TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1942 PAGE THREE Track -Team Copped Conference sterol aeec Shad owing Sports "With Mark Garner Placing 25 trackmen in the fin als of the Conference track meet Sa turday in Duke stadium, Carolina's trackmen pulled from the fire one of the closest victories in the history of the tourney. "When the cinders stopped flying the Tar Heel team had taker. a well-deserved 64 Gl 1-2 win from the favored Duke trackmen. The Blue Devils had the inside track on the title and were favored to re tain their crown captured in last year's meet. But that spirit common to all Tar Heel squads this season, that never-say-die attitude won out, and a happy team of runners brought the crown back to the Hill for the ninth time in the history of the meet. All-round strength told the story and turned the tide in the Tar Heels favor. Never a team to gather all the firsts, Carolina copped only four of the choice spots and depended on balance and "Warren Mengel for the diadem. The fair-haired boy of Car olina track was the nveet's high scorer with 14 points and ran off with a trio of first places. The win gave Carolina the three big track and field titles for the year. In the fall the cross-country team cap tained by "Little Hot" Mike Wise, an nexed the circuit crown and with the indoor and outdoor titles safely in Tar Heel hands, Coaches Bob Fetzer and Dale Hanson deserve the highest praise for turning .out winning teams with such consistency. But much of the credit for the squad's triumph goes to ex-coach Johnny Morriss for developing such a great hurdler and individual star as Mengel. "Without the tutoring of Morriss, Mengel would never have reached the high position he now enjoys and without Mengel the team could certainly not have won Saturday. Harris Everett showed us an in triguing letter the other day. The writer was Zan Carver, captain of last year's tennis team and now fly ing for Uncle Sam. The contents and the brevity of the letter itself tell a lot, for Zan typed the few lines be tween flights. In short, terse sen tences Zan relates his near-accidents and how he has escaped each time only to realize that sooner or later his luck will run out. Significant fact is that Everett himself is being inducted into the naval air corps early in June and will be piloting a pursuit ship in search of the thrills described by Zan. "While we are on the subject of ten nis we would like to toss a few orchids in the direction of the net team. "With probably their weakest squad in five years the racket wielders marched through 13 opponents and stretched their rubber victory string to 66 straight before that awful day at Princeton. To say that the defeat was expected is hardly fair but most tennis followers realized that for the Tar Heels to continue another season with out a defeat was well-nigh impossible with the talent available. The men came through surprisingly well though and were barely shaded by the Tigers after trouncing an equally-powerful Tale squad the day before. With the pressure of that winning streak relieved, the team can look forward to a better season next year. Freshmen, who play tournament cali ber tennis, will step up to take the place of the departing seniors and from all indications the squad will be much better balanced than this season. Since Presbyterian's 34-game streak i was snapped this Tear and neitner team will have a long-unbroken record behind it, possibly a match can be ar ranged between the two schools for next year. Such a match would be quite a drawing card and would help settle an old argument can Caro lina's tennis team beat Presbyterian? Odd Incident: The day after Harry Hollingsworth resigned as head of the sports staff, the pile of sand in front of his dorm window was moved by the University building department. That sandpile furnished material for many columns during the past year. Major League Scores AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland 7, Philadelphia 4 Boston 4, Detroit 2 Chicago 7, Washington 5 NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn 4, Chicago 1 St. Louis 16, New York 4 Willard Marshall, the hard-hitting rookie outfielder for the New York Giants, played for the Wake Forest frosh in 1939. 'f--"-" ,......,H,.. -...IU ! Ul Ill I' IIIIHII "" ' ' ! : ' .:..:,...,.,,.:::":::::. ' " i . ' r . ' r , . 1 V ;-.-...'.:-Xs.;-:..' 4k ' . . . .. . , ::.& .:?::-: -s - ;-si -.-:v.j( -.t.vv. " - vS' J! ' --" - nm in nTrnrniTTrrm i n i'Tiijwr;--inn -i- r n i r mr n i nn i THE CAKOLINA TRACK SQUAD pictured above won the Southern conference outdoor championship Saturday afternoon to top off a great season which found them also winning the indoor games in February. The outdoor title was the ninth won by the Tar Heels in 21 years. Left to right: Front row Bob Ham, Frank Hardy, "Wrimpj" Lewis, Harry Lewis, Rich Van Wagoner, and Art Truxes. Second row Sim Nathan, Lawrence Holzman, Co-Captain Dick White, Johnny Miller, and Jim Kelly. Third row Carlyle (Mike) Mangum, Dick Hollander, Co-Captain Roy Cathey, Warren Mengel, Jim Lloyd, and Jack Huber. Fourth row Rale Ranson, Assistant Coach; Jim Earle, Bob Banks, Charles (Chuck) Howe, and La mar Wood. Top row Bruce Bales, manager; Frank Capel, Wilds Olive, Tom Jewett, and R. A. Fetzer, head coach. Intramural Softball Playoffs Begin This Afternoon With Three Contests Interclass Track Meet Tomorrow The freshman, sophomore and jun ior members of Carolina's new South ern conference outdoor championship track squad will get their last chance to upset their high-flying senior class mates in an interclass meet this Wed nesday and Thursday with the hold ing of the annual spring interclass intra-squad meet. All men must file their entries with Coach Ranson to-, day. The fourth-year men won last spring's meet as juniors, romped away with a pair of indoor interclass meets this winter on the Tin Can boards and have constantly dominated intra- squad battles. Led by such great in dividual stars as Co-captains Roy Cathey and Dick WThite, Mike "Little Hot" Wise, Warren Mengel, Lamar Wood, Wimpy Lewis, Harry Lewis, Percy Ashby, Stu Richardson, the sen iors must again rule favorites to win this week, providing that extensive preparations for the arrival of the naval cadets and an expected number of limited entrants do not force can celling of the meet. Jim Kelly neads Juniors The juniors, headed by conference mile king Rich Van Wagoner, hurdler Mike Mangum, Jim Kelly and a host of good trackmen, offered the seniors most competition last winter and bid fair to do so again. Interclass meets in the past have always produced great performances and thrilling shows. Some interclass performances by stellar Tar Heel stars have been better than showings made by these same men in conference com petition. Bill Corpenmg, tops among many great Carolina track stars, once high-jumped six feet, four inches in interclass meet. Jimmy Davis, Tar heelia's finest miler who still holds the conference record in the mile run, took a first in an interclass meet with a mark of 4:17. Sophs, Frosh May Surprise The sophomores and freshmen fail ed to make serious threats in the win ter meet, but they also must not be See TRACK, page 4 Mural Schedule SOFTBALL 4:00 Diamond No. 2--BVP vs. Gra ham. 5 :00 Diamond No. 2 Town vs. Ay cock; Coed No. 1 ATO vs. Chi Psi. TRACK 4.6:00 Track and Field Trials. j Six Dormitory, Five Frat Clubs In Playoffs By Thad Tate The championship play-offs in this season's intramural Softball race will begin today in both fraternity and dormitory competition. Two dorm games and one frat game will inaugu rate the final play. BVP and Graham will meet today at 4:00, ' Town and Aycock at 5:00, and ATO and Chi Psi at 5:00. After the final games of the regular season yesterday six dorm teams, Law School, Town, Aycock, BVP, Graham, and Everett No. 1, gained play-off positions. In the fraternity competi tion Zeta Psi No. 2, ATO, Chi Psi, Phi Gamma Delta No. 1, and Kappa Sig ma No. 1 will meet for the champion ship. . . Zetes Undefeated Zeta Psi No. 2 posted the best rec ord of the season, being the only team to win all eight of its games. Sam Mordecai pitched the squad to a wide lead in its division of fraternity com petition. Yesterday's 8-2 defeat of Phi Gam ma Delta No. 1 by Chi Phi threw ATO into a tie for the lead with the Phi Gams in another division of the frat race. Both squads had records of seven wins against a lone defeat. The Phi Gams will still rank as one of the top teams in the play-offs with Al Headlee, who has had one of this sea son's two no-hit games, hurling for the squad. Carl Suntheimer, football co-captain last season, will hurl for ATO during the play-offs. Kappa Sigs, Chi Psi's in Kappa Sigma No. 1 and Chi Psi were both defeated last Thursday to tie for the lead in their section of the frat race with seven wins and one loss.. The Betas handed Kappa Sig's Cecil Wooten his only defeat of the season, while Vic Seixas of Chi Psi lost his first contest to SAE in a close 4-2 game. Law School won over Lewis No. 1, 10-3 yesterday to go into a three-way tie with Aycock and Everett No. 1 in one division of the dorm race with records of seven wins and one loss. Three-way Tie in Dorm Division Town's 7-4 loss to Graham yester day put two more teams in the play offs; BVP, Graham, and Town all hung up six wins and two defeats for another three-way tie in the second dorm league. Had not Med School No. 1 been upset 4-2 by Stacy No. 2 in the final day of play, it would have competed also. In addition to the three contests tomorrow there will be one dorm and See PLAYOFFS, page 4 5 1 ss " ' s , S- I (V Vx- S "sSXvFTS-'LAstSoifesarfViy ri. sy- . x - ,---s . ...... . t.V.S !??ViV. ...SS ,S'...V: Chi Phi Tops Phi Gams, 8-2 In Upset Win SOFTBALL Chi Phi 8 ; Phi Gamma Delta No. 1, 2 Graham 7; Town 4 Zeta Psi No. 2, 10; Phi Gamma Del ta No. 2, 0 DKE No. 2, 10; Sigma Nu No. 2, 0 Stacy No. 2, 4; Med School 2 Law School 10; Lewis No. 1, 3 Manly Co-op 14; Old West 7 Pi Lambda Phi 18; Lambda Chi Al pha 10 Chi Phi turned in an 8-2 upset win over an undefeated Phi Gamma Delta No. 1 yesterday in the feature win of the last day of the regular 1942 soft- ball season. Phi Gam still clinched a position in the play-offs, but its defeat enabled ATO to compete also. Yesterday's game was a closely fought tilt for the first five innings with the score standing at 2-all at the end of the fifth. Chi Phi then came to bat in the first of the sixth and batted around, collecting four hits and three walks off Al Headlee for a total of six runs. The winners collected two more in the final frame. Donovan led Chi Psi at bat -with three of his team's eight hits, while Milton Cash led the losers by getting two hits in two times at bat and scoring both his team's runs. Graham Beats Town Graham handed Town a 7-4 defeat in an upset. Town tied the game at 3-all in the third, but Graham went ahead in the next inning with a four run rally and was never headed, Town managing to get only one run. Booth had a triple and a double to lead the winners at bat. Jim Jolliff , losing hurl er, homered in the second with one on. Sam Mordecai pitched his team to the only undefeated record in both the frat and dorm leagues by taking a 10-0 shutout win from Phi Gamma Delta See INTRAMURALS, page 4 Mural Track Trials To Begin Today The intramural track meet will be gin at 4 o'clock today on Fetzer field with the first day of trials in the field events and dashes. Preliminaries in the events will be held from today through Friday, trials in the hurdles and semi-finals in the dashes and all field events ex cept the high jump and pole vault nn Monday, May 25. The finals in all events will be held on Tuesday, May 26. 5. . :::::::v::::: :::::. - si Weil-Balanced Tar Heel Club Edged Out Blue Devils, 64-611 Bj- Ben Snyder Looking back at Carolina's successful, and surprising-, re-coup of the conference track and field crown on Saturday in the 20th annual Tunning of the championship meet at Duke stadium, it is apparent that, team spirit and driving determination did for the Tar Heels what individual prowess and concentrated scoring couldn't do for Duke's Blue Devils. In nosing out the defending champions, 64611-2, in the closest competition ever witnessed in the two decades that the classic has been attracting Dixie's best, Carolina had an even 20 men in the scoring column as compared to Duke's 11. That in itself is truly indicative of the course of the meet and shows what no casual summary or recapitulation could ever hope to reveal. Duke Furnishes Surprise Still all credit is due to that small nucleus of Duke competitors who did so much with so little. Properly speak ing, the Methodists furnished the most sensational surprises of the meet. Those of the faithful who- braved the inconsistent elements in Duke sta dium on Saturday and remained through the dismal afternoon until the closing events, were well rewarded. Coming down at the end of the 15 event card were the two mile run and the mile relay both of which bear mention despite the fact that Tar Heel representatives figured brilliant ly in neither. Lock wood Stars It was Duke's Wendell Eockwood who, after trailing Carolina's Rich Van Wagoner in the mile, came back to give the slim crowd its first big thrill of the day. Running in the two mile, Lockwood appeared to be hope lessly beaten, idling along in sixth po sition when the field entered the gun lap. Profenius of Duke was several hundred yards in the lead, while the runners-up, Kehoe of Maryland, Trux es and Hardy of Carolina and Beckett of Clemson held leads over Lockwood ranging from 10 to 50 yards. Yet, despite his almost hopeless position, Lockwood elected to try, and uncorked a terrific kick that caught the rest of the field unawares. Punning smoothly and with amazing speed Lockwood passed Beckett, Hardy and Truxes on the backstretch, caught Kehoe on the last turn and quite like ly would have bested Profenius given another 200 yards to run. The officials in charge of the pub lic address system kept the partisan crowd in doubt as to the progress of the meet in regard to the team com petition so that the balance of the spectators had no idea as to how the situation stood with but the mile relay left to be run. Actually, Warren Men gel's smashing victory in the 220-yard low hurdles, had given the Tar Heels the crown, but the crowd had only dis turbing rumors upon which to draw their conclusions. Mile Relay, Fittitng Climax Thus it was that the mile relay, one of the greatest competitive events ev er to be seen on a southern track, ap peared to be the fitting climax to the greatest meet of its kind in this sec tion of the country. On the basis of its victory in the indoor games, Bob Fetzer's Tar Heel quartet was favored, along with South Carolina, to dominate the event. Bob Chambers' Dukes were not generally accorded consideration. As expected, the-two Carolinas stepped out in front with Tar Heel and Gamecock baton wielders taking the lead in turn. Car olina did manage to retain the lead upon the passing of the baton at the close of each leg but'the margin was fearfully close. Mike Wise gave Jim Kelly a five yard advantage going in to the last lap around, but there was South Carolina's Rucks and Duke's Brown to reckon with. The Game-1 cock, who had finished second in the quarter mile earlier in the afternoon, put in his bid on the far turn and caught Kelly in the homestretch while Brown was biding his time. When it seemed certain that the outcome of TENNIS TENNIS SHOES SHORTS KEDS SWIMMING "fvSZSFS'&Zr TRUNKS SWEAT BATHING CAPS SOCKS T-SHIRTS Sizes For Everyone BE1MA WS CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Smith Outlasts Pi Phi to Win 7-5 in Softball The undefeated Smith softball team was forced to keep stepping yesterday afternoon to keep their record clean in the game against the Pi Phi's. The champs made it their sixth straight win of the season with a 7-5 victory, but only close pitching by their ace hurler, Betsy Howe, and heavy hitting by Kammer, Howe, and Bar nette saved the game for them. Howe yielded only three hits and one walk in the game and struck out three Pi Phi's, but clever base stealing and well placed sacrifices brought in their five men. The winners were trailing 3-1 at the end of the second inning when Barnette hit a clean single and advanced to home on Howe's one-bagger. Howe came in the same way on Kammer's double, coupled with an error in deep field, gave the Smith team a one-run margin. In the third frame, O'Hair and Ar cher brought in two more tallies for the losers, but the hard-hitting Smith girls added three points to their score in their half, and held the Pi Phi's to three up and three down in the fifth, winning the game. Today the ADPi's meet the Chi O's at 5 o'clock on coed field No. 2. the race would be decided between the two Carolinas, the Duke runner came flashing from nowhere to breeze by the leaders, ten yards in front of the tape and provide the most exciting race of the meet. Clocked in :48.2, Brown's time can be considered even more remarkable in the light of a wet track which kept times well up and preserved all conference records in tact. Mile Relay, Fitting Climax Too much can not be said regarding Warren Mengel's preformance on Sa turday. In rounding out a career crowned with success after success, Mengel topped the Conference field in individual scoring for the second consecutive year. After losing to Davidson's Arch Taylor by inches in the high hurdles, the versatile Tar Heel came back to win the broad jump and to defeat Taylor in the low hur dles. Mengel has run his last race for Carolina but his name goes on the rec ords along with such Tar Heel im mortals as Bill Corpening, Harry March, Harry Williamson,Tim Davis, Bill Hendrix, Dave Morrison and those other men who have done so much towards giving Coach Bob Fet zer's teams their enviable reputation in national track circles. "Little Hot" Mike Wise also sang his swan song by defeating Clemson's Franklin for the conference half-mile title. As ever, Wise took command at the beginning of the race and hung on to win in the excellent time of 1:57.2. It was Wise's sixth straight half-mile triumph this season and places him with the nation's greatest. Mural Officials Meet All intramural softball officials will meet today at 3 o'clock in Mr. Schnell's office to select all-dormitory and all-fraternity squads for this season. 1

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