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    October 9, 1970
Page Six
Election '70 Polls
it ui dee ft Opinion
On Novo
by Woody Doster
Staff Writer
The Election '70 group conducted a
"politicai marketplace" Thursday night
where four campus political organizations
gave presentations of their views
concerning the upcoming November
The organizations presented their
views in five-minute discussions which
were followed by question and answer
sessions. After the meeting, each
14 Pledge
Service Frat
Alpha Phi Omega, national service
fraternity, pledged 14 new members last
week. Seven of the members are
"We had a really good turnout," said
Hoyt Bangs, rush chairman. "About 40 or
50 boys came through."
The fraternity held formal rush last
Monday and Tuesday. Pledges were
invited back Wednesday night. Both the
brothers and pledges attended a party
Saturday night for new members.
APO pledges direct the campus lost
and found service in Smith Building.
Pledges and brothers will co-sponsor the
Campus Chest auction this fall and the
Campus Chest carnival in the spring with
Gamma Gamma Sigma service colony.
This fall new members will participate
in pledge-training. "Service hours" are
also a part of this program.
New members of Alpha Phi Omega
are: Brad Batch, Joe DeRosa, Greg
Essick, Jim Hawkins, Donald Hill, Chuck
Hoover, Bill Johnson, Don Morgan, Don
Robertson, Richard Robertson, Carl
Schilkowsky, Tom Seitz, Larry Uhteg,
and Richard Whittecar.
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organization manned a table where
interested persons could obtain more
Meeting organizer Art Berger spoke for
Election HO, which tries to aid other
groups engaged in campaigning for the
November elections. Election '70
supports no candidates itself.
The Movement for A New Congress
(MNC) was represented by field organizer
Virginia Carson. MNC concentrates on
helping "generally liberal" Congressional
candidates of any party, said Miss Carson.
They are supporting incumbent Sen.
Albert Gore, D-Tenn., Congressional
challenger Andy Young of Atlanta, Ga.
and Senate hopeful George Wallings of
Virginia, she said.
Miss Ccrson also emphasized that each
of these candidates is actively engaged in
working for peace.
Butch Rooks, vice chairman of the
Young Democrats, presented his group's
plans for the fall. The Young Democrats
plan to help local Democratic candidates,
in addition to helping Congressional
candidates in the Fourth, Sixth and
Eighth districts. These districts include
Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh and
"We feel that this is where we can help
the party and the people of this area the
most," said vice chairman Rooks.
The Young Republicans were
represented by chairman Richard Barnes.
They are working for local incumbent
Republican candidates. Much of their
support goes to the campaign by Jack
Hawke to unseat Fourth District
Democratic Rep. Nick Galifianakis.
Al Smith represented the Tennessee
Students for Gore Committee. They are
working for the re-election of Sen. Gore,
a prominant anti-war spokesman.
Each of the groups' spokesmen felt
that the meeting was a success. "We
believe that we successfully got the
people together with the groups,"
Election '70 chairman Art Berger said.
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It was one of those days Thursday.
was just right, not too hot and not too cold...the perfect somewhere along the
temperature for a trot around the track at Fetzer. It was someone had to be
Calfiffamo Discesses Democirate
Continued from page one
is working on another book, entitled
"The Presidency Where the Action Is."
Califano was named special assistant to
the Genral Counsel of the Defense
Department in 1961 and assistant to the
Secretary of the Army in 1963,
Appointed special assistant to
President Johnson in 1965, he was in
charge of developing and coordinating the
President's legislative program.
"The Democratic Party seems to have
lost its vision-its ideological bearings, if
you will," Califano said. "It is urgently in
need of a Vatican II, a rebirth, not
directed at it liturgical procedures, but at
the very heart of its substantive program
for our people."
The speaker told of two viewpoints
concerning, the American voter: one
' aware of social issues and one up for
grabs to any politician.
Another view of the voter is one by
the underground press which reports the
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Chapel Hill's weather also a good day to
majority feel "powerless, despise their
government and are trying to break the
chains of what Charles Reich calls 'the
corporate state.'"
"My own view is that the American
voter is confused, manipulated, skeptical,
bamboozled and more profoundly
troubled than ever before in our nation's
history," said Califano.
Califano mentioned the use of the
computer for voter manipulation in
getting support for the candiate and
getting voters who agree with the
candidate to the polls.
"Television provides another
qualitatively different level of voter
manipulation," he said.
Califano noted President Nixon's use
of television and said a 30-rninute
broadcast made Spiro Agnew the
vest-known vice president in history.
Later, in a question and answer
session, Califano said Republicans will
have about $500 million for a television
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(Staff photo by Cliff Kolovson)
blitz in 1972 whereas the Democratic
Party will only have five or six million
"Candidates with sufficient funds to
combine the latest computer technology
with a television blitz on a national or
state-wide scale may be able virtually to
guarantee themselves election victory
with little regard to their position on
substantive issues or the quality of their
opposition, particularly if that opposition
is significantly less well financed," he
Califano suggested the skepticism of
the American electorate might make the
TV campaign useless.
"As poll after poll shows..ancreasing
numbers of Americans believe less and
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Continued from page one
with the administration has been second
hand," he explained.
"None of the money promised by the
administration has been deposited in the
Student Activities Fund as is nornul. Ncr
was the money collected from the picnic
ever deposited in the fund. Apparently it
was paid out to the Chicken Box in
cash." Grady continued.
According to Stevens the
Administration has expended
approximately $1,706 for Orientation
through a special account set up by
through the Dean of Men's office.
The Student Government has
expended SI, 705 for Orientation, Stevens
"Ultimately, the Student Government
and the administration will share the
unfortunate cost of the picnic on an
equal basis.
The DTH incorrectly reported
Thursday that due to University Day
exercises all exercises would be suspended
from 11 a.m. through the remainder of
the day Monday. Only the 1 1 a.m. classes
will be suspended.
less of what their political and
government leaders say," Califano said.
The former presidential assistant said
the voters may come to believe some of
the "big lies" which are often repeated
today by political leaders. Deceptive
advertising pervades the entire American
political establishment from left to fight,
he said.
Califano's Vatican II would be a series
of studies and task forces to provide
programmatic direction to assist mayors
and governors and House and Senate
"My plea is simply to face the
problems that confront you with
realism," he said.
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