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    Wednesday, November 13, 1C2D
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, Via Va
1 b Be liieid
Regulations Governing Annual
Contest Issued By 'Department
j Davidson, Duke And -
Tar Heels Still In
Carolina Title Race
Prizes Will Be Awarded Run
ners; First Race Held In 1923
Won By Harry Thach.
Intramural Gaines
Letters of invitation contain
ing the rules governing the sixth
annual intramural cake race to
be held at 4 o'clock Friday after
noon, November 22, have been
sent out by the intramural de
partment to the dormitory man
agers and -fraternities.
Any one is eligible to compete
i . i i. j i !
wno nas nut engaged in inter
collegiate competition -in varsity
or freshman cross-country or
varsity or freshman track at the
University, and who has prac
ticed at least five afternoons
under the supervision of the
varsity cross-country coach. Any
one desiring to compete should
check in to the manager just in
side the main gate at' Emerson
field on the afternoons he prac
tices, in order to , get official
credit for his work. Groups
leave the field for runs every
half hour between 3 and 5 :30
Entries may be made either
unattached or by teams. Cakes
will be awarded to the three
teams entering the largest num
ber. The ten teams having the
lowest team score will also" re
ceive cakes. The first five men
on each team to finish in the
first seventy-five will 4 count in
'the team's score, , ,A team whose
first five men finish in first,
seventh, 15th, , 18th and 50th
places would have a score of 91.
Gold medals will be awarded
to the first five men to finish.
Bronze medals will go to the sec
ond five. Prizes for those finish
ing between tenth and 76th will
include neckties, socks, theatre
pass, and track shjrts. Both in
dividual and team credit toward
the intramural trophies awarded
at the end of the year will be
allowed. The course will be
about two miles. .
The first cake race, held in
1923, was won by Harry Thach.
The course was three miles. Old
West, finishing 14 men in the
first hundred, won the team prize
cake presented by the University
laundry department. One hun
dred and twenty-five participat
ed in the race that year.
Luther Byrd won the 1924
race and the cake presented by
the University laundry depart
ment. He also won a two-weeks
vacation from Swain hall, a prize
offered to the winner if he were a
member of the force there. The
team cake offered by the Chapel
Hill Bakery was again won by
Old West. . !
Galen Elliott won the 1925
event. Old West again won the
team prize.
Minor Barkley won the 1926
race, setting "a record for the
1.9 mile course. He won the
pick of one hundred cakes, and
the loving cup awarded by the
Book Exchange. Old West for
the fourth time won the team
prize a large cake offered by
the Smoke Shop. One hundred
and seventy-nine took .part in
that race. ' .
June Fisher led the 274 en
tries linmA in the 1927 race,
covering the course in ten min
utes flat. The "town team' won
the "big cake given by Dean
Paulsen of the Smoke . Shop.
Placing 14 men in the first hun
out the New
VIA tilVJ uvwv t.
Dorms team which placed 13.
3 :30 1. Alpha Tau Omega vs.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
2. Kappa Alpha vs. Sigma
. " Nu. :
3. Beta Theta Pi vs. Chi
4 :30 1. Old East vs. Lewis.
. 2. Kappa Sigma vs. Sigma
Phi Sigma.
3. Zeta Psi vs. . Phi Delta
Intramural standings up to
the sixth week follow:
Fraternity W L Pet.
D. K. E. 7 0 1.000
Beta Theta Pi .. 6 0 1.000
Pi Kappa Phi .. .. ...... 6 0 1.000
Zeta Psi 3 1 .750
Sigma Nu ... 3 .2 .600
Sigma Chi 2 2 .500
Phi Sigma Kappa 2 3 .400
Kappa Sigma ............ 2 3 .400
Pi Kappa Alpha ... 2 3 .400
Phi Delta Theta ...... 2 3 .400
Alpha Tau Omega 2 4 .333
Kappa Alpha 1 3 .250
Theta Chi '. 13 .250
S. A. E. . 1 3 .250
Chi Psi ...14 .200
Chi Phj 1. 4 J .200
Sigma Phi Sigma 1 6 .143
Kappa Psi 0 7 .000
Dormitory W L Pet.
New Dorms " 5 0 1.000
Mangum 8 1 .889
Steele 1 7., 2 .872
Ruffin 4 2 .667
"F" '.. 6 3 .667
Manly . - 4 3 .571
Old West 3 3 .500
Carr 3 4 .429
"I" 2 6 .250
"J" - 2 6 :250
Old East 2. 6 ,.250
Grimes 1 v 8 .111
"G" 0 7 " .000
With both N. C. State and
Wake Forest having lost two
games apiece in Big Five com
petition, it looks as if the 1929
state title race has turned into
a three-cornered affair between
Davidson, Carolina and Duke.
Somebody goes down Saturday,
for the Tar Heels are to clash
with Davidson in the native
Wildcat lair in what promises to
be another of those epic Carolina-Davidson
fights. Duke and
Davidson clash at Durham on
Thanksgiving Day, and then on
December; 7' comes the monu
mental Duke-Carolina battle, al
ready predicted by many as be
ing the game that will settle the
itle. race. i
By Henry Anderson
slate is with Davidson David
son has defeated N. C. State but
has lost to Wake Forest, Either
game can be taken by the
prophet for his prediction in the
approaching week-end affair.
Tar Babies Have Won Past Two
Years; Maryland Holds Vic
tory Over Virginia Yearlings.
Forced to hold practice in the
Tin Can yesterday afternoon on
account of the rain, the Tar
Babies are taking advantage of
every opportunity to become a
well organized football machine
in the few remaining days be-
to Wake Forest was a freak,
while State's defeat came as a
natural course of events (ac
cording to a Davidsonian) .
Rain And Soggy Field Prevents
Heavy Work For Carolina
canvass - for a
combined a
younsr man who
scientific bent with common
sense overlooked the Texas boy
of 13 who has built an airplane
and now wants somebody else to
test it Detroit News.
Rain and a soggy field com
bined yesterday to give the Tar
Heels another day of rest to the
detriment of training plans for
Saturday's invasion of the lair
of the Davidson Wildcats.
Formal practice was declared
out, but the mentors had all the
men take light workouts before
going to the showers.
Coach Collins said tonight
that Pete Wyrick, veteran quar
terback, out for two weeks with
another back injury, may be
able to play at least part of the
Davidson game. j
Jim Magner, halfback, and
Red Gilbreath, center, the only
casualties of the South Carolina
game, are coming around nicely,
Trainer Quinlan reported.
A victory over Davidson would
leave only Duke to pass for the
- - it
state title. All Carolina strengtn
may be needed, for Davidson s
13-0 upset of the N. C. State
Wolf pack indicates that the
Wildcats must be taken very
"Yank" Going Great
Yank Soaulding, who is lead
ing all scorers on the 33-point
Tor TTooic -nlflved two seasons
xai n.vviu),'i"-
without receiving a monogram
Tmnries always hit the hefty
ball-carrier just as he was mak
fViA Wade. He has really
I I 1 EL Wiiv rt
'come into his own in this
' ,roY. TTo Tins- fi t
Jimmy Ward, one of South
Carolina's two big contributions
to the University's "33point
a game" backfield, took ad
vantage of Saturday's ' game
with the South Carolina "home-
staters to ratten nis season
batting average and step out
front of the Tar Heel touch
down makers.
The fleet left .halfback cir
cled the ends and rammed the
tackles for two more touch
downs, to run his season total to
seven. '
"Eight-Yard" Magner, who
was tied with Ward at five
markers before that South Car
olina game, didn't get to play
much due to a sprained ankle,
and fell behind in the scoring
But Yank Spaulding, the
hefty fullback, was ( far from
idle, and Spaulding, by virtue of
two more touchdowns and two
more placekicks,' ran, his touch
down total up to six and his ex
tra point total up to 10. So, by
virtue of a nimble toe, Spauld
ing still has a slight edge on the
Tar Heel scorers.
Spaulding leads the race with
46 points, to Ward's 42. Mag
ner comes third with 31, follow
ed by Johnny Branch, the sensa
tional sophomore, with 27, and a
trio of right halfbacks tied for
fifth place with 18 points apiece
Strud Nash, Rip Slusser, and
Chuck Erickson.
The Tar Heel team, to date, is
averaging 33 points a game, and
if, it maintains the pace, will set
a new ' record for Tar Heel scor
ing machines of all times.
Head Coach Chuck Collins be
gan the week's w7ork for David
son witlr an official decree of
three days' rest for the 29 men
who worked against South Car
Tt fooks as if the Tar
Heel express" will be in line
shape again Saturday.
; CAROLINA is still maintain
ing her 33 points per game and
scores of rival institutions to
date show that this average
won't drop much if any as a re
sult of the games left on the
schedule. In the past game with
South Carolina this average
picked up a little. .
last Saturday at Columbia say
that the group of feminine root
ers for South Carolina remained
enthusiastic throughout the en
tire game. The same sports
writers introduce the thought
that they probably thought it
was merely a game of tag and
that S. C. was chasing N. C. all
over the field. Live and learn !
Some sav that Davidson unset i
" v 1 it- J.T lr
... !, i j i
iana game on eaturaay.
a long signal practice was
held Monday afternoon which
kept the freshmen until after
dark. Four teams were organiz
ed and paired off to learn new
plays and run the regular for
mations wnich will oe used in
College Park.
"Little is known about the
strength of the Maryland frosh
offense, but in a recent game
with Virginia they wron by a
close margin of one touchdown.
The Maryland freshmen always
put up a tough fight and
coaches Enright and Sapp are
preparing to meet any unex
pected difficulties which may
arise inthe coming game.
For the past two seasons the
freshmen have won from Mary
land, having lost but one game
to them in three years. This
year's game is expected to be an
exceptionally tough one in ..that
the Old Liners will be on the war
path to make the wins even in
the last four years.
Toe Work Important .
In Cavalier Games
Toe work has always proven
a big factor in the Carolina
Virginia rivalry, to be renewed
here Thanksgiving Day. A field
goal apiece made a 3-3 tie in
1925. Virginia got the field
goal in 1926, but Carolina failed.
The next year the Tar Heels
won on an extra point, 14-13.
Last year, by getting the extra
points Virginia led until the
last few seconds by 20-18,
Chuck Erickson's great run giv
ing the Tar Heels a narrow
24-20 victory margin
Carolina High In
Nation's Scoring'
The Tar Heels with 231
points to 47 are standing well
to the fore in the national pig
skin chase for points. Southern
California leads the list with
289 points. Only Tennessee,
with 257, and Tulane with 240,
are leading the Tar Heels in the
South. In the State, the Tar
Heels' nearest competitor is
Elon with 98 points, and Duke
with 95.
DUKE upset another dope
bucket by taking the L. S. U.
Tigers in tow by such over
whelming odds. After spending
thre'e very unsuccessful week
ends in foreign territory they
celebrated ;their return home by
routing the Tigers. The Duke
Blue Devil certainly did its work
last Saturday and confirms the
opinion held by many that Duke
is a far from broken team by
the numerous defeats.
life iust in time to get their
finger in the Southern Confer
ence pie. At present they are
ranking with the leaders of the
Conference and pass Carolina in
the standinc:. Duke hasn't lost
any games in the Conference and
though they have won only one
they still have a good chance
for a clean slate. IF they could
dope out plans for the Tar Heels'
downfall things would be rosy
in Durham. (IF.)
Close Scores Mark
Virginia Contests
The North Carolina-Virginia
grid rivalry, to be renewed here
Thanksgiving Day, is one of the
hottest as well as the oldest in
all the South. Figures for ten
games since the war prove the
point. The Cavaliers have
scored 70 points, the Tar Heels
64. The Tar Heels have won
five games, Virginia three, and
two have been ties. Only once
has a game been won by a two
touchdown margin and the
average difference between the
scores has been 4.2 points. The
Tar Heels have won the last two
games 14-13 and 24-20.
Carolina Has Edge
The Tar Heels and the David
son Wildcats have played four
scoreless ties in a series that
dates .back to 1898, and these
scoreless games were only fair
samples of the remaining 20
games on the records. The Tar
Heels have won 17 while losing
three, but they have had a tough
time wanning a lot of the annual
battles. Only fivet times have
they run up as many as four
touchdowns oyer the fighting
rt;rtY. vpnr tie nas-o
downs and 10 extra points to his
credit for a scoring total of 46
noints. and has played a jam-
up defensive game all season as
Fysal Makes Good
Ellis Fysal, stocky, hard charg
ing 188-pound son of Wilson, N.
C, is beginning to look like a
fixture at right guard for the
Tar Heels.- Fysal, a converted
fullback,' playing his first year
on the varsity, crashed into the
lineup, over two lettermen, in
the V. P. I. game, and has been
starting every game since. He
makes a great running mate for
the crashing, driving Captain
Ray Farris at left guard..
Place-Kickers Wanted
Chuck Collins, head Tar Heel
mentor, is giving "especial at
tention to his place-kickers . this
week. Captain Brock at David
son is an artist at the game of
making "Point No. - 7," and the
Tar Heels to meet Davidson
there on Saturday, with all their
33-point scoring average a game,
have converted only 15 of 36 at
tempts into extra points.
his colleagues turned the tables
on the Duke harriers last Fri
day and avenged completely the
defeat in. '28. The whole team
showed up well. Besides his
stellar work in cross-country,
Barkley is a prominent miler
during track season. Cliff Bau
com, number two man in varsity
cross country; replaces last
year's track captain, Henderson,
in the two-mile run this spring.
Last season Baucom showed up
exceedingly well in all the meets.
He pushed Captain Henderson
hard in most of the races and is
expected to be one of the best
in the south this spring.
r THE CAKE RACE this year
is being resumed after a year's
lay-off. There was a rebellion
last year against the large num
ber of cakes that Chapel Hill
housewives had been so gen
erously preparing . previously.
Because of this imposition on
so many of the Chapel Hill
women it is understood that
nearly all; of the 100 prizes to
be given away will be in mer
chandise, with the exception of
10 or 15. cakes.
We hope that the noise com
mission will make itself heard.
New York Evening Post.
Eighth Wonder of
The World! ,
Never before has screen or
stage seen such a wealth of
beauty . . . splendor . . .
music ... or drama.
T't- ;. jr ....
i Colossal
Glorification in Voice.
Beauty of ,
. . hailed as the screen's greatest singing star
. ' ... newest romantic idol
" Sound
. News'

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