North Carolina Newspapers

35th. YEAR
Who Disappeared
Years Ago, Said To
Be Alive.
Prosecution Wants D. M. McKay
Sent To The County
Mystery Which Stirred Eastern
North Carolina Is
is Kenneth BeaBley alive? Has he
boy whose strange disappearance eight
years ago set all Currituck county, N.
JC-. by the ears and caused the man
accused and convicted of kidnapping
him to commit suicide in an East Main
street hotel, come back to unfold toe
mystery long- ago given up.
Mrs. S. M. Bcasley, the boy's mother
when seen at her residence, 1722 Brown
avenue last night by a Virginian-Pilot
man, says her son is as unaccounted
for as ever. But, from Elizabeth City,
N. C, came reports yesterday that
Kenneth Bcasley has been seen in
Currituck county. It was a series of
reports that drifted into Elizabeth City,
according to the Virginian-Pilot's cor
respondent there.
When he disappeared that February
morning in 1905 Kenneth Beasley was
a bright-faced lad of eight years, the
youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. S. M.
Bcasley, a prosperous and happy cou
ple. If he were living now he would be
16 years old, but his widowed mother
does not believe he is living. She still
mums ne was killed in some manner
by the man who was sentenced to life
imprisonment and who took his own
life when the Supreme Court of North
Carolina refused to grant him a new
One morning Kenneth Beasley went
to school a short distance from his
home. That day Joshua Harrison
farmer neighbor of the Beasley's,
whose daughter Nina was little Ken
neth's teacher, called and took Ken
neth Bway from the school house for
a ride. That was the last seen of
the lad. though Harrison claimed to
have put the boy down in the road near
his own home.
After many days of weary searching
the boy was given up and.. Harrison
indicted for kidnapping No" trace' of
the boy was ever found and after a hard
fought trial Harrison was found guilty.
He was given a life sentence in th
His attorneys appealed the case and
while the appeal was before the Su
preme Court Harrison was admitted
to bail, which he put up himself by
selling his farm and other property.
One day there flashed over the wires
the news that the North Carolina Su
preme Court had refused the appeal
and there was nothing for Harrison to
do but serve the sentence. When he
heard it the convicted man was stay
ing at a hotel on East Main street
and rather than hear the prison doors
clang behind him forever he blew his
brains out.
Soon afterwards Mr. and Mrs. Beaa
. ley moved to Norfolk. Three years ago
Mr. Beasley died in Norfolk and since
then Mrs. Beasley and her 18-year-old
daughter have been residing on Brown
avenue. Mr.,. Bcasley has two brother
living in Currituck county, but she said
last night they would have informed
her if there was any truth in the re
port about her long lost son returning
Asheville, Dec. 18. Police Justice Ju
nius C. Adams returned to the city last
night from the east and when asked if
he had any statement to make regard
ing the letter published a few days ago
by P. H. Thrash,, in which, among; other
things, it was charged that his firm had
represented certain liquor houses in the
ction of bills for liquor sold to the
Battery Park hotel, he said that he had
nothing whatever to say although he ad
mitted that he had read the letter.
D. McN. MacKay, one of the drug
gists who was a defendant before Judge
Frank Carter in the liquor investigation
heldh ere recently, was called before
Judge Adams in police court this mom
ing on a capias, the charge against him
being that he had broken faith with the
agreement in which he had agreed to
surrender his stock of liquor and his li
cense to sell on prescription, pleading
guilty to a charge of selling liquor ille-
y, prayer for judgment in which was worker both in and for the nartv.
The office given Mr. Thomas is that of
collector of the income tax which carries
with it a good salary and an expense
I allowance of more than a thousand dol-
a year .
Senator Simmons stated last week
that he would make the appointments
in New Bern this week and it was ex
pec ted that this would be done by
Wednesday, but after that day had
passed and no word had come from the
capital city, it was believed tht he
Adams Is Reticent
Complying With
Louis G. Daniels will be the postmas
ter in New Bern to fill the office recent
ly made vacant by the dismissal of
S. Basnight. The fight has been
a hard one from the very start and until
the final moment no one could tell
who would be the fortunate candidate.
Many thought at first that each of
the four candidates, L. G. Daniels,
S. H. Lane. Frank Weathersbee and
John Thomas, Jr., had an equal chance.
Then the choice narrowed down to
Daniels and Thomas and for the past
few days it has been the general" opin-
lon of those who were familiar with the
existing conditions that Mr. Daniels
would be appointed to the office and
this was done.
Senator Simmons' selection of Mr.
Daniels as postmaster will meet with
general approval. Mr. Daniels has done
much hard work for the Democratic
party in this section. He is a personal
friend of Senator Simmons and stands
high in the estimation of the community
at large. Stephen H. Lane, who will
be the assistant postmaster' if the
age limit can be waived and he can
stand the civil service examination,
is another man who1 has done muchfor
the party. For years he has been
chairman of the Democratic Executive
Committee and has been an untiring
Mr. Hewitt would be removed at once.
While it was the general supposition
that this would be the outcome of the
investigation, it was not definitely
knswn ntil yesterday. Just when
Mr. Hewitt will be removed was not
stated, but this will probably be done
at an early date.
Naturally, about the sole topic of
conversation, in this city yesterday
was in regard to Senator Simmons'
recommendation of L. G. Daniels for
Postmaster at this place. Senator
Simmons selection meets with general
approval and Mr. Daniesl was yester
day being congratulated on all sided.
R. A. Nunn, who has been acting-
postmaster since the dismissal of J. S.
Basnight, is still in charge of the
offiee. Mr. Danfetr will probablv
not take charge of the office before next
week, or Until after his appointment has
been confirmed.
The selection of a postmaster has,
in a manner, detracted somewhat
from the amount of interest being shown
in the situation at the local office,
but there are still changes to be made
and until these take place, the public
will by no means lose all interest in the
continued for three years. Evidence was
introduced from police officers showing
that his business had shown a shortage
of about 375 gallons between November
and December 4, two days after the
judgment was entered. No evidence
explanation of the shortage was
offered in rebuttal.
During the argument by the prosecu
tion, J. W. Haynes, stated that he had
asked for a search and seizure warrant
for the place of the defendant about
me time me capias was issued put tnis would hold ov until SttWday.
had been refused by Judge Adams. After
. I I : ;j I .
nc Hearing oi evidence ana arguments
today, Judge Adams stated that he
flight have interfered with the State
in producing sufficient evidence and
thereupon ordered from the bench that
search and seizure warrants be issued
for the place of business and residence
of the defendant. As a result of the
ensuing raids, the officers found three
gallons of whiskey and six gallons of
champagne at Mackay's place of busi
ness but nothing in his house.
Following Judge Adams' order that
these warrants be issued, judgment in
Lumberton, Dec. 1. A brutal mur
der is reported to have been committed
at Red Springs, in Ho County, this
morning, Mack Brown being the victim,
a negro named Dupress is charged with
the crime. The facts as obtained here
are that Mr. Brown was paying off a
Organization Has A Plan
Segregation Of
Next Annual Session
Be Held In Decem
ber, 1914.
J. R. Kenly
the Atlantic
New York, Dec. 19.-
third vice-president of
Coast Line Railroad Company, today
was elected president of the company,
succeeding the late T. M. Emerson. Mr.
Kenly's headquarters will remain at
Wilnimgton, N. C.
Wilmington, N. C. Dec. 19. J. R.
Kenly, who was today elected preaidenr
of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
Company, his been in officer of the
road for the past 31 years, more re
cently as third vice-president in charge
of operation. He was born near Bai-
Youn White Man Committed to Jail Without
Claimed That He Committed Criminal Assault
on Mrs. W. 6. Hobbs Arrested Last Night
Shelbv. Dec. 19. One of the best
mecrmgs in me msrory 01 tne scare
Farmers' Union of North Carolina has
concluded its sessions here adjourn
ed tonight one day ahead of schedule.
Since the last meeting three new coun
ty unions have been organized, leaving
only nine of the one hundred counties
in which county organizations are yet
to be formed. The state treasury is in
$3,000 better condition than a year ago
and business enterprises of the union
are doing more business and are on a
better basis than ever before.
The main features of today's sessions
were passage of a number of important
resolutions and election of officers for
the ensuing year. The old officers with
the exception of (he executive commit
tee were re-elected as follows: President
H. Q. Alexander; vice-president, J. M.
Templeton; state lecturer, J. Z. Green;
state secretary, E. C. Faires. The execu
tive committee consists C. C. Wright, of
Wilkes; W. B. Gibson, of Iredell, and
W. H. Moore, of Pitt, re-elected, and
Clarence Poe, of Raleigh and S. H.
Hobbs, of Sampson, elected for the first
It was decided io abandon the policy
of having a midsummer meeting and
the next annual session therefore will
be held in December, 1914.
Perhaps the most important action
taken in today's session was the unan
imous indorsement of the proposition
to have a law allowing neighborhood
where most of the land is owned by one
race to sy, by vote of a majority ol
the qualified voters that in the future
no land should be sold to a person of the
opposite race provided the action is ap
proved by a reviewing judge or a board
Robert Jones, a young white man
who came to this city about two years
ago from Oriental and who has made his
residence here since that time, is in
Craven county jail without bond, on a
charge which, if proven, may send him
to the electric chair.
Shartry'Defore 11" o'clock last night
Mrs. W. C. Hobbs, who lives on South
Front street, near George, called up
the police station and asked that an
officer be sent to her home. PoBceman
A. L. Bryan was on that beat and with
in a few minutes he had responded to
the call. Upon arrival at Mrs. Hobbs'
home Policeman Bryan was informed
that Jones had only a short time before
forced his way into the house and had
criminally assaulted Mrs. Hobbs.
The woman stated that shortly
after 10 o'clock some one knocked
at her front door and that she, thinking
it was her husband, opened it without
question. She claims that Jones at
once grabbed her by the throat, threw
her to the lloor and accomplished his
M re Hobbs told the officer that si
attempted to scream, but that Jones
prevented her from doing this by
stuffing his handkerchief in her mouth.
Mrs. Hobbs' four children were in the
house at the time and they bear out
their mother in her
told the officer that Jones told them
that if they ever breathed a word of
the affair to a living person that he would
kill them.
As soon as he had secured the details
Policeman Bryan went in search of
Jones and found him at a store on
Middle street. He was taken to the
City Hall and was then committed
to jail without bond.
Jones bears a bad reputation. Only
a few weeks ago he was caught in
the set of stealing a turkey from the
coop of B. B. Davenport on lower
Middle street, and is awaiting trial
at the next term of Superior Court
on this charge. He has also been in
several other scrapes.
The alleged offender will .probably
be given a preliminary hearing, before
Mayor Bangert tomorrow afternoon.
Path Of
Lane Is Removed.
Probably Go Into
With Louis G.
more in 1847 and became a civil engi-
neer of the Pittsburg and Conneils- lQf comlBiwiooers being e
cessary to their peace and safety. The
number of negroes who were working for
the case was reserved until tomorrow him when Dupress gave him some im-
morning. The prosecution asked that a ' pudence. whereupon Mr. Brown knock-
road sentence be imposed in order that
the law may be upheld in Asheville.
Much interest attaches here to the final
judgment of Judge Adams, since there
can be no appeal on the part of the de
That part of the draw which has de
layed the opening of the county bridge
over Neuse river has arrived and the
workmen who are engaged in rebuilding
the structure, are making all possible
haste in getting it placed in position.
It is hoped that the bridge will be in
readiness for opening by Christmas,
if not sooner.
ed the negro down. The negro is said
to have left and finding two of his
friends went to a house nearby where
Mr. Brown kept a supply of dynamite
to be used in blowing up stumps. Later
Mr. Brown entered the building and
after securing some of the dynamite
turned to leave when the negro who had
concealed himself in the house shot
mm in tne breast, a shot gun gun
loaded with buck shot being used. Mr
Brown died in thirty minutes. The two
negroes who were with the murderer
are said to have been arrested while
tonight all efforts to capture Dupress
have failed.
Sheriff Lewis and other officers are
doing all possible to affect his arrest
Acting Governor Daughtridge this after
vill Railroad now a part of the B
& O., in 1868. He was one of the en
gineers of the Union Railroad in Bal
timore and assisted in the construction
of the Union Tunnell entering the city
In 1882 he had engineering duties with
the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad
in Richmond, Va., later becoming su
pe.intendent of the .oad, which afte.
ward became is part of the Atlantic
Coast Line system. He was appointed
superintendent of transportation in
1884, general manager in 1891 and vice
president in 1905.
The explosion of a number of shot gua
shells which had been placed in a gas
oven to dry out, caused considerable
excitement on lower Middle street
yesterday morning and originated
blaze which required the attention
ol three tire companies.
The shells were the property of Pugh
and Brooks, wholesale merchants, and
had recently come in contact with
water. The firm had rented the second
floor of the building occupied by M. L.
Jacob's commission house and it was
there thai the trouble occurred.
While no one can dsfinitely state
just what caused the shells to explode,
it is believed that the young m a
who was attending to the "roastin;
of the shells went off and left them la
the oven and as soon as the best
reached s proper temperature things
began to happen.
It is estimated that the damage
will not exceed one hundred dollars.
Allen Pearsalt, colored, who was
arrested in New Bern by the chief of
police on a warrant sent to him by
Justice Harriss, charging the negro
with burglary, wis brought to this
city Wednesday by Constable Davis.
He was committed to jail and will
have a hearing before Justice Garriss
todav. He is thoueht to be the Derson
I . . l w i n 1
noon instructed me umoerDnagemiH who broke into the holne f Mr
itary company to hold itself in readi- Mettfcl Harriss at Carolina Heieht
ness to protect the negro in case oH-d weeks ago. Wilmington Star.
arrest. Mr. or own wis a son ot cost
master Brown of Red Snrincs.
UK. i. m . viipoa i,nuotn
preamble recites "That the crowding of
undesirable negroes in white communi
ties makes social conditions intolerable
for white women and families, lowers
land values owned by white people and
often drives white families to other
sections. The resolution also declares
that the immoral mixing of the races
is the greatest menace to the suprem
acy of the white race and demands
drastic legislation on this subject
The attorney general is requested to
prepare the necessary blanks and circu
lars of instruction for having the clerk
of the court put the Torrens system of
registering land titles immediately into
(Special to the Journal.)
Washington, Dec. 20. AH assist
ant postmasters will be exempted
from the civil service tinder th post-
office appropriation bill, completed
yesterday by the House Committee on
Postoffices and to be reported imme
diately after the holiday.
The above telegram received yester
day by the Journal makes almost cer
tain that Stephen H. Lane will be the
assistant postmaster in this city.
When Senator Simmons recommended
Louis G. Daniels for postmaster at the
New Bern postoffice last Wednesday
night, he recommended that Stephen
H. Lane, who for years has been chair
man ot tne uemocratic executive
Committee of Craven county, be ap-
' . . . , . l
force when the law becomes effective pointed assistant postmw Prv,ucU
Tn,,, i anri th He.-l nf rnnrt a the age limit could be waived and he
reauested to appoint examiners of titles could stand the civil service examination
at once.
(Another resolution asks the secre
tary of the treasury to extend the time
of his crop loans till March 1
The idea of having "civic service
week" set apart by the governor next
November was unanimously indorsed as
. ' I k ia the short time which will
w,c tan a tnfwimttnt frr rrottinu rnflli
" MJ '"' " ..i" ' e, ft I . - . . .
head., of the va-iou state institutions intervene Deiore ne goes inw tuc .u,
i . j . a, .:
and departments to gether to devise there was some aouot .ouut v-m
plans for more effective co-operition.
Wsrren & Moore, the New Bern
owners of the Rhodes Hill property
in Noun Kinston, cleared a nice
proht from the sale of the property
Tuesday by Penny brothers, auo
Divided into building lots
bought from $150 to $1,250
the aggregate sum realised
'eijtoborhood of U6.00O.
or- in too wotrgtit almost
i much as was anticipated
try found a ready buyer.
end e
Craven county's Farm Life School,
which is located at Vanceboro and
which began its first term a few weeks
ago, is going rapidly ahead and much
progress is being made in all the work.
The social side of the school is one
of the features which appeal to the tea
chcrs and pupils. Tuesday evening
in the Library a reception was given
the faculty by Prof. Marshall and Prof.
Joslyn. An hour or more was spent
in pleasant social intercourse after
which delicious refreshments were ser
ved. Among those present were:
Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Turlington, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Sears, Miss Elizabeth Moore,
Miss Eunice Stewart, Miss Annie
Net I Clark, Miss Reva Newman, Miss
l"tence Wetherington, Miss Mar-
The Girls Friendlv .nrietv
d a bazaar in the auditorium last
night and this was a complete success
in every way.
Today will be observed as North
Carolina Day in the school and an elab
orate program has been prepared for
the occasion. There will be races Kv
the boys. There will be a corn exhibit
and also an exhibit from the Domestic
Science Class. Prises will be awarded
to the growers of the best corn by the
county demonstrator, J. W. Sears.
A play "King Winters Throne" will
be given in the auditorium tonight
and this will close the term until after
the Christines holidays and the major
ity of the teachers will (save tomorrow
for their homes and will be absent uo
til December JO.
Government Radio Office To Send
Out Midninht Call. 1 Thursday night
Washington. Dec. 19.-The naval 1 The ?e0& Brick Company met and
observatorv has arranged to aeni
time signal to mark the death of the Gibbs, president; J. F. Rhodes, vice
old vear and th. birth of the new It president; C. T. Meacham, secretary
will be spread broadcast over both
and treasurer. C. D. Bradham and
.u. at .k. ,i w.. iII. V. Blades and the officers of the
. uiiouul as i in iisv vvuiiucui uy iuc i
aw', crreat radio aartinn at A,lil company were elected as stockholders
' 7 " I tl - u, 1 .,! ,
t on and a shins and shore stations "rc 'ly F""
enuinned with raduwrereivino nurman and 18 one Ol tne most com
" " -ri I . . . j. .ti c..
tut and even amateurs are asked to Pe.y equippeo m tu pri o. .tr
li.ten for thi. .il and to ln,m The company, however, is planning
th. observatorv if it n. receiver! h t " a number of improvements
them. The signal will begin at 11:55 amon which wi" th dditioft
m., 75 Meridian time, December
TP. M.
ThVe is a strong demand for brick
just atVthtSytime and the output ol their
plant is very much in demand.
There is not the least doubt but that
Senator Simmons can get the age limit
waived in the case of Mr. Lane and the
only thing that stood in the way was
the civil service examination, lhers
is no doubt but that Mr. Lane could
have passed this had he time to pre-
Newton, Dec. 20. Sheriff P. Lee Hew
itt received a telegram this morning to
come to Terrell at once and investigate
robbery that had taken place last
night in T. F. Connor's store-
About 8 o'clock last night two strange
men were seen going in the direction of
the store. About 12 o'clock Mrs. Connor
heard the explosion and upon an inves-
tigation it was found that the safe kid
been blown open ana near in casn
Stefan. The men accomplished their
purpose by using nitroglycerine. The han
die had been broken off the safe and the
liquid poured in through a small hole
where the handle had been attached.
Some checks, notes, stamps, etc., that
were in the safe were unmolested. The
men entered the store through the rear
door by prizing the bars.
About 1 o'clock Mrs. Charles Connor
who lives a short distance below the
store on the Mooresville road saw the
two. men going in that direction. It is J
supposed that they separated later and
went on towards Mooresville.
Sheriff Deaton of Iredell, and Sheriff
Hewitt, of Catawba, who reached the
scene of the robbery early this morning
failed to find a definite clue flpof which
to work. A diligent search is being con
ducted and themen will likely Mfp"
headed within 4 few day
Mr. Connor conducts a Urge store at
Terrell, 15 miles east of Newtoff. It
was at first thought that some meirfrora
that immediate neighborhood did the
work, but the investigators ay that
they were professionals.
The State union did not endorse the sug
gestion for having the State department
of agriculture go into the business of
manufacturing but requested the proper
authorities to secure legislation for da
ting this material and to frame legis
lation thit protects the farmer fi-om
spurious material.
The committee on tobacco marketing
declared that the dry prizery and sto
age system formed the only practicable
helpful and economic method to be con
Addresses were made by President
Charles S. Barrett, P. M. Comer, of
Virginia, in addition to the talks and
reports by North Carolina members.
With the civil service examination
removed from the office there is very
indication that Mr. Lane will go ta
with Mr. Daniels.
Postoffice Department Sustains Thursday night of the Executive
Report Of Inspector (Committee of the Eastern Carolina
Bat, I Fair Association Company. iwo
races will be held and prizes to the
DANIELS IS CONGRATULATED I amount ol one hundred dollars will be
awarded the winners, she prizes to be
Senator Simmons Selection Msets given are handsome buggy robes.
With Gsnsral An- harness, etc. An admission fee of
proval. I twenty-five cents will be charged to the
grounds. beats in the grandstand
A mrssam received here veste.dav 1 mil be free of chage
m W I a . . . ' .
stated that the report of nostoffice The Fair Assocation Company have
W. H. Marvin, the man who claims
to be able to open any safe ever made,
arrived in the city last night after
spending--a few days at Beaufort and
Lovers of horse racing will be glad to Morehead City. While down in that
know that one of the best races seen section he opened several strong boxes
in this section in many years will take whose owners had lost the combination
place at the rair ground race track or which had itt some other way
on New Year's Day. I become contrary and refused to be
This was decided upon at a meeting I opened. Mr. Marvin, while in the city,
is stopping at the James Hotel.
inspector Knight, who recently visited
New Bern and made an investigation
of the record of Assistant Postmaster
T. D. Hewitt and found that he was
inefficient, had been sustained and that
rented the grounds to J. Leon Williams
for a period of four days either in the
hitter part of April or about ths first
of Msy. Mr Williams Intends having an
aviation meat and spring races.
There's an empty stocking hanging
From many a little bed.
Where" a God-blowa dream
Each sleeping curly head;
And the vision gathers nightly
Of a day that's soon to come
Where little feet should patter
To the music of the drum.
There's an empty stocking nanging
Bv a many wihd-blown door,
That must wait in vain for Christ
In M eray haunts of the poor;
Aad eyes that now shihe brightly
Shall, threugh a rain ot tears,
See nothing there on ennstmas
But the sorrows of the years.
But out where splendor centers
In the mansions of the Great.
No cell will go unanswered-
No tot will vainly wait;
The Christmas horn will summon
The Christmas drum will roll
The tide of joy in magic
Through the gateway of each soul.
The New Bern public schools
yesterday for the holidays and from nA
iintH, January 5 the pupils and teachers
will have an opportunity to enjoy,
to the fullest extent, the holiday sea
sen. The closing of the schools yesterday
brought to a close the first hah of the
term. This has been one of the-mmt
successful in the history of: ths school
and Prof. H. B. Craven and IHs eftctent
corps of teachers are more than gratified
with the results obtained. ,
The school, during the first part of
the term, was somewhat cramped on
account of the lack of room, but this
datdoacy has been umanlirt and
re Is now ample room lor every
That Jacksonville now has is good
lights as there are in North Carolina
ia a fact. The "switch" was turned on
on Saturday night for the first time
and worked like a charm. By the first
of January there will be over five
hundred lights installed, and tl town
will put up an appearance that will
not only be a great benefit
addition In the looks
Jacksonville Progress.
ranee mat win i to Pre
efit, but a great I sppir at earn
of the olac Hffffiffi
But where one gift would brighten
The dark of weary days,
No reindeer's hoofs will thunder
Out poverty's dreary ways;
Aad so, for God's white season
For some wee dreamer cause
fton't you think that you might whisper
Just a word to Santa Chsuar
By Grentlaad Rice.
To Prevent
Over one thousand dollars was sent
from the local postoffice. in postoffice
and express money orders this watt.
That this is as much as hat gone mm
any town the size of this in the State.
Wfcother or not this it a good record
or a bad one is net our prediction.
Wa know one thing there ia eame
liquor in JscksonviUe eraoa writing
ths article as to the number of gallons
we have been informed that thaw is
over five hundred gallons of -gjwr
... IZZi. Dl la the local office. What will K ne aaat
AMTUHtrric hauno oil,.. t weak at this time? "O. Jaeatn
las i t tenets Mt ma seals ,tMM;M
NetsaaMeas. zx. wt. mjm

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