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coo, today.
Board To Meet
Elections Board win meet
Monday at 7 p.m. ia the Grail
Room ia GM.
75 Years of Editorial Freedom
oIume 75. Numbi
Founded Februarv 23. 1S93
SttVI ft
eld ftl? nVft
So TTj
o Th Daily Tar Heel aj
iJ.?egillnin!S in September
S? Lundergraduate women
. be . housed in Parker.
vraie mil be used for
undergraduate men."
aCAiiuer wiu nouse
That was haw the sheet from
the office of . James E .
of The Dally Tar Heel Staff
not a good ball team that
North Carolina engages at Cole
Field House here (tonight. The
Maryland Terrapins shoot
poorly, rebound rarely and
seldom win.
In their last outing, the
Terps fell 93-73 tto Miami. It
was the tenth loss in 14 games
under new coach Frank
There is a hitch to this seem-
Street Fighting Rages In Saigon
SAIGON Bloody street tfighHing raged in Saigon Friday
night, U.S. Marines battled North Vietnamese troops in house-to-house
combat in Hue and at least three key province capitals in
the South Vietnamese countryside were reported partially con
quered by Communist armies.
Battle casualties climbed steadily in the biggest and boldest
Communist offensive of the war, and the dead and maimed in
cluded thousands of civilians, both 'American and South Viet
namese. Saigon headquarters reported more than 11,000 North Viet
namese and Viet Cong killed since 6 p.m. Monday when the Com
munist offensive started. Allied losses were placed at about one
tenth of the number of Communist dead.
New Offensive A Failure-LBJ
WASHINGTON President Johnson Friday termed the Viet
Cong attacks on major South Vietnamese cities "a complete
failure" militarily and said they would force no change in
American troop levels or basic war strategy.
No great new over-all moves are going to be made," he said,
but cautioned: "Anything can happen on a. moment's notice."
In an informal meeting with newsmen in the White House
cabinet room near his office, Johnson also said that when the
dust settles, it will appear that
score a psychological victory.
He said the guerrilla raids were the "general uprising" phase
of a plan by North Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minn to overthrow
the Saigon government and lead the way to a Communist -dominated
coalition government.
U.S., Russian Vessels Collide
WASHINGTON The Defense Department disclosed Friday
that a U.S. destroyer and a Soviet frieghlter collided in the Sea of
Japan - the fourth such incident in 9 months in the same waters
where the USS Pueblo was seized by North Korea.
UJ9. officials claimed the earlier collisions were deliberate
harassment by -the Soviets, but Navy officers indicated the latest
incident appeared to be an accident. But the Soviet Union did not
share that view and delivered a protest to the U.S. embassy in
There were no casualties and only minor damage when the
two ships brushed in the Sea of Japan early Wednesday, the
Defense Department said.
Involved were the USS Rowan and the merchant ship
Some Diet Pills May Be Banned
WASHINGTON The government told Congress Friday it
was ready to ban the manufacture and sale of diet pills that con
tain the combination of the drugs thyroid and digitalis which
have been widely used for 30
"A danger to health," was
mfwiftTwn- James L. Goddard
Senate antitrust and monopoly subcommittee
He said the FDA had been concerned about the use of diet
pills containing thyroid and digitalis for more than a decade.
Parker To Become Coed
Wadsworth, Director of Hous
ing, described the housing of
men students for next fall. Hie
statement was distributed to
'the men Friday.
These three changes in the
cormitory set-up
nrevjoiKHv annwinrtxl vKanoe
raise the total of converted
dorms to six.
In addition to Parker, Alex
r irr
ingly uncomplicated assign
ment, however. Maryland
plays very well at home.
They've won all four here in
cluding a stunner over South
And the Terrapins play their
best against North Carolina,
which seeks to preserve third
national ranking and the
number one position in the
Atlantic Coast Conference.
"1 have had a chance to
watch Maryland play," says
Carolina Coach Dean Smith,
"and I have found that they
iXljr flails (Tar QmI
World News
By United Press International
the Communists also failed to
the way Food and Drug Com-
put it in testimony before the
ander, and Craige, the affected
dorms will be Smith, Alderman
and Nurses'. Smith is being
converted into office space,
Alderman will change from
housing undergraduate women
to graduate women and
Nurses' will be assimilated in
to the N.C. Memorial Hospital
The change in Alexander and
Craige is coupled with the con-
nn '
are sound fundamentally just
like all Maryland teams. When
they shoot well, they are a
very dangerous team. Don't
forget they beat West Virginia
and South Carolina at College
Park on good shooting
Last sea's on It he
circumstances were similar
when the Tar Heels barely
managed a 79-78 , win. Dick
Grubar's clutch freethrows in
the final 24 seconds made the
difference. In the first contest
at Chapel Hill, the going was a
little easier as Carolina won
out 85-77.
Maryland will be at a great
height disadvantage. Its front
line composed of center Will
Hetzel and forwards Rick
Drescher and Billy Jones
average less than 6-4 per man
compared to UNC's 6-8.
The guards are 6-0 Pete
Johnson and 5-9 John Avery.
Johnson and Hetzel are the
leading scorers with 13 point
per game averages.
No changes are expected in
the Carolina starting five of
Rusty Clark, Bill Bunting, Lar
ry Miller, Dick Grubar and
Charlie Scott.
With 14 games behind them,
13 of them wins and four of
those in ACC play, the Tar
Heels are averaging 83.4 points
an outing. The defense has
done 10 points better.
Miller's average is 24.1,
Scott's 17.6 and Clark's 15.3.
Clark has 127 rebounds and
Miller 111. .
The Terrapins can contest
Carolina with a more than ade
quate defense that is superior
- to Itheir own offense. The yield
per game is only six points
higher than the production.
Poor outside shooting which
hovers around 36 per cent is
the main reason.
Q. Q
struct ion of the new law school
building behind Navy Field.
It was originally announced
that Alexander would be used
to house the women students
who would be forced out of .
According to Wadsworth, the
law students in Alexander will
be moved to Craige which is
nearer the new law building.
All Craige undergraduates, ex- :
cept rising seniors, will be -t
moved to other dormitories.
Parker residents, however,
Wadsworth stated, will have
top priority on rooms for fall
semester, and Craige un- ;
dergraduates will be next in ,
He noted that residents of
rooms in other dorms will not
be moved unles they requet
to be shifted elsewhere.
Alexander was converted .
this year to house law
students, along with several
Highway Patrol trainees.
John Gresham, governor of
Scott College, said none of the
residents of the college knew
of the change in the Parker's
status until officers were, told
by the administration.
He added there was nothing
that could be done to stop the
Parker president David Len
non was not available for com- .
The residents of Smith,
Alderman and Nurses' all tried
(to combat the change in the
status of their dorms, but none
were successful. . .. f
Smith girls protested more
vigorously than did the others,
producing the will of the late
James Pleasant Mason which
gave 800 acres of land and
$1,000 to 'the University.
The girls claimed the will
stipulated that portraits of
Mason's two daughters remain
in Sm&h, but their claim was
proven false.
Deans James Cansler and
Katherine Carmichael were in
a faculty conference Friday
afternoon and could not be
reached for comment on the
recently announced conversions.
SG Gets $2,550 Sears Grant
of the Daily Tar Heel Staff
Student government has
received $2550 grant from the
Sears and Roebuck Foundation
to sponsor a leadership
training program, according to
Seeking shelter is the name of the game. It's played here by two
of Carolina's 15,000 students who put The Daily Tar Heel to use
as a portable canopy to avoid the rain drops which pelted Chapel
Hill Friday. The rain, which began Thursday night, was the first
to mar the relatively nice weather that prevailed the first wee',
of Spring Semester. It's too early to say, though, whether Chapel
Hill's annual monsoon has begun: only time and the rain-guage
will tell.
i If I -fit l
L j I II iJL-fi, ,j; X ... 2. A
If ... 4: x.
I 11 1! I :,Ji T- - !
I I? u J h s;
.... . . . ..i i
-.- , - - "
- - . ' -r r . - - -
of The Doily Tar Heel Staff
How many nights does a
coed have to sign out for
before she is no longer con
sidered a dormitory
A woman's Honor Court rul
ing Tuesday night held, that a
coed may sign out for an
apartment outside Chapel Hil,
without a hostess's signature,
Kiel, presidential assis-
; "To my knowledge it is the
first grant student government
has ever received from a
private foundation," said
Parker Residence Hall In
for an indefinite period of time
theoretically making it
possible for a underclass
woman to live in her own
But a coed who does so
violates a Dean of Women's of
fice regulation when, after she
has signed out for an un
determined number of nights,
she becomes, a commuter stu
dent who does not have a com
"We're very grateful to the
Sears and Roebuck Foundation
for the support they've given
to this student-faculty pro
ject," said Kiel. "The funds
will result in higher quality of
student leadership."
The $2550 is the full-amount
student government re
quested. Kiel said he received notice
of the grant Thursday from
Dr. Eugene Watson of the
School of Education. Dr.
Watson has been working on
the leadership program with
student government and wrote
the request for funds.
The leadership program will
be administered by a student
government committee under
the chairmanship of Noel Duni-
Kiel reported that 20 ap
plications have been received
for the program. He expects
"about three times that many"
Stolen Over Break
Campus police Friday con
tinued their investigation of the
.theft of $600 in stereo equip
ment and records from a fifth
floor Hinton James Residence
Hall room. The equipment
was stolen from Room 557,
-where freshmen John Foley of
Manchester, N. H., and Colin
Butler of Beverly, Mass., bad
left it during semester
Janitor James Bell told police
that the equipment and records
were still in the room when he
Scott College Complex
muter permit.
Tuesday night this situation
will be brought to the attention
of the Women's Residence
Council, and they will decide
whether to legislate against
this loophole.
When asked the grounds that
would prohibit a coed from
maintaining an apartment and
signing out for it, Women's
Coordinator Karen Checksfield
said. "You can't be living in
Dave Kiel
... announces grant
by the Feb. 7 deadline.
The ledershiD Drosram is
designed to improve student
leadership through a program
of sensitivity training
workshops on leadership
styles, and a workshop com
mittee, board and specialized
group work.
cleaned it Friday, Jan. 29.
They were discovered missing
when Foley and Butler return
ed Sunday night.
The thief apparently knew
just what he wanted, said
Foley, who said that whoever
broke in left behind radios,
typewriters, a camera and golf
The stolen goods consisted of
a Garrard Turntable, two KLH
speakers valued together at
aoout 5400 and $200 worth
iGng-playing records.
will be converted into a girls' dorm
two places at once."
What constitutes "living?"
That's what hasn't been
decided,' said Miss
Miss Checksfield indicated
she thought the situation might
make the Dean of Women's of
fice . less likely to approve
WRCs proposal on seniors
visiting in apartments and the
no closing hours for seniors
"Any situation where girls
are taking advantage of a new
rule (allowing seniors and
women 21 to have apartments,
would naturally make the Dean
of Women's office think a little
more about approving more
mid-year changes," said Miss
Assistant Dean of Women
Heather Ness aid, however,
that she could "see no direct
relationship" between the new
ly - arisen situation and the
proposals awaiting approval.
"It is evident that students
are unclear as to commuter
status this ought to be defin
ed," added Mrs. Ness.
Kills UNC-G
'Open Halls'
Special to The Daily Tar Heel
passed by the UXC-G Student
L egislature permitting up
perclass coeds to live in "open
halls" without closing hours
has been vetoed by Chanceucr
James S. Ferguson.
The bill, passed cn
December 5 proposed a
magnetic key-card system
similar to that proposed as a
means of eliminating closing
hours for Senior Women at the
Chapel Hill campus.
The Greensboro chancellor
did approve, however, a bill to
extend UNC-G closing hours.
As of Friday the coeds there
have a 12 p.m. curfew on
weeknights, 1 a.m. on Friday
and Sunday nights, and 2 a.m.
on Saturdays.
In his statement to the UNC
G Student Legislature, Dr.
Ferguson said that no closing
hours would "hamper the safe
ty & security of the students,"
and that such a policy would
have an adverse effect on
group living.

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