opening of
the dredging season on November 1,
and since that time the Cox beds have
been worked daily, it is charged, by
Somerset county oystermen.
Mr. Cox went to Princess Anne yes
terday and had warrants issued for the
men. He then got in communition
with the State authorities and requested
that one of the State police steamers
be sent to Somerset waters to arrest
the violators. The Steamer Governor
Thomas, Capt. Thomas B. C. Howard,
came to Crisfield early this morning,
took on board Sheriff Harding P. Tull
and Deputies Elmer 0. Townsend
and William R. Howard, and then went
E TAX 111
Broken Rail Cause Heavy Loss
Of Life, Near Eufaula,
"What sources of income are ex-
Houston, Texas, Nov. H. Four
unions acting in concert inaugurated
a 2 Atlm,;,. r, -ff .1.-
empt from taxation under the new I HUNDRED OR MORE INJURED pa known
law passed Dy congressr I . . the Sunset Lines, at 7 o'clock tonkrht
This is a question that has been Train Was Loaded With Excursion- -mktmli, , mn
Kngineers, Conductors, Firemen and Trainmen On
Su nset Route Quit New Orleans to El Paso
All Trains Annulled
asked many times recently by per
sons of all races, colors and present
conditions of servitude. Not every
citizen of New Bern(more's the pity)
1st Enroute To The
State Fair.
Approximately 2,500 men, engineers,
conductors, j firemen and trainmen
from El Paso to New Orleans are af
fected. -
.1 , .,, . , , .... ' I 'VC nil in IIUIU U1VI3IUII LSU-MIS II1UI-
will be mulct m even a shght degree. Uons were k.lled and more than 100 .n- a e
The shameless bachelors who pull jured, some of them fatally, eariy yes- , "
down loss than 3,000 rimoleons per- terday when three coaches of a Central a.
annum and the more venturesome of Georgia passenger tram left the rails
married persons who have an income at a point 17 miles south of here and ; a.
of le, than $4,000 to the twelvemonth plunged down a deep cmbankmnt. J difference8 An e,cventh
are considered by the Government to The tram which consited of five cars Board .of
oe mailing no more man u surac.t wu " , , Mediation and Conciliation was made
to sustain life with ordinary decency route from Ozark, Ala., to bufaula, , . . . A . . f ...
and some degrees of comfort. But in where a fair is being held. K. Southwegt toni ht faced a
view of the fact that no man can wear A broken rail is said to have been the ., ... , . . .
possibility of one of the most serious
traffic stoppages in years. Railroad
officials were silent as to what efforts
were being made to relieve the situa
tion, but reports from other sources
indicated, preparations were being
made for the coming of strikebreak
ers. All trains due to leave terminal
more than one necktie at a time nor cause of the accident. As the crowded
live more than 24 hours a day, whether excusrion train rounded a curve the
his income is $6 a week or $15,000 three cars at the rear, literally packed
a day (nothing personal intended, with passengers, suddenly left the track
Vincent) the Government has decided and breaking away from the others
that those whose surplus wealth is dashed down the steep embankment,
not even remotely associated with The wrecked coaches were practically
their sustenance or even their pleasure demolished."
-l it I I - kl1 nin 4VsfMif-.f.ft rj tne fwft conches which
Slid 1 1 IK til. 111)1 111 ....... i vwuiAiuw v. ... ' -
..a .t.- ZZZ . TiT. ML, It! a th. rail. Immediately bent Pint 7 dock tn'Bht were an"
,u , " - -V" .'jj. nulled before that time, it was stated
to the oyster rock, in search of the oys- gets. tneir enort. to rescmng
,.,.,.,. -:,,, whom action had been Although the scores ot iNew nern caugnt in tne rangiea wreckage . - --. , ' . . .
termen agaust whom action had n ruM after whlch their crews wl jmn
taken. "" 3" T " . T. T s25Z ' j , -ill the other strikers.
mmimums prcscriDed will not. lane ai ton, Aia., inree mues away, uu .
all kindlv to the reauests from Uncle train bearing surgeons and nurses was The Brotherhood of Locomotive En-
Sam for a remittance and will com- quickly dispatched from Ozark and gineers, Brotherhood of Locomotive
plain bitterly that the meagre accounts Eufaula, where most of the dead and Firemen, Order of Railway Conductors
allowed are not sufficient to pay the iniured later were taken. and Order of Railway Trainmen are
bill, to say nothing of the Many of the victims were carea tor i involved in tne stnxe.
The men were located in different
parts of Tangier Sound, dredging oys
ters on public roefs, and were arrested.
They were brought to Crisfield this
afternoon and later taken to Princess
Anne in automobiles by the Sheriff grocer s
and his deputies. They will arraigned
before Justice Porter at 10 o'clock
tomorrow morning, when the charges
preferred by the Cox firm will be
The arrests caused considerable ex
citement in the county, and a large
crowd of oystermen will attend the trial
Capt. George Holland, of Fairmount,
who planted the first load of oysters
for the Cox firm, said the dredgers were
justified in working on this ground
because it was one of the best natural
rocks in the State.
Capt. Plat Holland, one of the best
known citizens of Fairmount and a re
tired oysterman, came to Crisfield this
afternoon and offered to give bond for
the oystermen, but could not do so
because the writs were made returnable
to the Princess Anne magistrate.
Captain Holland declared the oyster
men would go back to work on Harris
rock, the Cox grounds, tomorrow
and predicted that there would be
bloodshed if an attempt were made
to'prevent their working there.
It, The Cox ground consists of 1,700
acres in Tangier Sound. A number of
Raltimoreana are interested in the
project with Mr. Cox, who is a brother
in-law of B. K. Green, the Somerset
member of the Shell Fish Commission
healthy little account at the garage, I at Clayton, where the citizens turned
... tk. ntUnr hand several I fhoii- rosidonrM into emercrcncV hosoi-
X T would eladlv submit to Lis. Everv ohvsician within a radius I BALTIMOREANS OWN GROUNDS
the tax provided they were endowed of many miles hurried to the scene of
with the cause thereof. And it may the wreck.
be comforting to the distressed in mind Because of the isolation of the oaWW
to remember that the Government I Because of the isolation ot tne place
does not propose the confiscation of I where the wreck occurred identification
all amounts above $3,000 and $4,000 1 0f the dead and wounded was slow. Not
Blanquet, After Holding Huerta
Prisoner, Secures Promise
To Resign.
The men claim they were unable to
secure a satisfactory settlement of a
list of 67 grievances and that General PRESIDENT IS HOLDING OUT
Manager G. S. Ward, of the Sunset
Central, declined to meet a committee War Minister flans ooup u tear
of the unions to discuss the grievances. I If Promise Is Not
Trains Annulled. P-
v... ri XT- .tw.. 1 A X,.,..
ncn villain, nuvcuiim tt.i ... VT 1 c C 1
passenger and three freight tarins ofi V'.y' , "
the Southern Pacific scheduled to ' 7-" f-h "
start from New Orleans tonight were for a cou case, ""f
o f 1 ho ctnlrp nf train- 1 -J ..v. I r r w
. . a . u I he has triven mat ne win noi iry 10
men and eneinemen. An effort will be 8 .
made to run a passenger train leaving
here at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning
No strikebreakers were ii
at a late hour tonight.
The demonstration of the Diamond
Gang Plow, given at Ghent Park yes
terday morning by H. Mackerly and
W. T. Bailey, Jr., representing the
Parlin and Orendorff Plow Company,
of St. Louis, Mo., was entirely success
ful. This demonstration was given under
the supervision of Burrus & Company,
local agents for this plow, and a large
number of interested spectators were
on hand to witness the proceedings.
The plow used in the demonstration
was a P. and O. Diamond Gang Plow
with a three-in-one mould, cutting
twenty-four inches, entirely wrapping
or turning in weeds from four to six
feet high.
This brand of plows are used exten-
hold on to the presidency.
Army officers have been ordered to
idehce take instructions on,v frotn the min"
ister ol war, and to hold tnemseives
in roartinpaa fnr immediate action.
General Manager W. G. VanVleck . develons that Huerta was orac
announced tonight that the Sunset . . . t Rlanauet'e
Central lines now has available enough . . ....
men to fill the places of the strikers. Ieavonl when he promised t0 qd-l al1 over North Carolina and are
Mr. VanVleck said he expected service . - Blanauct is id to have 8,vm8 complete satisfaction in every
to be restored as rapidly as arrange- Lhown him that an attempt to hold wav'
ments coum oe maae to put new men against he United States was
to work- madness.
Reports from various divisions over A special train has been ordere
the system show that the walk-out was by the Government to be in readi
ness to go to Vera Cruz either to
night or tomorrow.
Blanquet expects to be chosen Presi-
without disorder
The Godchaux Planting Company,
the largest producer of sugar in Lou
isiana late tonight telegraphed Presi
dent Wilson asking that he use his
good offices to have the strike set
tled. It is pointed out in the telegram
that the cane grinding season now is
at its heighth and that without rail
road facilities it will be impossibe to
get the cane to the mills.
Offenders Claim That The Plant
ed Beda Were Not
Pnnrpct An ne Mfi Nov. 14. The
not for the present at least. It I until night were the names of a ma-1 0V8termen arrested yesterday by
merely exacts a smaii pcrcuiu... . Joruy OI mosc uuw ..n.. I Capt. T. B. C. Howard, of the State
thereof. jtainty. . I steamer Governor Thomas, and sheriff
In answer to many requests for defi- j Many of the injured were brought I of Somera4!t COUnty, charged with
nite information the lollowing sum-1 here from Liayton, tnose sunw- jj-j-- ,rAe planted ground of
mary on income- tax exemptions andpng most being rushed to local hospi-1 Geo A Cox & Co were given a
.i,t..-t;,...o ham Wn rnmmled: 1 1 u tiv a snecial train, n maioruy wi , : i.r
uin.....a - .7-- i , -r - - preliminary neanng ueiujc jui.n-c
1. Exemptions which need not be I the injured susttained painful scratches 1 . . aft.rno-n and re.
' . ill VIIMJ
reported: . , and bruises from spiinterea wooawor on 100 bai, for the action
-2. Exemption of X3,0W, it single, i and cuts trom Hying glass. lnCTC wa,: 1 0f the grand jury
. a nnn if married. I maw. however, who suffered broken!
i c.mntinn. which need not be itone and s m ar hurts ot a dangerou intLlpgu..UB.,ivura.i,
anwfl I natiir
"""v"- .... , l" . . ... . t. J -ln-n: .,.,.1 M POT i cren.
I .,...-. nhliiratmns Ol a 1 Dn rnnH nmria s tonient ISSUUU il I IMIllllluiailB niiu ..... -
a. iniai vi. "'"B " - , . . ,
.... . . . . . . . i :i 1 I i Tnn li.t nn wkirh the
State or any political subdivision i statement here in wnicn tney ascnucu . - -
thereof, and upon the obligations ofjync wreck to a broken rail
the United States and its possessions
Passengers And Crew
Thrilling Escapes From
Burning Boat.
b. Salaries of President Wilson and
Federal judges.
c. Salaries of officers and employes
of a State or its political subdivisions.
3. Reductions allowable (in addi
tion to the $3,000 or $4,000 exemp
tion) in computing taxable income:
a. Necessary expenses actually
oystermen were accused of working
were leased to John T. Mar wood, John
E. Semmes. Ir.. and W. C. Coleman
of Baltimore, and the trial of the al
leged violators was not held until one
of the Baltimoreans could come
prosecute the case.
The Justice explained that it was not
in his jurisdiction to try the cases,
executive seat, and will now listen to
no proposal of surrender.
It is said this evening that the op
timistic reports were made on their
own responsibility without having con-
jjave I suited Huerta.
The members ot the diplomatic corps
and high government officials believe
that attempts to renew the negotiations
Wilmineton. Nov. 15. Fire originat- with Special Envoy John Lind are
ing from unknown cause in cargo of doomed to failure, and that even if the
eotton amidships destroyed the steam-1 m;nisters broached the subject, which
er C. W. Lyon, plying between Wil- is considcred extremely unlikely, and
ungton ana r ayeueviut.-, uu mc vc . . . r, . J
S d:. in owe Wilminatnn the provisional president consented
rear i.iwti. v wMMWfw'" , , ,
and was responsible for the drowning the United Srares would hardy
of Captain Henry W. Edge, the mate, open the subject at this late date. It is
ef FayettevHle, at 11 oe'lock this morn-Jin facti believed that the United States
ing. The boat ias bound from Fayette-1.;,, make a finai demand on Huerta
vine to w..m.ngT , tomorrow, and set a time limit for
I here WCre eigni passengers aim I
the crew of 12 and there were several his answer
thrillinir escapes. As soon as the blaze I A telegram from Vera Cruz says that
but merely to hold a preliminary hear- . Ji-wr-H the nilot. a trustv lohn Lind transferred his baggage to-
paid in carrying on business (not in J &RS. J. D. FLETCHER, OF DUR-jing to determine whether the men colored man w(,0 has been on the river day from the Hotel Terminal to the
eluding personal, living ana iamny i HAM, MEETS, HORRIBLB I should be held for the action ot tne orty year8 backed the boat into I battleship Louisiana
expenses). UbAl H I grand jury or the charges aismissea. si(je of the r;ver and made vessel
b. All interest paid on indebtedness, i m ,tme and Henry l. Ellegood, ot (wt to tree
c. All Government, State, county,! 1 Salisbury : Henrv 1. Waters and Robert,0 and ,rew wore in the bow of
school and municipal taxes (not in- Durham, Nov 14. Mrs. J. U. Het-lp pueT) pri,1C0ss Anne, represented J wkh cxception Df a lady pas
cluding local benefit assessments.) jcher, sixty year, of age, and wife of the I thc overmen and State's Attorney I, who occupied a cabin in rear
d. Losses actually sustained, incur-farm demonstrator of Durham county Tull conducted the prosecution. and thesc were cut off from land by
red in trade or arising trom nre, - a cow Ute thi i The oyrtermen and their sympathi- the inten9C heat and rapidy ,pread.
storms, etc., not compensated for by Mnzers packed the little courtroom and . The on,y thing e(t for
insurance or otherwise. laiverBuyo. iMM the street upon wnich it is roca- . . ium Some coud not
Debt. due. actually a.certamed and nephew, Messrs. W. w. rieicner ted wag one rf
dent ad interim tomorrow.
Mexico City, Nov. 15. All efforts
on the part of certain of the minis
ters of General Huerta's cabinet to in
duce the provisional president to re
sign, and prevent the new congress
from convening, have come to a stand
still. None of them now dares t o broach
to General Huerta the idea of with
drawing in response to the United
States' demands.
The sudden change from the attiT
tudc of a majority of the ministers
yesterday is due to the fact that William
Bayard Hale was negotiating with
General Carranza on behalf of the
United States government. He was
, u 1h.ii h.. Innrnpii nf this nhase
Fire On River Craft Causes Loss I , ' , .. , th.
... I of the scheme to oust him trom the
WI vessel ;uu
Monument To Be (Erected la
Memory Women Of Confed
acy Is Finished.
Represents Elderly Southern Wo
man Typifying Anxiety
Of Early Sixties.
SlCopten A Son's big department
tore on Middle street will today
be the mecca of all shoppers. The buyer,
for tab big firm have purchased an
.uLnu nrk nf readv to wear nar-
ment. and it was the firm's intention corporation, etc
to hold them over for the Christmas
trade, bat after considering the matter
they decided to put the garments on
sale a little earlier and today this big
sale will begin.
This will be the chance of a lifetime
for the citizen, of New Bern. Price.
have been cat and slashed until the
noods are offered at rock-bottom price.,
On page eight of this issue of the
lournal. S. Coplon Son tell alt about
this sale. Turn to that page right now
and see what they are offering.
I Yield to Lydia E. Pinkham'
So far there have been no further
development, in the matter of ousting
Postmaster J. S. Ba.night from the
locnl poMoffice and it berin. to look
as If there ill Ik- notliinu doing .long
this line.
It wm understood that an inspector
would be la New Bern this weak to
investigate the charges which had
been preferred against Mr. Ba.night
but this gentleman has not put in hu
appearance up to thc present time.
Coafxessman J no. M. Faison, who
is taking an active interest in tne aut
ter, has stated that several days will
probably elapse before this inspector
can be secured. This is a matter of
much interest her- and New Bern
citizens are awaiting thc outcome with
to be worthless and cnargea . and r. i . Rogers. Mr., r letcner iivcu , Mn Cojt' testimony related to tne . . . unaccountable
f- Reasonable aUowance for de-1 jth her nusband in Oak Grove town-1 leasing of grounds by Mr. Harwood I manner , managed to make half thc
preaation of property used in '- .. . mi, eagt the city, and his associates and the surveying -isUnce toward shore before he went
ness. . ... arr:d.t land buoying off the grounds. He was jown He was one of the last to
9. Dividend, or net earning, of a While no one saw the terrible accident, I tehmenjMac ? . who had
which u taxable the supposition is that Mr., rieicner H Park, and John Helgison, who were , . a,hoT tried to throw him
upon its net income. - J went to the barn to do the evening I on tne grounds in a watchboat ,ine but fte couid not catch it, prob-
h. Income upon wnicn tne lax n. mjlang. She was gorea tnrougn me i when tne depradation. occurred. to0 near exhausted
. . . a, . . a tf l. . a . . i f I . - I J 9W
been deducted "at tne source. head and her ciotnes neany ium i.u... Po. , to d ,, . i ,. . naMentrcr
her body. Her bonnet was found! , . ... ,,-Her arret that ,. ,i,..r .hn rm.M not swim but he
. i,bo wiv nv rcniD isi AlMnlon the inwde of the cow .tall while I -,-,i,;ncT nn nrivate bottoms U.U a rtriftinir low and was carried
, - . " - r- , ,. - o --
MEETS DEATH AT tne Doay w vuc u, - ind tmtt they wouW be prosecuted, uk a mile down the river wnen ne
PHILADELPHIA. in the aoor the ub,e- , '""He said they continued dredging after jwa, rescued by some negroes in a
and nepnew, wno were ruru.n . warun. He knew ai of them, he B,hin. boat.
their nome sioppra vy vw 7'Taid, having lived among them lor The body of Captain fcdge had not
.cies ana were " ""- nlne years. been receovered tonight
Fletcher. They walked about the prem-1 .... ,u,n , .everal wit-
Ues and finally visited the barn to find I . . who wore that the The value of cargo and boat wa.
their mother and aunt in the agonies of I . -.i Paired off e.timated at $30,000. The boat alone
; eu i:r.l K k .nA rounu. wc y.., "Iw-j ,u MnflM n which there
oeaui. . ' . T t land that no name, appeared on tne
ried to tne nouw wnere sne area .ew ... k w Harwood'. was e,wu insurance. . , . h-v-
minutes Uter. Mr. Fletcher was not . ... . th! Maryland principally of cotton, valued at about P ""TZ, , t have
m lULi eaes mj.w"v- ---- - I .a I npiiiMi llin wuiuci a ui i w . -
at home but had gone to Lowe. Orove I . -ntj taw, They a Urge area $8,000 and was owned by tne aprum.
uihool for the exercises to be held there K. u i. i.i-H nrobably fully covered by insurance
. .. . t. ! I oi niur. in- 1. ... . M
tomorrow, wnen tne iarm iuo scnow w.i... . K- ,ht there were no 1 he "Lyon. wa. owncu uy
to be formally opened. She is the moth . . markimT the eround chants and Farmer. Steamboat Com
1 I'll I I . .L' 1 -.-a ,, I
er ol several cuuorcn
Mr. R. D. W. Connor, secretary
the committee selected by Mr.
Ashley Home to supervise the execu
tion and erection of the memorial to
the North Carolina Women of the
Confederacy has returned from New
York, where, with Mr. J. A. Long,
of Roxboro, chairman of the com
mittee, he inspected the completed
monument. Mr. Long and Mr. Con
nor were both delighted with the
monument which has been executed
by Mr. Augustus Lukeman.
The monument represents an el
derly Southern woman of the sixties,
whose cultured features .how the
anxieties and sufferings experienced
by the Southern womea daring the
war without, however, Aaving lost
their refinement, telling tne story of
the war, of the deeds of heroism of
the Confederate soldiers, to a boy
of twelve or fourteen, presumably
her grandson, who is kneeling on one
knee at her side. In his hands is
grasped a sword the sword of his
father, who ha. fallen in battle. The
loy ha. evidently found the .word
and brought it to his grandmother
with inquiries about its history. A.
the grandmother dwell, on the
bravery and patriotism of the boys
father, the boy himself t. inspired
with patriotic sentiments, and eager
ly, grasps the sword as if he, too,
longs to dash away and imitate the
deed, of his father in the service of
his country. On one side of the mon
ument is a bas-relief representing
the women of the South bidding
good-bye to the Southern soldiers at
the beginning of the war, eager to
rush to the battle field, fired with
the inspiration received from the
southern women; one the other side i
a bas-relief representing the south
ern soldiers, in 1865, wounded, crip
pled in body by four long years of
(war, but dauntles. in spirit, return
' . i t ,-,! ku the love and
ng iiuiiic, wsiwmwi w; "
Vegetable Compound.
Cedar Rapids. Iowa.-" I was always, unfaiHn, devotion of the solera
Jame. Day, of Cedar Island, who nce
May gad been at work on the lumber
barge, William B. Blades as mate, fell
into the water Tueday from the bulK-
head at Fairmount wharf, Philadelphia,
and wa. drowned, Tuesday morning.
Day was walking along the edgeofthe
bulkhead and tripped. As he fell his
head .truck a projecting iron .pike.
He never rote to the surface. After
grappling for over an hour hi. body
wa. receoved by a police boat.
The body wa. brought to Beaufort
yesterday morning and was taken to
Cedar Island in the afternoon to be
interred in the family burying ground.
Deceased, who was 20 years of age,
was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Day
well known resident, of Cedar Island
and was one of the neighborhood'.
bet liked boy.. Me is survived by a
mother and father, two sisters Mrs.
Luther Lupton and Mite Emma Day
and six brothers Herbert, Kenneth,
John, Earl, Charlie and Prescott Day
all of Cedar Lland. Beaufort News.
Have you Men the line ol
Shoes at the Standard
tired and weak and my housework was
a drag. 1 was irreg
ular, had cramps to
bad that I would
have to lie down, al
so a distressed feel
ing In lower part of
back, and headache.
My abdomen was
ore and I know I
had organic Inflammation.
Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable
T". "L.". , .K;. ritv and was built in
into separate lot., and tnar mere w. iyw "
..L rj trlentilieatinn nn anv I 1904.
Success seldom'comes to a man who , . , tn ,hnw h- h.d the ound It waauone of the fine river boat.
is too laiy to go after it. I .. . . .. I in commission here. The boat was a
The mores man's thirst is irrigated hia 1 sister vessel of the City of rayette-
he faster it grow. . than U which recently .unk in the har-
bar here. This leaves no boat be
at rLuuu in tne ovster Diamine pmiwn, . . . :n ..
t..-. ru,W v there wa. an in- r 'l L .u-i- - ' .- A.fc, ,k. .. tween Wilmington ana ryvu.:
J - i gnu IL II men jtMwv w
sidious lobby at work at Raleigh while croacimwnt of the oyterraen by every
the legislature was in session. Governor 1 legal meana.
Craig ays there was not. Ttw- .
seams to be hard feeling, between the I BIIB UV.TIC IM
wo as a re.u(t of these charges. If WBa9
Judge Clark can prove his charges he Will cure' your Rheumatism
usht to do so; if he cannot he should. NouralwU. Headachci, Cramps,
have kept silent. Recklessly making Colic. Sprains. Bruises, Cuts and
charges that cannot be sub.tsntiated Burnt, Old Sores, Stings of Insects
hurt rather than help the cause ol pro-1 atc. AattMpoe AMdyme, uted 1
The hull of the "Lyon'' i. ot uon,
but it is not thought that it will be of
ny further service.
Captain Edge was Captain ol the
City of Fayetteville until it was sunk
and then went with the Lyon. He
live, at Fayetteville and ha. s wife
and two children there. Ke was on
the river for many year, and was very
i , . ,. -i-i..
those pains any more ana i mm mi m"
now. There are a great many women
nam who take vour remedies and I have
told others what they have done for
me. "-Mrs. Chas. McKMNON, Via n
Bth St. W.. Cedar Rapids, low.
Women who are suffering from those
distressing ills peculiar to their tax
should not lose sight of these facta or
rimiht the abiHtv of Lvdia E. Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound to restore mm
There are probably hundreds of thou
nerhans millions of women In the
United States who have bean benefited
bv thsa faenoue old remedy, wa
prcoeed from mots and herbs over 80
vean asm bv a woman to relieve wo
man's suffering If you are sick and need
such a medicine, why don't you try It T
women, the woman in me gruuy
telling the boy the tory of four years
spanned by these two bas-reliefs.
In the monument, therefore, one
reads not only the story of the work
and heroism of the southern women
during the war, but also the story
of their service, since the war in
preserving the history ol fame of
the Confederate soldier, in vindi
cating the cause for which he died,
and in teaching to his children les
son, of patriotism of which hu deed.
have been the inspiration.
The figures in the group are heroic
in sue. iney are now in
ready to be sent to the foundry to be
ca.t into bronxe.
The monument will be completed
in bronze about April first and will
be unveiled some time in April or
May next. It will be erected imme
diately la front of the new State
library building on Morgan street.
on the site selected by Colonel Merne
himself R sleigh Times.
If ran want speeUl advice writ to
be tteasi, tn and aaswvnd by
womea and o4 la strict eoan
While it will take a lot ot dough
to meke tnai uj pounu
ef Mies Jessie Wilson's, still w. hone
her cake wilt not be all dough.
Probably Bob Glenn ie putting us of
while he figures how much ho whs loos
in sate receipts while (be campaign
Shoe Company's Store.
ttrnaily sod externally. I tie 25.
much .anticipation.

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