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No 150
The Occasion.. A Usual, Was
Observed In A Fitting
Flushod With Victory Villa
pets To Move From
Many Visitors Spend The
In The City Amusements.
Of Attack Has Been
lined To Strike From
The North.
f Thanksgiving Day in New Bern was!
El Paso, Texas, Nov. 8. "On tt
?. . i . l i - I 1
nmngiy ouservea ana, as ..sua., pcu Chihuahuar ., thc newMt 8,ogan of
by in a quiet manner. the early con8tj,utionaiist army- in juare, Gen-
part of the day services were held at CTa, pancho via,s rebe, army 0 000
many of the churches and these were men flusm.d with kg reCent victory near
well attended. At practically all of juar over the federal army of Chihua-.
these house of worship, contributions wi movc ou( of ,uarer a8ajnst
for the pow d needy were taken Chihuahua city today or Saturday at
up and these, which consisted of money, the ate8t accordint t0 announcement
food, clothing, etc., were dstnbuted mad this morning by the rebBl
during the afternoon. , himself. One thousand men under the
Many New Bernians spent the day command of General Aguirro Benavides
out of the city, some visiting realuves wil, be rft tQ Garrison juarez.
and friends in nea'by towns and cities ..If l do not heaf by lomghl
while others attended the football that the enemy .. again coming north.
games at Richmond and Norfolk. ward j Mnd my army against tnc
There were many visitor in New Bern 8tate capital immediately," slid Gene.-il
slso. At the hotels special menus via .., Mieve that the federas wh 0
had been prepared for the occasion were dcfeattd Tuesday before Juarez,
and the genial hoBts of these hostel- haye by thig time reached Chihuahua,
ries endeavored, to their utmost ability, but k ig not imp0gBible that) hemmed
to make their places seem homelike. in ag they are they wi ake another
That they succeeded in accomplish- ga,y nortnwara.
ing this end was evidenced by the praise In cage thig happens my army will
of the guests. be eavjng here by tonight to meet
As for sports and amusements, the enemy If the Huerti8tag have not
there was a sufficient amount of these come north fey tomorrow night I will
to gratify the desires of even the most mQve againgt the capita, and thig time
fastidious. During the ea'ly part of ... relinauish the seine until
thc day there was a big turkey shoot the city ig m our handg
out at Ghent Park and this was large- ..Thig time the fight wil be briefi i
ly attended. During the afternoon wkh the artiiery we have cap-
the-e was a concert by the Peoples f he federal it wiU be a
.-v . i I -1!.. '
Band t tne same piacc ana m.s wrts lcoir,paratively easy matter t0 hammer
followed by a game of football between I their fortifica,iong in thc capiUi to
If they choose to come oiit
John Loudon
.Hn. John Loudon, who was
recently appointed by Queen Wll
helmina as minister to foreign aff
airs of Holland, has for the past five
years represented his country as
ambassador at Washington. His
wife is a daughter of J. B. Eustis,
a former American ambassador
to France.
thc team of the Ghent Athletic Asso
cmtion and the Sophomore Team
of A. ft M. College.
During the evening New Bern's
three theatres were open and these
were largely attended. So fa- as is
known there were no accidents and
no disorderly cenduct to mar the ob
servance of the occasion.
The cotton's ginner report just issued
shows that during the present season
that 2,716 bales of cotton were ginned
in Craven county up to November 14,
In 1912 the number of bales ginned
up to a corresponding date numbered
Tampico Seriously Menaced By
Rebels, Is Private Mexico
City Advices.
Huerta Appeals To Bank Man
agers For Cash To Meet
Pressing Obligations.
President Reynold Addresses
Instructors On Timely
Su jects.
A In
An Advancement
side the city to fight us, the task will
be all thc more simple, for it has been
demonstrated what mv men can do to
them in thc open field. What we will .io.
do when Chihuahua is ours is too far During the present season and up
in theifuture today. Thc way to the to November 14 Jones county ginned
City of Mexico will be more open than 2,631 bales, Lenoir county 5,503 bales
ever before, will it not?" 0nslow county 1718 Pamlico county
Overland and by train General Villa sN.".
will rfpnart from luarcz. The Last season these counties ginned the
problem of sufficient rolling stock to following number of bales: Jones
carry his' forces has been greatly leS- 4,9r9, Unolr 11,374, Onslow 2,718
sened by the capture of fou federal and Pamlico 4,089. It can be seca
trains in the recent three day battle, from the above figures that there
below the border has been a ,arge decrea9e ,n the mount
Chihuahua will be assaulted Irom gmneu. i nis was causcu uy -three
directions, according to the rebel crop which was brought about by un-
onH..i.rhif nrovidimt thc fed- favorable weather and the encroach-
i. .k ,.; rWl lulio ment of various diseases to the cotton
rrdD uiv .... j I
Ar,a'. column of 800 men, now while in its early growth
oneratin; in the Uuerrer aisinci oi
Western Chihuahua, will move on the A 1LROAD PRESIDENT ILL
ranital bv wav of the Mexican North- Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 28. That
western railroad, striking the city irom John W. lhomai Jr., president oi tne
the west. Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis
will.'. ,rmv will strike from thc railway, who several days ago suffered
Mo,,h while 2.000 rebels under General an attack ol plural pneumonia, has been r,K whn are located around critically became known here today
'Santa Rasalic, will move up from the Physician tonight, however, saiil that
c...k i. i ...imnted that nearlv 10.- he has shown much improvement in the
imn m. ra he concentrated by the last few hours and is now practically
the scige o"t ol danger
R.ileigh, Nov. 28. Members of the
cachers' Assembly and a vast audi
chit of citizens generally, heard with
great pleasure and approval the an-,
n'.ial address of President A. C. Rcy
nnlA of the assembly tonight on "A
Professional Bodv of Teachers and I Chihuahua rebel chieftain for
How to Secure and Retain Such alof thc capital
Body." I The first money being issued by the I Chief of C Police and Mrs. Lupton
He insisted that there must berehes resulted in Juarez being closed "returned yesterday from a visit with
such high and uniform requirement! tignt as a drum today. The merchants I relatives in Pamlico county
for entering upon this work and pro-i absolutely to accept, and snut
tcctitn of those engaged in it, inp their places of business. Villa
..rHcr to induce men and women oflthreueas to break in their doorj and
proper capacity and training to take confiscate their slocks. Juarez mer
up the work is a life profession in- chants, who refuse to crept the cur
stead of as a stepping stone to some rency, will be fined 500 pesos accord
thingtclse. The home, the school and ing to printed circalsrs issued this
spccia'l triining best calculated to morning hy Colonel Juan N. Medina,
develop teachers really worth while, rebel garrison commander in luarei.
were treated forcibly, the speaker de- The refusal night of a Juarez
daring that none should teach ex- gambling house employe to accept
ccpt those who relly inspire in child- 50 peso bill issued by the constitution-
rcn a desire for knowledge and who alist bank and tendered by a rebel of-
. o-.ntilitv that will command ficer. Lieutenant F. Casares, cost the
respect, along, with nobility ol cnarac-
Mexico, Nov. 2f General Antonio
Rabago, military governor of the State
of Tatnpautipas, SSBed himself after
losing Victoris, the capital. The sui
cide of General Rabago is not admitted
by the government, but the news is
contained in an authoritative private
telegram to his relatives here. General
Rabago, as military governor, was re
sponsible fore the garrison when Vic
toria was attacked by the rebels on
November 17.
It was not until this morning that
Victoria had been captured. General
Rabago, it was stated, had evacuated
the city.
Among the incidents connected with
the capture of Victoria one is related
of the execution of Captain Thomas
Jamez. He was told that his life
would be spared if he foreswore the
government, but refused and was
marched to the place designated for
his death.
There he distributed among the firing
squad all but one of a package of
cigarettes. This he lighted himself and
signalled to the officer in command to
give the order to fire.
That Tampico is seriously menaced
by the rebels is indicated by private
advices which say they are moving
southward from Victoria and today
cut the railroad 40 miles north of Tarn
According to late dispatches the man
agers of the branches of the London
and Mexican and the National Banks
at Tampico have been instructed to
close their establishments and remove
the archives to Progresso.
President Huerta summoned the man
agers of thc Bank of London and Mex
ico and the National Bank before him
this afternoon and explained to them
the necessity of their financial assist
ance to meet thfcobligations.jjf the
National Railways on December 1. In
terest payments of the railways, due
December 1, aggregate 801,000 pesos
gold. It was to raise this amount and
the interest payments maturing Jan
uary 1 that E. N. Brown, president of
the National Railways, went to New
York recently.
The gross earnings of the railways
since December, 1912, show a decrease
of practically 15,000,000 pesos gold.
Losses on fixed charges and on proper
ty, track and equipment aggregate
many millions additional.
Failure to meet the payments in De
cember would, it is claimed, have the
right of foreclosure, but as such action
would have to be brought in a Mexican
court because the company is a Mexican
corporation, the difficulties to be ea
countered are obvious.
life of Canares and another reDeil
shot Casan's.
M.1M1CI J "
w . '. ' . ... 1 I
He said the present system of exam-1 the bullet tearing away nis lower jw
ining am) licensing high school teachers land causing a wound from which ne
i... r.rviH..,l a neceus on wmcmidied several nours iaicr. n
... k..iu m efficient Drofcssional or-laoklier from Casarcs' command, who
..:.. u .Mcherm. The State Be- lattemDtcd to avenge the shooting of hit
pnrtmcnt of Education has already I chief, was killed by a bullet from the
urenared to be pressed upon the next I patrolman's revolver a few minute
cBilsature for enactment of a bill forlafter the shooting ol the lieutenant.
bringing teaching up to a professiona
standing. The bill will give opportunip
for those now ia the service wni
are deficient to bring themselves uy
to the required standard, those fail
ing to qualify in proper time to be elim
inated from teaching service.
Atonu with raising the sianoaras oi
liment there must, nc argucu, .
nt in eompeiumton to at
hold the best men and
There was also tonight an address
I'nivcrstiy. on the Montesorn aysi
Examined." This was of keen pro
fessional Interest to the teacasrs.
I good
I Sprains, Bruises
Stiff Muscles
are qilckly relieved by Sloan's
Liniment. Lay it on no rub
bing. Try it
A-hU Snk d DUoutod Hip.
f lt mv .nlrlK and (ill-located
OB- hlpbr faUliiort Of s tUristanr
wTndow. Wnt--on cratebM far foor
I month. Then I started to nee your
I Liniment, eccordlnf to dlrecttone. 1
I . l. u l.lnin. me WMHtemillT. 1
Siwlll nerer be without flosnt
SMT- '
Kills Pain
"Stosn'e Untawat has done MM I
mod Uun sorthlna 1 hsw ew tried
f..tiir ininte. 1 cot my i
I kuU. that I nod to stoo 1
vim. m m . I
estthMTwooM hae to
hand tales . tort I a
I At .n Dhn. 9U.
50c. 4 1100
end for Boon'
free. IsettweUTe
book of .arses.
ostUe, hot and
IjlHlf. MOrsss
r v
Albert. C. Sc limed em an of Madi
son, Wis., has been appointed Uni
ted States minister to Norway
Mr. Schmedeman was born In Madi'
son and has been active in the
Democratic councils of the State
for years. He succeeds Lauritz
Swenson of Minnesota.
Board Of Engineers For Rivers
Wants Information About
Proposed Work.
Interested Parties Requested To
Submit Statements And
Restricting Credits Are To Meet
A11 Provisions Of The
New Bill.
Declares Funds Of The Treasury
Are At Their Disposal.
The River and Harbor Act approved
July 25, 112, contained provision
for a preliminary examination of
"Northwest prong Bay River to public
wharf at dam in town of Bayboro,
North Carolina." Thc required ex
amination was made by the District
Officer, and pursuant to favorable
recommendations thereon, a survey
was authorized. The report of the
District Officer on the survey is favor
able for the improvement of the local
ity to the extent of recommending
an extension of the existing project
to the mill dam of a channel 50 feet
wide and 10 feet deep, with a turning
basin just beow the dam, at an estima
ted cost of $9,337.50, provided that
local interests contribute toward . the
improvement $2,700.
In accordance with law, the report
has been referred to the Board ol
Engineers for Rivers and Harbors
for consideration and recommendation.
From the information presented, the
Board is not convinced of the advis
ability of the United States under
Washington, Nov. 29. Secretary
McAdoo issued a statement tonight
decla ing that if banks throughout the
country are, as repo.-ted, restricting
credits to meet provisions of the ex
pected currency law, they are mak
ing a mistake. He announced that
the resources of the treasury will be
it the disposal of thc banks to aid
them in complying with the new law.
The statement in Dart said: "The
Secretary expressed the conviction
that the new law will impose no hard
ships on the tanks and that the trans
fers of capital and reserves to the
DroDosed Federal reserve bankj will
be accomplished with little or no in
convenience to thc banks and to gen
eral business. The Secretary said that
the Treasury Department had large
available resources at its command
that he should not hesitate to use
them for the purpose of aiding the
banks to comply with the new law and
that in is opinion the banks could
with perfect safety proceed with the
granting of accommodations to their
customers in the normal and usual
"The Secretary said that he did not
of course, assume to advise thebanks
he only wanted them and the business
nublic to know that there is no
ground for apprehension and that the
attitude of the Treasury Department
is to be helpful and that he thought
it could be effectively helpful. He
said that if any banks are laboring
under the impression that the new
law will necessitate or occasion a re
striction of credits they are control
led by error.
"The Secretary stated that up to
date the banks had called upon the
Treasury for only $34,661,000 for crop
moving purposes; that these deposits
were, under the arrangements, to be
returned in four instalments begin
ning December 15th and ending
March 1st.
After spending three years in the
work, Raymond R. Eagle, a prominent
young civil engineer of the city, has
at last completed and issued a
map of the city of New Bern and its
numerous sub-divisions that is a credit
to Mr. Eagle, and will be of untold erorth
to the many business men and corpora
tions who have purchased one of them.
In 1875 H. A. Marshall compiled a
map of New Bern which, at that time,
took in efery part of New Bern and was
an excellent piece of work. Naturally
New Bern has greatly enlarged since
that period, but up to a few days ago
there was no map of the place, but the
one made during that year.
Realizing that New Bern busines
men needed a new survey of the city,
Mr. Eagle, three years ago, began this
work. The map which he has issued is
based on the one made by Mr. Marshall,
but, in addition, a number of new
surveys have been made. Every sub
urban section has been included and
there is even a map of the Glenburnie
Park property.
Each section of the city and the sub
divisions are indexed in bold letters
so that it is a very easy matter for any
one to find either. Riverside, Ghjnt'
I.arksvillc ,or any other sectionnwithou t
the least trouble. Another feature
is that, by using the map, one can tell
just how great is the distance from one
point to another. The scale is three
hundred feet to the inch, and by meas
uring one can estimate, within a few
feet, the exact distance from one point
to another.
A large number of the maprisave been
disposed of and it is safe to sJrf'lhat man
mou- will be placed by Mr. Eagle
during the next few days, for no business
house or public institution should be
without one.
"In selling Red Cross Seals, looks are
deceiving," says a well-known Washing
ton society leader, who each year has
charge of a booth in a large deprt
ment store. "Aristocratfc-laalviBSX men,
or elegantly dressed women- With dia
monds on their fingers, buy cents'
worth of seals, while little children
empty their pocketbooks of all their
pennies. Only the other day a little boy
came up to the table with nis mother.
"Mother, how many stamps shall I
buy?" he 3aid. "As many as you have
pennies for," she told him, and he turn-
Captain W. W. Joyncs, of Key West,
Fla., arrived in thc city last night
to take command of the Revenue
Cutter Pamlico. Captain H. B. Westl his pocket book upside dowi)
has recently been suspended lor a term i g orty.five
of six months and Captain Joynes At one of the other stores, where the
will r in command of the Pamlico I. lU . - .l Ann- e,, amr
, . , , . . , . , I luuuiu is ileal l uv uwi wi. v.w ...
taking any additional improvement . . . iod
at this locality at the present time Th isina season f tne Pamlico I , .l. ..r
for the following reasons: tomorrow or Tuesday and - .l.. o ..a T.w. TW.
The total amount of waterborne com- L weeks ,ne wi cruise around . tuberculosis children taken
merce at this locality is not large, . . w,rs of Eastern North Carolina, I ........ .-.u .u- oj r t,i.
and it appears that only a small part 1 inipections and rendering any wme ,ktle col.
of that reported would utilize thel . di . d mariners that I . Ua1Z k ZL .t..fei
proposed improvement. may be necessary. L.ii. -wi... fh.m .mnk. HoinV"
Thc existing project reaches the main Ifl:rial ners0nell 0( the vessel!.. " ............ u. ti.
CAPITAL CASES AGAINST WHITE J part of the town of Bayboro, and the K u (oow: Capt. W. W. " e he what the
improvement now aesirea w.,n., .,. .Joyne,( Coinraanding officer; l.ieut- she told him they were to l to
the nature of an auxiliary or supple- . c Executive Officer; Second I . , .L ... 7
,., , .... ineip me ic uiuuin ... . .
. II II l ... . 1... .. !. I I I.I. I ' ....
l.ieut. rv. .v. Diging a penny from his pocket, he put
Officer Lieut. H. Y. Butler, Chief of . . ,tArted to uke .
Engineers; Lieut. E. A. Coffin, Junior) n.ckj , twentv.nv(. He was told that
mental channel for terminal purposes,
i which is usually provided by the local
ity affected.
The channel proposed is narrow,
would not be easily maintained, and is
Goldsboro, Nov. 29. Superior court
in session here this week took no recess
for Thanksgiving bu continued work
on its heavy criminal docket. The capital
case against Herman Bizzell, thc negro I believed to be inadequate for the pur-
bov charged with ambushing and kit-1 pose desired
ling his father, all the morning session It appears practicable, Dy a reason
being consumed in securing a jury and I able adjustment of rail and highway
the case is being tried. The grand jury facilities, to locate a terminal on him
also returned in a true bill for murder inn deep water if the present arrange
atrainst the three white men. Franklin ment is unsatisfactory
i " i . .. 1.1, .. .. ....
Stobbs and Pigford in the Powell case. All parties interested in tnc proposed
When arraiened their case was continued improyenimt arc invited to Mibmil
under oraver of the State until the Ian within a period of thirty days from the
aery term on account of the absence of Mate of this notice, statements ana
material witnesses. Bond was fixed at I arguments bearing upoi Afcfijifccssity
ti (Hid h .nl at a l.r. I,r ...nii.h, fur the improvement in the inleiiM
Utohbs and Franklin had not twfn able of WirljW'Wl't Such
L r.,,-;k i,. iu,nj Tk. i :.., I Hi. i.mnt vavvlvlHHvi to the
I iu iuiiii.n ...v miiu lu'J I 7avavvwwrivajj
Cll nnnrl nt h.uij. ....... l .1... It,win of RnainCCTS tOT It
I ,11V il I III II I jii'i I 'mi IIIH .1-111 il .HE
ia.11. clerk and reelsters offices, convict I Harbors, Southern Buildit
ramti and countv home, finding rondi- iimton, D. ,." Should a heariag bo
tions satisfactory except some minor desired, this ean tie arranged ny corres
repairs recommended to the county pondence wuh the boara.
dome, and were discharged by Judgc
Friends in the city were surprised to
learn today that Leslie C. Lane, secre
Itary and treasurer of the Goldsboro Fur
niture company, was married to Miss
Alii e V. Nealon at Old Point Comfort,
Va., Tuesday. The bride had been in
for about a year until re
re she was superintendent of
a Union Teieraph company's
Line Officer.
. i it i j
t he stamps were a cent eacn nu ne comu
only have one for his penny. Crest
fallen for only a minute, he took the seal
and stuck it on one of his papers. Start
ing out the door, he turned Bad said as
a parting shot: "The next paper t Sell
is going to bring two cents.
ButHtuband, With Aid of Ord-i,
Effect! Her DelireriBce.
No. 666
BBBHEZaa vrul hfesk SOT tSS, sod
of ev
cently wh
the Westc
I school.
ew Bap
the coppc
touches were given the
hurch Wednesday when
of records were deioited
and the cornerstone formally sealed
Into impressive ceremonies by the pa
Boost, and the world buosts with you,
Knock, nd you're on the shelf.
Foe the world gets sick of tl
who'll kick,
And wishes he'd kick himsel
Boost, lor your own arhievt
TVanttr. N C Mr. Helen Dalton, of
Wtm DamS in HIT ICM avi,
ottea almoat smother to death.
Medicines pitched me up for iwhfle
k.. ik.n I wmilH art worse mm. ruvtl-
ly, my husband oecMea ne wanwu mciu
ii. r4rai the wr man's tonic, to he
It dPd me mote good thw iJr3sS-
c neal ma taken.
laaAssasI man v of mv Mends to
a J . " .
try CantaL and they all nrney nave
k.. ku a.,4 nrver Wilt be. a RMSOCnM
to comna're with Cardui. I believe it ts
most round,
i the Boimter,
will not
Mtler than
l o Care a Cold In Osw Day
, kt UUTIU aaOa00awla-. U
.oua-h and Wisaastis sa4 wsrka o Um
DfsaBtsta nlial tasan tt H tans ts ears.
b. w. oaovn a akxMtan aach tea. as.
tor all woaanly trou
For orer t0 reart. Cardui htaWea re-
If vou an a woman, give IIM iruu.
tt ilSad wrely help yV uit ha.
million oowft.
OK a botfle of OmM -4af.
New York, Nov. 29. -The fight again
st the useless giving of ( hnstmas pres
entsnot to give less, but to give dU
criminately and intelligently is spread
ing throughout the country with the
approach of the holiday.
The Spugs s the S ociety for the Ytt
ventkm of I seless Giving has
named its member, are suppl
copies of tm-mliershlp cards and by
laws with which to inaugurate braaci
societies in various part of the countr)
Every Spug must wear a membei
hip pin and pledge himasUvto aid I
gainst th
1 he cost ef the pit
jajfrvvfaMK en row sass sap w4-afs sssa, asat i
Tiaalraant lar wwasa." a SMa wrssaw. P.

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