Thursday, September 25,1952 The Daily Tar Heel Page Three Down in Front By Biff Roberts Crystal Gazing as the nation's top team of those who opened the season earlv last Niamey woodward is a football weekend. expert. And because of his posi tion of prominence when the au tumnal leaves start turning pig skin brown he publishes a foot ball pictorial, in it choosing an all-american team, selecting the weekly grid winners, and picking sectional conference leaders "What he has to is anything but appealing to Tar Heel fans Something Extra But something extra which will have to be taken into consid eration is the liking that the Tar Heels have taken to -the T for mation. The team has yet to be . I tried on its handling of the new ay about Texas , ,. , . xuiiiiciLiuxi except, in surunraaKes Carolina Football team In High Spirit is Snavely Practices Hard For O pener Woodward places the Long- and practice games. But one thin thing which makes this year's outfit better than last season's horns among the top 20 teams in is its outlook and enthusiasm in the nation. He says thev will be working with the T. the runner-up to Texas Christian It may be a less experienced in the Southwestern Conference. Carolina team which comes out And come December he expects on Kenan Field Saturday but it fullback Dick Ochoa. halfback will be an enthusiastic one. A Gib Dawson, and end Tom Stol- little spirit goes a long way to- handske to be members of the ward erasing the mistakes of in all-Southwestern team. experience. The Lonehorns are fast arid This m itself is enough to make tough but they should know i ... i i m t t "i e I xne sxauncnesx oi xar xieei ians thpvW Vpti in a mmo weep. But to make matters worse the time the bell tower breaks we have to consider that all ot forth with Hark the Sound this information was compiled katnHav . . . - . - and printed before ,the lexans played LSU last weekend. Play ing m the rain and doing very little passing the Longhorns trounced the' Bengals, 35-14. At the same time TCU lost to Kan- By Tom Peacock The Carolina football team's spirits and hopes were high as it ran through a fast and hard prac tice yesterday evening in pre paration for Saturday's opener with Texas. There was little contact in the semi-secret practice with head coach Carl Snavely and his as sistant George Barclay stressing offense. Charlie Motta, the pre- vious number one quarter oacK, ran through a few plays in the practice, but he won't be able to play against the Longhorns. Mot ta hurt his ankle last week. The rest of the squad will be in good physical condition for the game, trainer Fitz Lutz reported, and Snavely isn't taking chances on a practice injury late in the week, t ,4 I " 'I - ' '- ', - 1 ' s -'" GIB DAWSON Texas. Speedster There are still plenty of seats left for the game, and from pres ent indications there will not be a sellout in Kenan Stadium. The crowd might reach 35,000. Yesterday Coach Snavely worked principally with the back- field, with Annillo, Britt, New man, and Motta all passing from quarterback in Carolina's split-T. Annillo will probably start Sat urday, but Britt especially will see a lot of action. Line Looks Good Barclay worked with the Tar Heel offensive line, and the boys looked good against Texas' tric ky defense. How Carolina's coaches expect to stop the Texas power and speed packed back field is a secret known only to them, but the feeling among thee team is that it can whip the Longhorns. Snavely stopped contact after a rugged workout Tuesday. The team worked on most phases of the game, with kickoff returns, extra points, and defense being stressed. Welcome to Class of 1956 Electric Construction Company 169 E. Franklin Street Chapel Hill, N. C. on Odds and Ends The Tar Heels are using a new system of choosing captains this season. Captains will be appoint- Mr. Woodward reverse his ear lier opinion that Texas would be runner-up in the Southwest. More Trouble Full Code Of Ethics For Football Coaches Drawn Up For 1953; Approval Expected sas which would probably make ed for each game as it comes about with the season captain be ing elected by the team at the end of the year. I Two highly-deserving players have been appointed to lead the Tar Heels against Texas. Bud Wallace, senior fullback from And in addition to the above Kinston, and George Norris, one mentioned players a few more of the Conference's best ends threats were added to the list of wiU be head men SatUrday. those to watch. Quarterback T. . . x lie J. caco Lcraiii. j.o dliicuiuu to arrive at 7:00 tonight. Alight workout which may be of in terest to Carolina fans will be held tomorrow afternoon in Ke nan Stadium. Jones established himself right smartly in that position by pass ing to Stolhandske (one of four passes completed by the Texans) for one touchdown and then per cnnnllv appountinff for two more. J 0 I t-. i i xl 4. li grows more qououui men, But let's get back to Mr. Wood- Charlie Motta will be able to go ward and see what he has to say Saturday thus leaving it open to about our Tar Heels. Not having Carmen Anillo and Lou Britt the first hand information on our adeptness with the new T in a regular . game he was not able to go on at length about our possi bilities. It seemed that he was basing his account on our lack of success last year. He placed us as definite underdogs against thei Longhorns. We'll have to go along with him on that account. We will be underdogs come Saturday for Texas has been rated by some (Paul Williamson, among others) to handle the quarterbacking with Annillo probably getting the starting nod. . SOCCER PLAYERS Coach Al Moore has issued a plea for soccer players. With every position on the team "wide open" Moore hopes that all inter ested players will report to Fet zer Field this afternoon at 3:00. Practice will be held at that time every weekday. Special to The Daily Tar Heel NEW YORK, N. Y. A code of ethics under which football coaches face drastic reforms is revealed in the latest issue of Newsweek magazine, out today. Not scheduled for presentation to the full membership of the Rabb Seeks Mural Heads Has your dorm elected its in tramural manager yet? Intramural director Walter Rabb said yesterday that all managers and tag-foolball teams must be registered by Oct. 6, the date for the first managers' meet ing. Mr. Rabb also emphasized that football eligibility lists must be handed in by this time. Dorm tag-football teams begin play Oct. 8. Fraternity mural managers will meet Monday at 7:30 p.m., and all entries must be in .by that time. Fraternity football teams will begin play Oct. -1. Teams may reserve field for practice starting Monday by call ing the intramural office. American Football Coaches As sociation until January, the code was recently completed and has already been approved by the As sociation's- board of trustees, the magazine says. Among the highlights of the code, based on information News week secured from "sources other than the compilers" are: "It shall be unethical for coach es to pick weekly game winners or to participate in football polls or rating systems." "On-and off-the record criti cisms of officials to players or the public shall be considered un ethical." During a game "Coaches should be as inconspicuous as possible." "To show (movies of) critical plays to sportswriters, sportcast ers, alumni, and the public which may incite them to label officials as incompetents, must be consid ered unethical conduct." According to Newsweek, the annual meeting, of the American Football Coaches Association in Cincinnati last January unani mously voted to formulate, adopt and enforce a code of ethics for fecbWoor SUAB All students interested in working on the Student Union Activities Board will meet to morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock in the SUAB office in Graham Memorial, their work. If, as expected, the code is approved next January (to be effective beginning in 1953), it will not lack for the instruments of effective enforcement, the magazine says. "Violations will be investigated by the committee on ethics, and its report and recommendations will be passed on to an annually appointed, five-man board of re view with the power to suspend and expel members." FOOTBALL SALESMAN A meeting of all football pro gram salesmen will be held to day, Thursday, at 4:00 in Room 304 of Woollen gymnasium. In the event of a class conflict you are requested to contact Bill Kucyk in 315 Woollen gymnasium before 4:00 p.m. OFFICIALS NEEDED Students desiring work as tag football officials are requested to contact the Intramural office at 315 Woollen gymnasium. All officials will be required to attend an' officials clinic which begins Monday, September 29th. STL' fit P,Jnd STUMPY zexetj comics TSDDY HALE mtiwvaaicenmH. TfieCOffGJUSOOS Raleigh Memorial Auditorium THURSDAY EVENING WCi. Tickets On Sale At THIEM RECORD SHOP $3.75 - $3.25 - $3.08 - $2.50 - $2.00 $t.75 - $1.50 BOB AND JANE HIT THE SONG AND LAUGH TRAIL WITH ROY ROGERS AND TRIGGER! . rr i n Jt 1 3 3 BOB HOPE ROGERSftRMm Also Pete Smith Novelty TODAY County Wildlife Club Schedules Trap Shoot Today The Orange County Wildlife Club will hold a Trap Shoot to which all Carolina students are invited. The event, which is scheduled for Hogan's Lake from 4:00-6:30, will take place toaay. Walter Rabb, who is the presi dent of the Club disclosed yes terday that if enough students take interest in the event, it may be added to the Intramural cur-, riculum. Students who enter today are to bring their own guns and am munition. An entry fee of fifty cents will be charged each con testant. The money is to be used to purchase awards for the four best scores. Rnit Casting may also be add ed to the Intramural program if ctnrlpnts show interest, uiiu U511 Rabb added ! -4M K It's time right now to check and adjust your car's vitals for efficient cold weather operation. Drive in Today for Complete Lubrication Brake Adjustment Drain, check and refill cooling system Engine Tune-up Our expert shop men are eager to serve you CASTON MOTOR CO. 419 W. 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