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Finance Committee
The finance committee of
Student Legislature will meet
today at 3 p.m. in Roland
Parker I in Graham Memorial
WRC Meeting
at T11 WRC will meet tonight
6:45 in 201 Murphey. All
members are urged to attend.
Founded February 23. J893
7 vjt- r
UNC Students Aid
am Boycott
76 Yeors 0 Editorial Freedom
I ! ""
' t , I f k -
The University and
Community Committee, an
action group of the Southern
Students Organizing
Committee (SSOC), set up a
booth in Y-Court Monday
selling Pepsi Colas for five
cents in cooperation with the
Durham boycott.
Martha Smith, in charge of
the project, was asked to close
down by Tom Shetley, director
of the Student Stores, because
of a trustee regulation that
prohibits any merchandising on
campus not administered by
the University.
The booth was allowed to
stay open when the Pepsis were
given a way rather than sold.
The money received was then
classified as contributions
rather than sales.
The Durham boycott,
sponsored by the Black
Solidarity Committee, is being
conducted against Northgate
Shopping Center and several
downtown stores, including all
products of the Coca-Cola
Shetley defined his position
as director of Student Stores as
an officer responsible for
enforcing trustee regulations.
He said that the regulations did
not cover the giving away of
The purpose of the Pepsi
stand was to offset the sale of
Coca-Colas on on campus,
especially in vending machines.
According to Shetley, all
vending machines on campus
are operated by the Triangle
Vending Company under a
five-year contract with the
University. The Triangle
Vending Company is a
subsidary of the Coca-Cola
Shetley challenged the Pepsi
stand Monday afternoon,
asking Martha Smith where she
obtained permission to operate
the stand.
Bruce Wells, chief organizer
for the University and
Community Committee,
demanded to see the law in
writing when he learned of the
trustee regulation.
When Wells requested to see
the Chancellor, Shetley
accompanied him to the
assistant to the Chancellor, Dr.
Claiborne Jones. Jones told
them that the drinks could be
given away instead of sold.
The Pepsi stand continued
to take in money the rest of
the afternoon, and it will be
open for the remainder of the
The funds collected by the
stand will go to the Black
Solidarity Committee in
Wells terms the Pepsi stand
Staff Photo By Tom Schnabel
"very effective," and he plans YOU'RE IN THE PEPSI GENERATION-At least, that's what it was in Y Court Monday as Pepsi
to continue it on a regular Cola was sold for five cents each in support of the boycott of the Coca-Cola comDanv which was
originated in Durham.
DTH Staff Writer
The heavy rains dumped by
Hurricane Gladys on Chapel
Hill over the weekend "gave us
three weeks of life," according
to Grey Culbreth, Director of
University Service Plants.
"It could be said we gained
21 days' water supply this
weekend," he said.
Rains beginning Friday
night had totalled 3.96 inches
by Sunday night, raising the
spillway level at University
Lake from an all-time low of
minus 99 inches Thursday
night to minus 83 inches
Monday morning.
Culbreth noted that the
present Lake level is the same
as on Sept. 30, when the first
severe effects of the extended
drought were being felt.
The hurricane-produced
"T O ft
Blacks Bon9t
Lincoln Lectures On 'Black Search?
DTH Staff Writer
They don't need to be asked,
said Lincoln.
His speech entitled "New
Blacks today no longer want Blacks in Search of Self' began
an invitation to the Great by quoting the National Negro
American Smorgasborg, claims Anthem describing what he
Dr. Eric Lincoln, Wesley calls the "Negro Pilgrimage."
Foundation-sponsored speaker Black children aren't singing individuals as a group is wrong
of "The Black Revolt-Impact this anthem any more. Lincoln in its stress of differences but
motivation as white children,
they aren't going to sing at all.
The white man sees the
black man as a collective
situation "the colored
problem" said Lincoln. This
wasteful conception of
on You" seminar.
They believe that blacks are
charter members of the club.
"Ethiopian," "Muslim," were
rejected by today's black
because he desires to be an
American. He attempted to
disregard his heritage and be a
black Anglo-Saxon, Lincoln
said, but the white culture
didn't accept him.
He concluded by describing
the "Black Revolt" as the
black's demand to be seen and
to be different from the -white
man. The Black man believes
that he has his own
contribution to make to the
American society and he
intends to be known, Lincoln1 community
downpour Saturday upped the
spillway level 13 inches, from
minus 97 inches to minus 84.
Commenting on the total
accumulation this past
weekend, Culbreth said,
cTaking into account the usage
of water by the community,
we probably received a gain of
around 20 inches in University
Culbreth said he could not
estimate a lake level at which
the drought-striken community
would finally be out of danger.
"It. is not yet possible to
evaluate the runoff from the
rains," he explained.
"The ground Friday was so
dry that it soaked up virtually
all of the water which would
normally be runoff.
Thus the runoff will
probably amount to an inch or
Culbreth also reported that
the first water to run through
the recently-completed
pipeline tapping Durham's
water supply may be today or
tomorrwow. He said that one
section of the 12-inch pipe,
which will deliver one million
gallons of water daily to
Chapel Hill,, was completed
Friday. But the heavy rains
over the weekend prevented
the necessary testing and
preparing of leaks which must
precede operation of the lines.
He predicted the
will begin to
reported, because blacks feel if it's obscene in its implication
they can't sing the Star
Spangled Banner with the same
Day Appoints Spur lock
To Administrative Post
Student Body President Ken
Day announced Saturday the
appointment of Sally Spurlock
as his administrative assistant
and chairman of the newly
organized President's Advisory
Board on Women's Affairs.
Miss Spurlock is a senior
from Wilmington who has
served as a member of the
Women's Honor Council, the
Women's Residence Council
and as President of East Cobb
Residence Hall. She is
currently secretary of the
Student Body.
Dog To Be Burned
RICHMOND, VA. (UPI)-Officials at Virginia
jij Commonwealth University Monday urged thej
jij: student government to stop plans of a group of war :
Ijij dissenters .who allegedly plan to burn a live puppy gi
jij: in protest of the Vietnam war.
jij: The office of Dr. Francis J. Brooke, Chancellor tiji
of VCU, said the "Students for Liberal
iiji Government" planned to burn the animal Oct. 29. iijj
jjji Jeffrey Kelso, the student government -jij
ji-i representative of the organization, denied that his jij:
group would stage such an incident. He told
jjj newsmen that the topic was discussed then jij:
abandoned during a recent meeting. ijij
I "The administration of VCU is confident that
jjj: students have no intention of burning a puppy or jjjj
ijij in any way engaging in cruelty to animals," said
S the school announcement. Ihe taking oi liie to
iS illustrate the value of life is not in the tradition of gi
iiii logic, which educated men respect. We are
: confident that VCU students are sufficiently j
: nature not to be deceived by such sensationalism."
ijij Letcher Longerbeam, executive director of the jij;
jiji Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ijij
ijij said his organization would "physically" block any j
iij: move to immolate a puppy. -2
j? "We can assure you that we will be there to do jij;
everything that we can to prevent it," he told UPI.
& "If necessary we would rescue the puppy i
jjjj physically and arrest them (the studnts involved)." g
5 The student council was to meet tonight and j
discuss the matter. g
$ Longerbeam said the student group just wanted jij
6 "publicity" and did not want to execute the dog. ijj:
& Brooke's office said the student government jjjj
"has both the authority and the obligation to jjjj
i$ regulate the behavior of student groups, and we jjjj
jij! believe that the student government will take jjjj
appropriate steps to insure that such a despicable jjjj
and illegal act will not take place." jjj:
During the past several
weeks she has assumed
increasing responsibilities in
the student government office
which have led to her
appointment as an
administrative assistant.
In this role, she will be
responsible for general
management of the office, for
overall student government
purchasing along with Don
Milbraith, treasurer of the
student body, for traffic flow,
and for scheduling
appointments with the
president, as well as her duties
supervising the secretariat as
secretary of the student body.
In addition, Miss Spurlock
will be serving as chairman of a
recently formed advisory board
on women's affairs which will
have its first meeting on
Monday night. This board is
composed of a cross-section of
women's leaders to advise Day
on areas of concern to women,
that blacks are the problem at
all, he said.
This white attitude leads to
the black's difficulty in
conceptualizing himself. But
today the effort to form an
identity is not only the
problem of the black,
The search for a new
identity separate from the
white man's designation has
begun, Lincoln said. The names
"nigger," "darky," "coon,"
and even Negro are outmoded
because they define and
evaluate according to white
stereotypes, he said.
The names "African,"
Pickets, Recruiters Clash
Over SSOC 'Guerrilla Skit'
DTH Staff Writer
Approximately forty
persons participated in a
demonstration that developed
outside the Raleigh Selective
Service Induction Center
Monday into an altercation
with police and armed forces
NSA Fast To Protest
Poverty And Racism
The Seventh Annual
Thanksgiving Fast for Freedom
is planned for Thursday, Nov.
21, for students throughout
the country to express concern
for the struggles to end poverty
and racism.
The United States National
Student Association, sponsor
of the fast, requests that
students give up an evening
meal in order to raise money to
includinff security, self-limitinj? helP support organizations
hours, and other impending flShting poverty and racism,
changes in women's rules. In the past, funds received
from the campus fasts were
used to distribute food to
starving southern Negores and
were given to independent,
self-help cooperatives needing
Day said, "Sally's work in
the office has done more than
any other factor to insure the
efficient operation of student
government this fall,"
finances to continue the fight.
The funds from the 1967
Fast supported collective
efforts by poor people and
minority group members to act
on then own problems.
This year, the funds will be
given again to these
independent organizations of
the minority groups. In
addition, funds will be given to
aid projects which - are
developing models for
involving white students and
non-students in the fight
against poverty and racism.
Any Carolina student
interested in initiating a Fast
for Freedom on campus should
contact the DTH office for
more information.
The demonstrators, most of
whom were UNC and Duke
students or former students,
picketed outside the center
while Southern Student
Organizing Committee (SSOC)
worker Mike Smedberg was
undergoing his physical
examination inside.
The SSOC representatives
had planned a "guerrilla skit"
to be performed outside the
center, but the performance
was curtailed when irate
Marine recruiters intervened.
A SSOC official at the
organization's headquarters in
Durham said Monday
afternoon that one of two
"actors" wearing Marine
uniforms was seized by a
Marine recruiter who tried to
force him into the induction
The Marine officer was
prevented from dragging the
demonstrator off by the other
demonstrators. He then
summoned a police officer who
succeeded in forcing the
demonstrator inside, despite
the protests of other SSOC
The SSOC "actor" emerged
from the center a few minutes
later, and then the other
uniform-clad demonstrator was
forced inside where he was
held a few minutes before
being released.
SSOC organizer Mike
Smedberg was told by draft
officials that he would have to
return Tuesday for another
blood test.
Meanwhile, trials for two
draft resisters were postponed
Monday in Raleigh at the
requests of their attorneys.
The trial of former North
Carolina State University
student Jerry Pritchard was
postponed with no new date
being set
Another SSOC worker,
Doug Broyles, a Duke
graduate, had his trial
rescheduled for December 9.
receive its million gallons a day
on Wednesday or Thursday of
this week.
When the second section of
pipe goes into operation
around Oct. 28 or 30, Chapel
Hill will get two million gallons
of water a day from Durham.
SL Group
DTH Staff Writer
Members of Student
Legislature's Ways and Means
Committee inspected the
sandwich-making facilities at
Chase Cafeteria Monday tp
"clarify some of the rumors
we've been hearing" about
UNC Food Service sandwiches,
according to Chairman Bill
Mrs. Helen Moffitt, manager
of Chase, showed their
sandwich assembly lines,
equipment and storage rooms
to committee members and
representatives of the Daily Tar
She assured them that
sandwiches are prepared and
leave Chase fresh every day.
But she added that their
deliverymen are not obligated
to pick up old snadwkmes, and
that it is the responsibility of
each canteen or business
manager to learn the dating
code and keep sandwiches that
are more than a day old off the
Mrs. Moffitt became
manager of Chase in Sept. and
acknowledged that "some of
the students complaints were
justified at first."
But she added, "We have
worked hard on these things
and have very nearly corrected
Chase prepares
approximately 4000
sandwiches per day for sale on
food counters in University
NSA Delegates
Interviews Begin Thursday
DTH Staff Writer
Interviews for delegates to a
National Student Association
(NSA) conference on
Institutional Racism will be
held Thursday and Friday, Oct
24 and 25, according to
Virginia Carson, NSA student
coordinator at UNC.
All students interested in
applying for the delegation
should come to Roland Parker
II, Graham Memorial, between
4 and 5 p.m. on those days.
The conference, to be held
at Notre Dame on Nov.
28-Dec. 1, will be "an
important starting point for
action at Carolina in
areas . . . related to the racial
problem," according to the
conference appropriations bilL
Before leaving for the
congress, the three delegates
will prepare a full report, citing
what things the university is
doing about institutional
racism, what the delegate
himself believes, what he wants
to do, what problems the
delegate encountered in doing
his research, whether the
delegate is willing to work at
the Conference and, later on
the campus to solve racial
A letter for the USNSA
states that "Competent,
in-depth research into
institutional racism in the
university can be done on
campus by concerned and
willing students. The most
important ongoing functions of
this research should be
educational and tactical in
The educational aspects to
be researched by the delegation
include: improving the UNC
curriculum to include "black
content" courses and "white
identity" courses; university
policies off campus, basically
concerned with land-holding
and expansion, university
investments, and the draft;
university discrimination in the
hiring of professors, in
admissions processes, in
housing, job-study hiring,
athletics, scholarships, and m
the handling of racial incidents;
the university power structure;
and the cultural bias of compus
A bill to appropriate
$361.50 to cover the delegates'
expenses to the conference
passed Student Legislature last
The bill stated that
"according to the credentials
plank voted into the
Constitution at the 21st
Congress in Kansas, every
student government must show
positive steps it has taken this
year to eliminate racism in its
own community before its
delegates will be seated."
An amendment stated that
the delegates must appear
before the congress and be
approved by the Ways and
Means Committee.
I 1
DTH Staff Photo By Tom Schnabel
Silent Sam Got A New Paint Job
.Where It Came From Is The Big Question On CAmpus

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