North Carolina Newspapers

    October 9, 1970
Pace Seven
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5 Buildings Hit
Bombs rocked a courtroom, a National
Guard armory and a university ROTC
building on the West Coast early
Thursday. A high school and a store were
firebombed in Indiana.
In San Rafael, Calif., a powerful bomb
in a ladies' restroom wrecked . a
courtroom in the Frank Lloyd
Wright-designed Marin County Hall of
Justice, near where a judge and three
others were killed in an abortive convict
escape attempt two months ago.
In Santa Barbara, Calif., a bomb
I ripped a large hole in the concrete wall of
the National Guard Armory, shattering
windows and blowing out a door.
In Seattle, Wash., two bombs exploded
in the basement of Clask Hall at the
University of Washington, where Navy
and Army ROTC offices were housed.
In South Bend, Ind., firebombs were
hurled into a high shcool and store
Wednesday night causing $230,000.
damages, after a night of racial disorders
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I The San Rafael blast at 4:17 a.m. in
the courtroom of Superior Judge Joseph
Wilson blew out two walls of the room,
damaged a courtroom next door and
Russian Given Nobel Prize
STOCKHOLM-Alexander I.
Solzhenitsyn, the Russian writer whose
novels are read and accalimed by millions
abroad but banned for political reason in
the Soviet Union, Thursday won and
accepted the 1970 Novel prize in
Moscos dispatches said Solzhenitsyn
would probably be issued a passport to
leave the Soviet Union and accept the
S78,400 prize at ceremonies here Dec. 10
but there was a good chance that he
In an independent test, some indepen
dent men shaved one side of their face
with a platinum or chromium blade.
They shaved the other side with our
Tripleheader 35T shaver.
When they finished shaving, we had
them feel their faces.
7 out of 10 said our Tripleheader
shaved them as close or closer than
either the platinum or chromium blade.
Some of the men were surprised.
But, frankly, we weren't.
Because the Norelco Tripleheader is a
totally different kind of electric shaver.
1970 North
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' t, f ) I . I er ' I 1 1 , 1 1 i ' I i t "l
drove flying fragments as far as 50 yards
to knock out wood panels across a
An anonymous woman caller warned
five minutes before the blast that there
was a "big bomb in the courthouse in San
The Santa Barbara blast a 4:17 a.m.
came from a bomb planted against the
base of the north side of the building
behind a drain pipe. The location was on
the only side not protected by a high
chain link fense.
A door was blown off its hinges,
several windows blown out, and a large
hole blown out of a wall.
No one was inside the building at the
The Seattle explosions, at 2:44 a.m.,
sprayed broken glass 50 feet from the
building, touched off a fire which was
quickly extinguished and caused an
estimated 5100,000 damage.
A caller warned security police of the
bombs 22 minutes before they went off.
The building's lone occupant, a janitor,
The Seattle Times also received a call,
from a woman who said, "You better
would not be permitted to return to his
homeland. Soviet newspapers ignored the
news that Solzhenitsyn had won
literature's highes honor.
The Swedish Academy of Letters, in
announcing the prize, said Solzhenitsyn,
52, was cited "for the ethical force with
which he has pursued the indispensable
traditions of Russian literature.
Solzhenitsyn's best-known novels are
"One Day in the Life of Ivan
Denosovich," "Cancer Ward," and "The
First Circle." All were best sellers outside
I -
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c J
s yf
It has three shaving heads that float,
to follow the curves of your face.
Our blades are rotary. So they shave
in every direction. (Because your beard
grows in every direction.)
And we make our shaving heads
ultra-thin. .So it's possible to get a
really close shave. And practically im
possible to nick or cut yourself.
The Tripleheader comes in a Cord and
Either way, you
can i lose.
can't set any closer.
American Philips Corporation, 100 East 42nd Street. New
send a reporter to the University of
Washington. The ROTC building is about
to be blown up."
"I am shocked at such wanton
destruction and the threat to lives and
safety of persons on the campus,"
university executive Vice President Philip
W. Cartwright said. 'This has to be the
work of a fanatic."
Peace Symbol
May Be Patented.
WASHINGTON-The peace symbol
may soon become the commerical
trademark of a New York shoemaker or a
Florida clothing firm-with the blessing
of the U.S. Patent Office.
If so, hippie sandal-makers and other
antiwar activists could run afoul by using
the symbol as a trademark.
of the Soviet Union where Solzhenitsyn is
a literary outlaw, expelled from the
Writers Union earlier this year with a
suggestion that he exile himself abroad
and not return home.
Solzhenitsyn, who spent long years in
Stalin's concentration camps, has been
unable to publish anything in the Soviet
Union since 1966. "Cancer Ward" and
"The First Circle" are accounts of Stalin
era conditions drawn from the author's
personal prison experiences.
York. N.Y. 10017.
I if
t i'
PARIS-North Vie: mm and the Viet
Cor.g Thursday condemned most of
President Nixon's peace plan as gunboat
diplomacy and charged it was a "gift
certificate for the votes of the American
electorate." The United States appealed
to Moscos to try to persuade the
communists to accept it.
While strongly attacking the Nixon
plan, both Communists delegations to the
Parks talks said they would continue
discussing the American proposal, and
specified that their comments were
In Washington, a State Department
spokesman told newsmen: "We would
like the Soviet Union to use its influence
with the North Vietnamese and the
Provisional Revolutionary Government of
the Viet Cong for acceptance of the new
United States proposal."
' The chief Hanoi and Viet Cong
negotiators in Paris denounced Nixon's
call for an Indochina-wide cease-fire as a
moce designed to deprive the Indochinese
people of their right to self-defense
against "American agression."
The Communist negotiators attacked
four out of the five points in the Nixon
plan. Both, however remained silent on
Nixon's call for a wider peace conference
that would deal with the related conflicts
in Laos and Cambodia as well as the war
in Vietnam.
U.S. chief negotiator David K. E.
Even if trademarked, however, the
symbol could still be splashed on a
sweatshirt, necktie or bumper sticker.
CM. Wendt, director of the Patent
Office's trademark examining office, said
the law draws a distinction between a
trademark and "an embellishment on the
John Coombe, 24, a George
Washington University law student who
clerks for a trademark firm, found the
applications in the Sept. 8 issue of the
Official Gazette of the U.S, Patent Office.
He said he and other law students may
oppose the move.
Two firms are competing for the
trademark. One applicant is Harold
Koenig, president of Luv, Inc., Miam,
whose firm makes "boutique type high
fashion clothing," and would love to
couple the peace symbol with its "Luv"
Koenig's competitor is Intercontinent
Shoe Corp., New York. A company
spokesman said the symbol is put in
rnetal or leather on shoes, boots, and
sandals. Their application also requests
use of the symbol on shoe boxes.
American History
And other hard-to-find books
for scholars andollectors.
The Old Book Comer
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Opposite Town Parking Lots
Another Moving Performance
That Rates Liza an Oscar
in Top Drama!
WaX ft C.
Hza minnslli ken hsvrard
jEmes ccco kay thsnipscn
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Bruce formally ?Tt$zvAid the Nixon pbn
to a hour meeting of the Pans
conference and told newsmen afterward
he was not discouraged by the
Communist denunciation.
The Hanoi and Viet Cong negotiators
complained that Nixon was refusing to
set a troop withdrawal deadline in his
plan, and said he was Unking U.S.
withdrawal to an overall settlement
because the United States secretly plans
to leave troops in Vietnam indefinitely.
Viet Cong Foreign Minister Nguyen
Thi Binh said Nixon's plan amounted to a
Nixon Undaunted
WASHINGTON-The United States,
shrugging off the Communists initial
unfavorable response, urged the Soviet
Union Thursday to try to persuade North
Vietnam and the Viet Cong to accept
President Nixon's Indochina peace plan.
The President, en route to a weekend
rest at Key Biscayne, Fla., was gratified
by the foreign and domestic reaction to
his Wednesday night speech to the nation
and was unperturbed by Communist
denunciations at the Paris peace talks.
"At first blush, it would seem that it
had been turned down," Nixon told
newsmen. But, he added, "We expect a
more serious and formal reply in about a
The President said hd was pleased by
"the strong bipartisan support"
domestically for his call for an immediate
cease-fire throughout Indochina, followed
eventually by a new Geneva-type peace
conference to negotiate a settlement of
conflict in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
He also expressed pleasure at Secretary
of State William P. Rogers' reports of
'Very favorable reaction throughout the
world." North Vietnam, he said, "had
been counting on disunity in this
The State Department said publicly it
hoped the Russians would use their
influence in Hanoi and among the Viet
Cong for acceptance of Nixon's proposal.
Nixon said the "very favorable"
reaction to his Indochina peace initiative
has destroyed Hanoi's efforts to capitalize
on American anti-war sentiment.
Family Wins
Million Dollars
NEW YORK-A Long Island family
whose 16-year-old son said he already had
nearly everything he wanted became
"instant millionaires" Thursday when
they won the New York special million
dollar summer lottery.
The ticket, held by the George Ashton
family, of West Hempstead, N.Y., was
drawn among 14 lottery tickets which
were eligible for the lottery's first $1
million grand prize.
The family, under arrangements made
before the drawing, will receive $50,000 a
year for the next 20 years.
HIV! "-ip 1
Metropolitan Furniture Leasing, Inc. proudly presents
its S pedal Student Plan. Lease a complete apartment of
fine furniture for under SI. 00 per day. Many different
groupings and ityles, plus tv's, stereos, bars, desks.
Purchase option. Low, low lease rates. Call or Visit
Ra!eigh-3S01 S. Wilmington Street at U.S. 70-401
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refection of the Viet Cong demand for a
coalition government, and proved Nixon
planned to keep on supporting the
ty rranical, fascist and warHke
government of President Thieu.
After commenting that the Nixon pbn
was nothing more than election trkker)
aimed at winnmg votes for his party's
candidates in the Nov. 1 congressional
elections. Hanoi's Xuan Thuy dismissed
the U. S. proposal for the immediate
exchange of war prisoners as mere
The President made the remarks in
Savannah. Ga., where he dedicated a new
ocean research center before flying here
for a long weekend of rest.
Nixon, who has crammed an eight day
European visit and a major policy address
into the past two weeks, said the fact that
his new peace proposal has wide
bipartisan support "will net go unnoticed
in Hanoi."
The President said North Vietnamese
leaders had been counting on war
weariness in the United States to win
them a more favorable settlement than
they could achieve on the battlefield. But
he said his new peace initiative and the
reaction to it has changed that.
SAIGON-The South Vietnamese
government officially agreed Thursday
with President Nixon's Indochina peace
plan and offered a proposal of its own by
issuing a new challenge to the Viet Cong
to participate in national elections.
Both Cambodia and Laos also gave
their support to the Nixon plan calling
for cease-fire throughout Indochina and
trneveritual peace 'cohf erence?
The statement by President Nguyen
Van Thieu's government approving the
U.S. peace plan was broadcast about six
hours after the Nixon speech was heard in
Saigon. One official said announcement
of the plan followed weeks of talks
between the Washington and Saigon
The South Vietnamese statement hit
hard on the theme of "free elections to
determine the future of South Vietnam."
It said that effective control organizations
would be needed to control a cease fire.
"We have suggested an international
body to assure and supervise the
elections," said the Vietnamese language
statement. "We still would like to discuss
with the other side relations between the
two areas, North and South, pending a
reunification of the country."

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