Weather: Threatening here and in Chicago. (J Vbt sf : VOL. XX, NO. 8 FOUR PAGES TODAY CHAPEL HILL, N. C. TUESDAY, JULY 8, 1952 A C V Navy C ose-o apfam 7& And Phi Lode Morris ymnmer By Walt Dear The man who persuaded Gen eral Dwight D. Eisenhower to make a career of the military service is a little surprised to see his high school pal in the thick of the presidential race. "I was positive he would be a top man in the Army, though I never thought he would be run ning for the presidency," says Poll Divulges Election Ideas Of Students losiorrow The Dialectic Senate and the Philanthropic Assembly, 157- year-old debating societies, will .ock their forensic horns tomor row afternoon at 4: 30 in the Di Hall on the third floor of New y 3 Funds 7 F f" 3 (C U I aisiry C Are La' ut; eking Sales Head Extols South's Hope for a better way to meet 'salary obligations in the case of big drops of enrollment in the Summer School was expressed by Director Guy B. Phillips yester day. With the exception of visiting professors who are here on a spe cified amount-contract, all mem bers of the faculty have taken a rri, ;c n vact. new field of 25 percent cut in their salaries for program at the University from in terms of the presidential race J f messing im- created bv "the new agri- the summer because, of a 30 per 1944 until the end of World War and what influences their vote. bUSf students. Faculty II and now living m retirement There were 32 in the class presents, it perrin Oliver, Division Sales Man- members ordinarily receive one here 1 when the po11 was taken 16 was explained by temporary aeer South Atlantic States, Rala- eighth of their regular salary for In a letter to Captain Hazlett whom are eligible to vote m No- , . phi stuart JoneSi ' . r.nmnanv. Charlotte, summer teaching. The one sixth reeentlv. General "Ike" praised vember. The group ranges fromopt A . . . , t. :v,f Utinpnrt has been reduced to one , , " ; . . . , . , , , . . lone ot tne most perpieAAu& tola oanKers nere jxk. i"6'- the Captain for helping him make sophomores to seniors. " A . , . M nnn a. , eiehth. If a teacher had a : ... -.fx i . f . leras v.iix..iti- - o ine ueclSlOIl lO &u iu a i paiiy .picicicuwc w.a.. West, when they will formally . HViato the auerv "Resolved: inaz - ning xor me presiaency, saysi v. survey 01 a romicai science - - c...Tr?U m kii I Captain E. E. "Swede" Hazlett, 41 class taken last week gives a GoverTLfH i AgriCUlTUre UbW, Ket., director ot tne xavy clue on now students are inmjung - - Jo' sional minds. Id bankers here last nignx. u w " " ; , , eighth. If a teacher had a regular Addressing the lbtft annual ,nru f 4 mfL he now wouid get Carolinas Bankers Conference at ,stpad of 667 vmder the old school. 'He described his old Democratic, 19; Republican, 6; aiU"11 . rtf tu!c Carolinas Bankers umerence ax Q q $667 the old friend as the individual "from Independent, 5, and two students "The economic disorder of this the University 0f North Carolina, whom I derived both confidence haven't made up their minds, nation rises above its rna- perrin urged cooperation between student xegistration fees which and inspiration." The survey reveals that most tional disorders m the scale oi bankers and farmers in such activities (inciuding Nicknamed by the General as students vote the way their par- danger to our contou.exe growing businesses as beef cattle ation of Graham Memor- "czao" n name that has stuck, ents do. In the instances where in prosperous peace and inoivia- raising hatcheries, turkey and towards the publica- Captain Hazlettt grew up in Abi- they differ with their folks' po- ual freedom, Jones saia m an- other livestock producUon, as well on Gf THE TAR HEEL, are help lene, Kansas, with Eisenhower, ntical viewpointsthe shift is to nouncing the meet. as row crops. ing pay for faculty salaries this While he knew the family pretty the Republican party. Heconunuea, inBimi r ftm our summer. I - mnAca Kir nhnnrmai &v-"b j i .... . -n weU, he didn't come into close General ike Eisenhower cap- """ " J T,-. wXrt on bv one and two crop system of cot- Phillips said tnat a request wm contact with young Ike untU his tured 21 votes to a poU market condiUons, tobacco into a more di- be made to the next General As first year o high school. "I've ..wh( do preIer the Eepub. e xcessively JJ" ve"sffied form of agriculture sembly for funds to be used to known him ever since I can re- licans to nominate." Taft was a Jjon. huge gve"ime "fj positive wiU bring support the Summer School and member," says the Captain. second with 4 votes, stas- high leYal threaten Sif ft Stoa new era of agricultural maintain salaries The cut in sal When it came time for.the boys 3( Warren 3, and one student er level P eaen e perity Perrin declared. aries was the first in some tune, to choose a college,' Swede had was undecided. Jure indepe ndence of toenca. prosperity, fc smmei ses already made up his mind. In To alleviate these conditions re- He was the principal speaker. upped from one.eighth of the reg fact he had been accepted at An- What the students preferred quires mature thinking, not bi- &t first evening session of the aT salary to the one sixth. Now naoolis Naturally, he thought and what they actually thought ased by personal whims. It is Conference here tonight. Regular back where they started. ' .. , ti.a T?nt ,nnlH Vmnnpn was another storv. with this in mind that the Di ana .. . 'irtllo nhn;es of -r, t-:-:. that was tne piace , . , , . , . , , , . nibuutwun - xjAfiaiiniis wjr tv.- Ike wasnt going to be able to. They believe Taft would win the the Phi desire to debate the is- banking began m0rning and f unds on hand to provide for con- trrt. a nomination (27). uniy live sxu- sue. ...m 5nft vrnnpH Fndav. ine (See IKE, page 4) W ' 5 ' 5 nomination (27). Only five stu- sue. , wiU continue through Friday. The t?nepncies. Phillips said, "The dents thought Eisenhower could D. x&Bxr wnich will re- program is leing sponsored by summer School was originally op- win at Chicago. u0 aff,VmaiVP will be the North and South Carolina t d or professional people on j -rr i rtnnVorc A ccnriations. the North I nry,nll v,cic WVipn the snefiduD The Democratic student vote composed of Bob Clampitt and on the Republican nomination John Schnorrenberg, English showed 12 for Eisenhower, 4 for majors. Clampitt is a former Taft and 3 for Warren. I speaker of the m. r. n tive IITI O it WEEK Students can celebrate the first of Convention Weeks by seeing television in Graham Memorial during the week or attending a special Supper Y 'orum day night. Official Worlds Speed Record For Aviation Topped By Russian Migs ln Korean Antics wv.w ' vortt -Russia's MIG-15. 1 16.500 pounds for the F-86A Corp. iy night. ... Q ciub which is tangUng with U. S. F-86 Sabre. Its wingspan is 33 feet, The Young Republicans wl a. Korea, has a top with 42-degree sweepback. Ar- Bankers Associations, the North a small asis. When the speedup and South Carolina State Bank- started during World War II and ing Departments, and the Univer- we had accelerated academic program, the School was expand ed. Shortly after the war, the Board of Trustees made the Sum mer Sessions an official fourth quarter of the University academ ic year. But no budget was pro vided. "This situation is not peculiar to the University. Most summer is sponsoring a "Television lgr" d in excess of the world's mament includes two 23-mm. and tonight beginning at 8 o clocK ana record and a sen- one 37-mm. automatic cannon. WU1 serve refreshments in coop- rate of climb of nearly magazine quotes a top eration with the student union. minute at sea level. USAF spokesman as saying, "So- There will he no formal speeches, g tQ Aviation Week mag- viet workmanship reflected in except for a few words by Club s fabrication of MiG-15 turbojet President Curt Ratledge. All stu- magazine stated yesterday engine parts is high, of excellent dents are invited. m in a storybased on a(newly de- quality, and in many instances Thursday night, the YM ua wixx classified feut long.secret Air comparable to American stan nresent a program about rouu- wiation nf a caDtured dards and practice." cal Parties and Our Next rresi- mQ,s gpeed fa 584 The Russians have managed to Hpnt." Speakers are frpiessors an hour) and its squeeze an extra 1,000 pounds of Alexander Heard' and area 1QQQ thrust frQm their version of the iA the Political OCI-I . . A ,ij RrificVi T? nil cT? nvrt Nptip iot pn. leavcioiiv nnifeet a minute, ine uinuidi wuuw j ence Department. To be neia on d record is 670.981 mph, set gine, which powers the MiG, f or 3 flnnr T.PnOir Hail, SUP- I r .... i -l A fiftn tne seuuiiw - ' - 4uiflton Week auotes Air Force . oaIp urrtyV An n SPlf-SUTiriOrtnff - - dV.i'UUid w w AT officials as saying analysis of the basis he noted. xtUSSian power yxeui tuiiiwuaww" i chamber shows that the Soviets m various aiaxes, legisiavo combined a substantial amount of look at salaries oi bummer &cnooi initiative with known proced- instructors as bonuses, or some- ures in duplication and copying, thing extra Evaluation engineers admitted lall, sup- g6 b a total of 6,000 pounds, dry, at npr will begin at 5:u ana ine TTC3A-in TurQ; PirWH L. Johnson, sea level, the magazine reports. program will wind up at 7 o clock. Experimental aircraf t have gone (At 375 mph., one pound of thrust nts are uivncu. i . , ..i. t : ooi Vioeieauais one norsenower.i - . iasier, out uicu wavv - ' be a rounaup aisfiv. . , oe :Qr1nc The MiG-15 engine cl All students are lowing the talks. honn HicrlnsPd. The MiG-15 engine closely ap- ty, rP thrp Versions of the proximates the U. S. and British w,iccirnv,niif MTO-lfi in onera- advanced development of the tion against United Nations for- original Nene jet engine, but the ces in Korea; two are day fighter execution oi development nas fTrr. nnrl the third is eauinned been markedly different. This is with radar for night and all- representative of a separate ap- PREREGISTER Students will have tomorrow and Thursday to register for the fall quarter. .. . a loll Preregiraii sludenls weather operation, according to proach and is obviously the result quarter omy maM7inp. In configuration of independent Soviet work. : nil schools extey - o . oiZnces Graduate School the MiG's are the same, but Materials used in construction n5 rmacV ' thrust of a later model has been of the Russian engine are similar wTvour green forms increased through further engine to those used in later advance- . . y j t develonment. ments of the original Nene by the fOT? i?ouse. Archer House Gross weight of the MiG is British and by Pratt & Whitney ?iwriM xlOUSG iiWiwi - o - i - . - i . Sb open from 8:30 to 4:30. about 12,500 pounds, as against 'Aircraft Division, United Aircraf t j cies. that the Soviets have overcome a design problem that until re cently had been virtually an in surmountable obstacle for the British and U. S., the magazine says. The captured MiG was built in 1948 at Zabod, 1, Kuybyshev. The Soviet manufacturer redesigna ted the copied engine as model RD-45. The MiG-15 in many respects still outperforms the Sabre, ac cording to the magazine, because the U. S. fighter is ornamented with almost two tons of 'gadgets deemed necessary by the military for pilot safety and convenience in flight. The Air Force analysis was made by engineers of Pratt & Whitney, East Hartford, Conn.; USAF tech nical specialists at Wright-Pat terson AFB, O.; Cornell Aero nautical Laboratory at Buffalo, N. Y.,. and several other govern ment-sponsored research agen- All faculty members received a letter from Phillips on June 28 notifying them of the decrease. Action was taken by the admin istration upon the recommenda tion of the Administrative Board. Checks are presented at the end of each session when grades are handed in. -xxm -xugn chodi; 1 .?nyiiri. Jcents thereafter. :- ' . , 10oii, a nice place t "e to

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