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Mr. J. , H. .Boushall, Jr. and
Mr. Alex. Field spent Saturday
arid Sunday at their homes in
Professor H. H. Williams will de
liver his address, which was post
poned on account of illness, before
the Y. M. C. A. next Tuesday
evening" on "Principles which should
guide one in his choice of a life
Le Cercle Dramatique Francais
met. in Chapel at 7:45 o'clock on
Monday and Wednesday night.
The "Wearers of the N. C."
held their regular Wednesday night
meeting in the Y. M. C. A. House
at 7:15 P. M. ,
The Biological Journal Club will
meet with Dr. W. C. Coker at 8:00
o'clock Saturday night.
"Mike" Hudson, ex'10, who is
now at the Naval Acadamy, was on
the Hill Tuesday.
Mr. Grady Rankin will lead the
discussion at the Y. M. C. A. praver
meeting tonight at 7:15 o'clock.
New officers of the Y. M. C. A.
have been elected as follows aad will
take their offices "at once and serve
through the ensuing year: President,
Mr. Hoke Ramsaur; Vice-president,
J. H. Boushall, Jr.; Recording Sec
ratary, L. N, Taylor;. and Treas
urer, J. H. Johnston.
The "I Tappa Keg" has failed to
float it's stock and has gone bank
rupt. Frank McLean has continued to
to improve since his operation for
appendicitis. It is hoped that he
will soon be able to return to college.
Dr, J, B Royster addressed the
Y. M. C. A. Tuesday night. His
subject will not be placed in quota
tion marks, but it was something to
the effect that a sheep-thief should
not deliver lectures on morals.
Hereafter the "Wearers of the N.
C." will meet on Monday night in
stead of Wednesday night. All
members will please remember.
The Season-tickets do not seem
to be selling fast. This ought not
to be the case. - If we want to see
games here we ought to support the
management in arranging them on
the local diamond. The management
needs the money, you need the tick
ets. It's cheaper to buy eighteen
games for $5.50 than to pay fifty
cents per game. You are going to
attend most of the games, why not
save40 per-cent. It looks" like a good
investment from our point of view.
Hal Merton, magician, entertain
ed Tuesday night. His perform
ance was clever and enjoyed by all.
A really good sleigh-of-hand per
former seldom wearies, and Mr.
Merton is a good one; al 1 rigb 1 . In
addition to his feats; of magic he
gave a few of ventriloquism, but the
large aud better part of the evening
he gave over to his magic.
Mr. Lee F. Hanmer, Secretary of
the National Playground . . Associa
tion, who is making a tour of the
South, gave an instructive stereop
tican lecture in Gerrard Hall Wed
nesday night. Mr. Hanmer interest
ingly showed the urgent need of
play -grounds in all the large cities
and outlined the great work that is
being accomplished through the
The University
North Carolina.
The University stands for thoroughness
and all that is best in education and the
moulding of character. It is equipped
with 16 buildings, new water works, cen
tral heating, electric lights. Eleven Sci
entific Laboratories, equipped for good
work. The Faculty numbers 74. Stu
dents 780. Library of 45,000 volumes.
One librarian and four assistants. Fine
Literary Societies. There is an active Y.
M. C. A. conducted by the students.
Scholarships and loans for the needy and
For information, address
F. P. VENABLE, President,
Chapel Hill, N. C.
"The Old Reliable Adam" is still at
the old stand, ready to serve you as
usual. Everything for the student,
from a shoe string to a dress suit.
Anything not in stock will be ordered
promptly, Books at cash. Bargains in
college stationery, pennants and sou
venirs. Up-to-date Hats, Shoes and
Furnishings. Be sure to trade with
the "Old Reliable" and save money.
The University Book Store, next to
Bank of Chapel Hill.
$9.00 PER MONTH.
The Royal & Borden Fur. Co.
Dealers in
G. C. Pickard & Co.
Located on Rosemary St., near Tele
phone Exchange. Stylish turnouts
always on hand.
W A N T A T E AM, CALL 30.
Charlotte Steam Laundry
Oldest. Largest, Best
Dyeing- suits and sweaters a specialty
Give us a trial
: 26 N. E., and 22 South
Wheel in need of echoes call on
Perry H or ton Co.
Or see t heir representatives ' on
the Hill ... We can fit in any
stvle on a days notice.
Jordan. Belden 6t Manning,
University of 'Pennsylvania
Undergraduate Department. The One Hundred and Forty-fourth Session will begin September
24,1909. The course, which covers a period of four ' years, of eight and one-half
months each, is eminently practical, and properly graded., beginning with laboratory
instruction in the fundamental subjects, and concluding with a comprehensive system
of bedside instruction, terminating in the Fourth Year with the assignment of students
as clinical clerks in the University Hospital. 90 per cent, of the graduating classes
secure positionsas Resident Physicians m Hospitals. The applications for graduates
from this school are so great that every student could be placed.
Requirements tor Admission. For the sessions beginning 1909 and 1910 respectively, the re
quirements for admission will pe briefly as follows : For 1909 the successful completion of
work equivalent to that prescribed for the Freshman class in a recognized literary college,
which must include work in physics, chemistry and biology as specified in ourcatalogue,
and at least two foreign languages, one of which must be either French or German.
In 1910 the successful completion of work equivalent to that prescribed for the Fresh
man and Sophomore classes in a recognized literary college, which must include work in
physics, chemistry and biology, as specified in our catalogue, and at least two foreign
languages, one of which must be either French or German.
Graduate Department The laboratories and clinics of this Department are open throughout the
year for the benefit of those who wish to engage in post-graduate work.
For further information, send for catalogue.
Dean of the Medical Department, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia..
She is mow independent and cares not how bad times
are. Can be done by others
A woman in North Carolina started in business with only one dollar and now has an
income of of more than 200 dollars a week.
One day she saw an advertisements in a . monthly story paper of " WICKE'S SWISS.
HERB TEA" stating that it wts the BEST REMEDY ON THE MARKET for all Kidney,
Liver, and Stomach Troubles and while she had been troubled with all thesb complaints foi
more than 7 years, she wrote to the Manufacturer for a 25 cent package, which she used carefully
according to the directions. After one weeks use she found that all her complaints had left
her and she told the people, who had known her as a very sick lady, what she had used. All
who saw the wonderful change in her condition, asked her to get them a package, and she
sent one dollar to the manufacturer of the tea and asked him to send her as many packages
as he could afford for the one dollar.
She got 8 packages which she sold at 25 cents each, which gave her a profit of one dollar
on her investment, and 25 sample packages, which she distributed to other people and asked
them to try tins wonderful Herb Tea.
A week later she went to all these people again and asked them if they had tried the Tea
and what they thought sf it, and to her surprise she got an order for a package from every one
of these, they all said "the Tea is wonderful." She at once sent for 100 packagese and kept on
distribting samples and sold them all in a weeks time. Then she sent for 500 packages and now
she had .59 other ladies and men working for her, selling "Wicke's Swiss Herb Tea" from
house to house, and North Carolina has never been in so healthy condition as she is now; the
call for a Doctor is only in rare cases or accident. A Druggist offered her the other day
$10,000 dollars for her Agency, but she declined his offer. ,
Any one, who has a little push and energy can do as well as she and while there are a few
Agencies still open, we advise all who want to build up an independent business, to write to
II . FELDSTEIN, 1375 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y., and send him a Monev Order for one
or more dollars to secure the Agencv of their town. Write todav and build up a business and
be independent.
The Holl a d a y Studio
Gallery will be open every Wednesday of each week,
beginning Wednesday, October 28th. HIGHGRADE
WORK ONLY. Prices reasonable. A fine set of
views of the campus and buildings on sale at all times
Your Cotton Crop Can Be Increased
It costs no more to cultivate an acre that produces
two bales of cotton than an acre which produces only
one-quarter of a bale. Why not see what ou can do
with .
Other men have been able to double and more than double
their yield per acre with a liberal application of Virginia-Carolina
Messrs. Lucas & Jackson of Kelsey County, Tenn., used Virginia-Carolina
Fertilizer on about 55 acres planted with cotton, and
Bay: "We have the finest crop of cotton we ever saw, and all the
people around here think the Bame. We actually counted 447 bolls
on one stalk. Another stalk had by actual count 409 bolls, forms,
squares and blossoms. On about 8 acres we expect to make about
2 bales to the acre, and an estimate of adjoining farms not so fer
tilized and under other cultural methods, will yield only 1 bale to
Ave acres."
An interesting picture of the cotton plants referred to will be
found in the new 1909 Virginia-Carolina Farmers' Year Book, copy
of which may be had from your fertilizer dealer, or will be sent
free, if you write our nearest sales office.
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co.
Salts Offices
Richmond, Va.
Norfolk, Va.
Columbia, S. C
Atlanta, Ga.
Savannah, Ga.
Memphis, Tenn.
Sales Offices
Durham, N. C.
Charleston, S. C
Baltimore, Md.
Columbus, Ga.
Montgomery, Ala.
Shreveport, La.

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