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    TExTESnY, JUNE 25, 1052
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HIM and vaudeville star Bettv
Hutton is net on her arrival "t
osKAnfes airport by eJnew
husband, Charles O'Curran, dance
direCtor. The couple immediately
left on a belated honeymoom -
if' 'Committee ;
' The choice for a new chancellor
at North Carolina State College
, was , recently - put upon the
shoulders of a seven-man com
mittee at the college
With present Chancellor J. W.
Harrelson planning to retire next
June, the formation of a com
mittee became necessary and was
appointed by Consolidated Uni
versity President Gordon Gray.
Gray; named Dr. Lodwick C.
Hartley, of the English Depart
ment5 chairman. .
In i addition to the committee
working : with President Gray
will be a five-man trustee com
mittee, appointed by Governor
Kerrt Scott and a committee of
alumni which Rudolph JMintz,
president of the State College
Alumni Association shall appoint.
Prof. E. G. Thurlow, Dr. Clif
ford K. Beck, Prof. Clarence M.
sbill, Prof. G. K. Slocum, Dr.
D. W. Colvard, and Dr. D. J.
Moffie will be the other members
of the faculty committee.
Boyd Speaker
t Next BSU
Supper Forum
Dr." Bernard Boyd, Gray Pro
fessor of Bible, will be the
speaker at the regular Sunday
Evening Supper Forum of the
Baptist Student Union. His sub
ject, "Christian Stewardship' is
one of a series of four studies be
ing made during the first Summer
term. Last Sunday night, Rev.
Dick Jackson spoke on "Christ
ian Friendship". The third sub
ject will be "Christian Citizen
ship," and the final period will
feature a panel of students re
viewing each f the three sub
jects. . . . '
Lt. Colonel Mark Orr -has announced that extensive
changes are forthcoming in the Department of; Air Science
and Tactics. The changes will coincide . with an increase in
the cadet contingent of several hundred over this year mak
ing this one of the Naiton's largest such institutions.
Next year AFROTC units-at
colleges all over the country will
be under the command of the
Air University of the Air Force
instead of the Continental Air
Command, under whose jurisdic
tion they have been in the past.
The Air University will ini
tiate a new curriculum plan in
the fall of 1953. The cadet study
has been revised to provide a
better program for producing
well - rounded officers to serve
in any branch of the Air Force.
The new policy will leave flight
training and other career spe
cialties to Air Force schools. Spe
cial emphasis will still be placed,
however, on preparations for
flight training.
-Col. Orr stated that changes
in the unit here next year will
not be too noticeable, but that
all cadets will wear blue uni
forms instead of the old-style
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GENUAL APPROVAL is radiated by Mrs. Matthew IUdgway and Presi
dent Truman as the former admires the second oak leaf cluster to the
Distinguished Service Medal presented to Ridgway at West Point.
i ax LMSTincTion vjiven
Tar Heel Productions
RALEIGH It pays to produce a chatauquan event, as the
people who stage "Unto These Hills" could tell you.
The United States Department of Internal Revenue has
ruled that "Untp These Hills," North Carolina's Indian pag
eant, is tax exempt, while fThe Los Colony," a historical
pageant, depicting the founding of the original colony of
North Carolina, is not.
Chatauqua symbolizes the cul-
tural "vaudeville" of a bygone it is associated with an Indian
specialise and terre deli
cious sandwiches ell kinds of
soups. Steaks and Chops; -Italian
Spaghetti with" meat Balls.
lU'OPEN 10:30 A.M.
i until
2:00 A.M.
XJ.FitiZiklin Ei. Phone 2-8021
era. The chatauquan circuit was
a traveling educational entertain
ment group, featuring Mark
Twain and other famous figures
in literature and art. This form
of entertainment originated in
Chatauqua, New. York.
Attorney General Harry Mc-
Mullan said yesterday that he had
received the federal government
ruling from Charles J. Ealaer, an
internal revenue department of
ficial. Ealaer believed TUnto
These Hills" was exempt because
school. This makes it a chatau
quan event. Ealaer indicated.
The federal tax laws define
chatauquas as educational events,
such as conferences, pageants, and
camps, held regularly at fixed
sites and operated on a non-profit
basis. Both "Unto These Hills"
and "Lost Colony" are non-profit
organizations. "Unto These Hills"
saves from the exemption, while
"Lost Colony" loses an estimated
$16,000 to $18,000 each year, Mc
Mullan said.
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? Tfotsssr? men ro-
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cIolEi53 -vSTr and vio've got it.
. ITIvcirYtlisno's fust snolaS to fit
to collc0(&otlfjc2 too
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..:;-::;.;.:.x.:..:.:.;.--...- -jv
"PLEASE DONT DIE." obs David Taitts over and over again as he em
braces the unconscious body of hi wife, EvaO, who waj thrown from
toebrcarafter it had been hit by another in Chicago. Taitts pleas were
la vain as his wife died minutes later. Two teen-age boys, occupants of
the second car. were arrested by police. (International Soundphoto)
. Starring
Charles Laughton Thoms Mitchell Maureen O'Hara -
and Edmund O'Brien .
We announce with pride a return engagement of one of the
finest screen translations of a literary classic ever made.
A lifetime of
and drama .
in one
" i
k '' ' f
S . ' v, I
PI f
Broadway Stage Stars Bill Shirley and Ray Middlelon . . .
The famous Edwin P Christy Minstrel Show Highlights and
the Immortal Songs of Stephen Foster. . '
-t. .....
starring - "
RAY OIDDLET0H httvcoion I
..r. nit 1 Aiiini f """"
Jr:f"T,fwe:na -''it ei MANX
uu; ALIxiJ
i I - - W 1 AlAN LbMAY ALLAN OW AN f f , 7
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