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vol. 17.
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incu tnniF.NCE At
Til IT A m-
RECEPTION' J;fM,)T'.'? ''n'-!
! The'Dimatic5 Club presented
1 "The Hero of the Gridiron" at the
i Normal College"! reenw .
j Friday evening: by special engage-
tnent with the ornenau
Society which was entertaining
its rival society the ; Adelphtan.
I The success of the play was evi
' , .a k mntinuous applause ot
i f .. .L-l.'Pnre.aDoroximatinjr
S one thousand which filled the aud-r
J . f P.tudsnts V Building,
one muuau."" t-, -t i ,
P th, students vBmlding,
LOllUUi wi . - i
T,r-x,. t.' -ntinn of about a dozen
wim tut -'-si . ,
men the audience, wa composed en-
' tit $ -v!" ''tl.' '" 1 '
. ....,. lnrl IPS.
tireiy oi yum.
mm 1 i iiik were p-ood ana wei
received by the students. Henry
H Yelverton, ana
-r D00Bi: made decided hits in
their feminine roles, and were gree-
ed with proionReu -r,
ial mention should be made y of
"Dofa" Deans who made tne mi u
the occasion as Mr. Randolph, the
father of. the , Hero. Curtain caj.s
' were made for Messrs. Mornson,
v-i..,,f and Deans. JacKi
Watters as Tintype, .the photo man
was a favorite. Kelly as the foot
ball coach made a decided improve
ment under the inspiration of , the
occasion of the occasion -1 he most
side-splitting part of the Plav was
the dressing of Fred heeher, -R.
D. Eames, as the aunt from Carets-
.. !:' j .l-J mrU iust . woulu
ville aau uic-k- J . , ,
notstop.laugh. On,thetole
the performance was much bet lei
than the qne Kiven here on .the 18th
The play was under the personal
direction of Mr. L: W. Parker.
The Greenboro Telegram of batui
Jday the 27, said; -The performance
reflected cred-t upon u.c -"y-;
as well as the . management of the
club." ; . , . . . ,.. , i
Every courtesy was extenueu r
the members of the club bv the
faculty and students who enter Uun
...1 i,0"hm- at supper. Special
mention should be made , of Miss
Kirkland,rMrs. Sharpe 'Pr
Matheson and President h oust, who
were especially gracious, am. ,uu.u
every assistance possible., ;;; :;,.
The nerve of the boys was some
:what shaken when they were mtro
n ih dining hall of the
exquisite SF,ccr: Imild,,, where
0 nrett v .vounjr ladits
i Were hcawvi t " - ...
... ... -wli with
who greeted their ipF--"
r applause, The writer does no
Sehow many., articles ...of, food
found their way to the, table cover;
butthebpyshadaood ume aftei
of the
' Oneexceneut
trip vyas the industriousness ot the
tW1"'" r which is
an eagerness ior .y -
. . , i f 1 1 1 1 1 1 i n lt irotn the
... mcung THAT THE BASE-
1 ti i n in"-'
: .v. TEA in.o'w -i. . w,
Otis H Stocksdale, Dean of the
Department of Baseball, arrived
, 'i..,t Thnrsriav. ne uuui
tn take
ately had all.tiiose uomK -
his course to, report in u.c
for a few words of advice. A can
for candidates Friday brouiu out
i iitlU
ortv-four youths wno . wui. j
t warinns colors, and SaturT
day the number was increased to
over fifty. .
Coach Stocksdale says ne j
.... Li 1.1
much pleased with the ouuuuk.
Although only four members ois tne
mnQ nr.ra K' are here, tne new m
17UU WJ, . ...... ' J--;'- !
terial is the nest seen . -
while. He predicts that the mne.u
will be much better than last year.
While : there 'is a lack of out-field
stars, still three good men can prou
ably be selected ' from the large
number of candidates. p
Moore, who played last year on
the Trinity Park team, has a shads
the better of alt the back-stops.
He bids fair to develop into a second
T.nnti Hobbs. : He is strong with
the willow and has a knack of peg-
i, u-ir twiner. Wads-
trUlg OUl nit in.v r
iirm:ike a -trood substitute
for Moore. Hobgood and Turnage
are also candidates for the receiving
r.. u,i nrinir line the old reliable
Jll niu . -----
..13" ftt-warh will be found huri-
incr the horse-hide, over the platter
w?th his usual, terrific speed. Oth
.a J.AA't are Duls, Hedgpeth,
Hendrix and Mouser, three of whom
are left-handers. Duls pitched good
l i . 4. . . s-v I 'i l: I
bill as a IVarsity suosiuuic
season'and1 should, develop4 into .a
...1 4 ,,r!flir : '
Captain Hamilton will hold down
the initial bag. McLean and Wat-
lingtan are both trood suosuiu
for him,-.. ,;v';;::'::V':7:.v..;-' :. : ,
Duncan; another Trinity .-Park
man, seems to have the lead on the
other candidates' cbnd- '?6, '
both a hard hitter and tast ne.uer.
Nixon is also a g(pd man.j
r . k..MirAi journal '-1 CLUB
M. E. tninvn vu""
' n .cucvillF
;y, k. wnuiw"
o !c MrPlurp. editor of Mc
O- VJ . .'.W - T .
i.. mn?;np will lecture in
... . . . . TVT AI.f'liirp
GerrardHalltomgiu. mi.
v,;n-i,iv rprommended by other
universities; Valparaiso University
j..a um lihlv.- He has arawu
enuui mi
:,', pii(ps where ne nan
and has entertained them. Hens
hpino- i something new,
UCl.l'utu "- r
... . , . T,k!lT
fresh, breezy, and numoiuu.
is' certainly the styie-mcn,
r.;. tnhe hooed that Mr.' McClure
w,p a Maro-e 5 audience. The
VV 111 i , .
oAicP're' notusudiiy
rW.liave made a decided
; tv,Pf fields. Nothing foU
, . tiv, hut this mucins cei-
4.: tlio Ipr-tnrp will not be of the
hackneyed kind: where one laugns
from force ot haDit.
The Historical Society met Mon
day night. The meeting was a n.u
coin memorial session.
ton presented a paper on wnw.u
representative ot tne iu..
and character, ascribing his great-
c .-4- I lr
tiess to his greatness oi t
" ' i nt thp
Wagstatt gave a aiscu. ...
writings called tortn uy u..
DfMOnr TT. II . Williams also
spoke of the greatness of Lincoln.
Unlike the others ne saiu
greatness was greatness ot inie utxt.
He holds that Lrincoin u..v r-
the nature of our government as nu
. . ii .. c-m lip was
man had. u or tins ica -
the right man for the right piace.
Meetings at M. E. Church.
Chemical Journal Club.
The Chemical Journal Club met at
the regular hour in Chemistry Hall
Tvrv nUht. Mr. F.'E. Wmslow
. . . ' .: thp "Invasion ot
The Rev. Mr.; Eowe. o Asuvu.e, reaa MWjv y chcmisr,
tas beeH conducting a series of ser- Cellulose.World by the
f . .. ; tvt ' ta ruiirrh for after which Mr. narie .r v
m r n Lave a paper; entitled, ew
more than a wc- . r. . . . m rarft for the Anaiy-
W nrpachinir the University U)muuH.uu - 5 Mr
' flp nreached a Strowd Jordan discusseu
Ava,4 wccs u- . UA . i iu Nitrogen Haliaes,
,ood sermon then -dhas preached of withn
several more goou : t ,. " review of a paper by
His night services nave uu win on - some
has been practical, and sympatnetic. umcomp u.,.
With due respect to all preachers, . - '
it may be said, that few have so well NeW9 From The Societies
,,,,..:!.!, ol ... ... . ' ,1 ..J;, ' : ,, States should
r i . i hi kt ill ir lau ll :
4. ... ' - r .n ii--1 mil . -'r- i
see Mr. Rowe any time! he wants to
come back. ' , '
Footbatl Schedule
FouiUain.and Winn are putting
t . i r1-clmrt.tttnn. At
t"K SlVXUVn nA-rl fit W IO
nresent.u is uupw.-..t-..y r tr. -------
'.'I 1 miM 11 f . '' k i
: There will be something doing
aroumraethird sack. Four candi
dates, all good ones, have aspira
tions to hover around that vicinity
this spring. ivyon,
Rose and Tillett all want the covet-
ed monogram, and whoever gets .t
ii i tint ii n ;l sun ut: at.
Will uavc hi ' "i- . , ,;t I
tA ti-.J .Ufi1rt there are about a
1' Or U1C imniv.'" " . .
score of candidates,' but none of them
f Vo standard set by Romy
n i - , A ; r.n e. Hac k ne y , who
played- right-field last season j is
aoain a candidate lor iui H.,T...
. li.j-itsi for the
ffir work which . i; again a canum i
"f"" ., from the.way Other promising candidates for. the
hard to beat, j.. T Kffl , . are. Graham. Staty.
in .whicn vuu n
(Continued on fourth pa)-" '
(Continued on second page).
Manager J. N: Joyner has ar
ranged the football schedule for
1009 ftiyht sanies will be played,
two at Chapel Hill and six away.
The schedule is the same as it was
..:ev,Pnt thatV. M. I. has
been substituted lor u'usu",
South Carolina has been dropped.
The schedule:
2 Open,: Frobaoiy wa.vC
Chapel Hill.
ftTT-;B f ,T,in., - Knoxville.
' ' T . .1. V...
16 V. , M. I.. ; ivyncnuu.
23 Georgetown, Washington
y-t i U i rt I Hill.
30 Richmond uonege, vua. -
November . ,
r xt o t ii - u Kicnmonu.
13 Washington and Lee, Newport
. "i v- .: News.- ' "- v
25 Virginia, Richmond.
adopt a more elaborate secret service
The negative won and Mr' l.
u Kpt. soeaker, Credit
rncevMiuiv- x Ti...
able mention was givenmr, w
and Mr. Grimsley. The same
query was discussed at the meeting
Saturday night, the affirmative ge
ting the decision. Mr. G. W
Thompson made.tne nest
Mr. R- L. Deal deserved honorable
Mr K S. lanner
mention. Mr. iv.
Mr. W. A. McKay joineu
ty. ! . :
' In the Phi Saturday night the
subject was: Resolved, That the
SUUJ ... ,t1i1 rnmoe
Federal Uovernmenu '-t.-;
the settlmentof all labor disputes,
, tinrtance. through a
board of arbitration.,;
tee we its decision in favor u. -v.
negative. Mr. J. D. toon was the
best debater. , . ,
..iJrv contest to decide
who shall represent Carolina l.u the
debate with Georgia will , be held
tonight, j i . ;

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