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Out of Race
ace Won
ouncai s
Robert Pace yesterday with
drew from the presidential cam
paign, which he was never really
He stated his decision not. to
appeal to the faculty the recent
Student Council decision which
upheld the academic eligibility
provisions of the elections law.
"Student problems should be
settled within the student set-up
insofar as possible," Pace said.
He described the council's de
cision, however, as "wrong, un
democratic, and. out -of keeping
with the American ideal,' and said
he would "'take the question to
the student body on a referendum
Forms In Mail
For Old Well
Application forms for member
ship in the Order of the Old Well,
honorary campus organization,
have been mailed, President Allan
Milledge yesterday said.
He pointed out that some per
sons eligible might have been
overlooked. They may pick up the
blanks from Dean Ernest Mackie
in room 313 South building.
Campus activities generally
used for selection of members are
student government, scholarship,
self-help,, dramatics, publications,
athletics, campus organizations,
and honors.
Julian Mason, SP candidate for
the vice-presidency of the stu
dent body, yesterday issued the
following campaign statement:
"As most of us know, the Stu
dent legislature is the weakest
ink in our student .government
today. It was designed to be the
most important link .between the
student body and student govern
ment. It has shirked this respon
sibility continually.
"I must admit that during my
three terms in that body I have
often been guilty of this too, as
has every legislator at one time
or another. However, during those
three terms I have been able to
see the potentialities of the Stu
dent Legislature and have be
come familiar with every possible
means of making it become what
it should ' be.
"To me the Student Legisla
ture should be a 'standing army
constantly organized to express
student opinion on matters which
concern every student, such as
possible Saturday classes, possi
ble tuition raises, matters of cur
riculum, and matters of the ex
penditure of block fees.
"Today the Legislature is hot
in a position to do that because
it has lost contact with the stu
dents who elected it. How can
this situation be remedied? By
O fit
Mason Says Veep
Has Vital Ofheir Job
f Appeal
as provided for in the student con
stitution.' Pace, who does not have a "CM
average, last week presented a
petition to run for president of the
student body, to the Elections
Board. It was rejected, due to the
academic eligibility requirements,
and Pace appealed to the council
which ruled against him.
- His campaign manager, John
S. Spong, stated yesterday that
Pace was "not at this time going
to throw his support to either
candidate. He will, however, an
nounce his personal preference
before the election, after a care
ful examination of candidates and
Speaking for himself, Spong
offered his services to "Gene Cook
who is campaign manager for
Ken Barton and the Student
Not Used
Whether he meant it or not,
President Henry Bowers got a
big laugh from the coeds at the
candidates meeting in Alderman
dormitory Tuesday night.
The student body president re
cently moved into his new office
on the first floor of Graham
Memorial which was made by
walling off part of the large ladies
Henry was saying ". . . I got
this new office because the ladies
lounge wasn't being used much.
I . . ." The roar of laughter drown
ed him out.
putting pressure on the legisla
tors and making them hold dorm
and fraternity bull sessions reg
ularly on the problems at hand
and in an effort to bring to the
front other needs of the Student
Body as a whole.
"I would like to have an op
portunity to try the methods
which I have become familiar
with while in the Legislature, and
if they do not work, I propose tak
ing the problem myself to the
students through The Daily Tar
Heel and personal contact so that
they may apply the pressure on
the legislators.
"With this sort of concern there
will be' no time for the parlia
mentary gymnastics and party
wrangling which have hampered
the Legislature 'till now; and ef
forts will naturally be directed
not against the opposite party;
but toward fulfilling student
needs. Perhaps it would be wise
to move its meetings back to Ger
rard hall .where it would be more
convenient for students to attend.
"The Legislature has 'reached
its present state because no-one
was willing to take any initia
tive in seeing that it was other
wise. This should be the job of
the vice-president Both of my
opponents li&ve - stated that they
(See IIASOii, page 4 : f :
Abbott SI
1 1PS 8 0 wQuS
H. Paul Abbott; director of ed
ucation and of employment Of the
Insurance Company of North
America Companies, Philadelphia,
will discuss "What Employers
Look for in College Graduates,'
Monday evening in Gerrard Hall.
Abbott visits many-colleges each
year -to recruit employees and
supervises their - training. He is
active in various personnel; train
ing, and placement directors assoc
iation. A graduate of Princeton, - Ab
bott's experience prior to joining
the North America companies in
cluded teaching, headmaster" of
Newark Academy, flight instruc
tor and v co-author of the primary
flight training manual with the
U.S. Naval Air Corps.
Abbott's talk is sponsored by
Delta Sigma Pi, professional busi
ness fraternity. The public is in
vited. Barton Asks
Furnishing Of
Social Rooms
Ken Barton, SP candidate for
president, yesterday released the
following statement:
"During the past three years
under the Student party admin
istrations over half the dormito
ries have received social rooms
but the hopes of completing this
program and the hopes of furnish
ing these rooms with nice furn
iture in the near future is dim
unless we change the present pro
cedure. "I propose that , we borrow
money next year and if at all
possible use some of the profits
of the Book Ex that are now
under investigation as a means
of completing this program.
"In this manner set up a revolv
ing fund through which we will
be able to pay back any money
that we borrow and above all
keep the social rooms in good
shape. Above all I would work
with the IDC to complete the
program, but propose that our
goal in social '.rpoms be to com
plete the program fully for all
dorms in the coming year."
Three WC Professors
Awarded Ford Grants
0 '. Special to The Dahjt Tab Heel
i CHARLOTTE, April 2 Three
professors at the Woman's College
of UNC have been awarded Ford
Foundation fellowships for the
1952-53 school year. ; ' '
They are Richard Bardolph, Le
nore Rhona O'Boyle, and Eugent
E. Pfaff. The grants are part of
a $1,140,000 fund set up to assist
college professors who are work
ing on projects for the advance
ent of higher educatfoa , j"
By Armelos Russos -University
students will begin using $2,464,800 worth of new
buildings-and equipment this -fall, a review of the $20,000,000
construction program here showea yesterday.
Cobb dormitory, costing $958,600 and with equipment val
ued at $41,500, will be completed ; r--
this summer butr used on a limit- ,
ed basis only, University officials
said. Located ,next to the Mono
gram Club, it will, begin full op
eration next fall.
The other big project schedul
ed1 for completion by September
is the three-unit business admin
istration school, located behind
Memorial hall. Construction" has
been held up by strikes on the
job here as well as in the industry-which
prohibited the build
ers from getting materials. The
buildings will cost $1,264,700.
Equipment in them will be val
ued iii excess of $200,000.
The .money for these and . the
manifold other projects-r-some al
ready in use was appropriated
by the 1947 and 1949 General As-i
sembly. The lawmakers gave the
University $20,028,000 for expan
sion. . Among those already com
pleted is the addition to Manning
The addition to Venable hall,
costing $1,317,400 and to contain
Coffee Hours
The first in a series of f ac
ully-sludent coffee hours will
be held in the main lounge of
Graham Memorial on Satur
day morning at 10:30 o'clock.
All members of the Univer
sity faculty and administrative
personnel are urged to attend,
and an invitation is extended
to the entire membership of the
student body.
Purpose of the Coffee-Hour
series is. to make an attempt
to bring about improved faculty-student
"The get-together will last
for one hour, will be quite in -formal,
and those who attend
are free to go wherever they
Wish," said Bill Roth, GM direc
tor. '
. Doughnuts will be served
along with the coffee'.
Free, of course
BO THORPE, SP candidate
for head creerleader, promises
to have cheerleading at basket
ball as well as football games.
From Rocky Mount, Thorpe at
tended East Carolina college be-
r fere transferring here . t his;
winter. He was head cheer-
leader at E CC, while only a
'fceshraaxw ' ' "' : -
4250.000: worth of eauioment. is
not expected to be ready for use
until at least September, 1953.--'This
is purely a personal guess,"
Operations, Director J. S. Bennett
said. -
Bad weather last fall and this
winter aggravated . the already
difficult j ob of excavating and ?
laying foundations for- the chem
istry building: addition."
; Asked when the Medical school '
construction ' program will "be
completed, C. E. Teague, assistant
controller and business manager,
smiled and stated, "It depends
how ofteir they strike us." Feder
al funds amounting to $200,000 ;
will be used toward the comple
tion of the research cancer clinic
floor in the hospital. The clinic
will have over $19,000 worth of
equipment. ' ' r ' - '
Further breakdown of the ap
propriation figures showed the
north wing addition to the Medi
cal school will cost $350,000 and
the south wing is estimated to
cost $385,000. The Medical school
before additions, has a contract
price of $4,455,400 with $900,0Q0
invested in equipment.
An obstetric weird will .com
prise the fourth: floor of the. In
firmary. Cost of this unit will be
The dental school,- with $400,
000 worth of equipment, and the
nursing school,, with $192,450' in
equipment, will cost $865,000 and
$1,980,000 respectively.
Gross Claims
Ken Penegar
Backed Down
Ed Gross, UP nominee " for
secretary-treasurer of the student
body, yesterday issued the fol
lowing campaign statement:
"It has come to my attention
that r my opponent -f or .the secre-tary-treasurership
of the student
body, Mr. Penegar, has come out
.in favor of retaining student block
fees at their present level. I be
lieve that such a stand is exactly
opposite from the stand which he
took in the dorm discussion in
Graham dorm last Wednesday
night, at which time he advocated
getting more money for Student
Government, "through a raise in
block fees, if necessary.'
"At that time I stated that I
was opposed to raising block fees,
and hoped that additional money
could be raised through obtaining
some of the profits from the Uni
versity Book Exchange. Now I
find that my opponent has. come
out with the very same plank,
trying to pass it off as an original
idea. Apparently it must have
been a good one!
"It is my belief that, through
judicious management, of the
funds available through block
fees, enough money can be found
to operate student government
properly. I hope that some money
can be saved from other items in
order to re-establish Tarnation,
possibly on a half subscription,
is Dure coniecturei anl w cKaii
W f WW W
have to wait, and see how much
(See GROSS, page 3

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