The Daily Tar Hesf Langley on fil m Want a tape recorder? ...A trip to France? ...How -bout a bicyc!e?...Yes? TRY THE CLASSIFIEDS (page 3) in 'Modern Times ccs eve: Friday. April U. 1972 back The Last Picture Show-Despite some cheap nostalgia and some tawdry and rather tasteless scenes, this stoVy A a small Texas town in the early fifties represents one ,A the peaks o, the year's movie making. The acting , specially is incredible down the line, and scenes evolving Ben Johnson, Cloris Leachman or Eileen Srennan reach heights of unsurpassed cinematic mi.'iance Wonderful and thoroughly American, which .-.;eans that it can be recommended to practically ;ryone.-CH,R,G Modern Times- A very funny and extraordinarily bearing satire of modern life from Charlie Chaplin in : v opinion the greatest director who ever lived Filled , rh scenes of unbelievable grace and poetry, an .xperience not to be missed. R A Clockwork Orange-Stanley Kubrick's film of Anthony Burgess's novel of violence and freedom of .h ,.:e. Not as futuristic as one might expect, but highly . aginative, original, almost always brilliant. Definitely pother great one from Kubrick. -R,G The Boy Friend-Ken Russell's' all purpose musical r re. a triumph of imagination in decor, choreography, -aging, etc. Russell's taste is impeccable here, and U iggy is charming. A real treat for lovers of old'stvle ;:, :.i,a!s.-D The Godfather-Story of Mafia politics, outstanding :n every respect. One of the finest period pieces ever to ro.-fie out of an American studio, and a triumph worthy to stand beside the great European masterpieces.-D,R,G Straw Dogs-Another perverse study in violence from Sum Feckinpah. Flawed in many respects, but still one of the most powerful and disturbing films I have ever seen, with so many important things to say about man's inner violent nature that it should perhaps be required viewing. K The French Connection The third renin of a very fine and exciting thriller (which was not however the best picture of the year, or even nearly). Let's hope that it doesn't return to haunt us like MASH or Butch Cassidy did nine or ten times. -CH,G A Man for All Seasons Story of Sir Thomas More is rather squarely directed but truly distinguished by itc acting and writing. It did of course play at the Free Flicks earlier this year.-CH Summer of '42 Story of the sexual initiation of a young boy. The writing rarely rises above the Erich Segal level, but the photography is beautiful, and Robert Mulligan directs with a romantic lyricism that makes it all worthwhile. Artificial but quite enjoyable. G The Hot Rock-Several talented actors ham it up delightfully in this jewel robbery movie. Rather disorganized, but very, very pleasant and quite entertaining. G Bedknobs and Broomsticks Very poor Disney musical of a witch helping the British war effort. The score is unbearable and the direction so poor that even Angela Lansbury is not very good. Redeemed only briefly by some delightful animation. -R,G Mary, Queen of Scots Ridiculous high school history pageant stuff. A criminal waste of some fine acting talent.-R The following have not been reviewed. Opinions expressed are those of a consensus of critics. The Beginning World premiere of a documentary on the betterment of life at its beginning. Opened too late to get reports. -CH The Carey Treatment James Coburn defends a doctor accused of murder. Some very good reviews. -G The Ten Commandments Sp y Miidon with Cecil B. DeMille. Pretty Bad.-R Mark of the Devil -Tile of witch hur.ts "guaranteed to make you vonit." For those who care.-D.R Song of Norway-A syruppy gkp of an operetta. -D (in 70 mm) Cany on Camping-SIy British Comedy.-D Key: R-Rileigh; D-Durhsm; CH-Chzpel Hill; Free Flicks Night of the Living Dead Tale of flesh eating zombies. Stupid and amateurish, and often disgusting. A waste of time. Friday. Great Hall, 4, 6:30 and 9. Medium Cool -Haskell WexJer's study of violence in America is technically a brilliant achievement, but Wexler cares as little about his characters as he condemns his characters for caring about others, and their film is rather despicable in the way it manipulates dead men as Pavlovian symbols for liberals to slobber and moan over.-Saturday, Great Hall, 4, 6:30 and 9. Throne of Blood Akira Ku:. ;awa's Japanese version of Macbeth. According to the critics, one of the great Shakespearean films. Sunday, Great Hall, 6:30 and 9. Film Society The Thief of Bagdad Douglas Fairbanks rides through the heavens on a magic carpet and a winged horse to the Valley of Fire and the Mountain of Dread Adventure. According to the critics, one of the most elaborate and imaginative fantasies Hollywood has ever produced. Great Fun. Tuesday, Greenlaw Auditorium, 8 and 10:15. WORLD PREMIERE IN CHAPEL HILL! V.. a. - srrer. ?:v , MM A. Z. i - "Th BEGINNING ts a birtrful motion picturt in color, sound & conept." .. -entirely absorbing, i must see it again." jiry wife must see this," "-.I'm coming to see rt again with my children as soon as rt ts released." "Beautiful, interesting, unusual -an outstanding film-where can I learn more?" These are random quotes from the audience at a Hollywood Preview. worn 010 DH0 mm www Winner of five academy awards, including best picture and best actor. ONE WEEK ONLY ENDS TUES. 2o th Century-Fox presents THE FRENCH COUlIECTiOiJ IN THE GREAT TRADITION OF AMERICAN THRILLERS. Features 13-579 'GREAT MOVIE MAKING! - - - SS: diary of a mad housewife OC t O uUi v o o LATE SHOW SAT. NIGHT 11:20 P.M. ;t "'it 3 COLUMBIA RCTURES.FRED ZINNEMANNSnuicF A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS TECHNICOLOR" Gj WBt HII1ER LEO McKERM ROBERT SHAW ORSON WEliES SUSANNAH YORK ' NOW SHOWING: 2:30-4:45-7:00-9:15 w . II iff l iiMm i i NOW SHOWING BE7 R ACADEMY AWARDS nrCT SUPPORTING SCial ACTOR BEN JOHNSON nrCT SUPPORTING ODD1 ACTRESS Cloris Leachman 2:204:35-6:50-9:05 WHY PACK TWICE? Don't carry all those "out of season" clothes home for the summer, only to have to haul them back next fall. Call us and we will pick them up, store them, and return them to you next season cleaned and freshly pressed. It costs just $4.95 plus the regular cleaning charge so why pack twice? Call us today! CHAPEL HILL CLEANERS since 1945 422 W. Franklin 942-1173 169 E. Franklin EVERY MONDAY Like to feel a little Italian tonight? Spaghetti Fresh Tossed Salad Hot Rolls & Butter $.99 EVERY FRIDAY All you can eat! Fish Fry French Fries Cole Slaw Rolls & Butter Iced Tea or Coffee $1.29 EVERY WEDNESDAY Hot Roast Beef on Rye Cole Slaw Pickle Chips Ice Tea or Coffee $.89 EVERY SIATURDAY Back by popular demand for a return engagement! 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