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    September 27, 1970
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Not Em
by Chris Cobbs
Sports Editor
COLLEGE PARK, Md.-Roy Lester
would have an undefeated football team
if he had as many football players as he
had choice expletives.
His psotgame dialogue was as colorful
as the halftime show staged by massed
Band Day musicians.
Lester had no excuses to offer,
however, following Carolina's 53-20 win
Blue Devil.
over Maryland here Saturday.
Speaking in a deep and defiant voice,
he called the Tar Heels a "good team
beyond any doubt," but he cautioned
future Terrapin opponents, "we're damn
sure not dead."
In contrast to Carlina Coach Bill
Dooley, who probably wouldn't rouse a
sleeping baby and certainly would say
nothing it shouldn't hear, Lester's
monologue was plainly audible and
by AI Thomas
Ass 7 Sports Editor
DURHAM-The scene was familiar
here at Wallace Wade Stadium Saturday
Term p era tures reached into the
uncomfortably humid 80's, thousands of
spectator seats were left unfilled, and the
Duke Blue Devils carried the ball across
the goal line just enough times to edge a
determined Atlantic Coast Conference
Last week the victim was Maryland;
Saturday, it was Virginia.
The Blue Devils main problem in their
first two games this year-an inability to
cash in on scoring opportunities-continued
to haunt them Saturday but was
not enough to deprive sporadic Duke of a
hard-earned 1 77 victory over Virginia.
The sharp passing of Duke quarterback
Leo Hart combined with the powerful
running of fullback Steve Jones made
Duke look like a football
powerhouse -until the Blue Devils moved
close to the Virginia goal.
Duke moved within the Virginia 20
yard line seven times without scoring. On
five occassions, the Blue Devils had first
down and goal with in the Virginia eight
and couldn't score.
The Blue Devil defense, however, was
brilliant in the second half, keeping the
Cavaliers deep within their own territory.
This severely hampered Cavalier
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s Edge
quarterback Larry Albert in doing what
he likes best throwing the ball.
Albert was good on only eight of 22
passes for 145 yards. He also threw two
i Hart, meanwhile, had an excellent day
passing, completing 17 of 28 for 231
yards. Jones, the other Duke offensive
standout, rushed for 112 yards on 32
Virginia was first to threaten
offensively, moving from the Duke 26 to
the 14 yard line in the first quarter before
Albert threw an interception in the
Virginia came back on their next
possession, however, to score on a
dramatic 64 yard pass play from Albert
to flanker Dave Sullivan. Sullivan caught
the ball on the Duke 30 and raced
untouched into the in-zone.
On Duke's second possession after the
Virginia score, Hart passed his way from
Duke's own 29 to inside the Virginia 10.
There, the Blue Devils stalled and on
fourth and goal on the Virginia one-inch
line were unable to score.
Twice in the second quarter, Cavalier
third string fullback Greg Dickerhoff
fumbled on Virginia's own 35 but Duke
was never able to cash in on the
With 44 seconds left in the half, Duke
finally managed to get on the scoreboard
when Dave Pugh booted a 39 yard field
Duke's first touchdown came with just
over five minutes left in the third quarter
after an impressive 96 yard drive.
Virginia had moved to the Duke 7
yard line, but on fourth and 3 fell one
linch sfcorpf a,fiiqftjlpwq,a, .
V , Hart then guided the Blue Devils to
the Virginia one on 14 plays before Jones
crashed over left guard for the
The final Duke touchdown came with
seven seconds left when reserve
quarterback Dennis Satyshur passed to
Brad Evans.
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refreshingly spicy.
"We sure as heck looked dead," he
began before offering his warning to Terp
foes to come.
"I didn't think our defense was good
at alL We got absolutely no help
underneath from our linebackers on pass
"Even the good things I saw out there
had a negative aspect. Quarterback Jeff
Shugars, who I didn't think picked up his
secondary receivers as well as he might,
was vicitimized by dropped passes on a
number of plays.
"Of course, we started two walk-ons
(non-scholarship players) at wide receiver
and you can't get away with that."
Taking a few healthy gulps from his
canned drink, the coach continued the
"We probably had men open a lot of
the time the way Carolina was rushing.
But we were not quick enough to get the
ball to them.
"I thought Robert Tucker, who we
played at quarterback in the fourth
quarter, did a good job of spotting open
men. He moved the club and we may
start him some."
The Tar Heels' Dooley made his
comments while standing in the sun in
front of the Carolina dressing room. He
was subdued in manner, as usual, but
indicated he was quite happy with the
"We took advantage of their early
mistakes real well," he said.
"We kept our composure well when
we got behind at the start. We didn't get
rattled at all.
"We were able to save our first team
offensive and defensive units. They
played only about half of the time.
"We didn't feel at any point we had
the game in the bag, not after the way
South Carolina came back to beat us in
the last quarter two years ago."
Asked it he was displeased with the
play of the UNC secondary, which
permitted the bulk of the Terp yardage,
tne coach gave his stock reply, "they're
young but improving."
They were more than good enough
Saturday, in any case.
Other Scores . .
Alabama 46, Florida 1 5
Colorado 41, Penn. St. 13
Georgia 38, Clemson 0
Florida State 19, Wake Forest 14 v .
State 7, S. Carolina 7
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5 .
Rugby is one of those games where you play as hard as
you can for the entire game and hope you can get rid of the
ball before someone kills you. Here a North Carolina player
Davidson team and sets himself to pass the ball to hb
teammates following the play from behind. UNC won
34-0. (Staff photo by Johnny Lindahl)
Goeettry Team
eeks Gomfereece TM
by Mark Whicker
Sports Writer
An expensive summer running
program and a cache of excellent
freshmen have propelled the Tar Heel
cross-country team into contention for
the conference title.
The" Heels get their first indications
Monday afternoon with a trip to South
Carolina, another team with outstanding
Captain Larry Widgeon, who finished
third in the ACC meet last year as a
sophomore, points to. ever-dangerous
Maryland and improving Duke as
Carolina's main ACC rivals.
Charley Shrader of Maryland won the
conference title last fall, but Widgeon has
heard reports that the defending champ
may not be around this time.
"If Shrader is back, there's really not
much chance that5 we can ' beat-
Maryland," assesses Widgeon realistically.
"But if the rumors are true that he's not
running any more, then I feel Duke will
be a bigger threat."
Reports from College Park indicate
Shrader has gotten married and that one
of his knees is bothering him.
Russ Taintor, the ACC two-mile
champ, finished behind Widgeon in the
Carolina-Maryland meet last season, but
the Maryland star suffered a stitch and
ran under great duress throughout most
of the afternoon.
Duke's veterans include Larry
Forrester, Roger Beardmore and Phil
Wilson, plus a top freshman.
But Carolina may have more depth
than either team. In a time trial over the
five-mile trail around Finley Golf Course,
Widgeon came in at 26:55.
Second was talented freshman Tony
Waldrop at 27:40. Then came veteran Pat
Gfady (28:11 ) freshman Mike Caldwell
(28:23) and a much improved Zack
Osborne (28:40).
Mike Garcia, another first-year man,
was sixth.
"These are very encouraging times,"
says Widgeon, "because most of the boys
would be running faster in a dual meet.
This was just a relaxed time trial."
Other returnees are Dave Collins, Bill
Harvard, Gay Lynch and Earl Owens.
Steve Grahtwohl, Jim Sellers, Roy
Helm and Al Powell are other freshmen
brought in by Coach Joe Hilton.
Bruce Haefmeister, Widgeon's
roommate, suffered a sprained ankle two
weekends ago, but is runnine aeain.
Last year the Heels beat East Carolina,
South Carolina, Clemson and Wake
Forest. Widgeon also tabs the Tigers as
ACC contenders, along with UNC.
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