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The Modern Literature Club
will meet in No. 16 Alumni at 7:00
this evening-.
The Biological Journal Club
) met Saturday night at the resi
. dence of Dr. I. H. Manning-.
Dr. H. F. LaFlamme, secre
tary of the national committee of the
Y. M. C. A., will address the stu
dents in Gerrard Hall next Tues
day evening-.
-Rev. LeRoy Gresham, pastor
of the Presbyterian church of the
village, entertained those members
of the class of 1910 who are connect
ed with his church at the Presby
terian rectory Friday evening.
Messrs. Hunter and Banks, the
"Cops" of Commons, are vigorous
ly enforcing the "Anti-Roug-h-House
Law" recently passed by
that august body. Beware! ye
flingers of biscuits and hurlers of
Mr. Thomas O'Berry -entertained
the young ladies of the vil
lage and the members of the D. K.
E. fraternity last Friday night at
the D. K. E. house in honor of his
sister, Miss Estelle O'Berry, of
Goldsboro, and Miss Annie Land, of
The new schedule on the main
line between Greensboro and
Raleigh docs not materially, ..affect
the schedule of the Chapel Hill
Limited, the only difference being
that the Limited now arrives at 6
o'clock in the afternoon instead of
at 5:05, as it has been scheduled
lately. '
An Announcement.
The Tar HEEr, has suggested
in a previous issue that the material
for the announcements on the Uni
versity Bulletin is sometimes vo
fully lacking. The committee
having- charge of the publi
cation of the weekly Bulletin, has
requested The Tar Heei, to state
further in this connection that the
Bulletin is in every respect a Uni
versity publication, and will be
glad to make announcement of the
meetings of county club's or any
other organizations in the college
provided that those announcements
be handed in by the Saturday morn
ing preceding ' the meeting of
which they give notice. The per
sons to whom all material for the
Bulletin should be given are Pro
fessors J. Latta and M. H.
Stacy, and Mr. Frank McLean.
V Co-Eds Form Club. ;
The co-eds of the University find
the ex-co-eds resident in the village
met last week in the "Co-Eds Coxy
Corner" in the New East building
and decided to form an association
to be known as the "Women's Uni
versity Club." Officers will be
elected at the next meeting and the
club will have its picture in the
Yackety Yack.
Early in the spring the co-eds
were assigned a room in the New
East building which has been fitted
up as a loafing place between
classes and which they have named
"The Cozy Corner." This is the
first time that the co-eds have re
ceived any recognition at the hands
of the University authorities.
They should have had such a club
room long ag-o.
Elisha Mitchell Society.
The Elisha Mitchell Scientific
Society met in Chemistry Hall
Tuesday evening.
Professor Collier Cobb presented
a paper on "Some Human Habita
tions" and Dr. J. H. Pratt read a
discussion of "The Fishing Indus
tries of North Carolina."
Y. M. C. A. Officers.
The Young Men's Christian As
sociation has recently elected the
following officers for the coming
college year:
J. A. Fore, Jr., president.
J. A. Gray, Jr., vice-president.
H. P. Osborne, recording secre
. C. W. Tillett, treasurer.
Di and Phi.
The members of the Dialectic so
ciety debated Saturday night the
query: Resolved, That the owner
ship and operation of interstate
railways by the general govern
ment would subserve, the best inter
ests of the people of the United
-States. This query has been de
bated several times at the Univer
sity lately and is the query for the
Georgia-Carolina debate. The af
firmative won and Mr. R. C. Day
made the best speech.
The Phi society had for discus
sion the question: Resolved, That
corporations are justifiable in mak
ing1 campaign contributions. The
negative won and Mr. James Ev
eret made the best speech.
Danger Ahead.
The co-eds have been much
wrought up over the fact that it
was decided in one of the literary
societies of late that they were not
eligible for membership. To show
that they do not care a rap. the
co-eds have issued a declaration of
independence stating that they
have never desired to joijj the said
society. They are right. Some
facetious member merely wanted
an argument and he would yet get
it could the co-eds discover his
Chemical Journal Club.
At the meeting of the Chemical
Journal Club Monday night the
following reviews of recent publi
cations were read:
Some Recent Determinations of
the Atomic Weight of Tellurium
F. B. Stem.
Molecular Weight Determina
tions by Means of Quinoline F, P.
Electrolytic Corrosion of Struc
tural Steel R. P. Burns.
Wiley Is Recuperating;.
Mr. Wiley H. M. Pittman, one
of the wide-awake business man
agers of the Yackety Yack, is now
recovering- from the effects of the
strenuosity of a business trip to
Raleigh early in the week.
Fresh oysters received daily at
Pickard and Strowd's Cafe.
. (incorporated)
Stationery, Fancy Groceries, Cigars, Tobacco, Elc,
Up-to-date Cafe in Connection
Manufactured toy
The Ware-Kramer Tobacco Oo.'t
WilMon, N. C, U. . A.
Guilford-Benbow Hotels.
Automatic Fire Alarm in--Every Room. Telephone in Bed
Rooms, of which one hundred have Private Baths attached.
European and American Plans. OORPENING & FRY, Proprietors.
Gkeensboko, N. 0.
Good Taste in Home Furnish
ings whether in a log cabin or a mansion. We are al
ways prepared to do such furnishings as any inquiry
may demand. Good FURNITURE is becoming
more generally recognized as a factor of supreme im
portance, and furniture manufacturers are exerting
the utmost activity to provide satisfactory designs
and new styles. In this respect the lines
shown at Huntley-Stockton-Hill Company's excel 1
anything before shown. Our patronsfwill have au
opportunity of making selection from the moat ele
gant stock of FURNITURE ever brought to our
city. Cuts and prices upon application. Mail orders
given prompt attention. To Colleges and Societies
we make special prices on anything in our line.
Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co.,
110-12-14-16 South Elm St..
BireLiin and
Many students possessing superior minds oftimes fancy themselves dull because they
fail in their studies.
The reason is simply this: They are afflicted with so much eye strain that it requires
nearly all the nervous force they possess to fix the eye upon their books, thereby exhausting
the energy of the brain.
Many students unwisely sacrifice their health in attaining an education, because of the
large amount of brain-strain sustained in the close use of their eyes, though their vision
seems excellent. This form of brain-strain is easily detected by an expert and most always
remedied by glasses properly adjusted. .
If you break your glasses don't send them away for repair, taking tho chances of delay
and mistakes. Just briug the pieces to the office and I will do the rest.
Connultation Free!
(Office Over Whitemore's Bakery.)
Will be in Pickard's Hotel every second Wednesday.
Cottrell & Leonard
Albany, N. Y.,
Intercollegiate Bureau,
Established 1832.
$8.00 PER MONTH.
(incorporated )
Capital Mock 030,000.00.
niVIVTCC When yon think of roIuk off to mhool,
DUOlJLiJOi write for New CntttloKuu and Hpecinl
Offer of the .twHnir HuhIiuw and Hliorihmul Hulioo).
AdrlrMw liiug'a Aiuttiue College, UalHirli. N. (.'.,
or Charlotte, N. C. (We hJho tem-li bookkeeping,
Shorthand, PeumauHhlp, eto., by mall.)
Peoples Bank of Chapel Hill
We Solicit Your Business.
H. H. Williams,
Herbert Lloyd,
Caps, and Gowns, Hoods
Official Makers to American
Colleges from the Atlantic to the
Reliable Materials, Superior
Workmauship, Reasonable Prices.
Class contracts a specialty. Bul
letin and samples
College Caps Gowns.
The best workmanship at
lowest prices. Silk Fac
ulty Gowns and Hoods.
Cox Sons & Viulng,
22 Fourth Ave., New York,
V W V V KnowluR what it Is to suffer, I will (five
r ft C li fnn oK CHARGE, to any afflietwl. a pos
itive cure for Eczema, Salt Khutn. Ery-ipela, Piles
and Skin I 'tsennes. Instant rulief. Don't Buffer
longer. Write
400 Manhattan Avenue, Fow Yprk, pnolowe stamp,

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