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Uni v e r o i ty of i;0 r fch C
- - -
Is New Feature of Program Add
ed to Schedule By the Uni
versity Entertainment Com
mittee: Is Best Modern Teach
er of Harmony Through HancU
Ear and Eye.
GATTircnAY. JANUARY 19. 19 29
k-A Jk. M- 7
: mTAm TrrrffT t -"YTCTTV
Senior Class Will VAT K PI PPKTKKKS I Hullv WILL Ul VII
Steals Radiator As
x Owner Watches Game
ChaDel Hill Boy Does Not Discover
Loss Until on the Way Home.
Will Elect Class Officers, Dance Lead-
.A ers, and Senior Superlatives.
Play an Afternoon and Songs to Be Used Are Entirely
Plays His Own Illustrations and
WiH Aid Talk yith
Lantern Slides.
The next item of interest on the
Student Entertainment program for
this quarter will occur on Monday
evening at' 8 : 30 in Memorial hall in
the form of a lecture by Earnest Fow
les, lecturer in the appreciation of
music at, the Training School for
MusicTeachers, London, England.
Mr. Fowles is one of the leading lec
turers on the appreciation of music.
His name is a household word in
England on piano pedagogy. He is
much sought after as a judgevat the
principal competitive festivals in
piano playing contests.
At his lectures he plays his own
illustrations. "He was the first one to
givea Brahms concert in England. He
was the founder and director of the
British Chamber Music Concerts held
some years ago, for seven consecutive
years, at Queen's hall, London.
For many years he has annotated
the studies and pieces issued annually
for the examinations of the Associat
ed Board of Xondon. For the year
1928 these annotations appeared in
the Musical Times for November and
December, 1927. He lectures on the
Associated Board music before
audience of several hundred teachers
The first Senior Smoker of he
year will take place in Swain Hall
' at 9:00 Monday" night, January
21, it was announced yesterday
' by Buck Carr, , President of the
Senior Class.
According to President Carr,
one of the most important things
to be brought-up will be that of
the Senior Class aiding the edi
.torial staff of the Yackety Yack
in selecting 10 faculty members,
who will make up the faculty sec
tion. This year, it is understood
that these faculty members will
be selected by the Senior Class
instead of by the editorial staff of
the Yackety Yack, which has been,,
done formerly.
Elections for class officers,
dance leaders, and senior superla
tives will be held, and Buck
, Carr. urges all co-eds to be pres
ent as superlatives for the co
eds will also be selected.
President Carr requests every
senior to be present, as this will
be the most important smoker of
the year.
Night Performance in Jhe
Carolina Theatre.
New in South: Divided
Into Two Parts.
A genuine puppet revue is the pros
pect for Saturday night January. 26.
The Yale Puppeteers organization, an
offspring of Professor Baker's Uni
The A Cappella Choir will sing a
program of Bach choral music to
morrow afternoon, at four o clock m
Memorial hall. This nroeram has-
-versity Theatre, will make the trip been postponed twice on account of
to Chanel Hill to appear in a matinee lniiuenza, out is uiiy acuu.
TxoTmaTire at the Flav- ior xne coming ouuu. xm?
rtiiu cvcxxxw6 Jf-" - i , .y, i n x
will oe accompaniea oya smau uxcuca-
- i i i tth f 1 1 1 ii flip luiiiLcia vviu kjuu
i . f ,JA-aa-hm rtlltnJTHT J
, -v - , b Mrs. George Lawrence, soprano;
irom wie ruutu ,auu Buujr " " i !
itinerant, showmen of the middle ages
Mrs. G. A. Harrer, alto; Uharies
Troxell, tenor ; Wesley S. Grisw'old,
So far as can be discovered, none of
the songs to be used - Sunday have
over Vippti S11T1P ill the South. As a
Ben Lane, Chapel Hill boy! and
student of the University, was not
troubled with having to turn the
water out of his automobile last
Thursday night. Lane attended
the Gamecock-Tar Heel basketball
game, and while inside the Tin
Can, some person evidently in
need of a radiator for his Ford,
kindly relieved Ben of the front
part of his vehicle. The thief, to
temporarily cover his work, placed
the hood back in position. Ben
did not discover5 his loss until af
ter starting his car and driving
down the road a few yards, when
the hood fell off and disclosed the
front end minus the water tank.
coaromTEE CUTS
Funds for Permanent Improve
ments for All State Schools
Reduced from $11,061,000 to
$2,000,000 University to Re
ceive $31,900 Less for Next
Fiscal Year.
Slight Hopes Are Retained That
Legislature Will Not Remain
In Economical Mood.
tv,q Vole Pnrmeteers travel
Ford recently purchased with profits LPasis
that have been accruing from their
lWV1ri"r matter of fact there are only about
tormer micmgdu iuCU) , . ; .x. riA coQe tVo
under Professor Baker at Yale and
whn are now launching heir small are, ,5U11I1& yLailia Vi , "T.
who launcmng wiei , reyival of this
theatncal. busmeg England, which is gradually
of university centers lasting from now
until mid-summer. Theen, Harry few
?f m iUSwS years every chorus will be using this To Cooperate with Rutgers Uni- during the next two years,
i!?. mateHal because of its great variety VArsiL in Joint Enterprise- Provided that the recppmendat:
xne umveiwiy -vi e"- x". j :t. 4- uaanfw
college.1 aH? ii"iciciiu ""u"j'
The newly elected Governor, the
Hon. O. Max Gardner, and his com
mission have recommended to the
legislature that the requests made
by the educational institutions
throughout the state for permanent
improvements be reduced from
$11,061,000 to $2,000,000. Of this
amount the University is listed with
$264,000 "approved by the body, to
be used for permanent improvements
The University of North Carolina Lles the men put on.
n;n,Qftoe wliilp thpv were m
. The program Sunday will be made
' iufia-irnimp up of two parts. The first consists
. - " ri." ilnn of four5 Extended-Chorales in, which
is xo nave ueiiuoueuii i j i . i
It , " r rt choral phrases are answered by m
iew xuijv. . . iSt-rto.jl - nhrases tvoe of
i j l j 4- wiavq n annrn gnuivMv r i
sucn a xneaxre j,u mi, , . - T,T.0fo0;. nf
musical treauiiexii i,ikhv.'-"'
the extended chorale The second part
consists of the ' Church Cantata,
"What God Doth, Surely, . That Is
Right." This cantata opens and closes
with choral numbers, between which
occur solo numbers ' for the four as
sisting artists.
, An attempt is bejng made to pro
duce this music Sunday in the same
versity in Joint Enterprise
Larger Industrial Centers of
Europe to Be Visited.
presentations may be mde, mariyof
which Burnett has already workea
out. . ', , ,.; - .: ' -
That the work -of the two men is
,.. Tj;rtM norriff Writps occasioning comment .and support is
Miss Harriett Herring writes . . , ; .Tv . . .t. t Normn
Authoritatively on Condi- , G ddes 0n of America's fore-
tions of Mill Villages. most stage designers, has "designed
some of the scenery for the fairy
Press, beginning a new year oi ac-
an t.ivit.v. is -nlannine one of its most
significant contributions m the bo-
Announcement was made here today
that the University of North Caro
lina will! cooperate with Rutgers Uni
versity in giving an engineering tour
of Europe during the summer that
will combine effectively a tour abroad
with the serious study of engineering
and industrial problems. V
Courses will be offered in Labor
Management and Industrial Adminis
tration, with college credit for work
of the budget commission are ap
proved by the legislature, the Uni
versity will receive $31,900 less for
the next fiscal year for maintenance
than for this year. The University
was granted $880,000 to operate on
this "year, but the advisory budget
committee has pared, this down to a
recommended $848,100 for next year.
The University alone did not suffer
recommended retrenchment at the
hands of the committee, for no single
institution was .granted nearly as
much as it had counted upon.
There remains but the slim hope of
He is known as one oi me uivou ciai ouuiy oeneo ui imnai
modern teachers in the teaching of of North Carolina which it is build
Harmony through, handear and eye. ing. . ; '-. . .
this subject is to Publication of Miss Harriet l,. tier-
he nut in book form and will shortly ring's work on
"Welfare Work in
Z by oxftTd u: Mm J jw S eZ
Ptpss 'As a member oi xne em- series numoei up
J a vj
j Vo r-rl n-f
Music for the Duo-Art Piano his an-
The urogram to be presented here
includes among other things a sketch !
from the Latin play,' Pyramus and
Thisbe, a Chinese fantasy, The Goose
berry Mandarin, and a playlet with
Africa as its locale. ,
Speaking of the program The Yale
recently presented ax La
fayette College, Albert H. Gilmer, pro-
nf nramatics savs. "ine luea
lOOUl VJ. "
t 1 . 4 . 1 il 11 1.;
torial board ot tne .auu. of nn&t revue is auite a happy ar
iy OUl Ul SCyaaW . a fUp pm-
. . . , -!n i-p r.rr.y.Vcr- on1 w ar- ranffemenx. iur
notations on Schubert ana a m n " .iP11t of a treat variety of puppet
j.-u i, act --nraise irom counts ran au -me muic lumiutuw, rvj -
won we xix6. - . . .r i t.- -rsoo nr1 manv changes m xne yi u
as further readme reveais ei cu- "s-' ... :.
educators in England ana ' V, " n I " with its delicate interspersing
illustrated by ureiy ucu 7 , ?Mi bv the minature
r at n ATillp-r: nf Rutsrers.
will direct the tour. Instructors will the legislature's reversing the report
general fashion which was. in vogue , t ' Schwennine. of 1 the
i i I -
in the days when Bacn .was aiive, us- TT itv and prof . G. W. Kelsey,
ihg a small chorus and small orches- f R -
j. u-V, n-P V& size of I ' ... ' . L
7'. u" V o7, nisPlf had Members of the tour will sailirom
the forces which Bach himself had gt
Xi cvir , j. V. w .
23. An attractive itinerary," includ
ing such industrial centers as London,
Birmingham, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf,
PaHc .lias heen arranged so.
auu j. w - '
that meefsisK&g'to'tudy indus
at his command.
of the commission in favor of the in
stitutions of the state, thus permit
ting the building of a much needed
School, of Education and a gymna
sium; but the chance of such an oc
currence is highly improbable ac
cording to general opinion which
seems to be that the legislature will
remain in an economical mood;
- The- proposed cut in the mainten-
His lectures are
denunciation of mill conditions of musical numbers by the
J.. A 1 I - .
iantern Slides (of which he has a col- - asters of their several istruments.
lactiin of live thousand), gramopno con'ditions as The synchronization of the move
..selections, the Duo-Art piano and h Sfhas n tt nd she has had ments of the puppets with the Measure
own playing. Admission to his she know of tncir .music is an achievement
,ecture maybe had ctnd bus " they are. ' - puppetrynd something at which to
dent entertainment cardsndttrough ar0 aircady volumes on wonder." : .
. the purchasing of single admission. work in : T
tickets which will be on sae atne T"""- rr ,overnment, TfV-OutS f OV UeDateS
v t r
trial, engineering and labor problems ance fund is a more serious matter
than tne arasxic cut m iieimoucui im
provements. Most certainly the Uni
versity would be forced to cut down
on the service that, it is at present
able to mrnisn xne i;wmcuw x
state. Naturally it would be able to
abroad will be able to get the maxi-
Offeririg Prize to Student Who mum out of their time.
wW00 T?ct F.ssav on "Whkt Dean D. D. Carroll of the Univer-
' rnllpo-P M.P-ht Be." sity Schooj of Commerce announced !
the tour and recommended it highly.
I i Jl J. if I4iia4-inl on1 iQhrtT
As a result of a recent controversy "ine sxuaenx ox x
the magazines over who should go problems
lent oi muiisn ii aui law- - . ;1
c;"d not get a better chance struggle along, but P-ent fa
ties WOUld Ue VCXr gicouv
door on the night of the performance.
mill villages, county
state railroad development, and the
a l ?b KAft TvApf North Carolina chain gang, and the
ASK ,aUU TO rjret,L , Press has promised more to be re-
UTormTTIPnt tO Klllff ipoRfd'&t regular intervals.
I w a a M V ' ' I
Will Be Held Soon
I i i it. . w in
to college, and 'who should not, tne to stuuy wuui - ---xo
cunegc, ... ... T7i TTo xtHII viRit. nower nlants.l
New Republic is ottering a , , , ; vt To,,1A1
Vp of a hundred dollars and a factories, industrial and labor orgam- Warnmg; iSSUed lO,
... . 1 , 1 1L.A
j ,awlxr-fW t.r the col- zations, and will see nrst nana ti
1M student or younger college J problems of personnel and labor or
graduate who writes the best essay ganization abroad
nnt Pxceedmsr two thousand woras on yvi tumijr.
Students Who Bum
It is a fine op-
1 . it!
Tryouts for the coming aeoaxes
with Marauette University and the
These books have been brought out TT prfdtv of the South will be held
Was Graduate of University, and Only after intensive study by members of within the next two weeks according
v Vice-President Ever to Be Born the University's Institute for Re- to an announcement made . by the
In North Carolina. search in Social Science. The In- executive secretary of the Debate
stitute is now -concentrating on the ?Councii.' They will probably be held
Rufus King, late alumnus of the q labor unions in the State, within the next ten days. The ques-
University was recognized m the re- history of textile industries, !and sev- on to be debated is "Resolved, That
cent appropriation billNof the V. imp0rtant subjects 'which . blic shoul(L6wn and operate the
War Department Dy a" will no doubt form the suDjecx mat- , j t -c wer of the counxry
for an appropnawuxx 7 : ter additional volumes m u , r n t is
the erection of a monument to him at V-
I . , i -wfncn win uuiiuiu Hie ib - - i x 9 v
Clinton. ThP; Social Study Series is an at- Xv, Afotto TTniversity and the winning papers will be pub
t ,raaa after Graduation u tho -rmrt nf the Press to fill x ne 3 . :V4. prn. lienor! hpfnre the nresent academic
m rvr some vcj.j -o Lcmub vu wiv t-" " . i i rx. i ui nn Tn iil. ui a v-w- i nunv -
from the University King practiced a real need in the State, Uo supply , A twQ man team will also year is over
law in 'Clinton. He was eiectea w accurate surveys and examinaxions - chosen to uphold the affirmative
Congress wnne yet vu6 vv 0 socuu usmwhu, .7 in' forensic combat against xne um
later continued his notaDie Jb"""- fare, of government, oi muusuj,
Mrppr in Alabama. He was elected Uey actually operate in the State. .
aa Vice-President with. President Each of the books in the series is
tihnan from Alabama, being the hie-hly authoritative, and each pre
u, r,QtivP born Tar Heel ever to sents and adequate and full treat
hnld that office. H ment of the study with which it deals.
s ; -' ;.
A' special feature of the University
section on Labor Management is the
two-dav stop which will be made in
Geneva, where members will study the
Mayor. Council Says That the College
Boys Must Realize That He
' Means Business.
"College As It Might Be."
This contest is being put on in an
effort to find out the student's opin-
ions about nigner --I, : A Tntprnational Labor Office h..tnd toV
college man. At present the opinion , - - of tne .
nAdtnrs is that everv- occ a"
T.ootrnp nf Nations. has been the means
The tour was instituted and spon
For the benefit of those who are '
bumming," below is
the ordinance which
of knocking
several students loose from three
at Sewanee,
ninleriic Senate Dialectic Senate
. .... -a m '
Will Give Dance To Initiate Men
Vprsitv of the South
Tennessee a few days later.
. Due to the fact that the debate'
mid is steadily increasing what was
e .1.
considered a possibility oi cnuwu
teams has become a
LW KJ nu"o -- - - ...
T,4tP probability. In addi
ratiici. ut"" r
held by some educators is that every
bodv should be given a college educa
t 1 1 1 SWIA lol-f
o-nrl r-T rnprs l,llib Ulliv vac ajkaxj. i j
:L:: .1 ' m ne: sored by Rutgers last summer ana bucks.
"VCrrenonlv to members proved such a success that it was Ce- i i. That no pedestrian
.: . mon niAoA tn continue it along tne. same , , a-w11'td tn take a stand on
of the college c asses rrom co.sponsorship 3. portion of any
Dill IIKS - ' -."--j - .. ... I C.TTPPT 1 ri lilt! J. LI W 11 VJ- J
There will be constant and inti- . , . ,,1 traffic, and
mate contact between memoers ux
tour and instructors, and due to the
lessons learned last year, this year's
tour is expected to be even more val
nahle and interesting. ' ' '.
Complete information regarding the
TT J ,
w- :t.jH n of thp New Re- from the university.
m n ciiuBcu nissav inu.iiux .miv - -
which will uphold the negative side of public The contest will . ckto Aprd
Graduate School
Enrollment Shows
Increase in Number Extension Division here
that in crossing-the street all pedes
trians" shall keep in motion while m
this -portion of the street.
Section 2. That any person guilty
of willfully violating this ordinance
formation regards be subieCt to a fine of $50 in
tour may be had from the university - couri.
'The purpose of this measure," an-
of two lormer
GflllH 1 LUUlMVwv-
i :ao nf the Dialectic Senate.
Toct nuarter the Dialectic Senate Smoker to Be Held for Old and New The are als0 seVeral new men who
1 : . ,..1.1 1 I . Tl 11 CociAn - I .
The enrollment in the , graduate Trllll:nr Smoker Will
.n.vui a tipw hierhneak in 1 i,At. x tti.
the history of the department here
.i .'ma'9in rpris?tered for the
iuumv. - -1. I VVI1CH. OVUi
tion to four old debaters the Present winter quarter, Dean James Kbyster,
Dean of the school, announced at nis
office yesterday,
nounces Mayor Council, "is not to
rQVp it hard on anyone.. So many
Be Held Next Friday objections have been coming in re
cently that we have oeen loiteu w
vrt Priflav nierht. January b, Uva . some action. Numerous
the Junior Class will hold a smoker dents occupy positions in the street
Swain hall beginning at nine -ust opposite the Post Utlice wnicn
cc thP following resolution by a Members Following Session.
?ai maioritv: "Be it
" - . president Brown announces
resolved tnax xne ...... i. ,i ittinr, nf
ii . r? TTa 1 1 at some time there win ue -v
a dance m xne - - " T , -nioiti. Rpnate
a ViniiotiY nn rne researcii wum . . . i . mi.. vun. . 1
w . - j .v, ofor, I . - . TT: hv President Kay rams. iu " ceed. and aiso
o-nnH snpakers anu wnu j Vwir the mpTTibers OI xne um- - - . s . 1 mv 1 . . v r
r . .t. t K6cu ui I ?vp rnmmittee 01 the Class meu i"uir 1 rassment to the occupanvo vjj. vi
excellent chance ot being Versity,f acuity was issued Monday ue- formulated plans for In order eliminate this trouble,
4- h TIniversity m one ox ,r,rt,ia pntemrises oc-1 UlJ mfe" v 1U n.i
iMuns;uw viw -mt number of business maxxers w uc we have decided to eniorce iu u-
cupying the time of a majority oz xne ut) at the smoker. Loire strictly, and although ; the re-
After .the smoker the class will be pe t action was merely a warning,
versity. Lh oniests of the Carolina theatre at Utnde.nts in the future must realize
I " o .. . 1 I
. , . a special midnight show through tne tnat we mean business,
iirail UanCe lOIUglH courtesy of Manager E. U. Smith.
Steven Marsh To
Head Sophomores
. 1 1 I . . 1 PP' X
o'clock, it was announced yesxeruay makes it difficult ior trainc vo
causes some
At h winter auarter." H. J. members
w"- - , aT I m J :V,4-
fox, president ui " x w ntpd the nrivileces
Will x -
represent the University
the forensic frays
several I
Grumman Addresses
Charlotte Kiwanis
into the Dialectic
There are
V w
ittee to make men
time, appuiuvi w,h; 4 thp spnate at van
i j UftiHiwff rne. aiuic- ui iircmuvj.o"H v..
arrangemenxs xor 1 - . ; oQrPr hut
M. Grumman, direexor
tir exclusively r :- ji I TViosp men and all others who desire University
Senators, to join the senate but who have not Upoke before Kiwanis
Hicjr ij
of the
get ready I
uiuimu""! . . , -j? xi :-i- 1 i-x - 1 r. -
Extension department, "The first Grail dance ox xne wm HOUSe TO iSDeaK UIl
the Kiwanis Club .of quarter will take place - x hrftl. R. E. Lee
wv j i .. . 1 . : a H ti. nM mmiria5inm. UaHClIlK Win duiu vx-- -c
j i, , VQ1V itontinns tn do SO I nharlotte vesteruay evening k num
Uiauc iwiiuwii nuw" ivw . 1 r t
1 . ... 1 . X. I V..v Vi rtW
rr Dashiell. Miss Margaret Fitz-
a a Ttfv0 T,. Barkley, and Mr.
geiaiia, -
A Bayroff went to Greensboro Thurs
day afternoon to see the operas given
ho m. C. C. W. auditorum that
All liiv "
afternoon and night.
hould be present at the next meet
ing which will take, place Tuesday
night in the Di Mall at 1 :uu.
After the initiation and the other
part of the program have been finished-the
entire senate will hold a
mokerj , i
Dancing will start
Jack Wardlaw and
. - m 1
ner given by them. , . - at nine 0 ciock. J-. Secretarv House will speak on Gen-
Following the banquet Mr. urum- his .orchestra wm -i. Robert cha Monday,
man and Mr. Malcolm JLittle, also of for the occasion. 0,t1 this being the anniversary : of Lee's
the Extension department, continued A large numner ox gu- x I. ,fr tt... Sneaks Monday
. I -v . i .An"tWC? I 1111 L1LUUO X
on a tour of organization of post- to attend, rresenx flswS of the .United
' - .1 l htT I 4-V. a flCITlfP TO De UIIC UX Ulli
jyraduate. dental. courses spunsui. ci. wjr wiau Imo -
fe - . .. noiTOnf thp entire auarter.
the University.
under the auspices
Daughtersvof the Confederacy.
In a (spirited run-off election
Thursday, Steven Marsh was elected
treasurer of the class of '32 by a
margin of 10 votes. E. Craig Wall
the other candidate for office receiv
ed 141 votes' to Marsh's 151.

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