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TODAY Partly cloudy and
mild; high, 70, low, upper 40's;
20 percent chance of rain.
SUNDAY-partly cloudy a'
EI1RINGHAUS FIELD will be the site for today's folk festival.
Festivities will begin with the Southern Folk Festival, including
Babe Stovall, above, and Elizabeth Cotten, below right. Their
Allen Not Guilty
.Mock Trial Cage
Tar Heel columnist Rick
Allen was found not guilty for
selling obscene literature in
Chapel Hill in mock trial
proceedings at the UNC Law
School Friday afternoon.
Allen was "charged" with
selling copies of "Star Lust
Motel" at Kemp's Ahead Shop.
Professor Kenneth Broun
served as presiding judge. Law
students Jim Brown and Joel
Stevenson acted as prosecutor
and defense attorney,
respectively. Members of the
jury consisted of
undergraduate students who
volunteered for duty.
Bill Faison, arresting officer,
said he had responded to a
complaint by a Mrs. Williford
that Allen had sold obscene
literature to her 14-year-old
son. Faison said he gave Allen
the Miranda warnings and
Allen had replied that Faison
'was busting up a good thing."
Football star Don
McCauley, who had earlier
been "charged" with assaulting
Cathe Herman after reading the
stimulating book, said the
book was the reason he
attacked the frail and fragile
Tri-Delt coed.
Witness Barbara Henderson,
a psychiatrist, told the court
that after reading passages in
the book "any normal male
might find himself yielding to
his baser instincts and might
lose his self-control."
Mike Cotten, a literary
expert, testified the book was
obscene. Defense then
established that Cotten receives
a fee for testifing at obscenity
Testifying on his own
behalf, Allen said he had not
read the book himself, only the
blurb on the inside cover. The
defense claimed that since he
was unaware of the book's
(UPI) From 205,000 miles
deep in space, flying a route
that skirted the edge of death
for 86 hours and 57 minutes,
Apollo 13 made it.
Carrying its three
courageous crewmen, Navy
Capt. James A. Lovell and
space rookies John L. wigert
and Fred W. HaU, the
command ship came blazing
into earth's atmosphere Friday
at 24,385 mph.
contents ' he could " not be "
Luther Moore, another
literary critic, rejected the
notion that the book was
obscene and said the book was
"not only socially interesting
but also socially relevant."
He said a moral lesson could
be learned from the book.
Bill Lamb, a country Baptist
preacher, told the court he had
not been offended by the book
and even considered it to be
indicative of community
Dave Williams, a
psychiatrist, testified that
McCauley would have been
motivated by any suggestive
book, not just "Star Lust
The jury returned a verdict
of not guilty after 15 minutes
of deliberation.
well Named Summer -BTH
By Mike Parnell
Staff Writer
Editors have been selected
for the summer Tar Heel, the
1970-71 Yackety Yack and the
1970-71 Carolina Quarterly, it
was announced by the
Publications Board Friday.
Business managers have also
been appointed for the summer
Tar Heel, the Yack and the
1970-71 Daily Tar Heel,
according to Gunnar Fromen,
chairman of the board.
Bobby Nowell, a rising
senior from Wendell, was
appointed editor of the
summer Tar Heel.
Editor of next year's Yack
is Joe Mitchiner, a rising
sophomore from Raleigh.
Its orange parachutes then
serenely wafted them down
from the blue, cloud-dotted
heavens before the eyes of a
breathless television audience.
The time was 1:08 p.m.
EST and the splashdown was
right on target just four mile
south of the prime recovery
carrier Iwo Jima, positioned
621 miles southeast of Pago
Pago in the Pacific Ocean.
Again, the composed crew,
whose spaceship was hit by an
show will begin at 12:30 p.m.
folk festival will begin, with
highlighting the evening. (Staff
. .
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: A
George Wolfe, a graduate
student from Columbia, Miss.,
was appointed last week to be
editor of the Carolina
The business manager for
the summer Tar Heel will be
Paul Nash, a rising junior who
has served as a salesman for the
Tar Heel this year.
The DTH business manager
for next year will be Jim Dans,
a rising senior who has served
as assistant business manager
this year. The business manager
for the Yack will be Hoiladay
Worth, a rising junior who did
the mug shots for the Yack this
Nowell, who has served as
associate editor and managing
unexplained explosion 205,000
miles from earth, underplayed
their lines.
"OK, Joe," was all Swigert
had to say when
communication finally was
re-established following a radio
blackout caused by a buildup
of electrically - charged gas
around the spacecraft during
re-entry. He was speaking to
ground controller Joe Kenvin.
Not until just before
re-entry did the astronauts get
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7 IVars 0
At 8 p.m. the second part of the
Jerry Jeff Walker and Jim Wann
Photos by Steve Adams)
To Edit
editor of the DTH, said he
wanted to "solicit the help of
anyone who will be here this
summer who would like to
work for the paper."
He said the paper will try
"to relate as strongly as it can
to the summer student body, a
large part of which are not
students here."
The main staff has not been
chosen for the paper yet, said
Nowell, but "I'm lining up
people for the staff now."
Mitchiner, who served as
layout editor for the Yack this
year, said he felt "quite
fortunate" to be appointed but
was somewhat "apprehensive"
of the iob.
He said that a rising
Jo Nome
a ehanci? to see the extent of
the damage to their moonship
from an explosion that rocked
it Monday night when they
were nearing the moon.
Lovell looked at the service
module which was jettisoned
before re-entry and radioed,
"There's a whole side of the
spacecraft missing." Agreed
Haise, "It's really a mess."
But the bone-weary
astronauts who did everything
Editorial Freedom
By Lou Bonds
Staff Writer
Student Body President
Tommy Bello Thursday vetoed
a Student Legislature bill
which provided for the
elimination of funds to several
student organizations if the
administration tries students
without their consent.
Bello vetoed the Bill to
Insure the Autonomy of
Student Courts because it was
passed by the 1969-70
legislature and he felt it is the
responsibility of the new
Legislature to act on this
matter, he said.
The bill was passed by a 17
to 12 margin in an April 22
Legislature meeting.
Speaking before the
forty -ninth assembly of the
Student Legislature, Bello
based his reasoning on four
the new Legislature should
begin immediately to take a
stand on the disruptions
policy. The most effective
stand they can take is not to be
limited by legislation passed by
the old Legislature.
disagreement of the Men
and Women's Honor Courts to
uphold the bill. There should
be a joint stand taken by the
judicial, executive and
legislative branches of Student
personal belief that
cutting off funds to student
courts and - the attorney
general's office might not be
the best way to insure the
accountability of the student
judicial process.
the dismissal of the Alex
Willingham case by the
administration which was
trying him under the
disruptions policy.
The bill would have cut
funds from 10. student
organizations and would
request student courts to cease
operation seven days after the
administration tried a student
outside student judicial
Bello stressed that although
he felt some action needed to
be taken in such instances, he
did not feel the new
Legislature should necessarily
follow the lead of the old.
The student body president
sophomore had not held the
post in many years but he was
confident he could do a good
A member of Delta Upsilon
fraternity, Mitchiner said no
concrete plans had been made
for the yearbook as yet.
Fromen, speaking for the
Publications Board, said he felt
all of the appointees are
"qualified and will' do a good
job next year."
He said no business manager
has yet been appointed for the
Carolina Quarterly because no
one has applied for the
position. Anyone interested in
the position should contact
Fromen or any member of the
right on the harrowing
"'emergency trip home pulled
off one of the best
splashdowns in the U.S. space
programs despite all their
A swimmer from the
recovery ship reached the
capsule 9 minutes after it hit
the water, and 44 minutes later
the pilots were lifted by
helicopter to the flight deck of
the Iwo Jima.
ieeilCD V It
It Fse
School Tries S
led off the meeting by
expressing hopes of Student
Legislature cooperation in the
corning year.
"I sincerely feel that the
coming year will be a
watershed for the whole
process of Student
Government either we work
together considering what is
best for the student body or
we alienate the majority of
students on this campus.
"We will witness the rise of
student respect for the Student
Government or we will see the
stagnation of that structure."
Bello expressed his personal
willingness to work with the
Student Legislature for joint
achievement in the coming
"For one year, the office of
president of the student body
will be my life and I am
committed to its processes
towards working for a greater
Faculty Club Petition
Gains Student Support
By Terry Cheek
Staff Writer
Morehead Residence College
has gained nearly 100 percent
response on a petition which
calls for making the Faculty
Club part of the facilities of
the college.
Morehead Governor Steve
Saunders said Friday only one
signature was need to make the
response 100 percent.
"I can't remember when
any large group has obtained
100 percent on a petition for
any cause," said Saunders.
The University Space and
Planning Committee, chaired
by Assistant to the Chancellor
Claiborne Jones, will be
meeting Monday to decide the
fate of the now vacant Faculty
The committee has the
responsibility of administering
the use of all the buildings on
.campus. Primarily a function
of the Un i versi ty
administration, the committee
has one student member.
The petition points out that
the Faculty Club is centrally
located among the components
of Morehead Cobb, Graham,
Ay cock, Stacy, Everette and
Lewis dormitories and that
Morehead 'is currently
without adequate social
facilities and has no office
Saunders said he is the only
governor in the residence
A STUDENT SHOWS his glee with the
refreshments available at the Beta Beer Elast.
The BBB was designed to raise money for
'charity. According to Mike Miller, a Beta
TTpTi ,p 71
n Hmn T(i b
student unity," he said.
Bello cited a need for more
cooperation within the
executive and legislative
branches of the Student
Government. He called for an
end to the conflict of "one
against the other."
"Tonight will not be the last
time I am seen on this chamber
floor," Bello predicted. "I feel
it essential that the Legislature
and the president work
Turning to legislative
business, Bello mentioned the
appointment of three officers
to be submitted to the Ways
and Means Committee.
Guil Waddell was appointed
treasurer of the student body,
David Crump to fill the vacant
seat on the Student Supreme
Court and Steve Saunders as
presidential advisor on
Residence Colleges.
On the issue of the Student
Government Budget Bill, Bello
Steve Saunders
college system who has no
The petition also stated
"next fall all incoming
freshmen will be required to
live on campus for two years,
thus placing an obligation on
the University to improve
on-campus living."
The final notation of the
document said any
improvements in the residence
college system will be of
general benefit to students.
According to Saunders,
Morehead plans to use the
facility for academic and social
pledge, the fraternity more than
and would be able to make a large
(Staff Photo by John Gellman)
On The Inside
Daotey iJtj.cs stcck of the
Carolina defensive! in
She first of a six-part scries
todav. S pjs'e 3.
Founded February 23. 1893
i !
f! 0 J
said he saw no reason to veto
it but that several charges
needed to be made.
In other legislative
Charlie Dean was elected
speaker pro tempore over
Susan Case by a 30 to 12 vote.
Gene Yates was also
nominated but withdrew his
A bill to eliminate
discrimination by the
University and Student
Government was introduced
by legislator Gerry Cohen.
A resolution demanding
that the administration sboli.h
curfews for women students
was introduced by legislator
Susan Case.
Temporary' committees
were set up for the Finance
Committee, Judicial
Committee, Rules Committee
and the Ways and Means
activities. Using the large room
as a 24-hour social lounge, the
college plans also to establish a
seminar room, a library, a
study lounge and a central
Support for granting the use
of the club to Morehead is not
restricted to the residents of
the college. The Committee on
University Residential Life, an
advisory committee to
Chancellor J. Crlyle Sitterson,
has recommended the facility
be given to Morehead.
The proposal has also gained
the approval of the Residence
College Federation, the Men's
Residence Council, the
Association of Women
Students, Student Body
President Tommy Bello and
other student leaders, the
Board of Social Lieutenant
Governors and Student
Saunders said he expects the
proposal may have trouble in
the Space Committee. He said
groups which are now in
"temporary" buildings, such as
ROTC, are being considered.
The petition has already
been assured support by some
of the members on the Space
Committee, said Saunders.
"If the Space Committee is
to represent the best wishes of
the University community, it
must take into consideration
this accurate expression of the
student's wishes," said
covered costs
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