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VOL. XX, NO. 4
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irrvrTT? rAm?Q thhai
Ann "PUPILS this summer can
point towards this award startl
ing in September. Mrs. Geraldine
Wheldon Jones, 23, of Santa Bar
bara, Calif., gets a shake of the
hand from President Harry Tru
man cu he , receives her in the
White House rose garden far the
"Teacher of the Year" award.
Fulbright awards have recently
been given to five U.N.C. ainni.
Those receiving the fellowships
arc Ed 3 ar Love, III, Ernest Stan
hope Dclaney, William Anderson
Lane, Whitfield Lloyd and Robert
LeBar Weaver.
Love is from Lincolnton and a
1952 graduate who will go to Eng
land to study law in the Univer
sity ofXeeds. Another alumni who
will be studying in England is
-Willi am -Lane of Macon, Ga. Lane
graduated with the highest hon
ors in English in 1948 and is now
an instructor of English at Prince-
Ion University. He is entering
University College of the Univer
sity of London.
Entering the London School of
Economic for a year will be Ern
est Delaney, a law student from
Charlotte. -
J A native Chapel Hillian, -Whit-ffeldij
Lloyd (now Mrs. Wolf
Schanzer of Philadelphia) who
studied music here in 1942-44, will
study . voice at " the Conservatory
of Brussels in Belgium.
Going to the University of Flor
ence, Italy, to do research in the
17th century Italian opera is Rob
ert Weaver, a graduate student
and piano instructor in the, Music
Department. Weaver is a native
Ol Tennessee who took ? his A.Bl
Gnd M.A degrees at Columbia
University before coming to Cha
pl Mitt to worlf towards his Ph.D.
SVlforlght grants k Americans
aal!y: include transportation,
Uok, vlivici, allowan2 and a
CT&Zl amount for n&o&hasLry MooIxm
Next to a child's mother, the
"greatest influence on his char
acter and his growth into a good
citizen is his teacher, the chief
said. Besides the presidential
greeting, Mrs. Jones won a scroll
and a trip to the Orient in a pro
ject sponsored by the" U. S. Office
of Education. .
Af Dedication
The new Baptist parsonage- at
the corner of Vance and Ransom
streets was dedicated at a gather
ing on the lawn at 4:30 last Sun
day afternoon. Principal speaker
at the exercises was Chancellor
Robert B. House.
The dedication was preceded
by a short ceremony in the morn
ing in the church. There, J. T.
Dobbins, chairman of the build-!
ing committee, turned over the
keys of the parsonage to W. H. !
Plemmons, chairman of the board
of deacons. -
An informal open-house in the
parsonage was held after the
Billy Joe-
Hoax Vicfim
After reading his own obituary,
Mark Twain once said, "The re
ports of my death are greatly
exaggerated.'' :
This sums up the reaction of
Billy. Joe Abercrombie, Mangum
dormitory sophomore, who Was
erroneously' reported in -Thursday's
paper as having died in an
airplane crash.
: Billy Joe is -very much alive.
He is in Chapel Hill and attends
classes. "... ; '
, "What happens when you read
the story reporting that you died
and. that) your funeral was held?
Bill1 explained the situation like
this: ; '
"Max Dooling,5 a student across
the hall on third floor Mangum,
knocked on my door early Tues
day morning (the day the article
appeared) to find out if I was
actually there. Still half asleep,
I told him to come in. He stared
at me as he gave me the paper
and left the room.; .
i "1 : ; readi the article,!, rubbed my
eys, : and 'I went;, and',? washed my
fosj, and 'then read ;the article
asin. Something was wrong. It
- i
red In Stack
by Stuart Irwin
The barrage of complaints from
graduate students in the last few
days about the lack of air-conditioning
in the Library stacks
has elicited more explanatory
statements from the library ad
ministration. Eighty-four graduate
students wrote last Thursday for
immediate repairs for the stacks
air conditioner.
Head Librarian Charles Rush
reiterated that the new altera
tions and additions to the library
are still the property and con
tracted responsibility , of the
general contractor, the J.- A.
Jones Company. Rush explained
that the work has not been in
any way completed, nor has it
been approved by the architects,
University, or the State. .
f The library has continued to
opcraic wnue uemg surrounaea
by construction on three sides, he
said. Because of government re
strictions and limitations of mate
rials, the electricians, plumbers,
masons, heating and lighting con
tractors have not completed their
work, which they are equally an
xious to finish, . Rush noted. He
pointed out that . students are
using the library facilities through
the kindness of the general con
Testing of the equipment, in
cluding the heating system, has
been necessary to insure efficiency
upon completion. Rush com
mended the students, who have
suffered through the ordeals of
three long years of confusion
while the heavy construction was
going on, for their patience. ;
A system of humidification is
supposed to, protect the books in
the stacks from heat and moisture.
It was not installed for the com
fort of the students. The State
would not allow appropriations
for this.
didn't' seem right. I went over to
Lenoir, Hall and heard some
friends saying, 'Poor Bill ' They
turned around and of course, were
. "When I met my dorm adviser,
Bill Heeden, he remarked, 'I
thought I saw you last night ! !
As he recovered from his surprise
he suggested that I check with
South Building.
, "I found, out that the Univer
sity had already made plans to
send a telegram of condolence to
my folks at Mt. Holly. Later in
the day, as I was. walking around
the campus and met people who
knew me, they never said any
thing, but just scratched their
heads, and walked away." r
A member of the Air Force
ROTC, Bill used to work for a
Mt. Holly Funeral home as an
ambulance driver.
An acquaintance of his", also
named Billy Joe, had really been
killed in. an air, crash, a few
year ago. Family and friends
had believed that it was the Caro
lina Billy Joe then, so the Tues
day story wasn't such' a new ex
pen. To
Dial System
Here Soon
In a very few years, you may
be able to call .across country to.
any state, simply by dialing, ac
cording to Grey. Culbreth, Chapel
Hill telephone company chief.
This futuristic idea is currently
being made an actuality by' IheJ
Southern Bell Corporation and
the University-owned telephone
service is cooperating. First step
in the forthcoming nationwide
change is an alteration of present
telephone numbers. Thus the
latest change in Chapel Hill-Carr-boro
Call numbers for the various
states will probably correspond to
their abbreviations, in which case
N.C. would be the call number
for North Carolina listings.
For the present, first digit 2
and letter F have been eliminated
and number 9 substituted. Until
dial cards on all local telephones
are changed, 2 and 9 first digits
will be interchangable.
The plan is already materialize
ing in some parts of the country.
By Margie Garner , .
Chapel Hill's own Kenan Dor
mitory was the scene i of the wed
ding -of Allen Ilarrell of Colerain,
N. C, and Irene Burk of Wester
ville, Ohio, Sunday afternoon.
Rev. J. C. Herrih of the local Bap
tist Church : off iciated.
perience for Bill. ' '
' The Mt. Holly student does fly
a plane. ; He's been flying since
he was 12 years old. His 16-year-old
brother alsojflies , though his
parents object. "I've had ; a ( few
forced 1 landing, r but never any
accidents. A plane ' is safer than
a car," 'he remarked.!
Bill had no idea who" the prac
tical jokers were that plotted the
article, except that it might have
been some people passing by from
home. ;
Groy Elected -
University President Gordon
Gray has been elected io ; the
Committee for Economic Devel
opment. The announcement was
made by Marion B. Folson,
chairman of the national eco
nomic research and education
organisation. The CED includes
many prominent executives and
educators 'among its 143 mem
bers. : '
CED Is a non-profit and non-
poliilcdl- - -orgsAisation devoied
to impsjriial sludy of naiLasial-
S o'clock and 35 an ideal
- Voting is expected to begit!
hot and heavy today as polls oper,
for semi-finals of the beauty con
test to be held at the fourth an
nual Carolina Watermelon Fes
tival. Some lovely coed will reign
as queen of the big event comej
Friday night. Polls are located
in the YJobby. They open!
through Thursday, from 9 a. m.l
to 4 p. m. All students, faculty,'
ancP staff members are entitled -to
one vote each. One thin penny
earns you iche privilege. Entriei j
have been submitted by several
fraternity and dormitory groups.
The queen will be chosen by j
students from among the five girls 1
placing highest in the preliminary
voting. Announcement of
winner will be made at crowning
ceremonies after the watermelsa ;
feast. j
Over a thousand hungry people
are expected to be on hand for
the gals event which will be held '
under Davie Poplar. A water
melon eating contest will . deter- '
mine the campus champ in that
field. A variety 'program; is being :
arranged which ' will feature
several.entertaining acts and skits.
Themerriment will wind iip with,
an ! old-fashioned square ' dance
in the Y. court concluding at coed
hours.. A king -will also be chosen
to reign over "festivities.
XB HgST l hi M If ' U M w OW
day; Qusg.ifi
a Af ' Fgcusy
Bells Ft i rig At
Irene, a Phi Beta Kappa -graduate
of Ohio State,, attended the
School of Library Science in '41
and '49. It was then, when Iren
was living in room 321, that Ken
an sponsored a February dorm
dance and she : met Allien. She
even remembers talking" with him
in the little parlor where they
were married Sunday.
Why did she want to get mar
ried in Kenan? Irene said ner
vously just before the ceremony
that the idea came to her one day
in May as shex was in the laundry
at home. "Why not?" she though,
and then sat down to write Mrs,
Victor Humphreys, her house
mother at Kenan. Mrs. Hum
phreys, ot course ! was : honored
and delighted. "5j .:'
I ? The groom, a1 law student here,
had as his best man, fchis' cousin, '
C. C. Wheeler. Matron of honor
was Mrs. A. J; MacKenzie, also
of Wester ville, for whom Irene
worked in the library there.
After the ceremony the thirty
guests enjoyed a' reception of
punch and wedding cake, which
was made by Orrin Harrell, also
a Carolina graduate and a distant
cousin of the groom. A business
administraiton major of '49, Har
rell also married a third flo
Kenan girl Mary Agnes' Milln
of Danville, Va 5 '
The - wedding : music "consista
of Clair de Lune,1 Moonlight S
nata," Ave. l!Iaria "and. other' -
i. ' Xnev think th
location. n nW i
centsjhereaftr. srri rn

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