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Scholarships -Offered .In Ex
change For Those Given By
American colleges.
Co-ed Athletes
X limited number of fellow
ships and scholarships are of
fered by the international -student
exchanges of the -Institute
of International Education to
American students who wish to
Vtudy in foreign lands, it was an-
' znounced here yesterday. These
.given in exchange for those of
fered by American colleges to
the nationals of the countries
General requirements for eli
gibility : a .candidate applying
for one of the scholarships must
(1) be a citizen; of the United !
States or one" of its possessions ;
(2) at the time of making the
application ' be a graduate of a
college, university or profession-
, . al school of . recognized stand
ing, or at the time of entering
upon the fellowship have met
this requirement ; (3) be of
igood moral character and intel
lectual . ability, and of suitable
personal qualities; (4) present
a certificate of good health; (5)
possess ability to do indepen
dent study and research;-and
( 6 ) have a practical reading,
writing and speaking knowledge
;'of the language of instruction in
, the particular country. .
v .These opportunities are open
both to -men and to women.
A special meeting of all
co-eds interested in' athletics
will be held this afternoon at
four o'clock in Gerrard hall.
Carl Farris, basketball
coach, will make a talk. Elec
tion of co-ed managers for
various fields of athletics Will
also take place at this meet
ing. A special invitation is
issued by Ida V. Weaver, pres
ident of the Co-ed Athletic
Association, to every co-ed
wno is interested in any
form of athletics to be pres
ent at the gathering.
T ft
larme -Ji$aiia.-i o appear - :
: Today . In Two Coiicer ts
Eirst Show Is This Afternoon
In Kenan Stadium at 3:30
And Tonight In The Tin Can
At 8:30.
The United' States Marine
arrives here this morninsr
to deliver two . concerts, one in
Kenan stadium f at 3 :30 and the
other at the "Tin-Can" at 8 :30
The band, which has been
making a tour of eighteen of the
largest cities in the United
States,' brings with it two spec-
iaL cars, one for the members of
the band and the other for the
baggage. It has also chartered
two busses to bring the players
to the Carolina NInn. where- day
registration has been secured in
order that the band might get
a rest before the concerts.
Twentv trunks containing all
the players' belongings will be
carried to Raleigh where the
band will go in busses after the
concert tonight. The band will
Buccaneer Notice
, There will be a meeting of
the Buccaneer staff tonight
at 7:30 in the Buccaneer Of
fice in . the basement of
Alumni building.
: Cy Edson,
r Editor
C. ... E. Mcintosh, executive
secretary of the School of Edu
cation, after checking over the
report on the midterm grades of
ireshmen m that school, has an
nounced that their progress
made thus far this year has
been much"' more satisfactory
than that of previous years.
xiimuugu mac yyxo a. tuuomci- , - - , . , . , -. ti
able decrease in the enrollment rr
a - , - -i, . eigh for Norfolk, where its
of freshmen this fall from that , , . ' , . , v
j. . , , i i next concerts will be held,
of last year, this year s scholas- .. ... - A
tic record compares, relatively, Recording to qhas A. Horr,
....... i.M ,-, f i,4. advance agent for the band,
a- v,-c "The afternoon performance be
year, according to his announce-,t nAA
ment. 6 , , - , A, , . j
. mi '- i - , greatly to tne success oi uie
The number of first year men feACl . ,. n.
enrolled in the school is only 81, Program." Mr Horr continued
year. Of this number, however, dmm, that he had not seen a
a tro 4- Ai,n wi place wherev the work of man
40, or 53 percent of the total, " , v, , , . , .
i i i, xi. i and Nature had combined with
checked all their work, while on- , rr
. ..j. -, such marvelous results. He
Preference in selection is given f was very enthusiastic over the
Hdates under 30 years of yearv lour' U1 ilve. Ua nf the " afternoon
Scholarship and fellow- of the total ' number, failed to performance the stadium. ,
World Language Society Holds
First Meeting; Forty
" Members.
Admission Tickets v
General admission tickets
for $1.00 for the public will
be on sale at the Book Ex
change and the Tin Can for
the U. S. Marine Band Concert.
Woof ter Directin
Folk Culture Study
Complete Plans For Trips Be
ginning Next Week An
nounced By Homer Lyon,
Business Manager, .v-
age. . Scholarship and fellow- ' lul"' . ' Z performance in the stadium,
ship holders must have sufficient eck any of their work, to 24 The band which has beeE
The band, which has been in
money of their own to cover IZZl operation for the past 129 years,
traveling, vacation, anu liiciucu- - , . nas piayea at an tne presiuenuaa
tal expenses. Certain steamship kade3 on ?lm' inaugurations from Thomas
. Of0om. xnere were oa Vi lwh, , , xru
lines anow a xeuuuwuiu oi- rQCJf jeiiersons uuuugu inciuwi,
shin rates to the Fellows, and year, to 88 (?r per cent)
in some cases free visas may be par. ui ms year c, It hag in all its seven score
secured. , ' A VTJ, ... . r" years of existence had but nine
Countries where the fellow- cnee anwu leaders,- and was for 12 years led
shins and scholarships are of- niy une vv, wnnc xxu by Sousa; Wi,ile in Kansas
;An A iic-ri a Pho- m tne scnooi receivea xnree A&) , - - n n 0AA ifa
tt nr two X's and one W. -
Slovakia, trance, uermany, nuu- - - ...
Italy and Switzerland. !
According to Mr. H. F. Comer,
general secretary of the Y,
"The United States Marine Band
".students interested should see The freshman class practiced will ring here only the highest
Dean Addison Hibbara oi tne "Carolina Ho!" the new foot- class music, and unapei rim ana
liberal arts school on the second Rrm which was written for the University are. exceedingly
floor of South building. 1 ia Virginia came, at chapel ex- fortunate in being among the
Hhills fp.wvTirivilefired cites that will
University Xientai ... nT1r minted on thenl hear this noted band.",
- Course Given ThlS wprfV distributed to the fresh.- Those in charge of the ticket
v " Wppk Tn 5 .Cities rnfin at that time. ' sales especially urge all those
' . .. i' a tool- i3nrrpff that expect to attend the after
v Dr. R. O. Schlosser of the "T exerces with a few noon performance to .please get
-Northwestern University dental :!th0 their tickets as early as possi-school-is
instructor this month chea f bie so as not to allow mix-
for the 1929 postgraduate den- to up at the last minute;. , '
Si Phi Assembly Holds
rrnlina Dental society . iC "J Unof A nicnuccJnTic
North Carolina Dental society
and the University extension di
copies of the song.
Barrett is planning to mtro-
VISlOn. I 1 . XT J " " v-
Dr Schlosser is conducting duce "Carolina no 11U regular membership in attend-
classes this week m mnsiun, oiviy, lxxx ance, tne rmianuiropm assemuij
plVVi Greensboro, Winston- special feature of the cheering met in reguiar session Tuesday
Salem and Charlotte. program for the Thanksgiving night The- proffram for the
His subject is "Denture Im- game. Arrangement die uuu6 evening included a discussion oi
nrpions Modeling Compound made with Grady Pritchard to the nW constitution and the
TophTIlP ' ..--.- uvu" IlUUauuu vx iivii
Enrolled for these courses are cheerio group m banuua Following the reports ol tne
145 North Carolina dentists. er, so that plans ior me ui- various committees, - Speaker
ing at tnis . game Allbright presented a full and
NThere occurred this week 3
events of interest, not only to
the philologist but the average
student interested in world af
fairs. The first was the deci
sion of the Irish Dail to appro
priate a large sum of money for
the furtherance of the use oi tne
Gaelic language at Gal way col
lege, where very little English is
spoken. The second event took
place in Turkey. The secondary
schools of that new republic
agreed to discontinue the teach
ing of ancient languages and to
adopt the modern languages m
their curriculum and to latinize
Turkish. The third, and most
pertinent development was the
first meeting of -the Esperanto
Club of the University of North
Carolina, held last Tuesday at
5 o'clock.
The meeting was originally
planned to be held in the "Y"
but due to the unexpectedly
large number of enthusiasts who
responded to the invitation
printed in the Tar Heel Gerrard
hall was decided upon as the
most suitable gathering place.
More "than forty persons, two
of them'co-eds, all interested in
a world language movement,
listened attentively as Dr. Ernst
Metzenthin, the leading spirit of
the club and its teacher, traced
the history of the earliest uni
versal language attempts. Oc
casionally he digressed for a
moment to point out a few of
the many unnecessary forms
with which modern languages
are so overburdened. And many
were the smiles and sighs of
contentment as he stressed the
fact that the simplified grammar
of Esperanto can be very easily
learned in an hour or two and
that with the aid of a dictionary
letters could be written after
several lessons.
It was decided that there
would be no formal club orga
nized until the members have a
fair knowledge of. Esperanto.
Classes are to be held every
Tuesday at 5 o'clock in Murphey
hall and all students and other
people interested in becoming
members of this world move
ment are' invited to attend.
Dr. and Mrs. T. J. Woof ter,
Jr. left Chapell Hill Tuesday to
spend a week on St, Helena Is
land, S. C. For the past two
years Dr. Woof ter has been di
recting a study of folk culture
among the negroes who make
up the larger portion of the pop
ulation of the island.
Living thus in isolation the
inhabitants' of St. Helena have
developed customs, a dialect, and
a civilization which have at
tracted the attention of num
erous social . research groups.
The present survey is being
sponsored by the Social Science
Research Council, a national or
ganization, and the University
Institute for Research in Social
Science, of which Dr. Woof ter
is a member.
The Research Council serves
as a clearinsr house for social
scientific information. Al
though it is not endowed for re
search, it frequently conducts
surveys similar to this one, us
ing funds obtained from various
Di Senate To Hold
Tryouts For Debate
; The Dialectic senate held its
weekly meeting in New West
Tuesdav nisrht. Much interest
was exhibited toward the bills
that were placed upon the floor
and many arguments were presented.
Following the clerk's reading
Complete plans for the annual
fall concert tour of the Univer
sity glee club to begin Wednes
day, November 20 were an
nounced yesterday by Homer L.
Lyon, business manager of the
organization. Twenty-ni ne mem
bers of the club, will make the
trip which is to last five days.
Leaving here on the morning -
of the 20th the club will make
its first appearance the -; same
night at Queens college, Char
lotte. On succeeding nights,
performances will be given at
Monroe, Concord, and Spartan
burg, S. C.
For the first time in three
years the University, glee club
will participate in the Southern
Association glee club contest to
be held in February at Furman
University, Greenville, S. C. The
local organization was re-admitted
into the association unani
mously on application.
Professor Nelson O. Kennedy
will make the trip next week" as
accompanist and soloist- for the
The following men have been
selected by Professor Harold S.
Dyer, director, for the tour; .
First tenor : Steve A. Lynch,
W. T. Whitsett, Charles Aiken,
Charles C. Duffy, E. L. Swain,
George Winston, W. P. Park;
second tenor: J. C. Connolly, W.
L. Boynton, William Barfield,
F. P. Stinson, H. L. Lyon, Jr.,
and J. W. Slaughter; first bass:
E. S. Clarke, T. C. Reynolds, W.
L.' Hines, C. B. Overman, Paul
R Patter.. T. W. Bremer, Wof-
What's Happening
Bv arransrements which
iIa with f the
Davidson Athletic Depart
-SlnriA To AddreSS V ried out in the best manner.
Engineers Tonignt
J .1 S ade of the engine mB
-school will address the William I
,Cain student chapter ot tne;
'American "Society of Civil Engi
neers at its regular meeting
-tonight at 7 :30 o'clock in: 206
Phillips liall. Mr. Slade's sub
ject will be "The Adventurous
Engineer." ' Following the .ad
dress, moving pictures, . Build
4ng New. York's -Newest- Sub
way' -will hp'
clear explanation of the revised
constitution, , as drawn up and
presented by the constitutional
Several of, the amendments
were subjected to heated discus
sions. However, all of them were
of the minutes, the President
announced that the tryouts for or(j Humphries, A. H. Fleming,
tne mary u. yy xiguu ucuaw jr and A xruil ; secona Dass ;
would be held Monday night at j p. Scurlock, J. E. Miller, F.
7:30 in the Di hall, New West M Prouty, W.G. Brown, P. S.
.... i -m r TkT . "
building. . senator lucrnerson, barter and A. J. Stahr. - -
further reporting for the dance . . ' -
committees, stated that' Jack dORBHTORY PRESIDENTS
Wardlaw has been engaged to RESPONSIBLE FOR GRASS
furnish music for the occasion.
Mr. Hanna was presented for At the last meeting of the
membership and was unani- Dormitory club it was decided to
mously granted full privileges, make the dormitory presidents
except that of voting, his initia- responsible for th grass ad
tion to take place at the next jacent to their respective dormi
initiation meeting, the date of tories.
which has not yet been set. In the past few years it
After the clerk's reading of has been the policy of the dor-
the calendar, the following res- mitory government that the
olutions were discussed and dormitory councilmen should not
voted upon: have jurisdiction over any ac-
Resolved : That the Dialectic tivities outside the dormitory
senate go on record as request- walls. This year a student has
ing the officials of the Umver- to be warned only twice to keep
sity to repair the walks in front 0f the grass before he i3 ex
of Swain hall. . pelled from the college dormi-
Resolved: That the Dialectic tories. A student has been hired
senate go on record, as stating to go around and warn the of-
that, since co-eds are permitted fenders,
to enroll in the University, they
should be admitted to all classes, j? d. W. CONNOR SPEAKS
Senators Davis and Shreve AT KINSTON DEDICATION
argued pro and con upon the .
R. D. W. Connor, historian,
rtf rbitinTi: Sena- delivered the address at dedi-
I W M I I I I 111 M, WW V m w -
. I I OiUUt
ment the students .of the Uni- included in the final draft which
versity can secure tickets to was accepted by a substantial
the Carolina-Davidson game majority.
for $1.00 , by bringing their .---.After' cpmpleting the business
pass books to the Book' Ex- at han(j the remainder 0f the
change. The regular meeting was taken up with the
these tickets iz 52.C0.
I initiation of seven new men.
2 :00 p. m. Meeting of the new
' r.lass in administration of
justice in'the law building.
3 :30 p. m. Concert by the Uni
ted States Marine band in
- Kenan stadium. V
4 :00 p. m. Meeting of all co-eds
interested in.athletics in Ger
rard hall.
7 :00 p m. Varsity basketball
practice in the-gymnasim.
7:30 p. m. Meeting of the De
bate club in 201 Murphey haU.
8:30 p. m. Concert by Marine
band in the Tin Can.
tors Shreve and VanCleve up- cation of a "Caswell memorial
vJia cnA oninfinTi hPiTio- fence" in Kinston yesterday. The
ably opposed by Senators Mc- fence surrounds the tiny Caswell
tt v,vv MpPatsoti The cemetery of a plantation two
Vio Hpfpat the miles west of Kniston. The exer-
, :11 in o - cises were divided into two
Ulll, x-o. An
No further resolutions were parts, oonnor psui re
placed on the calendar, and after Hvered in the city. Hie audience
woW rriimm bv the was conveyed in automobiles to
the cemetery for the closing
ITI 1 If- III - I 1 VT. I XT i I IIViU AAA I "
VA X WAV) ' Wiv w - - I
nf rarrviner the two re- ceremony.
V. v V I
; vooAlii-Hn-nc! nvsr, nTi'f'.ll
UUillllllB lCOVlUM" V.w . ,
the next meeting. Amencamsm : Shuddering -to
- . think how wicked people have
Tn September. 1913. Adolphe become ;' being unable to produce
Peoud was the first 'flyer to any evidence except what some
hnori thA'1ooT."" one said. Durham Herald.
I x-
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