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Vol. 79, No. 37
by Woody Doster
' Staff Writer
An amendment to the proposed
Student Activity budget to lower the
appropriation for a student lawyer from
$15,000 to $9,000 per year was passed
by a vote of 20-19 at Tuesday's night's
session of the Student Legislature (SL).
After a lengthy floor fight, the Black
Student Movement (BSM) received an
additional $200 to raise their total
appropriation to $5,500. SL completed
its consideration of the budget after a five
hour session.
Considering budget veto
by Jessica Hanchar
Staff Writer
Joe Stallings, president of the student
body, has not decided at present whether
to approve or veto the budget as
submitted by Student Legislature (SL)
Tuesday night. However, he has indicated
great disapproval of the budget as it
"I am deeply disturbed at the action
of Legislature and the general tone of the
budget," Stallings remarked.
Stallinss 'has until April 28 to make a
decision. .
. . - : ." .'
If he decides to veto the budget as
submitted, SL can override his veto by a ,
two-thirds vote. Legislature can also
decide to accept the veto and send the
budget back for reconsideration.
"None of the programs I was elected
on were approved," Stallings pointed out
Black Student Movement chairman Ashley Davis explains - money for next year.
to student legislators and audience why his organization needs
fare bom biim&
by Harry Smith
Staff Writer
Three buildings- were damaged by what
investigating sources said appeared to be
three firebombings in the Chapel
Hill-Carrboro area Tuesday night.
The Harmony Natural Foods Store in
Carrboro was extensively damaged by a
fire reported shortly before midnight.
Between $2,500 and $3,000 damage
was done to the ground floor art room in
the new addition of the Chapel Hill High
The fire was discovered around 8 a.m.
Wednesday morning by school personnel
and had apparently burned itself out
during the early morning hours.
79 years Of Editorial Freedom
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Thursday, April 15, 1971
n 0
Rep. George Blackburn stated two
objections to the proposed, full-time
lawyer. "First of all, I don't think that
the amount of work here would be
sufficient to expend $15,000 on a
full-time lawyer," he said.
Blackburn favors using the $9,000 to
hire a lawyer on a retainer basis,
whenever a case arises. This provision was
put into the budget .
"Secondly," Blackburn said, "the
difficulty , encountered by student
representatives in dealing with the
administration is largely the fault of the
students." He cited meetings and'
as his main objection to the budget. "In
fact, the only part of my program that
was put through Finance committee was
changed on the floor."
Stallings' proposal for a full-time
lawyer for Student Government was
approved by the Finance Committee. The
proposal was substantially changed
Tuesday night by voting to appropriate
$9,000 for a lawyer on retainer instead of
$15,000 for a full-time lawyer.
'The effect of this change is that each
time an issue that needs counseling comes
up, we have to look for a lawyer that is
willing to spend time, is interested and
'will work for us," Stallings said.
Other programs Stallings and his
running mate Chris Daggett campaigned
on "were without exception not included
in the budget for Student Legislature,"
according to Stallings.
These programs include forming an
Tl .o
Damage at Johnson-Strowd-Ward
Furniture Co. at 462 W. Franklin St. was
primarily smoke damage. Chapel Hill
polic discovered the blaze at 11:49 p.m.
Tuesday. Police broke into the building
and tossed burning furniture in the
showroom window onto the sidewalk.
Capt. CM. Maynor of the Chapel Hill
Fire Department said portions of two soft
drink bottles which possibly contained
gasoline were found in the showroom.
Portions of another bottle were found in
the art room of the school".
Chapel Hill Police Cheif William Blake
said the three fires were apparently
William D. Chrietzberg. director of
buildings and grounds for the Chapel
appointments with administration figures
that student representatives failed to
The legislative maneuverings
concerning the BSM's appropriation
consumed more time than any other
Rep. Jom Bowman introduced -'a
measure to reinstate the BSM's original
appropriation of $6,000. BSM chairman
Ashley Davis addressed the Legislature,
calling the additional appropriation
"absolutely necessary" for his;""
organization. '
information and complaint bureau,
setting up a student "co-op on operating
funds from SL, working for strong
consumer protection and publishing a
teacher evaluation booklet for students'
information before signing up for classes.
'The Finance Committee's reasoning,
for dropping .these proposals from the
budget was that Student Legislature
would not appropriate money because
the programs were not well-developed
and the expenses not justified," said
Stallings. ' -
He ..pointed out the -tunebetweab'.
election and the budget vote was "too
short to get a staff together or to make
definite plans."
Stallings added it is "completely
absurd that a President who has been just
elected to office has to live by a budget
passed by an old legislature." The
members voting on the budget, he
See Stallings, page 3 . -
(Staff photo by John Gellman)
Hill-Carrboro City Schools, said the fire
at the Chapel Hill High School had
apparently started between 2 a.m. and
The fire,' confined to the art room,
damaged furniture, the floor, ceiling and
light fixtures. The window through which
the firebomb was thrown was also
He said damages were completely
covered by insurance.
The furniture company fire was
detected by police officer James Council.
F.E. Strowd said damage to the
building was limited to two plate glass
windows and the front door. He said only
about six pieces of furniture were
Founded February 23, 1893
'Thirty per cent of the people of
North Carolina are black," Davis said.
"You can't shove these people aside."
Under questioning from members of
SL, Davis said once again that his
organization is "unbiased and
"If a white student is willing to work
for the BSM he would be welcome as a
member," he said. According to Davis,
however, no whites had expressed an
interest in joining the all-black
The motion to restore the BSM's
original appropriation was defeated by a
vote of 1 8-1 2, with four abstentions.
Rep. Dave Gephard then introduced
an amendment to the budget to give the
BSM an additional $200 which would be
used for the Black Cultural Conference
next year.
Davis said that , the conference, which
would be open fo all students, would
feature black drama, black dancers and
black speakers.
This motion passed by a vote of 20 to
17 with one abstention.
At this point, UNC geology graduate
student Ronald Benson addressed the
legislature saying that he had tried on two
occasions to attend BSM meetings and
was turned away , by Davis "because my
skin was white."
"I have no objection to the BSM,"
Benson stated, "I simply object to my
student fees being used for racism."
Davis said' he remembered the first
occasion that Benson spoke of. "I told
Mr. Benson that this was a meeting of
black freshmen, not the BSM. I never said
that a white couldn't join the BSM."
.Davis said that the second incident
that Benson . referred, to, which Benson,
stated happened in the summer of 1970,"
couldn't have occurred because the BSM
held no summer meetings."
Joe Beard then introduced an
amendment to strike the entire BSM
appropriation, which was defeated by a
vote of 21 to 11 with seven abstentions.
An amendment to reduce the BSM's
appropriation to $2,000 was introduced
buy defeated 19-15.
A number of appropriations were
brought up for consideration after the
budget had passed its first reading late in
the night.
The International Student Center
received $1,700 for administration of its
programs other than exchanges.
The Association of Women Students
was budgeted an additional $1760 for a
conference on women's rights.
The UNC Football club received $700
for equipment.
The University Chorus was included in
the budget for $300 to buy music.
jrieece n
Richardson Preyer, Congressman from
the 6 th District of North Carolina, will be
the guest speaker at the annual tapping
ceremony of the Order of the Golden
Fleece at 8 p.m. Friday in Gerrard Hall.
The Order of the Golden Fleece,
founded in 1903, is the highest honorary
into which a student can be inducted. It
recognizes students, faculty and other
members of the University community
for outstanding contributions to campus
' Selection is based on the highest
qualifications in character, ability,
actually burned, but smoke damaged
furniture throughout the building.
Strowd could make no estimate of the
damages as yet.
He was quiclc to praise the Chapel Hill
Fire Department. 'They did an excellent
job cleaning up," he stated.
The Chapel Hill police are continuing
their investigation.
"We've talked to several suspects,"
Chief Blake indicated, "but no one has
been held." J
Chief Blake said the State Bureau of
Investigation would be assisting with lab
work in the case.
Carrboro police and firemen were
alerted to the fire at the Harmony
Natural. Food Store by Donnelle
SUl . Si
Doug Hostetter, a member of the People's Peace Coalition on campus, refutes a
point made by Young Americans for Freedom state chairman David Ad cock during a
debate about the People's Peace Treaty Wednesday.
mena ceieuranon
" Bands played,, workshops" were "held
and small-group discussions raged as
several hundred students took part in
Wednesday's celebration of the People's
Peace Treaty.
More than 120 persons attended a
debate during the afternoon and heard
David Adcock, state chairman of ihe
Young Americans for Freedom, and Doug
Hostetter, a member of the People's
Peace Coalition, debate the pros and cons
of the treaty.
Although there was never more than
1 50 people taking part in the day's
events, celebration organizers estimated
that 400 or 500 persons took part during
the day's events.
. One of the organizers said he was "real
pleased" with the turnout but he felt "a
lot of groundwork still needs to be done
to get people involved. Dorm canvassing
and individual discussions are necessary
to get people out of their lethargy.
"Mass rallies are not the important
o 1L II
leadership and achievement possessed by
The ceremony, which is open to the
public for the second year in a row,
centers around the hooded men of the
Order of the Golden Fleece who walk the
aisles and select the number' of new
members for the order.
Preyer was elected to the U.S.
Congress from the ,6th District in 1968
and reelected in 1970. He is a member of
the House Committee on Interstate and
Foreign Commerce and the House
Committee on Internal Security.
Preyer is a graduate of Princeton
o Tl
Thompson who discovered the fire
shortly before midnight.
Thompson said he saw a "small flicker
of flame" through the window of the
store and alerted Carrboro officials. v
Carrboro Police Lt. John Blackwood
was the officer on duty at the time of the
fire. "There was a small softball-sized
hole in the corner of the front glass of the
store," he said, but shortly after I arrived
all of the windows blew out, apparently
from the heat."
Carrboro Fire Chief and Deputy
Sheriff Jake Hardee said the State Fire
Marshall's office was fully investigating
the possibilites of arson in the food store
Damages to the building and its
I hundred
1 - ft
thing although they help. We just wish
more students had come out."
The afternoon debate in Gerrard Hall
found Adcock attacking the treaty and
Hostetter resisting the thrust.
. A march through campus and a dance
on Henderson Street were scheduled to
be held late last night as part of the
TODAY: sunny and cooler with
high temperatures in the 60's;
rather cold tonight with low
temperatures in the 30's; no
precipitation forecast through
FRIDAY: sunny and warmer with
high temperatures in theJO's.
University and Harvard Law School. He
has practiced law in Greensboro and
served as a city judge. In 1956rhe was
appointed to the N.C Supreme Court. He
became a federal judge of the Middle
District Court in 1961.
In 1964, Preyer was an unsuccessful
candidate for governor, losing in the
second Democratic primary to Dan K.
Moore. In 1966 he took the executive
position as city director for the North
Carolina National Bank in Greensboro.
Preyer is also a member of numerous
local- civic, cultural and educational
organizations and committees.
contents have been estimated in excess of
SI 4,000, according to reports from the
building's owner and from the operator
of the store. t
Only three weeks ago, firebombings
extensively damaged the city school
administrative building and did minor
damage to the Institute of Pharmacy
shortly after three motorcycle gang
members were acquitted in the slaying of
James Cates, a 20-year-old black Chapel
Hill youth.
Final estimates of damage to the
administrative building are $117,000,
according to Chrietzberg.
Chief Blake declined to speculate on
the possibility of the cases Tuesday being
related to the March 25 incidents.
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