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2:30 TODAY
10:30 TODAY
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Governor Gardner Will Present
Building for State; John
Sprunt Hill To Accept for
Trustees. i
Preparations for the dedica
tion of the new University
library have been completed and
the program will begin this
morning at 10 :30 o'clock. Gov
ernor 0. Max Gardner will pre
sent the structure to the board
of trustees of the University for
the state of North Carolina. Mr.
John Sprunt Hill of "Durham,
chairman of the-building com
mittee of the trustees, will make
the speech of acceptance for the
University. V v
Andrew Keogh, librarian of
Yale University, will deliver the
dedication address. Following
the address by Mr. Keogh, Dr.
Louis R. Wilson, librarian of the
University, will announce the
gifts which have recently come
to the library. The devotional
exercise for the affair will be in
charge of Rev. IV. D. Moss, pas
tor of the Presbyterian church
in Chapel Hill. President Harry
W. Chase will preside over the
exercises. Music appropriate
for the occasion will be played at
the time.
The dedication of the library
will be the beginning of the Uni
versity's celebration of Home
coming week. The visitors will
attend the Georgia-Carolina
football game, this afternoon in
Kenan stadium. At 5 o'clock the
library will stage an open house
' and reception in the library
building for the guests. At 8 :30
o'clock tonight the Carolina
Playmakers entertain the visi
tors with illustrations of their
The second annual Conference
on Education and the annual
meetings of the Southeastern
. Library association, the North
Carolina Library association and
the Citizens Library Movement
.of North Carolina will also be
gin today. The feature of the
programs of the meetings will
be the subject of "Libraries."
The meetings , will continue
through Tuesday. Dean Shailer
Mathews of the University of
Chicago school of divinity will
address the members of all the
Chapel Hill denominations in
Memorial hall tomorrow morn
ing at 11:30 o'clock. 1
The new Library building is
the largest and prettiest on the
University campus, and is con
sidered by many to be one of the
prettiest in the south. It will
house the largest college or uni
versity collection of books in the
south witli the exception of
Texas University library. It
was erected at a total cost of
Captain RayrFarris, on behalf
of the Carolina football team and
their guests, the Georgia play
ers, has accepted the invitation
of the hotel Washington Duke
that they be the honorees at the
dance to be given there tonight.
The fact that this is to be the
only dance in the neighborhood
tonight should make it one of the
most colorful of the year and the
presence of the football men will
nd an atmosphere of collegiate
enthusiasm rarely approached.
There will be a no-break waltz at
the climax of the , evening in
honor of the letter men.
71 13
ts rrmcipal speaker
YM.C.A. Lunch Stand
The Y.M.C.A. will operate
a drink and sandwich stand
in front of the Y Building all
day today for the benefit of
those who cannot secure
lunch conveniently elsewhere.
The proceeds will be added to
the Y fund. ! -
Material Gathered by University
Y.M.C.A.; Bound in Book
Form This Year.
The University directory,
which was' -gotten up by the Y.
M. C. A., has been distributed.
This directory is considered by
many as the best that has ever
been published for the Univer
sity, and has also been distrib-
Kuted earlier this year than ever
The directory, being neatly
bound in book form, contains the
names -of University adminis
trative officers, other officers,
deans of the colleges and schools,
heads of the departments, fac
ulty and administrative people,
personnel of the institute of re
search in social science, person
nel of the extension division,
secretarial and clerical staffs, di
rectory of the fraternity houses,
local graded school teachers,
local ministers, explanation of
the fire alarm system, a complete
local directory, and a complete
student roll with each student's
class, religious preference, home
town and county,' and his local
address. , -
There are and will be, of
course, many changes in the
directory on account of students
changing their addresses,1 and
for this reason there will be
printed in Tuesday's Tar Heel
a list of alLthe present correc
tions. It is advisable to make
all these changes in your own
directory so as to keep it as cor
rect as possible. A list of the
changes will be published in the
Tar Heel at least once a month.
Dashiell Talks To
Raleigh Clericus
On Tuesday last J. F. Dashiell
addressed the Raleigh Episcopal
church Clericus on the subject,
"Is Psychology Soulless?" He
made the point that the methods
of "psychology are' inadequate to
handle any metaphysical prob
lems such as that of the soul,
theologically considered, and em
phasized the relation between a
pure science and its applications
as obtaining between scientific
psychology and humanistic and
idealistic lines of endeavor. '
tars In New Role
"Puny" Harper and "Sandy"
Dameron, well known campus
"big men," will make their debut
in a new role tomorrow night.
This famoXis pair has been chos
en to act as official bouncers at
thev Georgia-Carolina dance at
- m in
the Washington Duke notei.
With the Georgia and Carolina
football men who will be the
guests of the management to as
sist them, Harper and Dameron
should have no trouble maintain
ing order and preventing the
Atlanta debutantes from being
smothered in the rush. .
10:30 A. Mw Memorial Hall.
Presiding: President Harry W. Chase
Dedication f of the - University of North Carolina
Invocation by the Rev, Dr. W. D. Moss, of the Chapel
Hill Presbyterian Church
Presentation of Building, by O. Max Gardner, Gov
ernor of the State of North Carolina.
Acceptance, by John Sprunt HilU, Chairman of the
Building Committee of the Board of Trustees.
Announcement of Gifts, by Louis R. Wilson, Librar
ian of the University of North Carolina.
Dedication Address, by Andrew Keogh, Librarian of
Yale Uni versitynd President of the American
Library Association.
University Hymn, by the Assembly. -
Benediction, by the Rev. Dr. Wl D. Moss.
2:30 P. M. The Kenan Memorial Stadium.
- Carolina-Georgia Football Game
5:00 P. M. The Library.
Open House and Reception
8:30 P. M. The Playmakers Theatre.
V Carolina Folk Plays
The Carolina Playmakers, Professor Frederick H.
Koch, Director.
11:00 A. M. Sermon. "Manufactured Gods," by Dean
Shailer Mathews, School of Divinity, University of
- Chicago. . -
4:00 P. M. Musical Program, the University of North
Carolina Department of ;Mua(ic, Professor? Harold
S. Dyer, Director. f
Old Grads and Native Sons To
Be Welcomed at Univer
sity Today.
(By R. W. Madry)
The North Carolina home
comers, who were feted last
night by the University alumni
of Durham at a big banquet at
the Washington Duke hotel, will
move on to Chapel Hill this
morning and receive the Univer
sity's welcome. j
Today and Sunday are the
days set aside for the Univer
sity's program in connection
with the state-wide home-coming
celebration, and those who have
been receiving the glad hand of
fellowship in Raleigh and Dur
ham are expected to come on and
get their Chapel Hill greetings.
The University community
has been looking forward to the
occasion for j several weeks,
and during the last few days
has been especially dressing up
for the. celebration.
It will be home-coming day
for the old grads as well as for
the native sons returning.
The principal features of the
program h'ere will be the dedi
cation of the University's new
$625,000 library at 10 :30 o'clock
this morning ; the Carolina
Georgia football game at 2:30
o'clock; a performance by the
famous Carolina Playmakers at
8:30 tonight; a union service by
all Chapel Hill denominations at
11 o'clock Sunday morning, with
Dean Shailer Mathews of Chi
cago as the minister, and a musi
cal program by the University
department of music at 4 o'clock
Sunday afternoon.
The library dedication Satur
day will serve as a prelude;to the
formal opening on Monday of
the second annual Southern Con
ference on Education and the an
nual meetings of the Southeast
ern Library association, the
North Carolina Library associa
tion, and the" Citizens Library
Movement of -North Carolina.
Who is Peter Green?
Who is Evangeline?
Presidents of University and
Dean Bradshaw Feature
Chapel Exercises.
Two important matters were
6rought before the student body
in chapel Friday morning by
President H. "W. Chase and Dean
of Students F. F. Bradshaw.
President Chase announced and
discussed to some extent the fol
lowing program of events for
the week-end : dedication exer
cises, 10 :30 a. nr. Saturday; Uni
versity sermon, 11 a. m. Sunday;
glee club concert, 4 p. m. Sunday.
President Chase issued a hearty
invitation to the students to at
tend each of these events.
The other matter concerned
the conduct of students follow'
ing victories of the football team.
Dean Bradshaw began a discus
sion of this subject by stating
that he-wished to oppose Peter
Green in the debate taking place
in the Open Forum column of
the Tar Heel. Peter Green has
defended the action of a group
of students who caused no little
disturbance after the Carolina
Tech game Friday night by say
ing such was a time-honored tra
dition of the University. Dean
Bradshaw declared that these
students acted in a most unusual
manner. The accustomed meth
od of celebrating athletic vic
tories is a dignified and quiet
acceptance of victory. He ex
plained that the students who
acted in such an ungentlemanly
manner Friday were probably
surprised by the victory out of
their dignity and good taste.
This should not happen again as
Carolina, can expect to win all
other games, he added.
The dean ventured that a lit
eral "reign of terror" was per
haps not unusual after athletic
contests in some high and pre-
paratory schools. Such action
there is generally explained by
the statement that "boys will be
boys." Dean Bradshaw declared
that the University freshmen
were expected to be not boys, but
umber ..Of Pledges -Fail To
etter Mark Of 1927 Season
Staff Sleeting
Sunday night at . 7 :30 the
Daily Tar Heel staff will
meet in the office, basement
of Alumni building. All re
porters and -editors who are
not present will be dropped
from the staff unless, they
are excused before the meet
ing by the editor or manag
ing editor.
treorgia and North Carolina
1 Governors Here for Big
" Clash.
An impressive host of notables
will attend the Carolina-Georgia
football game in Kenan stadium
Georgia's splendid team, con
querors of Yale, will be followed
by a record crowd of support
ers. Governor L. G. Hardman
and Chancellor Charles M. Snell
ing of the University of Georgia
will head the invasion.
North Carolina will be cele
brating Home-Coming week, and
the University will be celebrat
ing Homecoming Day. Tar Heel
notables will be present, headed
by Governor O. Max Gardner,
former governors Angus W. Mc
Lean and " Cameron Morrison,
Former Secretary of the Navy
Josephus Daniels, and President
Harry W. Chase of the Univer
sity. . ' '
North Carolina's committee
on Home-Coming week wlil be
present to the last member,
scores of prominent legislators
and judges, and prominent edu
cators and library executives
from many sections of the coun
try, gathered to attend the
meetings of the Southern Con
ference on Education, the South
eastern Library association, and
the North Carolina Library as
sociation, which convene here
on Monday. ' '
Dean Anson Marston, dean of
the engineering school of Iowa
State college, is expected to ar
rive on the campus Monday
morning. Dean Marston is the
president of the American Soci
ety of Civil Engineers and he is
here to visit the William Cain
student chapter of that society.
He will speak to the engineer
ing students at 12 o'clock Mon
day in Phillips hall and at 1:30
will be entertained at a luncheon
at the Carolina inn, given by the
members of the American So
ciety of Civil Engineers of this
Dean Marston is very widely
known and is' an outstanding
figure in the engineering world.
He is past chairman of the Ad
visory board on highway re
search and was formerly a mem
ber of the national research
council. In 1900 he was presi
dent of the Iowa engineering so
ciety and in 1904 -received the
Fuertes gold medal given by
Cornell University. In 1924
25 he was member of the execu
tive committee of the American
society for testing materials. He
contributes to numerous techni
cal journals and his late publi
cation, "Sewers and Drains," is
widely known."
Between 330 and 375 Pledged
Thursday Afternoon; Average
Of Over 10 for Each Fraternity.
With the end of rushing sea
son Thursday afternoon be
tween 350 and 375 men donned
pledge buttons of the 35" social
fraternities located at the Uni
versity. This number is expect
ed to be swelled considerably
within the next few days as
many men failed to accept bids
to any fraternity at the regular
This mark fails to better the
high mark of 1927 when more
than 395 freshmen were pledged
at thelregular time. Within the
week following pledge day that
year many more became pledges
to run the total to more than
400. Last year's figures were
about the same as this year's.
The list of fraternities in or
der of their establishment at the
University and the pledges are
as follows :
D. K. E.
Elliott Hill Newcombe, Char
lotte ; Erwin Goode Walker,
Charlotte; Archibald Kim
brough Davis, Winston-Salem;
Aubrey Lee Brooks, Jr., Greens
boro; William Vass Shepherd,
Raleigh; Raymond H. Chatham,
Elkin ; Robert H. Carmichael,
New York City ; Joseph W. Line-
berger, Belmont ; Robert J.
Mebane, Jr., Durham; John A.
Preston, Lewisburg, W. Va.
Phi -Gamma Delta
Charles" Allen Crowson, Dur
ham ; "Arthur Hynes Fleming,
Louisburg ; John Sills Dozier,
Rocky Mount; Francis Leroy
Savage, Rocky Mount ; Grosser
Matheson Young, Rocky Mount;
Frank Payne Davis, Winston-
Salem ; J ames Robinson Hub
bard, Clinton; Jack Cornelison
Morisey, Clinton; Paul Boucher,
Damascus, Va. ; Gilbert Flem
ing Oberfell, Lynchburg, Va.;
Robert Dorsey Davis, High
Point; Robert Brock, Florence,
Ala:; William Alexander. How
ard, Concord ; Champ Clark Hen
ry, Pittsburgh, Pa. ; Frank Alex
ander McLeod, Lumbertdn.
Beta Theta Pi
Charles Ashby Penn, Jr.,
Reidsville; Charles G. Rose, Jr.,
Fayetteville ; Walter , W. Bacot,
River Forest, HI. ; William G.
Roberts, Marshall; Fisher J3.
Black, Bryson City ; Holmes
Bryson, Jr., Asheville; George
Goodson Stone, Greensboro;
Lawrence Flinn, Pittsburgh, Pa. ;
J. Russell Williams, Jr., Pinopo
lis, S. C; William T. Wilson,
Jr., Wiriston-Salem ; James
Madison Lynch, Asheville; Jos
eph E. Dunn, Oak Park, HI.; Jos
eph J. McGrauley, Oak Park, Bl. ;
Garrison Reid, Winston-Salem;
Andrew Hargreave, Forest Hills,
Long Island, N. Y.
- Delta Psi
, Paul Carter, Bridgehampton,
L. L, N. Y. ; Harold -A. Haines,
Chestnut Hills, Philadelphia,
Pa. ; Carroll Rogers, Tryon.
r Chi Psi
William Mitcham, Charlotte ;
Robert Atwood, Durham; Pierre
Campbell, Long Island, N. Y.;
Thomas Davidson, Gaffney, S.
C; John Jeffries, Winston-Salem
; Hubert Crow, Raleigh ;
Banks Young, Raleigh ; Marvin
Roby, Charlotte ; Charlie Alli
son, Charlotte.
Phi Kappa Sigma ,
Robert Drane, Florence, Ala.;
James Thompson,'Raleigh ; John
Manning, Chapel Hill; George
Wilson, Gastonia ; Wm. lark
ham, Durham ; James Steer e,
Charlotte ; Hugh Wilson, Haver-
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