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    Governors raise tuition ask
by William March
Staff Writer
The UNC Board of Governors voted
Friday to raise in-state tuition S 1 7 next
year and to ask the N.C. General
Assembly to abolish the tuition deposit
required of all students.
The board also approved its
supplemental budget request to the
Assembly of $87 million. The original
budget request to the assembly's
Advisory Budget Commission was cut
from $570 million to $420 million by the
commission in its recommended budget.
The $87 million request is an attempt
to recover some of the cut funds, and to
add to the budget funding not requested
in the original proposal to the
The board also passed a resolution
authorizing tuition and fee schedules for
Vol.81, No. 99
This weekend's snow caught Friday's late-to-sleep, late-to-rise crowd off guard
Saturday morning. Those who rose early on Saturday before the cold cold win started
blowing saw a fine powder blanketing everything in sight.
(Staff photo by Johnny Lindahl)
Hospital reports
meningitis case
N.C. Memorial Hospital confirmed
Sunday night that UNC student Patricia
Gail Gormon is suffering from bacterial
meningitis, a very serious and rare brain
Dr. Fred Sparling, a hospital
spokesman, said that while this form of
meningitis is contagious, this case
represents a very low-order risk and is
"not reason for great excitement on
Gormon, 19 and a sophomore from
Charlotte, was admitted to the infirmary
Wednesday night and transferred to the
hospital Thursday morning. According to
the hospital, the disease ran a rapid
course and got very complicated.
She is presently in critical condition
and under intensive care.
Sparling said that all people that had
been in close contact with Gormon,
for example, her family, boyfriend, and
roommate, had been screened by the
hospital for symptoms and to prevent the
pop up
at UNC
the 16 campuses for the next two years.
The resolution includes a $17 rSer year
tuition increase for state residents
attending UNC-CH next year, and a $14
increase for 1974-75.
During the committee reports John
Jordan, chairman of the Legislative
Committee, told the board that
legislation for defining residency of
students for tuition purposes is being
prepared for presentation before the
General Assembly. Jordan said that
changes for the bill, which were proposed
by the office of President William Friday,
would give the board power in
determining residency status.
Senators Herman Knox and Bob
Barker and Representative Claude Miller,
authors of the original bill, support the
changes, Jordan said.
The bill originally authored by Barker,
which was expected to come before the
spread of the disease.
While the disease is contagious, it takes
very close contact between people to
spread. The bacteria is conveyed to other
people through the inhalation of water
droplets in the air.
The affliction's most notable
symptoms are a small red rash on the
trunk, which may spread to the limbs. It
is associated with a sore throat; and,
within hours of noticing the rash, a
person will possibly experience muscle
pains and severe headache, as well as
possibly nausea and vomiting.
People noticing these symptoms are
advised to report to the infirmary for
screening as soon as possible, because
onset of the disease is very sudden and
According to Sparling, this is the first
case of bacterial meningitis at UNC in 24
years. Bacterial meningitis is much rarer
and less dangerous than viral meningitis,
which occurs frequently in the summer.
Quaaludes the downers with the
lightning fast hit have come to the
Chapel Hill campus.
The 30,000 doses of the pill that
affects like a barbiturate" were allegedly
stolen from the William H. Rorer
Pharmaceutical Company in Fort
Washington, Pa.
The pills started arriving on campus
about two weeks ago and are reportedly
being sold at $200 for 1,000; 540 for 100
and 50 cents to $1 for a single hit.
Quaaludes are legal to possess because
they are not included under federal or
North Carolina controlled substances
acts. Penalties for possession of certain
other drugs and for their abuse are
included under these acts.
The pills are legally available only by
prescription so sales are illegal without
Methaqualone is the pharmaceutical
name for the synthetic sleeping pill.
Brand names besides Quaalude are Sopor,
Parest, Optimil and Somnafac.
Quaaludes are considered "really
Assembly's Higher Education Committee
soon, states that an out-of-state student
must maintain a "bona fide domicile" for
1 2 months in North Carolina, in order to
qualify for in-state tuition.
It eliminates the necessity for a
student to leave school while he
maintains his home there.
The bill does not, however, define
"bona fide domicile." Jordan's comments
during the board's meeting did not clarify
what power would go to the Board of
Governors under the revised version of
the bill. Richard Robinson, assistant to
UNC President Friday, who drafted the
proposed changes, was unavailable for
The tuition deposit which the board
will ask the General Assembly to abolish
was instituted by the assembly in the
summer of 1971. It requires entering
freshmen to pay a $100 deposit and
Hill, North Carolina, Monday, February
iiiDreme Conirt to decide
by William March
Staff Writer
Presidential candidate Allen Mask has
announced that he will challenge the
outcome of Tuesday's presidential
election before the Student Supreme
Two other challenges have been filed
against the results of the election in races
for -Campus Governing Council seats in
on-campus districts II and VI. Runoffs
had been indicated by the results in both
of these districts.
Two more runoffs for CGC seats will
be held Wednesday in on-campus district
V and in graduate district IV, Elections
Board Chairman Leo Gordon announced:
In on-campus district V, the runoff is
between Carl Fox and Lester Diggs. This
district include? Morrison dorm, and the
polling place will be in Morrison.
The runoff in graduate district IV is
between Gary McLain and Mary Ann
Maher. The district includes the schools
of education and medicine. The polls will
be in Peabody Hall and the Health
The polls will be open from 10 a.m.
until 7 p.m.
"I made the decision to challenge only
after much consideration and
consultation with over 100 students,"
Mask said. "The overwhelming' majority
supported the stand I've taken."
In an earlier challenge before the
Elections Board, Mask charged the closing
of the poll in Everett dorm for about 40
minutes during the election and the early
closing of the poll while people were
waiting to vote had determined the
election results.
The Everett poll is the only one Mask
actually won. Overall, he placed third,
about 30 votes behind runoff winner
Ford Runge.
Mask asked the Elections Board that
the presidential election be re-held, or
that the election in the Everett polling
place be re-held. Presumably, he will ask
the same relief in his challenge before the
Supreme Court.
"We feel this move will insure fairness
to all concerned," Mask stated in
TODAY: Sunny, high in the upper
30s. Fair tonight, low in the 20s. Near
zero per cent chance of precipitation
through tonight.
good" by drug abusers because they
produce a "real down, really fast." When .
combined with alcohol the effect is even
greater, although the combination is
considered very dangerous.
Switchboard reports that the small
white pills take effect from 10 to 20
minutes after ingestion. A prescribed
dosage of Quaalude may range from 150
to 300 milligrams.
Headache, hangover, dizziness and
restlessness may be after-effects of the
drug, Switchboard reported.
According to Switchboard's
information on Quaalude, the drug is not
physically addictive, but may prove
psychologically addictive.
However the Drug Help clinic in Ann
Arbor, Mich., has reported one person
came to them suffering withdrawal from
the drug, indicating it is addictive.
Attempts are now being made by
national authorities to place legal
restrictions on sale of the drug and the
amount that can be made.
returning students to pay $50, both
The measure aroused considerable
student opposition, and was not
supported by the University
"Such measures," states the
resolution, which is signed by Friday,
"are no longer appropriate nor required
in view of the enrollment setting
authority assigned to the board. These
provisions are costly to administer and, as
opposed to obvious legislative intent,
have made enrollment estimation more
The board's supplemental budget
request of $87 million includes $58
million for capital improvements on the
various campuses. The board's original
capital improvements request was slashed
from $157 million to $56 million by the
12, 1973
..'election claallemi
announcing his challenge. "To me this
election is not a joke."
If Mask's challenge is considered by
the Supreme Court today and if a rerun
of all or part of the presidential election
is granted by the Court, the re-election
could be held as early as Monday, Feb.
19. If no candidate received a majority in
this election, there would be a run-off, at
an undetermined date.
i Present Student Body President
Richard Epps is to leave office on Feb.
19. The Campus Governing Council is to
take office on the 19th, with the new
president as an ex officio member. Court
rulings to provide for an interim
administration could be necessary. .
James Srebro, unsuccessful candidate
for the CGC seat in on-campus district II,
has filed a challenge to the outcome of
the election in his district.
The challenge alleges that Deryl Davis'
name was on the ballot illegally and that
she got 20 votes. Davis was not a
Trustees study utilities
University owned corporation a possibility
by David Eskridge
Staff Writer
The University has been invited to
make a proposal for a University-owned
corporation to take over the UNC utility
systems, according to Chancellor N.
Ferebee Taylor.
Speaking at the monthly meeting of
the Board of Trustees Friday, Taylor said
the invitation came from the Utilities
Study Commission which is in charge of
divesting the University's sewer,
telephone, water and electric systems.
The board unanimously decided to
refer the invitation to a reactivated
Carolina's Bobby jones finds himself in
Jackets in Friday night's 107-72 Tar Heel win
deposit drop
The supplemental budget requests,
among other things, $4 mi!! ion for a
physical education facility for the Chapel
Hill campus. The capital improvement
requests are all projects which were
originally in the board's budget proposal,
with the exception of a $12 million
request for a new medical school building
at Chapel Hill.
This request for a new building, plus
over $1 million more in medical
education requests, are new requests not
previously in the board's budget proposal.
They are the result of proposals of a
committee of the board headed by
Robert Jordan and charged to study the
medical school at East Carolina. The
appointment of the committee occurred
after controversy over the proposed
expansion of the ECU med school into a
two-year facility.
Another part of the board's
Founded February 23, 1893
The outcome of the election indicated
a run-off between Kyle Terrell with 96
votes and Christina Ewendt with 117.
Srebro got 92 votes.
"The number of votes which Deryl
Davis received was enough to alter the
outcome of the election and change the
candidates in the run-off," states the
In on-campus district VI, candidate
Johnny Kaleel has filed a petition asking
for a recount of the ballots. Kaleel
received 186 votes and his nearest
opponent, Drew Cobbs, got 171. Neither
received a majority, so a runoff was
At issue in this case is the number of
valid write-in votes cast. According to the -first
count, 373 total votes, some of
which were valid write-ins, were cast.
Write-ins for invalid candidates, such as
Godzilla or George Leroy Tirebiter, are
not included in the total vote. To win, 50
per cent of the total, plus one vote, is
utilities subcommittee for further
The three - members of the
subcommittee are Trustees Henry Foscue,
Lunsford Crew and Henry Redding.
The deadline for the final decision is
March 1. The trustees do not have
another regularly scheduled meeting until
after the deadline.
Taylor informed the board that the
proposal did not come within the
University administration, but was a
suggestion and request from the UNC
Board of Governors.
There was no discussion or comment
about the proposed corporation from
, Go in there, ball ;
a swarm of Yellow Ed Stahl is trying
over Georgia Tech. three for a story on
supplemental request iil be $6.7 million
for raising faculty salaries. The board's
original request was for enough fundi to
provide all UNC faculty wtlh five per cent
raises in 1973-74 and 1974-75.
Gov. James Holshouser, however, has
recommended to the assembly that it
provide more money for facultv increases
than the amount request by the board.
The board's new request would
provide a five per cent increase next year
and a 10 per cent increase in 1974-75.
In other action, the board passed a
resolution establishing policies and
procedures for setting enrollment levels at
the various institutions. The board has
the power to regulate enrollment levels,
and the resolution includes measures
designed to prevent the institutions from
over-enrolling students.
For each member campus, the board
will set maximum and minimum
acceptable enrollment figures, and will
allocate funds to that institution based on
enrollment figures in the center of the
If an institution enrolls up to two per
cent over the maximum, it will be
considered for extra funding to
compensate for the extra enrollment.
This extra funding will be available only
if some other institution under-enrolls.
If an institution enrolls more than two
per cent over the maximum, it will
receive no compensation for the extra
enrollment beyond the maximum plus
two per cent.
Kaleel would have won with 188
votes. If fewer valid votes were cast, his
186 would be sufficient for a victory with
no runoff.
The Supreme Court will have to decide
on Srebro's challenge before a date for
runoffs in these two races can be set.
At least two candidates, Pitt Dickey
and Casey Olson, have indicated that they
will run in a re-election if the court's
decision necessitates one.
"Of course 111 stay in," said Olson.
"Twenty-six voters can't be wrong."
Dickey had already issued a challenge
to both Mask and Runge to settle the
matter with a pinball game.
"The.. contest would be held at high
noon on any pinball machine in
Clarence's. The Blue Sky Party has
generously decided to donate the quarter
for a three-man game.
"The winner gets the presidency. The
two losers have to leave town by
either members of the utilities
subcommittee or from the other trustees.
In further discussion, Taylor told the
board that Orange County, Chapel Hill
and Carrboro are working on the joint
establishment of a local non-profit
organization to acquire the utilities.
He also said the Utilities Study
Commission had created subcommittees
to handle the water and sewer and the
telephone and electric systems. The
subcommittees will meet with prospective
bidders for the utilities.
In other business, the board decided to
hold its April 13 meeting in High Point as
the guest of one of the trustees.
: v x
( j
' ...... j
to coach the ball into the basket See page
the games. (Staffphoto by Scott Stewart)

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