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Vol. 5.
Defeated by a
Groner advances the ball fifteen Turner makes seven yards through stroyed, the laborer becomes a slave
yards before he is downed. Dabney 'centre. Whitaker fails to train and and all feol the- fvil rnnnntncfi.
Heavy dlves through line for five yards I Carolina loses four yards on a dou- This is opposed to the guarantees
Our Old Rivals are
Again Victorious. 46
to 0 Tells the Tale.
The great annual game between
... TTtJwrsities ot Virginia ana
je . ,
. . - . 1 ...... ,1 -
r it. rn-nhna was lJiiivfu un
Porifl ... i 1- fum hies and .Morrison falls: on it- rm
Hanksgivmg my, ana Carolina I v
outplayed and outclassed by
and Groner finally
and Groner tries left end for twenty
three yards Groner hurt but plays
on and Dabney loses two yards and
Hoxton loses two yards on double
pass. Virginia kicks to thirty yard
line and Butler is tackled by Mar
tin. Carolina tries to kick but.
twenty-three yard line. Groner,
ivas ouipmj j noKa j at j: t i.
er Virginia opponents. fllo. . ,
At no time did Carolina come near uuaiiy Kuc
m, around left end for a touchdown.
coring, -tne game 01v,ww
If long runs through the line,around A ? f
he ends, and in tact anywhere, by ;" ; Zir
uiai nail. wvUJ.C
ble pass. Virginia's ball. : Virgin- of Constitution and therefore not to
ia's backs rush the ball rapidly down be tolerated.
the field and Groner is pushed over Mr. Abernethy followed for the
the line, scoring a touchdown., Hox- '' negative. Man's development co-or-ton
kicks goal. Score Va.' 46. N. dinate with organisation-of society;
CO. hence to properly develop, his gov-
Soon after this play time is cilld eminent must be strongly organized
and the game is over Five thou
sand people witnessed the game,
and Carolina had many friends and
rooters in the vast crowd.
and in high state of civilization.
Commerce great upbuilder of gov
ernment; England cited. To main
tain commercial standing
the end of the
Va. 24, N. C. 0.
he Virginia backs. Carolina rare
,r n-'iinprl and fumbled badly. We
J 6""-- . ...... . .
iho o-arne in detail as taken
'ivv p :
mm the dispatches received here.
Pof Wrio-ht. wins the toss and est takes White s place at lelt
. , i' tt Iptirl "N"n rlinrifrp in Viro-ini'c lint"
HOOSes wc.caBi .guu.. . nft.ulu. - ...
. f i i nn Kfmpn InrlrG tn tph xmrrl linn
iriA n ten vara line: Carolina f
HlWO V I "I TA 1 j 1 1 ,
Ur vards and Butler tries ana oney catcnes ana runs twen-
l"lvv J " , r 1 r ,
Ufnr no fra n. Ball eroes to liy s'"
" - ,0 . " 1 1 , , r- rj -i 1
Winia on Carolina's , fifteen yard )Tams ana men niteen )'aras arouna
i lo.lo from t x 1
fatid hn 1 n-oes to ; Carolina on ner
L1 UtiP- Carolina fails to a Dabney carry the ball to Caro
r,;ar,r1 Viro-inia makes touchdown, r1"'1 B C,UL -yaiu 11UC- "
3"'"" O I J,.V1 . ! J.l.
a uou uie pass, carries ine uan ovci
the line, but Referee brings ball
back, to eight yard line. Dabney
then takes the ball and is pushed
for a touchdown. Hoxton
Hoxton kicks goal.
Belden kicks to Virginia's goal
line and Hoxton advances ball fif
teen vards. Groner fails around
Vircrinia kicks to fiftv Vard
line. Green catches and advances w
rive yards before he is tackled by
Martin. Belden gains two yards
through tackle, but the ball is fum
bled and Caot. Cocke falls on it.
Ball on Carolina's fifty yard line
Belden kicks to three yard line
and Hoxton advances the ball thirty
yards. Hoxton makes another long
run around right end but ball goes
to Carolina on account or toul in-
Dabnev bucks tackle for five yards terference on fifty yard line
and Groner makes twenty-five yards olina fails to gain and Belden kicks
amiiml rio-nrnH wne hp is tackled to thirty-seven yard line. Groner
around rip-ht end wnen he is tackled to thirty-seven yar.
0 I . 1 , i t 1 l T
by Green. Groner makes four and catches ana is tacKiea Dy xxogers;
then two yards through line. Groner Hoxton makes twenty yards on
and Butler both hurt, but continue double pass ana Dan is in center 01
to play. The crowd applauds both field.
players as they take their places. Dabney gains tour yards, kroner
Ball on Carolina's fourteen yard 12 yards and Morrison two yards,
line. Hoxton loses two yards on Wright is badly hurt and Turner
double pass, . but Groner makes takes his place. 1 he ball is now in
touchdown. Hoxton kicks goal. Virginia's possession on Carolina's
Carolina kicks to five yard line forty yard line. Dabney gains five
and Hoxton advances thirty yards, and Morrison three yards and ball
Morrison kicks across field for is out of bounds. Groner and Dab
small gain. Whitaker tries to gain ney gain through the line and Dab-
but fumbles the ball and Dabney ney is sent around right end for a
falls on it. Hoxton gains twelve touchdown. Hoxton kicks goal.
yards on double pass and Moore Belden kicks to nve yard line ana
and Groner make small srains Hoxton runs twenty yards. Dab-.
through the line. Dabnev and Mor- ney breaks through line for fourteen
rison gain through the line and the yards and Moore gains five yards
ball is on Carolina's forty-five yard around right end. Ball ts ,now;n
line. Virginia rushes the ball to centre of the field. Groner gains
Carolina's twpntv vnrrl line when three yards and is hurt but plays
it,. fnr,, --iA rJatr 1 on. Hoxton, Mooreand Dabney they may force one
Whitaker makes eight yards on fake ffain and Groner by a double pass iiness, they benefit thousands by re-
o-oes around lett.ena ior a toucn- auanj ncsdiiu umiauuuuvtu.
b . . . - I -.. . i - r j.: .... .1
down. Hoxton kicks goal. The great numoer 01 parries snow
1 .I- i ...a ii. ..
Carolina kicks over the line and individual ireeuom uiu ic
ball is brought to twenty-five yard true of the church.
line. Morrison punts to, thirty yard! Mr. Bowie followed for the af
line and Green makes fair catch, firmative. He defined normal de
Belden makes place kick to five yard velopment, holding that it was a de
line and Groner catches, who ad- velopment along lines and relations
vanccs the ball twenty-five vards. laid down by the Constitution and
Moore makes run around right end, any thing that impeded or hindered
but ball is called back to Virginia's such a development was.ruinous.
line on account of . All industry is in nana nuc
Carolina's ball, corporations, ompen ue-
Cocke (Capt)
Dab ne y,
Two thirty-five minute halves were played
Mr. Armstrong-, of Yale, acted as umpire
and Mr. Bavard, of Princeten, referee.
- Carolina.
L.E. , (Best) White,
L.T. (Turner) Wright(Cpt),
L.G. Neville,
C. Joy ner,
R.G. . Bagwell,
R.T. Bennett,
Iv.E. Rogers,
Q.B. Green,
R.H.B. . Butler,
L.H.B. Whitaker,
F.B. Belden, ',
The Inter-Society Debate.
The first semi-annual debate be
tween the Dialectic and Philanthrop
ic Literarr Societies took place on
Friday night last in the Di. Hall.
President Kluttz called the meeting
to order promptly and announced
the Committee to decide the ques
tion as follows, President Alder
man, Prof. Harrington and Instruc
tor W. C. Smith.
The query read by the Secretary
was, Jtesotvca, l hat the tendencies
of American lite as seen in the for
mation of Trusts, the Functions of
Political Parties, and Ecclesiasti
cal Government, are against the
normal development of the Individ
Mr. Cheek, of the Di., was the
first speaker on the affirmative. Mr
Cheek held that the political parties
shape the governmental creed and
policy. The individual is denied
freedom of action and frequently
stifles his own convictions in order
to follow party. Same is true in
the church. If a man tries to think
independently he is regarded as a
heretic and so treated. Mr. Uheek
made no allusion to trusts.
Mr. Sykes, of the Phi., followed
as the first speaker on the negative.
History shows development, a silent
movement to better things, and the
trust is a factor in the development.
The trust, Mr. Sykes declared, is
opposed by ignorance, and while
man out of bus-
kick and Belden gains five yards
and Butler three around left end.
Whitaker gains one yard and the
ball is on Virginia's thirty-seven
yard line with one yard to gain,
bright fails to - gain and ball goes
over. Dabney gains four yards,
Moore fifteen yards, Groner three
yards, and Dabney three yards.
Morrison fails to gain, but. Dabney
foes over for a touchdown. Hoxton
Kchgoal. .
Belden kicks to five yard line and
thirtv-two yard
foul interference.
I organized capital as opposed t
rampant and ruinous competition of
small manufacturers. Tendency
shown in last election is that party
bosses no longer rule, depriving
masses of rights; and men do not 1
vote blind party sentiment, but
intelligent convictions. Political
discussion great school for masses.
The church to propagate religion
and stimulate moral element in so
ciety inust have organization : and i
Mr. Swink was the next speaker
for the affirmative. Mr. Swink de
voted his whole time to the church '
and showed that the individual is
ignored, the laity deprived of all
power in church assemblies aud1 in "
the Catholic church the Popes and
Bishops are oppressive.
Mr. Parker, of the negative, con
cluded the debat Mr. Parker de
voted his time1 chiefly to the argu- "
meuts of his opponents and' showed
great skill in refuting them. With
out organized society and organized
capital there would be chaos. Trusts
are along this line of organized ef
fort. He held tha they were not
discussing the present deplorable
state of party organization, but the
proper functions which were desir
able. The committee decided in favor of
the negative and took occasion to
criticise the speakers and the ques
tion also which every one knows
was too broad to admit of proper
concentration. The speeches show
ed. careful study and argue well for
the future excellence of the two-Societies.
Y. M. C. A. Services. .
The special services of the Y. M.
C. A., conducted by Mr. Say ford,
closed last Monday night. There
was a special talk to young men on
Saturday night, and a-union service
in the Chapel on Sunday.
In Monday night's address the
speaker appealed to the men prcs
ent for a higher and nobler life.
Several men signified their intention
of living a more consistent life in
the future and all, we think, have
been benefitted.
The Y. M. C. A. has received a
new impetus and will work with
more energy and determination.
Mr. Sayford has been beneficial to
us all and we only regret that his
engagements would not allow him
to remain with us longer.
Harvard makes the study of Eng-
glish the only required work in the
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