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    T7 T7TT3 m A Ti
VOL. 18
NO. 4
Many new improvements at the Professors Graham and Patterson,
power house and in the method Coach Brides, Collins of Wake
of distribution of heat Forest make speeches
With weather conditions favorable The crowd that was jammed into
the company that is putting in the Chemistry Hall Friday night was just
heating plant ought to be able to turn as large a seating and standing space
out heat by the morning of October permitted. The fellows were noisily
the fifteen. The out-of-doors work, enthusiastic and gave vent to their
the digging and laying of drains, feelings by frequent yells for everybo
which had to be done first, was great- dy from "Billy" Noble down. Dr. A
ly delayed by the frequent rains that H. Patterson, Prof. E. K.' Graham
came during the middle of September. Coach Brides, Capt. Garrett and others
But that has been finished and the re- made short speeches. The Prince
mainder of the job, which will consist Mass Meeting Speakers had sent word
mainly in installing machinery, is that he wouldn't come as he was call
quickly nearing completion. ed away to Raleigh. A member
The new system will be a great lm- the Wake Forest team who was in the
provement over the old, under which we audience had the nerve to face the mu
have suffered during the past. In the sic and tell the crowd that Wake For
iuture there win reany oe neat in sui- est naa come to win. ine Dana was
ficient quantity to warm every building present and gave the audience severa!
on the campus. An entirely new sys- breathing spaces at the expense of its
tern of drains has been laid. Instead own wind.
of every building bein on a single cir- Dr. Pattterson delivered an address
cuit, as things used to be, we have Jon Sportsmanship,the Keynote of Ath
now the campus divided into three letics. He used frequent illustrations
divisions, each division including some to convey his concept of true sports
certain buildinsrs and having- direct I manship to his hearers. He cited ex
connection with the central plant. J amples of warriors, from the time o
When the new system is put in opera- Alexander the Great down to modern
tion, one building will be heated as times, who had gone into battle inspir
quickly and asthorougly as another, ed with a desire not to obtain victory
Dr. Howes Latin room on third floor at any price but to fight fair and to
New West will no longrer have to wait win or lose with honor. These men he
. until, noon for the temperature to I classified as true sportsmen. Dr. Pat
become endurable on a winter's day. terson exhorted the university, repre-
This dividing of the old long circuit senting both the team and the team's
into three smaller divisions would by supporters, to make this the most
itself almost be sufficient to make sportsmanlike season in the history o:
sure of the buildings being comforta- Carolina athletics. In closing,Dr.Pat
bly heated, but the improvements have terson made a plea for unity so far as
not stopped here. The work was to athletics are concerned. He expressed
be well done and to provide not only a hope that this fall there would be no
for our present needs but to put off knocking of the captain and no criti
the possibility of a change in the heat- cism of the coach.
ing plant being needed for many years Prof. Graham announced, as he fac
to come. Two larg-e, new turbine en- ed the audience, that he was the man
gines have been installed at the power who was making a speech before tak
house. These engines have a capabi- ing up a collection. He asked for the
lity of four thousand revolutions a serious consideration of the student
minute. With these in operation, the body as regarded membership in the
water will circulate much more quick- athletic association. The team is the
ly through the system of mains and representative primarily of the athletic
will be noticably hotter as it groes association. The association bears all
along. Three buildings have been its expenses, loses in its off years and
connected with the central plant that profits by the large attendance at big
have formerly had to depend upon games. "Is every Carolina man behind
their own facilities for heat. These Carolina's team?" asked Prof. Graham,
are Davie Hall, the Library and the If sa, he should be a member of the as.
old infirmary building'. sociation that supports it. He quoted
Mr. Chas Neilson is foreman in some figrures that went to show the
charge of the installation of the new low financial situation of the associa
system. He is a hustler; and through- tion. In 1906 there was $313.36 in the
out the discouraging weather that treasury; today there is $200. He said
came in September he kept things that the association needs more than
moving at a lively rate. a third of the student body to become
members and pay their fees. Prof.Gra-
Through an unforunate error on our hams fmal remarks were in comoli-
part we failed to mention Mr. C. C. ment to Coach Brides and Capt. Garrett.
i e i r I
Alexander as one oi ine memuers oi He said that both facuUy and students
the English department. He now Hke Coach Brides'way of doing things
holds the position or instructor ai xue and fdt confident that f00t-ball would
University after quite a varied career fare extremely well under his regime.
in eaucauonai enaeavor. lur. vicaiu- Ag f Garrett he said that he was
der took his A. B. degree at Wallford pleased to see a representative Univer
uoiiege, o. in ivuu. ne was prin- git man at the head of athletics
"Fttl UA "4C "oluu6'u"i - Mr. llogue, being called upon, re
school, lywwwa ana insiuctor in sponded from the rear of the hall that
ungnsn ax yvaiiiomunege xwivw. hg wag a tightly wedged as he hoped
aince tnat ume ne nas peen aujunn. t see Wake Forest on the gridiron the
oTlXralWs ?nTrM7fonowin,day. He suited however
degree at Columbia. (Concluded on sixth page)
The men work together like machi
nery. The whole machine
plays good ball
The football season for 1909 was
ushered in Saturday when Carolina met
Wake Forest on the local gridiron in a
fast, snappy game of the ideal college
sport. The day was ideal, and by
three o'clock crowds were pouring into
the Athletic Field. Students, towns
people, visitors all eaerer to see the
opening jrame of the season, and be
able to judge for themselves Carolina':
showing for a victorious team. By
3:00 over seven hundred people had ta
ken their stand on the side lines await
ing the referee's whistle. The Baptist
team entered the field amid clapping
of hanH and yells for Wake Forest
They ran through a tew signals and
were practicing a : few drop kicks
when the Carolina squad, numbering
some fifty, entered the field from the
west "'gate amid shouts of applause
and greeting from the side lines. A
sharp signal practice then began after
which both teams retired to their por
tions of the field preparatory to the
game. At 3:40 Referee "Farmer'
xvioore Diew his wnistie and the game
was on. The first half was marked
by two touchdowns by Carolina and
the unexpected brilliant playing of the
whole Wake Forest team for some
minute of scrimmage. Carolina
made her first touchdown after 1 min
ute and 51 seconds of play. Carolina
kicked off to Wake Forest, who was in
turn forced to kick out out of danger
With it Carolina's ball on Wake Forest
40 yd. line, there started a march for
the goal line that nothing could stop,
First one back then another would
gain from four to ten yards straight
through the line. Wake Forest then
kicked to Winston, and it was Caroli
na again for a while until an unlucky
fumble gave the visitors the ball
Then it looked like things were going
the other way a while. Though the
gains were small, they were many
and were made one right another for
about five mintes of play. Forehand
did some good line bucking for Wake
Forest about this time, and was aided
in his rushes by Duffy, Williams and
Leggett. This quartet did some
playing that was really spectacular
or a while. Only the excellent work
of Capt. Garrett, Hedgepeth, Winston,
and "Fleet" Williams saved the Caroli
na goal. . Wake F orest executed a
pretty forward pass, which but for
timely tackling of Winston might
have proved a touch down. Duffy of
Wake Forest played a plucky hard
game. Though badly hurt he contin
ued to play till the'coach made him
go to the bench on account of his inju
ries. With this spurt of brilliant play
Wake Forest's showing ended. From
then on Carolina kept the ball, and did
pretty much as she pleased on the
field. A second touchdown was made
when there were only two minutes to
play. Porter, Crosswell, and Belden
carried the ball to Wake Forest's 20 yd
ine on successive line bucks and a
beautifully executed forward pass,
Ruff in to Winston carried the ball be
tween the goal posts. Croswell's work
(Concluded on sixth page)
Procession forms In front of Alumni
Building at 9:45. All faculty
and students to line up
Next Tuesday, the twelfth of Octo
ber, will be University day. On that
day the students and faculty of the
University will celebrate the birthday
of the University here on the campus,
and throughout the state hundreds of
loyal alumni will celebrate the date.
Here a holiday will be declared in all
departments of the University. At
9:45 all the students together with the
faculty will collect in front of the
Alumni building. Thence a proces
sion headed by the faculty and consist
ing of the student body marching in
their respective classes will march to
Memorial Hall where the exercises are
to take place. The exercises will con
sist as usual of singing the University
songs, the president's report, speeches
from alumni and from a student repre
sentative, and a speech from some
prominent man. Every man here is
urged to take part in the parade.
Don't let your class be the least repre
sented of them all. Swell its numbers
all you can.
Get Behind the Annual
Instructed by the very recent past
and inspired by the near future, the ed
itors and managers of the 1910 Yacke
ty Yack are determined to get out the
best annual in the history of the Uni
versity. The exterior will be as good
as last year's and the management is
determined to make the interior the
most exhaustive seen in any annual in
the South. Our last year's annual
ranked third in the list of the ten best
in America. This year we want to
have one at least second best. But to
do this the business managers and edi
tors must have the support and co-operation
of the student body. It is not
only the privilege but the plain duty
of every man in college to contribute
something toward making the annual
what it should be attractive, original
representative, and exhaustive.
There are various ways of helping
to do this. In the first place, your en
couragement is worth something and
your suggestions may be practical and
helpful. By drawing or by securing
drawings from others you can contri
bute something to the art department.
There is at least one department to
which even the most awkward and in
experienced can contribute the humor
department. To be original, amusing,
and representative of the student body
and college life the knocks, the drags,
and the bits of humor must not be for
mulated by a small group of men who
are to be held responsible for this de
partment: they must be the product
of eight hundred men. Begin at once,
hen, and acquire the habit of record
ing the amusing instances and inter
esting absurdities that are constantly
happening on the campus. Deposit
your contrioutions to the humor de
partment in the drag box to be found
at the Alumni building bulletin board.
Think of your privilege, realize your
responsibility. Give your encourage
ment and support to the business man
agers, assist the editors with your sug
gestions and contributions get behind
the movement that will make the 1910
Yackety Yack the best yet.

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