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By Rick Gray
Associate Editor
"When I was here I knew
the president, most of the
deans and had personal contact
with the faculty members.
Now you have a feeling of
It's the size of the
University which has led to this
feeling of distance, UNC
alumnus and Wall Street
Journal Editor Vermont C.
Royster said Thursday.
The campus has changed
and grown a lot since Royster
left Chapel Hill in 1935.
Volume 78, Number 26
Survey Shows
Lemior Mall
Is Supported
By Terry Cheek
Staff Writer
The results of the recent
campuswide food preference
survey indicates students who
will be here next year plan to
be eating over 60 percent of
their meals on campus if eating
facilities are available.
The survey also indicates
significant support for the
continued operation of Lenoir
Cafeteria. Of the 32,025 meals
students said they would eat
(on campus and off campus),
10,140 would be at Lenoir if it.
were continued as a facility.
The prime reason for low
patronage at Chase and Lenoir
this year, according to the poll,
was the quality of the food
served. - -
Directed by Vice Chancellor
J.C. Eagles, the survey was
taken to determine the
preferences and habits of
students regarding the food
service here and the intentions
One Ring
"This just hasn't been my
Jerry Smith, a freshman
from N.C. State was not
After his girlfriend became
sick, therefore ruining his
upcoming "On Campus
Weekend" (similar to
Carolina's Jubilee), Smith came
to UNC to apply for a transfer
to the School of Business
Administration and was given
little encouragement. But when
he lost his ring that did it.
He bought a helium-filled
Campus Chest balloon in Y
Court and tied the string to his
birthstone ring. On the way to
Hinton James to visit friends,
Smith decided to remove the
That's when the big red
balloon went up, up and
away" ring and all.
It was last seen floating
somewhere i beyond Craige
Anyone finding a February
birthstone ring with a purple
stone attached to five feet of
string and a big red balloon is
asked to send the ring to Smith
at Box 22854, N.C. State
University, Raleigh. A reward
is offered to the finder.
1 1 n '
(UPI) Clearing weather and
stable conditions aboard the
crippled Apollo 13 spaceship
heightened chances Thursday
night for the safe return of
America's three space fliers.
The pilots, James A. Lovell,
John L. Swigert and Fred W.
Haise, are lined up to land in
the Pacific Ocean, about 600
miles southeast of Pago Pago at
1:08 p.m. today. If they come
in on tjrget, the world will be
The Carolina Inn is building
an addition where his
fraternity house used to be.
Frank Porter Graham, who
was president of the
University, is no longer active
in campus affairs.
The Daily Tar Heel, which
Royster worked for as an
editorialist, has moved from
the second floor of Graham
Memorial to a new building on
what used to be the athletic
'The problems on campus
have grown out of the sheer
size," he said.
The country, he said in an
of students toward future
dining hall operations.
A "very good" response of
4,1.68 out of 6,155 students
polled (67.7 percent) provided
a sample of 2,522 replies from '
which to judge future
The poll indicates a
substantial number of meals
are eaten at snack
bars especially breakfast and
lunch. The largest number of
people indicated they have
dinner off campus.
The typical UNC student
averages less than two meals
per day, 12.7 per week.
Over 70 percent of the .
respondents said they wanted
no part in a board plan. Of
those wishing a board plan, a
five-day plan was designated as
most preferable, leaving
weekends free for students to
eat elsewhere.
The survey indicates the
average student living on
campus eats 1.2 meals per
week in Chase Cafeteria, 2.3
meals per week in Lenoir, 2.8
meals per week in snack bars,
0.8 in the Student Union snack
bar and 5.5 meals per week off
By Glenn Brank
Staff Writer
UNC student Jack Stout,
who filed charges against a tow
truck driver earlier this week
following an incident in the
Law School parking lot, said
Thursday he has been told
charges may be brought against
him for obstructing justice.
The threat was allegedly
made by an agent of
Nationwide Insurance Co.,
representatives of Burch's Auto
Service, according to Steve
Bernholtz, Stout's attorney.
Bernholtz said the agent
told him "if charges are not
dropped we might see to it that
charges against him for
obstructing justice."
Stout said, "I do not intend
to drop charges. Furthermore,
once a warrant is sworn out, it
is the state versus Mr. Duncan,
and I have no power to drop
Stout also reported that two
persons attempted to gain
access to his medical records
Wednesday. He said the
receptionist on duty described
them as a campus police officer
able to watch via color
'There will be a TV camera
aboard one of the recovery
helicopters," Jerome P.
Hammack, chief of landing and
recovery, confirmed. The
prime pickup ship, the carrier
Iwo Jima, is equipped to beam
the TV signals to ground relay
stations via satellite.
A tropical storm which had
been worrying recovery
officials moved out of the wav
is moving away from
it appeared to be
moving several years ago.
"We're not going back to
nature, in Thoreau s ser. --."' he
said. "We can't. There's not
enough nature left.
"I think we're going lo learn
to control technology rather
than have technology control
us. We're not doing too well
now because technological
revolution has come too fast.
"We're going to move to
improve technology, but we're
also going to control it," he
The trpy n some newly
the wav
78 Years Of Editorial Freedom
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... W
DTH columnist Rick Allen places the scales of justice In
deadly peril today at 1 p.m. in the Van Hecke-Wettach courtroom
of the UNC Law School. '
Allen stars as defendent in the annual mock trial sponsored by
the Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity.
Leading witness for the prosecution is UNC football player
Don McCauley, who unsuspectingly purchased some obscene
literature from Allen.
McCauley became so emotionally involved in the literature he
attempted to rape precious and fragile Cathe Herman, darling of
the Tri-Delts.
Allen's defense will be handled by law student Joel Stevenson.
Chief prosecutor Jim Brown will represent the state. Ralph
Haskel is chairman of the mock court.
All UNC students are invited to observe the trial.
Charges May B
and a man wearing an Esso
station uniform. '
Stout had isited the UNC
infirmary Tuesday after
sustaining minor injuries in the
parking lot incident. , He was
treated by Dr. Robert Lindsay.
Dr. Lindsay said Thursday
someone had requested Stout's
records Wednesday. He said the
records were withheld after
consultation with Dr. Donald
E. Hedgpeth, head of the
Dr. Hedgpeth said, "We
refused to tell them anything.
Records are very confidential.
Information is given to no one
without the patient's written
permission or a court
Capt. Bynum Rigsbee of the
campus police was informed of
the alleged infirmary incident
Thursday night. He said he
"knew nothing" of a campus
police officer visiting the
infirmary for such a purpose.
Duncan could not be reached
for comment, and Bill Burch,
owner of the auto service had
nothing to add when
Stout said he felt comment
and Flight Director Glynn
Lunney said the weather now
"is very good."
Neil A. Armstrong, the first
man to walk the moon,
underscored the obvious
Thursday night-pointing out
the Apollo 13 crew still had
many anxious moments ahead.
Asked the most tense time
of his flight, Armstrong
responded: "Waiting for the
re-entry parachute. If you're
on the moon and your ascent
eab'iihed newspapers has
been to move away from the
traditional event orientation of
the printed media, but Royster
sees this new analytical
orientation as an addition, no:
a replacement, for
traditional 2r?nroach of
"I don't think any news
media can get completely away
from being event oriented, he
"People demand that their
news media inform them of
what's going on. I don't think
anv media can get awav from
being event oriented. If they
"" J. Limiji.n. ijy
was in order in view of the
circumstances. Referring to
Monday's incident in the
parking lot, he said the
disputed parking space "was
not barricaded. There was a
barricade to the right, and the
area to the right was
barricaded," he added.
Stout said the officer at the
lot, O.Daniels, accused him of
moving the barricades. He
denied the charge. Supporting
witnesses said no barricades
were in the area that morning
or the previous night.
"I told the police I would
not pay the five dollar tow
fee," he said. "Finally, we
agreed to call another officer
to straighten the matter out.
"The tow truck driver
looked impatient," he
continued. "When the officer
left, I asked the driver to wait
for a few minutes until the
other officer arrived. The
driver did not reply.
"Officer Daniels returned
and said someone was on the
way. He did not issue any
order to the driver, but the
driver climbed into his track
and began to back toward my
engine doesn't fire, at least you
have the benefit of time to
consider and discuss it with the
space center.
"If a parachute doesn't
come out, you're short on
alternatives and short on
Because of the many extra
tasks the Apollo 13 crew will
be obliged to perform in order
to get their limping spacecraft
back to earth, they deckled
against .. wearing their space
(Ui(vll li
dcn t "'70 V-V - ;
wants, the riT'HSi wjTt
iii?rn bv not readme the s-r
i-e rr.ecia sate to hiin
there's more to the news than
just the event.. The meet
2 f.2.5
rrtt t n l . j
io to bevond heir :
evert oner-ted. They have to
tr.e reasons
..icanons oi the event." he
-. The basic function ' of a
newspaper, he said, is to "print
the news and raise hell. Print
the news first. Then raise hell."
The basic problem Royster
sad he had noticed over the
By Steve Plaisance
Staff Writer
Student Body President
Tom Bello gave his full support
to Morehead Residence
College's efforts to gain use of
the Faculty Club in an open
letter released Thursday to the
University Space Committee.
"I pledge my full support to
the officials of Morehead in
their efforts to get the Faculty
Club facility," Bello said.
"These students are showing
great enthusiasm in their
efforts, and I feel that
administrators often overlook
the positive effects of
generating enthusiasm in a
"In this particular case,"
Bello said, "practicality does
not overshadow humanity."
"Tommy's full support
helps us a tremendous
amount," said Morehead
Governor Steve Saunders. "His
position as president of the
student body gives him a lot of
influence with members of the
Space Committee. I couldn't
be more pleased that he is
using this influence to
contribute to our efforts."
The Morehead effort has
gained the support of many
campus organizations,
e File'
"When I saw what he was
doing, I said, 'No you don't,'
and went over and ,stood in
front of my car. He continued
to back toward me.
"Two people stood there
and warned the driver. He was
looking at me the entire time
through the back window.
"He hit me. I squeezed out
and then he backed on into my
"I told Duncan I would see
him in court and asked for his
name. He replied, 'I ain't got
no name.'
"When the other officer
finally arrived, I told him what
had happened and asked him
for Duncan's name. He said I
could ask him myself, that he
was standing nearby. I finally
found out for myself his name
was Marshall Duncan."
Stout swore out a warrant
for Duncan on the charge of
assault with a deadly weapon
Tuesday. Lieutenant Amos
Horn of the Chapel Hill Police
Department reported Thursday
the warrant had been served
and Duncan had posted bond.
suits, which are bulky and
might slow their movements.'
Lovell had asked ground
controllers for advice on
whether he and his crewmates
should wear the space suits,
and controllers advised against
The spacecraft commander
replied that he and .his crew
would heed the advice, but
added that "in our spare time
well be practicing getting that
1 O
years in The D;.h' Tar Heel I a
tendency for it to ran in
One ed;tor. he said, may gel
all caught up in w hat he thinks
of the world situation and harp
on that everyday. In time, he
said, that attitude can run over
onto the r.ewspaes.
After a bad year, he a :d
the paper wi'.i usually respond
with a few good years.
Royster was in town to
address classes in the
Journalism and Business
f rf
K-V v
Founded February 23. 1893
according to Saunders. These
include Men's Residence
Council, Association of Women
Students, Residence College
Federation, Committee on
University Residential Life and
the boards of Social and
Academic Lieutenant
At the present time,
Morehead social facilities
consist of a single area
occupying one half of the
basement of Graham
The Faculty Club building is
located between the lower
quad and Cobb dorm and is no
longer "used" regularly by the
faculty. The Monogram Club
The Order of Golden Fleece
will tap new members at its
annual ceremony tonight at
7:30 in Memorial Hall.
Tom Wicker, Washington
Bureau manager of the New
York Times, will be the
keynote speaker at the
ceremony. The public is invited
to attend.
Charlie Farris, a member of
the order, said the doors will
be locked promptly at 7:30
p.m. so all persons interested in
attending should be sure to
arrive before then.
Membership in the Golden
Fleece is traditionally
considered to be the highest
honor a student can receive.
The order, founded in 1903,
honors those persons who have
5 f
Tom Wicker
hatch in place and locked
Without the hatch closed,
the astronauts would die if
they were not in their suits.
Thousands of specialists on
the ground were working on an
around the clock basis to bring
the Apollo crew home safely.
"If things keep mg the
wav thev are, we're in
Royster raps
. ii.
cafeteria in the basement is
closed and the Circus Room
snack bar is the only part of
the building in use.
Saunders indicated the Air
Force ROTC is also making a
bid for use of the building, as
are other groups.
"If the AFROTC gets the
building, then they'll have to
remodel it to fit their
requirements," Saunders
explained. "Morehead will take
it just as it is without any
Following is the context of
Bello's letter to the Space
"Needless to say, I am not
the first person to write this
Will Highlight
Fleece Tappin
given "outstanding service to
the University."
The "giants," hooded
members of the order, will
walk the aisles and select the
new members tonight. Wicker's
speech will follow the tapping.
Undergraduates, graduates,
professors and former students
at UNC are eligible to be
tapped for the order, which
now has a membership of
approximately 800.
The order has selected
about 20 new members a year
over the past few years but
Farris said he did not know
Chapel Hill ECOS will
sponsor an Environmental
Teach-in April 21 and 22 as
part of nationally observed
Earth Day.
Through a series of
workshops and sensitivity
projects, ECOS sponsors hopes
to focus attention on
environmental degradation.
Six workshops will take the
form of panel discussions with
audience participation and are
scheduled for 1, 3, and 8 p.m.
in Memorial Hall.
Tuesday's topics include
Principles of Ecology, Women
and Ecology, and Ecology and
Social Concerns.
Ecology and the Politics of
n 77
beautiful shape," said chief
astronaut Donald K. "Deke"
Slayton at ground control. But
he tempered his optimism by
adding that "you can't
discount the fact that
something else might go out on
you before you get home."
The last full day in space
was an especially
uncomfortable one for the
astronauts, since the
temperature in their spaceship
with DTH staff.
Bo 7
committee on the advisability
of allowing Morehead
Residence College the use of
the Faculty Club in the coming
year. Nor will I probably be
the last.
For one of the few times in
my years at Carolina,
Morehead Residence College
appears to be a "hotbed of
enthusiasm." Their officers are
committed to having a good
year, and the students in
Lower Quad and Cobb are
showing interest in the
residence colleges. They all feel
they very much need the
Faculty Club facilities.
I would be disappointed to
(See Bello, pace 5)
how many new members
would be selected this year.
This year is the first time in
many years the tapping of new
members has been open to the
Wicker, a native of Hamlet,
is a graduate of UNC. Wicker
formerly worked with the
Winston-Salem Journal and
joined the Times in 19G0
covering the White House and
national politics in Washington.
He became chief of the
Washington Bureau in 1961
and was appointed associate
editor of the Times in 19G8.
His column, "In the Nation,"
runs several times each week.
Earth Da
Today, Ecology of Industry,
and Ecology and the
Administration of Water
Pollution make up
Wednesday's workshops.
Sensitivity projects will be
conducted throughout the day
on Wednesday.
Some of the projects
planned are a demonstration of
air pollution sampling
techniques, an ecologically
sound store, a series of films
and a slide show on pollution
and beauty in the Chape! Hi!!
area and a "trash-in."
ECOS sponsors are urging
all faculty members to initiate
discussions in their classrooms
about environmental problems.
has been steadily falling.
Usually the cabin is kept
warm by heat from the
hundreds of instruments in the
command module. But these
instruments have be?n powered
down or turned off completely
since an explosion knocked out
part of their electrical system
and robbed them of part of
their vital oxygen supply
Monday night when they were
Hearing the moon.

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