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Plte 6. or the game on
Wake's Deacons
Owen Davis struts onto the
sports pages today with his
weekly rundown of the
opponent in his column. Heel
Prints. He speaks of the
religious aspects of Wake
Forest on page 6.
75 Tears Of Editorial Freedom
SjTNumber 37
Founded February 23. 1893
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GO FLY A KITE That's just
afternoon in Polk Place. There
Mock Election
DTH Staff Writer
A "Mock Election" for
President, governor of N.C. and
five national issues will be
sponsored by the YM-YWCA
on Tuesday, Oct. 29.
"We hope to get a large
turnout for the election so it
can be considered
representative of student
feelings on the different issues
to be considered," said Bill Lee
who along with Roger Dicks is
co-chairman of the 1968
Election and Referendum
Committee of the YMCA.
"There will be in state' and
out ot state' boxes on the
ballot for President and
governor, and we want to
analyze the results accordingly.
"For the presidential
election we have the three
major candidates. We thought
about placing other candidates
on the ballot, but then there
would have been no place to
draw the line. On the
gubernatorial ballot the choice
will be between Lt. Gov. Scott
and Congressman Gardner, and
T believe that these two
candidates will be watching
this election with great
. interest," Lee said.
The five national issues deal
with lowering of the voting age
to 18; the means of nominating
UNC Could Follow Michigan Plan In Women 9
DTH Staff Writer
lnk to actions initiaiea
L uliversity or
an example of progress m these
re the latest in a series t
. f Residence Hans
Governors of Ktu
1 1
U,, .
DTH Staff Photo By Steve Adams
what members of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority did Friday
wasn't a whole lot of wind, but it did get a bit chilly later on.
a presidential candidate; the
means of electing a president;
the Vietnam war, and the
Selective Service System
."We decided to have the
national . issues referendum
since these issues are of an
immediate interest ot the
students who soon will be or
alreadv are voting. We are
considering having a
vote on
The North Carolina State
Employees Association
(NCSEA) will hold a meeting
to discuss the results of the
annual September State
Convention on Tuesday, Oct.
29 in Gerrard Hall at 7:30.
Walter Hamilton, who was
elected chairman for the
Orange County area at the
Convention, will address the
group concerning requests
formulated by the State
Employees Association at the
The proposals, which will be
presented to the North
at Michigan recommended on
October 10 that the Ann Arbor
school's Board of Regents
abolish the dormitory
residence requirement for
sophomore women.
Off-campus residence rights
were granted to senior women
in 1962 and to junior women
in 1965...
In contrast, it was only last
year that UNC senior-year
coeds were finally given the
right to live in off-campuy
residences. The amendment of
women's rules also provided
for women students below the
H "-If
campus issues later this year,"
said Lee.
Voting stations will be
established at Y-Court from
8:30 a.m.-4:3Q p.m., at Chase
Cafeteria from 5:00-7:00 p.m.
and at Lenoir Hall from 8:30
a.m. -6: 30 p.m.
"We encourage not only
students but faculty, staff and
graduate students to
o Discuss Recent
irement Liberalization
Carolina General Assembly for
consideration, include the
request for liberalization of
teachers' and state employees
retirement system
This request asks that the
vesting period be reduced from
12 to 10 years, such that a state
employe may. receive
retirement benefits after
working a minimum of 10
Another condition of the
retirement reform proposal
requests the incorporation of a
cost of living formula which
will allow for inflation in
senior year who were 21 years
or older.
Previously a woman student
could be required to live in a
dormitory despite the fact that
she had reached the age of 21
and was eligible for full rights
and responsibilities as ah
American citizen.
The Michigan board's
decision was unaminous and is
expected to face little or no
opposition from the Board of
If the Regents approve the
proposal, as expected,
sophomore coeds with parental
DTH Staff Writer
Student legislature dusted
off a drug bill passed two years
ago and added an amendment
to it which states that the
legislature will not endorse any
j P J
prosecution oi urug tajc
involving use or possession.
The amendment passed
Thursday night reads, "No act
in relation to drugs shall be
held to be an offense other
than the acts specified in this
section, and no student shall be
prosecuted for any offense or
by any procedures not
approved and endorsed by
Student Legislature."
The bill, passed two years
ago under Robert Powell's
administration, states that
"certain activities in relation to
drugs shall be made offenses
against the student body." The
offenses specified are:
To sell to another student,
.for valuable consideration, a
drug which cannot otherwise
be legally obtained by
To solicit persons to sell
to students, for a valuable
consideration, a drug which
cannot otherwise be obtained
except be prescription.
To administer to a
student, without the student's
knowledge, a drug which
cannot otherwise be legally
obtained except by
prescription (provided that the
provisions of this section shall
not apply to a student who is
duly authorized to administer
such a drug as part of an
authorized medical treatment).
Under the bill passed two
years ago, use and possession
"We hope to have the
results available the next day;
so we will need quite a bit of
Any person interested in
working at the polls during the
day or in counting the votes
that night should call Roger
Decks at 929-1466, or Bill Lee
at 968-9305.
retirement allocations.
The NCSEA also articulated
a request for the state
legislature to "actively
support" equality of
employment, without regard to
race, color or creed.
A third request stated that
all employes who have been
affected by reclassification
should receive a salary increase.
These requests by the
NCSEA are presented to the
General Assembly by the
Executive Director of the
association, Emmet Burden. He
is assisted by the legislative
DTH News Analysis
permission will be able to live
in apartments beginning in the
fall of 1969.
In the field of visitation
rights for members of the
opposite sex, UNC seems mired
in a neo Victorian age
compared to the University of
A resolution passed by the
Michigan Board of Regents in a
meeting on January 19 of this
year granted self-determination
to individual residence halls,
and the majority have thrown
their doors open for visitation
by members of the opposite
not specified a
. A V, HiA. J
against the student body. Also,
any acts in relation to drugs as
specified by the bill make them
offenses against the student
body, not the Campus Code or
Honor Code. Conseauentlv
these cases would be tried by
1.1 r i. "
tne acultv. Ariminirfr5iHrm
Student Judiciary Board.
The amendment to the bill
UNC Challenges Deaeoms
Tar Heels Seek Second Straight Win
DTH Sports Editor
Carolina will attempt to keep
alive its one-game football
winning streak here this
afternoon in a town which is
probably responsible for more
natural deaths than any city in
the United States.
The Tar Heels and Wake
Forest collide in the largest
cigarette manufacturing center
in the world, the place that
makes those tobacco sticks
which cripple the body and
corrupt youth.
i For anything to remain alive
in this city of death is quite a
feat, and the Tar Heels with
their tenuous one-game string
will face one of their toughest
challenges of the season.
""It's a team with life against
one amidst death.
Gametime is 1:30. UNC's
opponent, Wake Forest, is also
plagued by despair in its
gridiron successes. The
Deacons have not won a game
with half the season played,
and the; Baptist school enters
today's contest with an 0-4-1
But the Deacs have scored
only 11 fewer points than their
combined opposition, losing
. twice by just one point.
Carolina, 2-3 has knocked;
off Southeastern teams
Vanderbilt and Florida but
have been unable to win in its
won. Atlantic Coast
committee of NCSEA.
The NCSEA, formed in
1947, has about 15,000
members. According to the
organization's constitution, the
association "is never to be
affiliated with . . . any other
local, state or national labor
The organization operates
through a president, vice
president, and
treasurer, elected in
convention, together with a
Board of Governors elected
annually at the local level-
sex, 24 hours a day, seven days
a week.
Another important aspect
of the resolution abolished, on
an. experimental basis, closing
hours for freshman women
with parental permission.
Coeds above the first-year level
bad already secured open-hours
The most recent statistics
show that 86 of sophomore,
junior, and senior women
students at Michigan have
parental permission to decide
for themselves what time they
come in at night.
directly concerns the frve
students who were arrested on
charges of illegal possesion of
drugs Oct. 22. Under the
provisions of the bill, if these
cases are to be tried, it will be
without student consent.
In other action Thursday
night, Legislature passed a
resolution calling for the
procurement of night
The loser of today's game
will therefore be the only
winless school inside the
The feature battle is
between respective
quarterbacks Freddie Summers
of Wake and Gayle Bomar of
UNC. The two field generals
ranked 1-2 in ACC total offense
in 1967, and this season are
currently second and third in
individual yardage.
Summers, all-conference last
year, has a total 960 yards
after five games while Bomar
has 716. Summers is the better
passer, Bomar the better
The Deacons offense, called
"explosive" by Tar Heel Coach
JL i
Understood On
Robert S. Powell, president
of the U.S. National Student
Association and a former UNC
student, has called for "Time
Out Day" in order "to
underscore the need at this
critical time for students to
take time out from their
regular business, and to begin
to act on a common strategy of
where we as students go from
"Time Out Day" at UNC
will be an all-day program in
McCorkle Place on Tuesday,
Oct. 29. It will include
speakers, meetings, and various
student booths.
In a campus random survey
the DTH interviewed 16
students. The results were: two
people didn't know what it
was; three were primarily
interested in the now dead
hope that classes would be
called off; and nine thought it
was a good idea.
Here are some of the
Dave Woodall, freshman,
Conn., "It'll polarize all the
concerns on campus.
Everybody'll have a chance to
say what they want to if it
Julie McMillan, senior,
Southern Pines, N.C, "I think
it's a good idea. I'd like like to
participate. I just hope it goes
over . . . that people show real
interest in it for its sake, not
just for cutting classes."
Board of Governors
even further in its
October 10 meeting and voted
to grant all women students
unlimited rate permission for
Homecoming Weekend, thus
suspending the parental
permission provision on a
temporary basis.
Commenting on the board's
decision to grant off-campus
living rights to sophomore
women, University Housing
Director John Feldkamp said,
as quoted in the J he Michigan
Daily. "The Board's position
was that they recognize a
watchmen for the women's
dorms. Passed by unanimous
consent, the measure requests
that one night watchman be
hired for each women's dorm.
Noting the three break-ins
by prowlers last year and the
overwhelming support for such
action, Legislature requested
that copies of the bill be sent
to Dean Cathey, Dean
Bill Dooley, has slumbered so
far, because the swift Baptist
backs have not established a
sufficient ground game.
Summers' 816 passing yards
have chiefly gone to tight end
Ron Jurewicz (21 catches) and
flankers Fred Angerman and
Rick White.
W7ake's defense is the best
statistically in the conference.
The Deacons are the top team
in the nation in pass defense.
Linebacker Carlyle Pate has
been injured, but should play
today. Digit Laughridge is the
best defensive back.
The Deac secondary should
not be severely challenged by
Carolina, because the Tar Heels
basically use a running offense.
Lynn Johnson, sophomore,
"I haven't heard that much
about it."
Larry Krieger, junior,
STatesville, N.C, "I think it is
a very good outlet for
maintaining communications.
But, there is sufficient time
between classes."
Martha Martin, sophomore,
Durham, N.C, "I think it's
crummy that the classes aren't
Registration For Area
Residents Ends Today
Voter registration for North
Carolina residents ends today
at 6:30 p.m.
Chapel Hill and Carrboro
residents may register or
transfer their registrations with
the Registrar in their precincts
between 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
The last opportunity for
registration for new residents is
Oct. 30 between 7:30 p.m. and
10:00 p.m. in the Chapel Hill
Town Hall.
New residents, even though
they have not fulfilled the one
year residency requirements,
may register and cast a ballot
for President and
Vice-President only.
Persons falling within this
process of evolution.
Sophomore women are more
mature now than in previous
Inter-house Assembly
President Jack Myers, a student
member of the Board of
Governors of Residence Halls
said, "There is no difference in
the maturity of sophomore
women and sophomore men.
"Since sophomores are
allowed to live outside the
residence halls, in sororities,
they should be allowed to live
anywhere they choose outside
of the dorms," he continued.
Carmichael, the Chancellor,
other members of the
administration, the trustees,
and all news service.
Several other pieces of
legislation were passed by
Legislature. A resolution
calling for changes in the
parking areas in northeast
(Continued on page 6
Carolina has gained almost
twice as many yards on the
turf as through the air.
Quarterback Bomar, who runs
the option more often than
not, is the top UNC ground
He is complemented by
Saul is Zemaitis and Don
McCauley, who run inside
The Heel defense has been
more susceptible to the run
than the pass, which will make
it appear tougher against the
throwing Deacs.
It should be a game of
The Heels throw poorly but
run well, the Deacs just the;
other way.
Eleanor Alford, junior,
Nashville, Tenn., "I think
it's good, and I plan to go.
I think that more teachers
should cooperate and. call off
Bill Lee, Junior, Raleigh,
N.C, "Time-Out Day offers
students an opportunity to
think about issues confronting
them It should prove to be of
benefit to the campus.
category must meet the regular
requirements for voting except
that they must h2ve resided
within the state for not less
than 60 days prior to the
general election (September
5th deadline). They must
register with the chairman of
the Orange County Board of
Elections between Oct. 16 and
Nov. 1 before 5:00 p.m.
In order to vote in North
Carolina, a resident must be a
U.S. citizen, 21 years of age by
November 5, a resident of
North Carolina for one year
and the voting .precinct for 30
days; be able to copy, in
writing a selected section of
the Constitution; and be
"The experience ti
freshman living-in is sufficient,
and sophomores do not need
more of this experience."
Support for continuance of
the parental permission
requirement came from board
member Professor Frank Braun
in the discussion preceding the
"There are many factors
that aren't equal between men
and women," he said. "The girl
has a greater potentiality of
getting into trouble and has
rights to more protection.'

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