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The lour day drive of the
Campus Chest will draw to a
close today.
Late last night the. officials
of the drive said approximately
500 students had been solicited
and reported. From a goal of one
dollar per student, the fund has
received about $700.
Chairman Allan Tate in speak
ing of the -drive said, tcl deplore
the lack of faculty cooperation
in the Campus Chest drive. They
have hardly contributed anything
to the fund. In the past years
they have contributed a great j jewelers. Individual prizes will go
deal. j to the members of the organiza-
The prizes to be given in each j tion, with less "than 100 -member-group
will be decided after 8 ship, who donate most.
o'clock tomorrow. 'All solicitors
in order to be included in the
tabulation "must turn in their re
ports. At present only one-fourth
have reported, drive officials said
yesterday. . - . -
Leading the groups last night
were; Sigma Chi in fraternity
division, Joyner in men's dorm,
Alderman in women's domi, and
Alpha Delta Pi in the sbrorit3r.
Campus leaders will continue to
shine shoes- in front of" the South
(See CAMPUS CHEST, page S)
Fa cu I ty Mem be rs , S t u d e n is
Involved In Georgia Meet
A number nf faculty members (
of the dramatic art and several
graduate students, will participate
in sessions of the annual meeting
of the Southeastern Theatre Con
ference to be "held in Augusta,
Ga., Friday and Saturday, March
14-15. '
This is the third meeting of the
organization which was founded
at the University here in 1948.
Other meetings were held at
Winter Park, Fla., in 1950, and at
Abington, Va., last year.
The Conference draws its mem
bership from amateur and com
mercial theatre groups, including
radio, television and motion pic
ture, operating in the 10 south
eastern states of North and South
Yesterday it was erronoiisly
reported in The Daily Tar Heel
that David M. Kerley was the!
first person to serve as head of
the Dialectic Senate and
Philanthropic' Assembly, f '
In the summer of 1946 a com
mittee was set up by The Daily
Tar Heel to re-activate the Phi,
which had closed its doors during;
the wsj.: Severay , Di members
served on this - committee. - .
In October of 1946, Robert Hay
wood Morrison, Hickory, a past
president of the Di and editor of
The Daily Tar Heel was elected j
Speaker of the Phi , Assembly.
During these two years -cooperation
was very close between
the two Societies hut since that-j
time he Phi has" changed its orga
nization, is '"
Prizes-.For Blood New T
For Red Cross
Prizes are now being offered
for blood.
The campus organizations
whose members donate the most
blood to the Red Cross Blood
mobile when it is here April 1 and
2 will receive the awards, Joel
Fleishman, chairman of the cam
pus blood drive committee an
nounced yesterday.
The group with a membership
exceeding 100 which donates the
most blood will receive a loving
cud from Went worth and Sloan
Fleishman also urged that
"everyone" fill in blood pledge
blanks' and turn them in before
April 1. The blanks are avail
able from representatives 'in all
dormitories and fraternity houses.
Daily announcements will lae
made of the standing of - different
organizations in the competition,
on the basis of the pledge blanks
received by the committee, Fleish
man said. The announcements will
begin early next quarter. ,
The current driye here is being
Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Ala-
bama, Kentucky, Mississippi,
Tennessee, Virginia and West
Virginia. Everyone interested in
the development of off-Broadway
theatre is eligible for membership.
Purposes of the Conference are
to promote a more active theatre
with higher standards in the
Southeast, to implement the ser
vices of other national and reg
ional theatre associations, and to
aid new self-supporting producing
groups within the area in order
to provide a permanent .profes
sional opportunity for all persons
who possess the necessary train
ing and experience.
Among speakers on the program
next week are Samuel Seldon,
UNC; George Freedley, drama
critic, New York World-Telegram
and 'Sun; Lynn Riggs, -playwright
now residing in Chapel Hill;
Sawyer Falk, president, National
Theatre Conference, and professor
of; dramatic art, Syracuse Uni
versity; -V
Barbara Dpdson, director of,
dramatic art, Mainland high
school; Daytona Beach, Fla.; Ran
dolph" "Edmonds, director of dra
matic art," Florida A', arid M. Col
lege; and Louisa Mustin, director
of the Puppet Playhouse, Augusta
Ga. Thomas E. Poag, president of j
the Conference, will preside. ...
Among, the. Playmaker delega
tion will be" Professors ; Selden,
Kai Jurgensen; Foster. Fitz-Simons
and graduate students I William
Hardy, Cli&rles Kellog and Louisa
sponsored by the National Stu
dents Association.
Every person who can should
try to make a donation, Fleish
man pointed out. Blood has be
come a vital -.medicine, he ex
plained, and with the armed forces
using 300,000 pints per month,
failure of individuals here to
donate can mean unnecessary
death on the fighting field.
General John R. Hodge said
recently, "Whole blood flown to
Korea from the United States
has been a major factor in saving
the lives of hundreds of wounded
soldiers. The fighting in Korea is
not at an end, nor can we f orsee
the end at this time. Meanwhile
the- casualties from Korea are
arriving at our hospitals in the
United States. There is a continu
ing and crying need, both at
home and abroad, for vast quan
tities of whole blood and plasma."
r romottons.
Twelve appointments and two
promotions have been made, and
two resignations recorded in the
faculty. -
The changes in the faculty were
announced here today by Presi
dent Gordon Gray and Chancel
lor Robert B. House, following
approval by the Executive Com
mittee of the Trustees.
Five additions have been made
to the Medical School and four to
the School of Dentistry.
Appointed to the medical facul
ty are:
Dr. Issaac M. Taylor, A. B.
UNC, M.D. Harvard, as assistant
professor' in the Department of
Dr. Ernest Craige, A.B. UNC,
M JD. Harvard, . as assistant pro
fessor, Department of Medicine.
Dr. John B. Hill, B.S. Universi
ty of Wisconsin, PhX; Columbia
University, .assistant professor,
Department of Pharmacology. .
Dr. William P. Richardson, B A.
Wake Forest, MX). Medical Col
lege of Virginia, M.P.H. Johns
Hopkins, professor and assistant
dean, Department of Preventive
Dr. Gabriel F. Tucker, Jr.; A3.
Princeton, M.D. Johns Hopkins,
assistant professor of pharmac
ology. ' "
Appointed to the Dental School
faculty: -
' Dr. Roy Lawrence Linhahl,
B.S. and D.D-S. University of
California, M.S. - University of
Michigan, assistant prof essor . of
pedontics- " y ; ' '
Dr. John "Wilfred ; Gallagher,
D.M.D. University of Oregon, as
sociate' professor of periodontol-
j ogy and oral pathology. -
Dr, "Grovef Clevelahd Hunter,
Jr.;-AXi. and tDX.S. Emry Uni
Party Also laps Council
And Legislative Nominees
Ken Penegar was accepted by acclamation as the Student
Party candidate for the office of Secretary-Treasurer of the
student Body next year.
In a packed meeting at Graham Memorial, the party also
Y Couriers
By Explosion
By Walt Dear
Things are always poppin up on
the Hill.
Like, f or"instance, during noon
time yesterday around South
building and Gerrard hall." On
the steps were coffee drinkers.
Nearby was a Campus Chest shoe
shiner, Ken Penegar, and a cus
tomer, inside Lrerrara nan, a
representative of the Du Pont
company was interviewing sum
mer applicants. It seemed as
though it was just an ordinary
sunny Carolina day.
And then.Jboom! As if shell
fragments from Korea had lost
their way and headed to Chapel
Hill, a dynamite blast at the new
business administration construc
tion project sent rocks scurrying
""Hit the dirt," shouted one stu
dent. : Luckily the South build
ing crowd escaped injury. Ger
rard hall fared worse. Two rocks,
about the size of ten-pin bowling
balls, crashed" a window on the
rear side. A minute later, one
of .the interviewees rushed out to
see what was the matter. Mean
while, the - Du Pont representa
tive kept right on interviewing.
One of the fragments scarred the
car of H. H. Ritchie, Book Ex
change., .. .
Seems as though it was a
"fluke blast, as one of the con-
Istruction men described it. The
dynamite is placed inside heavy
iron matting to prevent rocks
from flying all over the place.
But . this time, the rocks flew in
all directions after the TNT ex
ploded from the tunnel dug for
installation of a heating unit on
the other side of the east build
ing. . : -
Friends Again
Spring and ; charily ap
parently cures everything.
Yesterday's Campus. Chesi
shoeshine stand was the scene
ol the meeting of two promi
nent .students O. Mac While,
former Daily Tar Heel news
editor in the seal wilh his shoes
being shined, and Henry Bo
wers, siudeni president, doing
Ihe shining. 1
Last fall. Bowers and While
were involved in a battle over
"Who Said What" concerning
a story on segregation al Kenan
Stadium which finally went io
the honor cousin for a solu
tion. :
" While though! ihe shins was
"tolerable" fair and made his
accepted Julian Mason by accla
mation as party's candidate for
vice President, and nominated 4
women for seats in Legislature.
The motion for acceptance of
Penegar for the finance post came
in a fast parliamentary shuffle
after party chairman Bill Wolfe
had called for a secret ballot to
choose between Eddie Gross (UP
nominee seeking double-endorsement)
and Penegar.
As the ballots were being pass
ed out, the motion was made and
passed without a dissenting vote.
Both Penegar and Gross called
for a clean election, and agreed
in a verbal interchange after
Penegar was accepted as the can
didate that the issue of the block
fee should not come up.
Ed Singleton and Herb Cohn
were nominated for vacant seats
on the Student Council. Jane
Kottmyre, Dot Lowenstein, and
Margaret Davis were nominated
for legislature from Dorm
Women's district. Ann Mackie
was nominated from Town
David Kerley, Mathematical
Statistics candidate for a PhD,
was chosen chairman of the party
by acclamation. He succeeds Bill
Wolf e," who graduates this quar
ter. Bo Thorpe, East Carolina
College transfer from Kocky
Mount was nominated for the post
of Head Cheerleader. '
Mason is Chairman of elections
Board, and Chairman of Audit
Board at the present time, and is
serving as Chairman of the Ways
and Means committee of legisla
ture, and President of the Uni
versity Band. The WilMamston
junior has served as acting presi
dent of the student body (dur
ing the summer Df 1951), in leg
islature for three terms, and as
orientation counselors for three
Gastonia is serving as President
of the Interim Council of State
Student Xegislature, Chairman of
the legislative finance committee,
member of the budget committee,
Secretary of the Carolina Forum,
Secretary of the Publications
Board, on LDC Court and as
Chairman of the Graham Memor
ial Board of Directors. He has
been active in publications, the
Dialectic Senate and was a eele
gate to" the UNESCO conference
in New York City recently.
Mason will oppose UP nominee
Jim McLeod in the coming elec
tions. LAST DAY!!!
S li
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