I' Wednesday April 19, 1961 THE DAILY TAR HEEI, Promises Helm For C&sh'o On The Cam A SALUTE TO o MOSCOW (UPI) Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev accused the United States Monday of aiding the armed invasion of Cuba. lie demanded that Presi dent Kennedy "end the aggres sion' and warned that Russia will give Cuba "all necessary aid." Khrushchev's urgent personal appeal to Kennedy came short ly after an official government statement warned that any U.S. aggression against Cuba could jeopardize the peaceful life of the population of the United States itself. Within hours after the state ments a howling mob of 50,000 persons besieged the -U.S. Em bassy in the worst outbreak of anti-American demonstrations ever seen here. The mob hurled stones through the windows and Says Kelbets " i "Mi Pi iliHt"' f Now Playing , ' The Dizzy Blonde and the Wall St.' Tycoon who'd give anything for her proxies! doors and splashed the yellow , stucco building with purple and red ink. i No Definite Promise Both the Khrushchev and the government statements prom ised all necessary aid to Pre mier Fidel Castro but did not specify whether arms, planes and volunteers would be sent. Khrushchev said last year Rus sia would use rockets if neces sary but did not . repeat " the threat today. - ' A Soviet journalist said Rus sia would use rockets "only in a last desoerate resort". Khrushchev's message - to Kennedy said an armed ag gression' had been started against Cuba and "I am send ing you this message -at an alarming hour fraught with danger to world peace.' He warned that the' Cuba war could start World War IIL Iti is an open secret that the armed bands which have invad ed that country have been' pre- VE&TfGO in Technicolor starring KIM NOVAK JAMES STEWART Today Only COUMUfCTUDl JUDY PAUL H0mWD0UGU& Thursday sStiA mry 1 WOODWARD 4. T'X .nr lUiUlrtiiifii, I LEIGHTUrt V i pared,' equipped and armed in the United' States," Khrushchev said. "The planes which bomb Cuban towns . belong to the United States of America, the bombs which they drop, have been - put : at their, disposal by the American government." ; , Recalls Recent Statements : Khrushchev- recalled their ex changed of' notes aimed at im proving ; Soviet-American rela tions and Kennedy s recent statements- the United States would not participate in mili tary actions against Cuba. He said the - Kennedy state ment "created the impression that the leading authorities of the U.S.A. v are aware of the consequences which .aggression against Cuba could have for the whole world and the U.S.A. itself." '- "How then, can one under stand what the U.S.A. does in reality now that the attack against Cuba has become a fact?" he asked. : : ; "It is not yet too late to avert what is happening. The? gov ernment of the U.S.A; still has " ' NEW YORK (UPI) Cuban refugees!' streamed into a threeroom flat just west of Times Square Tuesday, at a rate of" 1Q an hour to enlist in the antiCastro Cuban rev olutionary army. 7 The fourth-floor walkup on West 45th Street was believed to be one of several New York, recruiting centers for men. who will be trained and moved into Cuba with invading- forces. Recruiters would not disclose locations of the other centers - the possibility of preventing the flame of war started by the interventionists in Cuba from growing into a fire with which it will be impossible to cope. Make Urgent Appeal 4I address to you, Mr. Presi dent, an urgent appeal to put Fan "end: to .the aggression against tne JtcepuDiic or udh. mnuary equipment and the world poli tical situation are now such that any so-called small war can prpvoke a chain reaction in all parts o the world. Pm proud of where he bought my diamond, todPV ,5- J 5 Vf tmty NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV . attacks U.S. t . ' "As - regards the U.S.S.R. there must be no mistake about our position. We will extend to the Cuban people and its gov ernment all the necessary aid to repel the armed attack on Cuba." ' -Khrushchev told Kennedy that if ' other people aggravate world tension "then we shall reply in full measure." He said his statement was dictated only by concern "lest acts that might lead the world to the catas trophe of war should be per mitted." ' The Soviet government state ment detailed the start of the invasion beginning with the "barbarous bombings" of Satur day. It said "the landing took place under the cover of war ships and the U.S. Air Force." It called the attack a "dan gerous - provocation against peace in the area of the Carib bean, and against universal peace. The "Freshman Fiesta," a combination of entertainment and clothing sale, will be held tomorrow afternoon from 5 to 9 P.m. at Town and Campus. The Doug Clarke Combo will pro vide background music for the frosh, who will sell the store's merchandise at a discount to all students. Proceeds from the sales will go to the Class of 1964. Vice-Admiral William Ray- burn, special projects officer of the U.S. Navy, will speak to the Graduate History Club to night at 8 in Carroll Hall. Ray burn is head of the Polaris mis sle program and will talk about the program. The general public is invited to attend. There will be a meeting of the Chem Ferns tonight at the front entrance of Venable Hall at 7:30. From here the Ferns will proceed to Durham, where Duke Power Co. Consultant G. D. Knowles will give a demonstra tion on outdoor cooking and suggest several party ideas. Breunig, Chaplain to the cam pus Newman Club, speaking on "The Christian Faith and Ro man Catholicism." Questions and discussion will follow the talk, which begins at 6:15 in the front room of Lenoir Hall. Dr. Rolf Buchdahl of the Chemstrand Research Center will address the joint Duke- UNC Physics Colloquium on "Physical Problems in High Polymers" tomorrow afternoon. The session will be in room 265 of Phillips Hall at 4:30. The Freshman Forum series on religion will continue tomor row evening, with Father John Don't O MOWS 1V1B 3 T - (' . i , ' ' -i V . y - ,yy , t 4i The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States has again granted $200 to be awarded equally to two outstanding students in French. Application blanks are avail able in 315 Murphey Hall, and must be returned to the depart ment by April 20. Applicants must be upperclassmen major ing in French. m & w - Editor of The Short Novels of Thomas VoIfo Published this week, $4.50, and yours to brow through at THE INTIMATE BOOKSHOP 113 East Franklin St. Open Till 10 P.M. ibi Did you vote for John Kennedy? It CAM be quite EXPENSIVE. . . to buy and trust to luck . . . A guarantee is worth no more ... than those who back it up ... if you don't know jewelry . . you'd BETTER know your JEWELER . . ! No "come ons" . No "phony discounts" . Wo "high pressure" . ! Jewelry at its BEST . . EXPERT services . . for those who CARE . . ! Budget your purchase . . . the cost is the same . . . T. L. KEMP JEWELRY 135 E. FRANKLIN ST. PHONE 942-1331 I 1: a Member, AsnertccM) Gem S i 1831 -Secretariat- ; (Continued from Page 1) Stydent Association, Cosmopoli tan Club, and Campus Chest. The student body treasurer, Pete Thompson,- will co-ordi nate committers concerned with finance and merchants. The ' presidential assistant, Dwight-" Wheletss, will co-ordinate activities concerned with periodic organizations such as State , Student Legislature and t he Consolidated University Student Council. Harriss said that the Vice Presidenrand he will keep sur veillance of the work of the State Affairs Committee, Uni versity Entertainmsn Commit tee, Elections Board, and will receive the reports of all cabi net secretaries. $100 io $10,000 123 FAYETTEVILLE ST., RALEIGH. IT. C, DAILY. CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Man's nick name (poas. 4. Anti-aircraft fire 8. Dish lo.Easrles nest C Melody 12. Girl's name 7. Relatives 2. Praise S. Accents 4, North. 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