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Cloudy and cold with
52 high today. Yester
day's high. 51; low. 40.
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Wagger, Plott
Hold The Key
To Legislature
Woman's Council
Seat-s Also Slated
To Be Elected
By Louis Kraar
The Student Party and Uni
versity Party will square off
again today in the campus
political arena to fight for a
legislative majority as run
off candidates Gerry Wagger
(UP) and Frank Plott (SP) vie
for votes in Men's Dormitory Dis
trict IV.
Student Party legislators num
ber 25, including two double en
dorsed and one independent can
didate who lean toward SP, while
UP has 24 legislators' counting
five double endorsed candidates
who are UP inclined.
Today's political clash between
Plott and Wagger will decide whe
ther SP has a legislative majority
or whether both parties will have
the same number of legislators.
If Plott wins, SP will have a
majority of two and if Wagger
wins, UP will have the same num
ber as its opposition.
Residents of Mangum, Manly,
Emerson Stadium, Joyner, Grimes
and Ruf fin Dormitories will make
the decision. As expected, both
candidates have been given an
extra push by their respective
Wagger (UP) is a senior from
High Point. He has served on
the Committee -to ..investigate
nrpsidential appointments and
the Committee to appear before
Chancellor House to request so
cial dorm rooms. He said yester
day, "As an incumbent legislator,
I would like to thank those who
have supported me this past year
I have always voted the way I
wanted to in the Legislature and
will continue to do so if reelect
Plott (SP) is a freshman from
Charlotte. He attended Central
High School and was active in
the band, orchestra, and dramatics
ctoup. Plott plans to study law.
He stated yesterday, "In addition
to the fact that I've pledged full
support of the Student Party m
the comine Legislature session
feel that this particular race holds
the kev to the balance of power.
It is important for it would break
the deadlock and provide the op-
nnrtunitv to really accomplish
something in the Legislature."
In the elections last Tuesday
(See ELECTION, page 4)
Jaycee President
Speaks Tonight
J. B. Brame, president of the
North 'Carolina Junior Chamber
of Commerce, will speak to the
membership, pledges, and invited
guests of Alpha Kappa Psi,
national professional fraternity in
business administration, ims eve
nine at 7:33 P. M-
Durham. Brame
has bPen head of the North Caro
lina Junior Chamber for the past
year. The young ww""" "
nessman is not only head of the
Brame Specialty Company but
also travels extensively while
administering Jaycee policies.
He will address local business
administration students on the
necessity of taking an active part
in community affairs as well as
business activities.
East And West
Thanks to a responsive stu
dent body, iniernational stu
dents here will be able to ride
to the North Carolina homes in
which they're going to spend
the Thanksgiving holidays.
However, yesterday came a
plea from the Y for two more
rides. Rides are needed for two
people lo Asheville and one to.
Clinton. Contact the Y if you
are interested in a Good Turn
for the day.
nigni on ine xioor of her room, dead of poisoning. Yesieraay.
police announced the arrest of Yackeiy Yack beauty Virginia Wil
son in connection with the murder. Neither the "dead" Miss Nahm
nor the "suspected" Miss Wilson had any worries, however, as it's
all staged for a mock trial. Daily Tar Heel photo by Cornell
Coed Beauty
urder Suspect
Police yesterday announced
the arrest of newly elected Yack
beauty Virginia Wilson as the
suspected murderer of Carman
Miss Wilson was taken into
custody last night while she was
having dinner at the Chi Omega
Sorority House on West Frank
lin Street. '
The arrest resulted from in
vestigation of circumstances
surrounding the recent poison
ing of Miss Nahm. Police, co
operating with Phi Alpha Del
ta legal fraternity in staging its
annual mock trial, said Miss
Wilson, who was on permanent
probation, was due to appear
before the Woman's Council last
Friday because of charges made
by Miss Nahm, chairman. Tes
timony by Miss Nahm prob
ably would have meant expul
sion from the University. Police
BASE, Alaska Search crews sty
mied by bad weather, hoped yes
terday that a faint radio signal
came from a big transport be
lieved down with 52 servicemen
:n Alaska's "Graveyard of air
planes." The Air Force C-124
Globemaster vanished Sunday
while it was attempting to land
through heavy fog and wind af
ter a flight from McChord Air
Force Base, Wash. Search craft
battled high winds and poor wea
ther Sunday and returned to their
bases Sunday night with negative
NEW YORK President-elect
Pkpnhower scheduled a heavy
list of appointments yesterday, in
eluding a visit to United Nations
headquarters here, as he put the
finishing touches on preparations
for his visit to Korea. Callers at
his Commodore Hotel headquar
ters here during the day will in
clude two men who have figured
in speculation for posts in the
new cabinet Ezra T. Benson of
Utah, mentioned prominently for
secretary of agriculture, and John
Minor Wisdom, GOP national
comitteeman from Louisiana.
The most serious diplomatic rift
between Britain and the U. S. in
vears continued unabated yester-
day despite eiiorxs uy
other countries to close the
v,.o rav-long harmony moves
were expected, but diplomats held
little hope for them. The two great
allies split far apart when the
tt c tified British Foreign Sec
retary Anthony Eden that it could
. arront a Britisn-DacK-eu
ian compromise plan for ending
xrronn prisoner of war dead
lock unless the proposal was sub
stantially amended.
SEOUL Alert South Korean
shattered a Chinese at-
X e forming near Sniper
1 ,ja with an "iron
Ridge yt.
(See NEWS IN BRIEF, page 4)
1 odav
"Mill ,1
as police found her Thursday
also said the suspect had at
tempted to make purchases of
Solicitor Harry Faggart of
PAD said that other "conclu
sive" evidence was in his hands,
but declined to comment fur
ther on the nature of the evi
dence. Miss Wilson refused to make
any statement before consult
ing her attorney, Roger Hend
rix. Hendrix was unavailable
immediate following the arrest.
The suspect was released under
bond pending a hearing before
the grand jury.
Miss Nahm was found by her
roommate lying on the floor of
her room last Thursday night.
Worried dorm .... residents soon
were reassured, however, that
it was only the legal fratern
ity's staged incident for its an
nual mock triaL
Gov. Scott
Gets Praise
In SSL Bill
By Jody Levey
Daily Tar Heel News Editor
RALEIGH, Nov. 24 Carolina
delegates Bob Pace and Dale Hy
on introduced a resolution com
mending Gov. W. Kerr Scott that
was carried Dy both houses of
the State Student Legislature Sat
The resolution was adopted as
one of the last orders of business
as delegates from 25 Tar Heel
colleges wound up their three
day mock legislature.
Praising - Scott, the resolution
urged him "to seek election to
the United States Senate in 1954."
Other bills passed in the as
sembly include measures for
new salary schedule for publi
school teachers in North Carolina.
introduced by Julian Mason, UNC
the admission of Alaska as
state; a uniform married law for
the nation: driver education in
. (See SCOTT, page 4)
Jesus Christ Only A
Just A Lot Of Fuss, Weigle
Says Of Ruckus On New Bible
Special to The Daily Tar Heel
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 24
The scholar who directed
preparation of the new Bible
said today that Rev. M. L Hux
of Rocky Mount, N. C. was
making an unnecessary fuss ov
er only one word in the scrip
tures. Dr. Luther A. Weigle, dean
emeritus of the Yale University
Divinity School, said the mem
bers and minister of the Tem
ple Baptist Church at Rocky
Mount actually were "hollering
over a mistake made in the old
edition of the Bible and correct
ed in the new one. Dr. Weigle
recently spoke at the University
of North Carolina.
See Trustees
Over Holidays,
Norton Urges
Personal Contact
Might Be Helpful
For 'Big Push'
The fight against Saturday clas
ses was renewed yesterday as stu
dent government officials plan
ned what President Ham Horton
termed "the big push over the
Thanksgiving holidays.
'We want to wage a quiet, per
sonal, man - to - man campaign
which in-the long run will be
more effective." said Horton in
outlining the campaign.
The plan, which is being moni
tored by student government of
ficials is this:
Over the Thanksgiving holidays
every student should plan to pay
visit or write a letter to the
trustee in his locality. Before do
ing this, the student should check
by Horton's office in Graham Me
morial and tell workers there
which Trustee he plans to see. In
this way, all the Trustees will be
seen and not too many students
will go to any one.
A detailed file on each Trustee,
the number of students who are
going to see him, and the Trus
tee's reactions are going to be
Horton emphasized the impor
tance of tact and politeness when
(See TRUSTEES, page 4)
Last Chance
Tomorrow is the last day stu
dents may preregister for the
Winter Quarter.
Green forms must be turned
in the office at Archer House,
before students leave for the
Thanksgiving holidays.
il it il.'U-rV'f . :i r; 1
? - " 1
I - - i-Jiy-- Lf r
to catch any men, they did snare a photographer. Seated at back,
left to right, are Anne Mackie. Chapel Hill, who won the prize
for the best Wolf Girl costume, and Susan Fink, Chapel Hill, who
showed up in a sack. In the center is Mary Lowrey, Atlanta, who
won the prize for the best Daisy Mae costume. This picture was
taken at the Naval Armory where a Sadie Hawkins dance was
held. Daily Tar Heel photo by
Rev. Hux has attacked the new
Revised Standard Version of
the Bible as denying the deity
of Jesus Christ and His virgin
The minister, speaking at a
mass meeting of 100 people pro
testing the new Bible, said, "I
hope God Almighty will use this
wedge (the Bible) to split the
churches and separate the rem
nants of the Godfearing people
from the modernists."
In explaining what he called
the denial of Christ's deity, Rev.
Hux pointed out that the "rule
of the translators" in the new
version is that "thee" and
"thou" are used only in refer
ring to God. He said that pro-
2nd II trustee Against
fra HJay xJt Mass
Another member of the Trus
tee Executive Committee, As
sistant Commissioner of Agricul
ture A. Hugh Harris, joined stu
dents yesterday in protest against
Saturday classes at the Univer
"I'm not only against Saturday
classes at Carolina," Harris said
in a telephone interview yester
day, "but oppose them at State !
Harris, who was unable to at-
Cuts To Cost
$2.50 Each
For Holiday
If you're thinking about cut
ting class before or after the
Thanksgiving holidays, you bet
ter reconsider. At least, that's
the word from Central Records
For each class cut taken to
morrow, the day before Thanks
giving, students will be requir
ed to pay $2.50. The same ap
plies for cuts taken on Monday,
the day holidays officially end.
There is one consolation, how
ever. " The maximum fine for
cutting classes before or after
holidays is $7.50. Even if you
cut both days, you won't be
fined over $7.50.
The fine for holiday cuts is a
standard policy for undergradu
ates who are absent before and
after holidays. Instructors are
required to call the roll, Central
Records officials said.
Officials added one more note.
Deans of the various schools
will not accept excuses for flat
tires, broken-down cars, and
missed trains or planes.
Friday, and while this trio failed
Cornell Wright.
nouns, such as "you" and "your"
which refer to mere men, are
used in reference to Christ. He
said that this indicates "Jesus
Christ is a man and not God
The minister claimed that the
basic difference in the two
Bibles can be illustrated by a
passage in Isaiah. He stated that
the translators have eliminated
the virgin birth from the Re
vised. Standard Version by re
placing the word "virgin" with
"young woman."
"If the translators' version is
true, Jesus Christ is a mere man
born of a woman. If Jesus Christ
is just a man, we might as well
throw our Bibles away," he said.
Hugh Harris, Agriculture Official,
Joins With Umstead And Students
tend the meeting of the Execu
tive Committee earlier this month
at which Saturday classes was
voted, said he called President
Gordon Gray to offer his vote by
proxy against the extra class day.
'Please be assured that I will
continue this attitude and will
never weaken on my stand in this
connection. Should you have the
opportunity, I will be glad for
you to inform the officials of your
student organization of my feel
ings," he declared in a letter to
Watts A. Scott, a disabled vet
eran friend who attends the Uni
versity. Scott, who has a wife and two
children, is one of the many stu
dents here who depends upon out
side work to finance his educa
tion. He was one of the first to
air his protests on the wire re
cordings made by student govern
c Oomincf I"
ec. 2 For Speech
Secretary of Army Frank
Ken Penegar, chairman of the
Pace will speak m Memorial Hall at 9 p.m. following a
Dear Holds
First Meet
With Paper
Editor Walt Dear held his first
staff meeting yesterday since win
ning the job to head the campus
daily paper in last week's elec
In a short talk to the staff,
Dear lauded the "good job" done
by the Interim Editorial Board
which filled in after Editor Barry
Farber left in October. The board
was composed of Manasine Editor
Rolfe Neill and Associate Editors
Sue Burress and Bev Baylor, with
the girls doing the preponderance
of the actual editorial work.
Dear said putting out The Daily
Tar Heel -was a "team job and
when one member of the team
fails it reflects on all of us." He
said he hoped the full staff would
continue to work under him. !
Also present at the meeting
were several students who res
j ponded to the editor's call for
new staffers. Today's is Dear's
first issue since being elected.
Wilson Visits
Texas, Talks
Of Money
"You can't pay and keep a top-
notch faculty with only pleasant
atmosphere," UNC Vice-president
Logan Wilson told a Daily Texan
reporter last week at Austin, Tex.
The president-elect of the Uni
versity of Texas, on a two-day
orientation trip, said that "Feed
ing his family is more important
to a professor than any sense of
I loyalty to a university.
In discussing low salaries of
University of Texas professors,
Wilson said, "Professors resign ev
ery day from low pay at small
colleges as well as large univer
sities." But the University of Tex
as should at least be able to com
pete with salaries of other uni
versities, he said.
A full professor's salary aTex-
as ranks 13th from the top when
compared with other universities
in the United States. Associate
and assistant professors' salaries
are 15th from the top and in
structors' salaries rank 11th, the
I Texas campus daily said.
ment officials.
"Please be assured that I am
first, last and always opposed to
a five and one-half day week for
any of our State educational in
stitutions and will continue to
register my protest if and when
I have the opportunity, Harris as
serted. He concluded, "It is my humble
opinion that the adoption of a
five and one-half day week is set
ting our great University back at
least twenty-five years. We have
a most progressive administration
at the University now, and in my
opinion, a move of this kind
would be tragic both to person
nel and students."
J. W. Umstead, brother of the
governor-elect and local insurance
agent, is the other Executive
Committee member who has come
out against Saturday classes.
Pace Jr. will speak here Dec. 2,
Carolina Forum announced
- dinner at the Carolina Inn. After
the address there will be a ques
tion and answer period.
The Army secretary was ap
pointed by President Truman in
1950. He entered the Army in
1942 as a second lieutenant and
in four years rose to the rank of
major. ie now holds a reserve
commission as lieutenant colonel
in the air force.
In his career Pace has served
as director of the Bureau of the
Budget, Chairman of the Defense
Ministers Conference of NATO,
executive assistant to the Post
master General and special as
sistant to the Attorney General.
A native of Little Rock, Ark.,
' Pace is a graduate of Princeton
University and of the Harvard
Law School.
The 40-year-old Army secretary
has received honorary degrees
from Princeton, the University of
Louisville, Syracuse University,
the University of Arkansas, Tem
ple University and Dartmouth
Following the address Tuesday
night there will be a reception in
Graham Memorial.
Picture Pica
The Yackely Yack left a note
on the managing editor's door
yesterday. It follows:
"Corky, the snapshot ed is
crying his eyes out for just a
cute picture of you for the snap
shot pages of the 'S3 Yack. Turn
them in at the Yack office,
please, please, please!!!

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