North Carolina Newspapers

Rev. R. W. Houe left this morn
ing for, Wilmington. ;
Rev. J. B. Hurley spent Friday
night with Rev. W. R. Royall.
Roy Sumner is confined to the in
firmary with tonsilitis.
Don Gilliam returned to the Hill
Thursday night after spending a
short time in Raleigh. ,
John C M. Vanu has returned
from from a visit to Wilmington.
Dave Struthers, after a short
visit to Snow Hill, returned Thurs
day night. '
Messrs. H. M. Soloman and P. J.
Duls who have beeu attending the
Taft celebration at Wilmington re
turned! to" the Hill Thursday. V
Mr. A. A. Zollicoffer has return
ed to the Hill after a visit to his
home at Henderson.
Mr. D. R. Murchison spent sev
erd days in Wilmington last week.
Mr. Woddy, of the Everett-Wod-dy,
Co., Richmond Va., was on the
Dr. and Mrs. F. P. Venable are
on an extended trip to Washington
City aud New York.
Juniors wanting a class pin be
fore Christmas, see the committee
at once.
Miss Lucy Atkinson is visiting
Rev. and Mrs. R. W- Hogue.
University Directories free for
the asking. Call at the Y. M. C.
A. building.
The, Carolina-Pennsylvania de
bate will be held next Friday night
in Gerrard Hall.
The Sons of the American Revo
lution, November 15, will present
to the State of North Carolina a
portrait of Gen. Abner Nash. Dr.
Hamilton will present the. portrait
for the Sons of the Revolution anil
Governor Kitchen will accept it
for the State.
Mr. W. H. Grimes of the law
firm of Grimes and Barnhill, Ral
eigh, has taken up his duties as
temporary successor of Judge James
C. McRae. Mr, Grimes studied in
the academic school of the Univer
sity and recently took a course in
the law school. He is a close and
thorough student of the law and
has already adjusted himself to his
new position.
Rev. Mr. Areson; who is engaged
in Mission work in the western
part of the State, is visiting A.
Rufus Morgan. Mr, Areson will
preach at the Episcopal church
Sunday morning.
E. M. Highsmith attended the
meeting of the Central Carolina As
sociation of High School Principals
at Greensboro. At this meeting he
presented a paper. Mr. Highsmith
was elected secretary and treasurer
ot the Association. - '
Messrs. S. R. Carrington of the
Phi Society and A. E C. MacRae
of the Di Society have been elected
as members of the Magazine staff to
succeed Messrs. F. E. Winslow
and W. H. Ramsaur, who have re
cently resigned. Carrtogtou will
have charge of th3 Exchange De
partment and MacRae will edit
"Things Talked About."
Dr. R. O. E. Davis left Thursday-Washington
The Buncombe County Club held
their regular meeting in the Y. M.
C, A. building Wednesday night.
Messrs. C. Foster aud Rogers were
initiated. ; They decided to have a
banquet shortly after Thanksgiv
ing. The club is one of the largest
aud strongest here, having a mem
bership of twenty-four.
Dr. C. L. Raper addressed the
Y. M. C. A. Tuesday night upon
"Choosinga Vocation." Dr. Raper
presented the subject in an admir
able manner and it was very inter
esting to the large crowd who
heard him. The Thursday night
prayer meeting was led by J. Allen
Austin. His subject was "The
Neighborhood Work of the Y. M.
C. A."
The Elisha Mitchell Scientific
Society met in the Chemistry Hall
Tuesday night.. The program for
the night was very much enjoyed
by the members. ; Dr. H. V. Wil
son spoke on "The Structure and
Regeneration of the Skin in Spong
es;" Prof. A. S. 'Wheeler upon "A
New Study of Oceanic Salts;" and
Prof. A. H. Patterson upon "The
Personal Equation in Judgments of
Length, Mass, and Time."
Dr. R. O. E. Davis was given a
farewell banquet Tuesday night by
the faculty and the advanced stu
dents in Chemistry at Pickard's
hotel. Mr. W. M. Oates was toast
master. The faculty of the Che
mistry department. Dr. Herty, Dr.
Wheeler, Dr. Mills, and Mr. Hamp
ton Hill, each made a short speech.
They were responded to by Messrs.
T. P. Nash, R. H. Tillet, K. Tan
ner, and D. K. Belden respectively.
There were other chemistry stu
dents present.
If, for anv reason, the suits you have
ordered this fall do not fit, call and see
me. W. H. Boger of Varsity Tailor
ing, fits here guaranteed.
President Venable has beeu attend
in the Association of Southern
Schools and Colleges which has been
in session in Charlottesville, Va. As
president of the association Dr. Ven
able made one of the principal address
es of the conference.
A Mid-Autumn's Nightmare
(By A. Six)
Dramatis Personae.
Doctor a professor, 40 students and
Act I. '
Scene: Botany lecture Room.
Time 1:29 p, m.
(Doctor at blackboard; students at
seats in various positions. Both hun
gry but resig-ned.)
Doctor: Upon this surface smooth,
before me,
Dark from .the black'ning brush of
some good painter.
I now shall place three questions,
short withal and easy to be an
swered (bell ringing in distance
visible excitement among stu
dents Doctor smiles with left
side of mouth.) ,
, . Whereas the bel
Has just now tolled the hour for us
to feed,
Of these three questions take the
first alone.
First Student: My finish now I see.
Second Student: No pie for mine.
Third Student: (whispering) How
much is given for the pledge
All: WeU HI bed
,: V- i Act 2. y
Scene: Steps of Davie Hall.
Time: 1:35 p. m.
First Student: What answer did you
give to your first question, friend?
Second Student: Algae.
Third Student: Cyanopbyces
First Student: And I said , Thallo
phyta. All: Woe is us, miserable nincom
poops. ,.
Doctor (within): This man a six
v shall get and this a six
And this alas no further will I
look -.
But unto each of them a six will
:' give
Except to them who have the initial
"L" '',.'. . v."':
For luck and unto them I'll give a
And they deserve itWell, so may
it be. ,
. Act 3.
Scene: Botany lecture room.
Time: 12:36 p. m.
(Doctor with quiz papers: Students
Doctor: Gentlemen, who sit now in
this room
Hark to me sweetly warble. By
these tokens
I have now before me it is known
That of you all not one, the book
hath read
And those that have been sleeping
on these lectures
Have dreamed not of the subject of
, Botany.
1st Student: Alas. -2nd
Student: Alack.
3rd Student: Woe.
AH Well, I'll be d.
University Directory
F. P. Graham, President
O. A. Hamilton, Vice-President
L. C. Kerr, Secretary
D. M. Williams, Treasurer
y. m. c. A.
"W. H. Ramsaur, President
J. H. Boushall, Vice-President
L. N. Taylor, Secretary
J. H. Johnston, Treasurer
E. E. Barnett, Gen. Secretary
O. W. Hyman, Editor
J. W. Lasley
R. T. Webb
N. S. Plummer
L. A. Brown
F. P. Barker
L. N. Taylor
A. H. Wolfe, Bus. Manager
C. Thompson, Jr., As. Bus. Mgr.
T. P. Nash, Editor
N. S. Plummer, Assistant Editor
W. II. Fry
F. E. Winslow
L. N. Taylor
J. M. Reeves
C. B. Spicer, Bus. Manager
P. Dickson, As. Bus. Manager
T. J. McManis, Editor
C. B. Ruffin, Business Manager
L. D. Belden, Business Manager
C. C. Garrett, Captain
J. N. Joyner, Manager
R. G. Stockton, As. Manager
C. L. Williams, As. Manager
A. E. Brides, Coach
B. C. Stewart, Captain '1
R. Drane, Manager
E. F, McCulloch, Jr., As, Mgr.
W. T, Joyner, As. Mgk,
: TRACK TEAM. : ' iOi i 2.
D. M. Williams. Captain
Geo. Rutzler, Manager
J. W. Lasley Jr., President
S. R. Carrington, Sec & Treas.
A. H. Wolfe, President
W. R. Edmond3, Vicb-Pkesidemt
J. A. Highsmith, Secretary ;
S. F. Teague, Treasurer -
T. P. Nash, Poet
J. R. Nixon, Historian t
w. 11. kamsaur, keader uast
Will and Testament ' '
J. M. Reeves, Prophet :
I L. T. Avery, Capt. Football
J. II. Boushall, Mgr. Football
j Team 7 ' :; : '
i B. C. Stewart, President
; John Tillett, Vice-president ..
R. L. Deal, Secretary
Cy. Thompson, Jr., Treasurer , ,(
i G.W. Thompson, Historian -R.
T. Webb, Class Represuntaive
J. W. Cheshire, Mgr. Football
Team :-'-..,m; ..-'T
J. S. Cowles, Capt. Football
' TeAM :: ;
' II. Hedgepeth, President v -, :
R .Drane, Vice-President .
j E. C. Cocke, Sec and Treas. . )
J. A. Speight, Historian - -?
C. E. Henderson, Surgeon . ; ; '
j DIALECTIC (Literary, secret) Es
itablished 1795, meets every1 Saturday
night in "the Di Hall,New West Build
ingf. -a.
cret) Established 1795, meets every
Saturday night in the Phi Hall, New;
East Building.
x Li&Vjiu. oeniorj.
cet, Junior).
HEAD, (Secret, Junior).
Delta Kappa Epsilon
Zeta Psi -
Sigma Nu
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Alpha Tau Omega
Phi Delta Theta
Kappa Sigma
Kappa Alpha
Pi Kappa Alpha
Beta Theta Pi
A. H. Patterson, Pres.
J. E. Mills, Vice-Pres.
F. P. Venable, Cor. Sec
"a. S. Wheeler, Rec Sec
A. II. Wolfe, Chairma
B. C. Stewart
F. P. Barker
J. F. Spruill
J. F. Roystek, President
W, S. Bernard, Vice-Presidfnt
L. R. Wilson, Perm. Secretary
C. Howard, Shct. and Treas.
J. P. Nash, President, t , .
A. II. Wolfe Secretary, f
T.J. Wilson, Jr., Treasurer.
Carries a full linea of the best Cigars
Cigarettes, and Tobacco. Agent for
Two-in-One Safety Razor. .... Count on us
o fill your prescriptions promptly.
Sunday Hours:
8 to 9:30 A. M., 12 to 2:00 P. M.
E. S. MERRITT, Manager

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