7 I 7nY o fir , m n 7 n L J HI i I J J J I J I 1 The Oldest College Daily In The South VOLUME L Business: 9887: Circulation: 9888 CHAPEL HILL, N. G. SATURDAY, MAY 16, 1942 Editorial: 4356; News: 4351: Night: 6905 NUMBER 170 H M arris Completes OSC Executive Appointments; inor Posts Still Open By Hayden Carruth Continuing the appointments to executive offices of the Office of Student Civilian Defense yesterday, Louis Harris, student co ordinator, announced that Billy Britt, Wade Weatherford, Joe Leslie, and Walt Williams have been designated administrative of ficers under the newly-appointed student coordinator, Hall Patrick. Britt and Weatherford have been chosen co-directors of Civilian Morale, that department of OSCD that directs the selection and management of dormitory "bull ses- Naval Heads Set Up Plans For Opening With the Naval Pre-Flight training school commissioning set for next Sa turday, Commander O. O. Kessing USN and Lt. John P. Graff USN are rushing plans through with true Navy speed and percision. Latest development in the giant commissioning is the announcement that Lt. Commander T. J. Hamilton, top man in the Naval Aviation physi cal development department, will be on hand at the Kenan stadium program as a member of the acceptance commit tee. No other Washington participants have been announced by the Pre-Flight officials but it is expected that at least two more "higher ups" will be present. The commissioning will begin at 5 o'clock with a parade of the officers from the school here and then followed by the Hon. Josephus Daniels' opening remarks and official state welcoming from Governor J. M. Broughton. Pres ident Frank Graham will represent the University. Carolina's NROTC and CVTC units will participate in a military review with the band after which Commander Kessing will accept his command as head of the unit and raise the flag of the Eastern "Annapolis of the Air." The University Glee Club will conclude the program. This is a public commissioning and all townspeople and students are in vited to review the opening of the Pre Flight school. Newspapermen attached to the Navy department representing Reuters, United Press, Transradio Press, New York Times and many others will be reviewing the ceremonies. Playmakers Announce 'Peer Gynt' Tickets Available Monday Tickets for "Peer Gynt," which opens on Friday will go on sale this Monday at Ledbetter Pickard's and at the Play makers new business office in Phillips hall. Prices are $.25 for children, $.85 for college students and $1.13 for all others A large group of soldiers has been in vited from Fort Bragg as guests of the Playmakers. Costumes for the fairytale story, de signed by Herbert Andrews and ex ecuted by Irene Smart, are well on the road to completion. The colors in the costumes follow the coloring of the sets. The opening sets are done in blue3 and yellows and later sets are of brighter colors. Setting and costumes work up to a color climax in the troll scene where the dominant colors are magenta and orange. For the wedding scene the costumes were copied from the Norwegian fairy books of the period and are made in actual peasant materials such as flan nels and homespuns. AH jewelry is authentic and is used as the peasants of the period used it. Each character carries his own col or, suitable to his mood and tempera ment, throughout all the scenes in the play. For instance Peer Gynt's color is a bright blue; Solveig's is white; and the mother's is brown. Old women wear purples, etc. A completely new approach to the trolls is made in the costuming. Trolls are usually regarded as green earthy creatures that superstitious people could well believe lurked in the moun tains. In this play they become crea tures of Peer's imagination, clad in fan tastic other-world clothing. They be come in reality creatures from a fairy talc book. Trolls wear odd and hor rible masks, and some of them wear pink tails. sions," state panels, and the student information center. Britt is also treas urer of the Carolina Political union, and member of the Student legisla ture, and a self-help student with a Phi Beta Kappa average. He has worked with the OSCD on state-wide student panels since mid-winter quar ter. Weatherford, also a member of the CPU, is a sophomore, noted for his activities in class government. Leslie has been picked director of Civilian Protection and Training, and qualified for the position through for mer OSCD work as chief air raid war den of Old West. He is a journalism major, and edited the last copy of Tar Heel Topics, a student publica tion released to the parents of stu dents through Dean F. F. Bradshaw's office. Williams has been appointed chief air raid warden and given the admin istration of all warden work during blackouts and test air raids. He unof ficially took charge of all dormitory wardens during the recent blackout of western North Carolina. He has been a member of the varsity boxing squad for two years. These appointments, together with See OSCD, page U Band Dedicates Performance To Senior Class Climaxing the festivities of Senior Week the University concert band, un der the direction of Earl Slocum, will present the second of its popular May concerts under Davie Popular tomor row at 5 o'clock. The band, dedicating its entire performance to the senior class, will play an all-American con cert, with its repertoire including the works of such famed composers as Mor ton Gould, Sigmund Romberg, James Gillette and George Gershwin. Featured number of the program will be a vocal rendition by Rex Coston of the ever-popular "Begin the Be guine." The music has been trans cribed for concert band and is in mod ern dance style. The program for Sunday includes the See BAND CONCERT, page U t $ - - - - & ' Dr. Urban T. Holmes Holmes Gets Linguistic Appointments Professor Urban T. Holmes, master of languages, climaxes another year at Carolina with his appointment as di rector of the Administrative commit tee of the Linguistic Institute, sche duled to convene here from June 11 until July 22. With Holmes on the committee will be George S. Lane and Robert W. Lin ker of the Romance department, who are also on the 16 man faculty for the summer' linguistic session. UNC Members Other members of the University who will lead language courses are: E. E. Ericson, English; Richard Jente, Middle High German; Lane, German ics; Linker, Romance Linguistics; An tonio Pinto, Portuguese; and Shipp Sanders, Greek. Featuring professors from most of the leading colleges and universities in the country the meeting will be high lighted by the special intensive course in Portuguese taught by Pinto of the University. Morning and afternoon classes will be held together with the added feature of a "Casa Brasileira," where only Portuguese will be spoken. East-West Holmes was also appointed a mem ber of the East-West Association founded by Pearl Buck to encourage universities to learn oriental languages and familiarize the West with the East. He serves with Arthur Christy of Co lumbia University on the committee. Third post received by Holmes was that of head of the Modern Language Association of America commitee to plan the three-hour December meeting. Holmes' job will be to arrange the meeting of the nation's top-rate lan guage professors so as to include all phases of the Medieval language group of the association. Archer Tylor of the University of California and Roger Loomis of Columbia complete the group. Norvo Band to Give Seniors usical Farewell Tonigh -:vw.v.v. -"-:7 - V 8- Vf ss liilii v. s "stsx - I J C-V s- ! --"V .,.,- n I V I 4 I-- - i vJ Foster Warren Jane Millar Audrey May I ... y -v . . . v . ...... .-.v.. A'lV.'.Mff.st.wA'Aw f.sv,.swi'A.:.v.:...... ?.. V' ' - - y 1 I. Anne Cromartie Ttggy William Dale Wormath SERVING AS SPONSORS for officers of Chi Phi fraternity are these six young ladies who are attending the Chi Phi's houseparty and the an nual set of Junior-Senior dances. The fraternity entertained at a buffet supper at the house Friday night and will give a picnic Saturday after noon. Top row, left to right: Foster Warren, Prospect Hill, with Jack . Lindsey, Walterboro, S. C, treasurer of Chi Phi; Jane Millar, Detroit, Mich., with Bob Blauthner, Buffalo, N. Y., chairman of the dance com mittee; Audrey May, Englewood, N. J., with Dick Whittington, Long Island,.N. Y., sergeant at arms. Bottom row: Anne Cromartie, Elizabeth town with Roger King, Meridan, Conn., president of the fraternity; Peggy Williams, Charlotte, with Bill Henderson, Saltville, Va., chapter historian; and Dale Wormath Greensboro, with-BiU Swink; Miami, Fla., dance committeeman. Rivals Team Meyer-McKinnon Act Features Bloodless Surgery Job on Ben By Sam Whitehall And then there will be the occasion that Mey er has been waiting for. That occasion will be the presentation of the Sound and Fury come dy production, "Are You KiddinV this after noon at 2:30. And the occasion that Sylvan Mey er has been waiting for is the opportunity to cut off Ben McKinnon's leg. Although the pre-combination en- mity has passed, this carry-over will be the goods at "Are You Kiddin'." Ben McKinnon, editor-elect of the for mer Tar an' Feathers will be brought in by two stretcher bearers, have his leg amputated by Meyer, editor-elect of the former Carolina Magazine, and be carried out again by the two stretcher bearers. Tiny Hutton, one of the directing staff, guarantees no messy stuff. "Meyer will wear a nice clean shirt, and the hack saw will be the newest and sharpest we can find," he said. Antics galore, of which this will be but one, are promised by the cast of nit-wits which dreamed up and re hearsed "Are You Kiddin'," Sound and Fury's swan song for the present year. It will be sponsored by the Daily Tar Heel in connection with the Red Norvo concert Saturday- at 2:30. Ad misison will be 25 cents a couple, 15 cents stag. The proceeds will go to the dormitory social room fund. Frank Brink, the Four Sounds, Kat Charles, Fred Calligan, Paul D'Elia, and Jackie Ray are but nine of the campus entertainers that have been drafted by Sound and Fury for this Carolina "Hellzapoppin." Sheldon Coons, Arty Fischer, Ben Hall, Tiny Hutton, Bud Imbrey, and See SnF, page U Bradshaw Forced To Cancel First Philosophy Talk Dean F. F. Bradshaw will not give the opening address in the third series of lectures, being sponsored by the Phi losophy Department throughout the year, as his war work has forced can cellation of the talk, it was announced yesterday.- His speech was to have been tomor row night and as nobody has been put in his place, Professor L. O. Kattsoff will open the series Monday night at 8 o'clock in the main lounge of Gra ham Memorial. This quarter's series will continue through May 27 as orig inally planned, all lectures to be given at the same time and place. Professor Kattsoff will speak on See BRADSHAW, page U vr S&F Comedy Junior-Senior Week Ends with Riot Show, Tea Dance, Formal By Billy Webb Culminating Senior week and the Junior-Senior dance set, Red Norvo, king of the throaty xylophone, and his orchestra hits the campus for a day crammed with stage entertainment and dancing. The "laugh riot"" Sound and Fury production "Are You Kiddin'" is coupled with the band's premiere appearance in a concert be ginning at 2:30 in Memorial hall. The music of Norvo's band will be en hanced by the lyrics of curvacious songstress Kay Allen with vocalist Fran Snyder and master ad lib trom bonist Eddie Bert as additional band features. Ben Hall, president of Sound and Fury, stated yesterday that "the club has purposely kept the Hellzapoppin type skit a mystery, but if you don't die laughing, you are already dead anyway." Outstanding event in the show is the ludicrous drunken scene performed by staid Tar Heel editor Orville Campbell. Following the show-concert will be an informal tea dance in Woollen gym frVm-5 o'clock to 6:30. Norvo's band i'l jlay its famed "subtle rhythms" for the dance. The filial dance of the set, which is formal, begins in Wool len at 9:30 and will last until 12 o'clock with Norvo maestroing. Shortly before intermission Ben Hall, president, will present the Sound and Fury loving cup to the coed judg ed most beautiful by the S&F execu tive committee which will make notes on coed glamor throughout the dance. Red Norvo, who has had his own band since 1935 when he left his posi tion as featured soloist with Paul Whiteman, has been an outstanding musician for many years and is now acclaimed as the "world's greatest xylophonist." His sticks, or hammers See NORVO, page U til mar 4 i&v-&M&-KWv;y& ....... Jmbmm fcSv Charlie Tillett Orchestra Gives Broadcast Today The University Symphony Orches tra will be heard throughout the coun try over a nation-wide hook-up this afternoon from 3:30 until 4 o'clock. The program, to be broadcast by the Mutual System from the campus will be directed by Dr. Benjamin Swalin, the orchestra's conductor. The program will originate at Hill music hall on the University , campus and will consist of Beethoven's Over ture to Goethe's tragedy, "Egmont"; the Emperor waltzes of Johann Strauss; and the first movement, "Al legro Vivace," of Mozart's Symphony No. 41 in C major, the "Jupiter.'? The players, most of whom are Car olina students, have been rehearsing for the last several weeks in prepara tion for the broadcast and also for the second public concert of the season to be presented Monday evening at Hill hall at 8:30 o'clock. At the Monday evening concert, Thomas Vail of Pikeville, University senior and music major, is to be fea tured as soloist and will play the first movement of Brahms' Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in D minor, opus IS. McKinnon Senior Head Voting by secret ballots which were tabulated yesterday, seniors at the senior banquet elected permanent of ficers and senior superlatives of the class of 1942. Bill McKinnon, present president of the class from Wadesboro, was elected to the permanent class presidentship, with George Coxhead and Charlie Til lett being named permanent vice-president and secretary-treasurer. Coxhead, who is from St. Petersburg, Fla., is president of the University dance com mitee and exchequer of the Grail. Til lett, editor of the '42 Yackety-Yack, is from Charlotte. With candidates nominated by the See McKlNNON, page U Cochrane Hits Zenith With Dance Tonight "Cagey Cochrane" the man with ; the wordiest vocabulary, hits the most original of all titles to his Saturday night informal dances in the main lounge of Graham Me morial, with this week's "May Friv ols." Bill is under the impression" that there's some small dance go ing on down at Woollen gymnasium this Saturday.- night ' and - hopes it's ; not going to interfere with Graham Memorial's. Not one, but any big name band you frant will be playing music from 9 to 12 o'clock. Attend ance is optional, admission free and dress informal. Mystic Setting To Prevail As Fleece Taps Young Jasons who during the past year have been making their quest for the Golden Fleece will have their chance Sunday night when amidst eerie music and darkened aisles the gods will roam. Dr. Horace Williams started it back in 1903. Then as even now, Vrival groups on the campus killed off the good that each was doing. According to Dr. Williams, "On the campus at the time there were eight different cliques of students and there was no University spirit. There were two or three fraternity cliques, and some dormitories which had rallied into sep arate groups. There were a group of scholars, a group of gay and giddy men, and a group of athletes. "We figured out the plan . . . and decided to elect one outstanding man from - each clique for membership. These eight men were brought around the table so that little groups on the See JASONS, page 4 More Warpaint, Girls S&F to Award Loving Cup To Most Glamorous Coed In "glorifying the Carolina coed," award last year was won by lovely Sound and Fury's prexy Ben Hall will Huldah Warren of New York, present a loving cup, an annual award The award, made for the first time presented by the campus musical last spring by ex-president Carroll comedy organization, to the most McGaughey, has already become an beautiful coed at Junior-Seniors. established campus tradition. Basis The presentation will be made just for the presentation is beauty, per before intermission at the formal sonality, and Carolina spirit, dance tonight in a brief ceremony con- Ben Hall, campus Ziegfield, stated ducted on the bandstand. Chosen from yesterday "If it were not for priori observations made on the dance floor ties, Sound and Fury would like to by members of the S&F executive give a dozen cups this year. We're committee, composed of Shelley going to have a difficult time making Coons, producer, Artie Fischer, vice- a decision as to the winner, but I president, Joe Leslie, business mana- hope the campus will approve our ger, and Ben Hall, president, the choice." 2 t

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