The DaifyiTarHeel Frid.iv. April 13, 1973 Contest Sex cHnseling director winners iervice to cham ay him ced announ by David Klinger Staff Writer Robert Wilson, director of the Human Sexuality Service, foresees a gradual evolution of the service into a more efficient and helpful organization, based on its experience in the past one and one-half years. In its brief history, the service has handled over 3,700 cases, Wilson said. Wilson also said the service h?s changed since its inception as more and more students come to understand vjhat it has to offer. j With regard to changes malde during the past school year, Wilson said, "I think one major change is that we've developed a little more rapport with thej students. Students are loosening up and discovering Three groups seek allocat ion x by Tad Stewart j Staff Writer j i Three campus organizations argued before the CGC Finance Committee Wednesday for an increase in their appropriations in the 1973-74 Student Government budget. j Representatives from the 1974 Carolina jyjmposium, North Carolina Student "Legislature (NCSL) and the Parachute Club presented their reasons to the Committee in the third public hearing on the proposed budget. Symposium Chairman John Crimmins requested that the $6,900 appropriated in the present budget be increased to $8,000. Last year the Union contributed about $20,000, to help make up the difference in the Symposium's total budget of about $35,000. "We can't rely on the Union this year because of the nature of the topic," said Crimmins. Arguing for NCSL, Geoffrey Mitchell, chairman of the UNC delegation, said that unless the appropriation! is increased CONCEK 1. Within the realm of possi bility, what concerts would you like to see at CAROLINA? 2. What Film Festival pertain ing to a director or star, would you like?. wast 3. What other suggestions do you have for UNION pro graming (Speakers, Films, PLEASE FILL 4. Name Address Telephone No. ETURN TO THE ESK AT THE CAROLINA UNION This survey is designed to they can talk to us. "We are here not to direct students as to right or wrong decisions, but to guide them as to the choice of alternatives available. We never try to make their decisions for them," he added. Wilson has supervised an additional training program during the past year that has brought a more diverse group of people into the program's counseling team, including graduate students, nurses and physicians, and School of Education specialists in the field of guidance and counseling. "Our outreach program has grown. We are speaking to more dormitories and residence hall floors. More people are calling on us, which is good," stated Wilson. Furthermore, the orientation program increases the delegation may fall apart. NCSL has requested $701 to meet its expenses, an increase from the $200 presently alloted to them. Mitchell said that unless Student Government underwrote the NCSL, the high cost of the expenses may limit membership. He said, "NCSL ought to be a Student Government activity since it is the only official way the students have to talk to the General Assembly." Speaking for the Parachute Club, President F.J. Hale requested an increase from the present $200 to $800 to keep the club operating in the same way it did this year. The Parachute Club needs to hire an instructor, since their club member who is certified to teach is graduating. The club needs Student Government financial aid to help cover jumping expenses. There will be two more public hearings, one Friday and one Sunday; for other organizations. The Finance Committee will jnajinal decisions on all the proposals Sunday night. THIS OUT: INFORMATION provide input for next fall is undergoing revision, with plans calling for a reduction in the service's involvement and visibility during the actual week of Orientation. "Last year, the way they tried to work Orientation was sort of ineffective. We learned from that experience to allow the dorms to make the requests for programs from us," Wilson said. Funding for the Human Sexuality Service has increased from last year's total of $200 to $96S, with memberof the group raising over $1 3,000 las! falfj Wilson said, "We were one of the few services that did not get cut this year. Tlje administration, student government, ad the Student Health Service have all been good to us." One of the major projects that Wilson and his staff have devoted themselves to over the past year has been compilation and publication of "Problem Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling," a collection of various articles and references pertaining to this specialized type of counseling. "This is the first book of its type to come out. The only books and articles that have ever come out before have related primarily to adoption," Wilson commented. He stressed that all types of alternatives to problem pregnancy are covered in this guide. In his capacity as editor and contributor, Wilson estimates that publication of the book will finish about -May 1 . ; McMillan- for Fleece tappin James B. McMillan, federal district court iudee for Western North Carolina. will be the speaker tonight at the annual public tapping ceremony for the Order of the Golden Fleece, the campus' highest . honorary society. . . McMillan, who is most noted for his controversial Swann y:: Charlotte-Mecklenberg school desegregation decision, will speak- at? 7:30 p.m. in Gerrard Hall. " ' ' f TJie public is iavited Jo. the. ceremony. i Following McMillan's ' I OrdjbLJ&e Golden Fleece will mdic1 f npvu members, called Areonauts according to ureeK legena. Induction into the order is open to Initial :cIlth3CLcp3 you'll rtssd for a Eurcps trip. Pass th word. SOFA can gel you lo Europe: Africa. Israel, the Far asl Of anywhere: AND, get you back' ift As the wholly owned subsidiary of iT 1 4 ....... K ..BMW.... issue you the International Student nwraiiy taru ana dook you on any 01 our 8.000 student charter flights within Europe. Asia, and Afnca e liirvivuniy iginviT. DUiiiUDy.DaiiyKUK. Nairobi, etc.) Up to 7Qe savings over normal fares. SOFA also offers an extensive array of toum allowing the independent student traveller to take advantage of inexpensive group arrangements and sightseeing. We feature culturally rewarding Israeli kibbutz programs and educational tours within Europe and the Soviet Union. .4 i a ii . i t 1 ? How it all began! Where it's at today. f "Va" vj a A Rocumentary lZF flEni IVOIR 55 () J sponsored by ( Qj tXp I Shrunken Head JM I Carolina Union &sffij$ t India Bazaar - ( llu k. A - xSy Aortt 20-7 pjm - 1 J V V f f TBj' W ) SweT. Am n & Sc-mft,. AgN 22 - Jn-. 1 vTTiT i V - , : ' h i I V Back to the roots It's not every day you can snuggle up to a campus landmark, but one student found the roots of the Davie Poplar a comfortable place for a nap in Thursday's warm sunshine. (Staff photo by Tom Lassiter) speaker "both men and women students and is T.i based on the highest standards of outstanding leadership and contributions to the University. Last year was the first time the order broke with tradition and inducted women. .. The order, established in 1903, is the '"second oldest university honorary of its kind in this country. Only the Skull and """ In "addition to his work in the Char lofter -ieC!kienberg school - esgrega&psi, McMillan has been active '"inourf reform in North Carolina, serving on the N.C. Courts Commission from 1963 until 1971. He was president of the N.C. Bar Association in 1960-61. Other services available from SOFA include, a great Car Plan, the Student Railpass. language courses in Europe, and low cost accommodattona in hotels, holiday villages, and hostels. All the dope is in the FREE 1973 Official Student Travel Guide to Europe. SOFA don't sit on tt Send tor it NOW. 197 SOFA, please send me the FREE dope. I I - -Zip Addmt City . .- - Staw Sand to SOFA. Eurapaan Sdfdant Traval Canlaf Lid. 136 East 57th Strael. Suit 1205 I I I NewYo. N.V. 10022 Tel. (212) PL 1-flOOO ' hi ii H .4. .saw A I Campus Today's activities There will be a Shabbot dinner at Hillel at 6:30 p.m. The International Week badminton game will be held at 4:30 p.m. on courts 1 and 2 in Woollen Gym. The 1-Week ping-pong games will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Union. Sign-up for Health Ed 33 will begin at 8:30 a.m. in the Union. There will be 250 places available, 125 male and 125 female. Buses for those who wish to attend the Tuscarora march in Raleigh will leave at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. in front of the Union. There will be a 50 cent round-trip fare. Weekend activities The UNC Frisbee Team will demonstrate Ultirfiate Frisbee at tne Fair Kedos Sports Festival at 2:15 p.m. Saturday near Silent Sam. "The team will practice at 4 p.m. Sunday on the Astroturf. Call 933-4498 for more information. A cricket match will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday on fields 1 and 2 beside Carmichael. India vs. England, sponsored by the ISC. The Outlet . C' TO V!t DtecD ml or u3e ccto o Free, you TCf-mf otcu rvmds AMD rro r ? rcrc o ee&fLt-THF- PACTry OsrrteT I ism j and cM.n, I TCDOOCT5 Fourth floor Morrison and Avery dorm Tuesday won the Men's Residence Council (MRC) best floor and best dorm contest. The selection was based on a unit's ability to achieve a complete and rounded residence program. Points were awarded on the basis of 25 percent for administration, 15 percent for intramurals, 20 percent for social activities, 25 percent for projects, programs and improvements, and 15 percent miscellaneous. Mike O'Neal, MRC chairman, is also president of Avery dorm. Ralph Young, vice-chairman of MRC, is a resident of fourth floor Morrison and also served as chairman of the selection committee. This is the second year that both fourth floor Morrison and Avery dorm have won this award. Lewis was second in the dorm competition, and Ehringhaus B placed second in the floor division. Women's buildings will be included in the selection process next year. MRC is presently taking steps to establish the women's divisions. An automatic point scale will be introduced for intramurals, Campus Chest events, homecoming displays and other activities. Next year all dorms and floors will be entered automatically, and monthly point standings will be released. Calendar In final celebration of 1-Week a night of international dancing will be field at 7 p.m. Saturday in room 202-204 of the Union. There will be a 75 cents admission charge. The Agenda Committee of the Campus Governing Council will meet at 7:30 p.m. Sunday in the Union. Business includes the budget, referenda and judicial reform. Palm Sunday Services will be held at 11 a.m. at the Wesley Foundation. Coming Activities All Murdock volunteers please stop by the volunteer office at Murdock on your next visit. Dr. Richard Thompson, of the Environmental Protection Agency, will speak on "Opportunities and Professional Growth for the Bachelors Chemist in the Federal System" at 7 p.m. Monday, April 16, in 207 Venable. Applications for the Student-Faculty Seminar on Arms Control, given for undergraduate credit in history, are now available in the office of the Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense in 401 Hamilton Hall, 933-3093. . aaa4aaAMaaaaaaaaMMlM '0 V V P Ve V " u Si . v :: st Si st j: Si st st st . st st st st st V. st st Si st st st st st st vi st Vi st 96 Si St st Si Si st Si Si Si st st si st st st st st Si st st st v. a a a si . K V. K K St St St St it St St St St a st st st st st st st st st V. V. Si st K st st st Si st st V. Si st st st st st Si st K Buddy Koch Ticket Sales UNC STUDENTS ONLY 2 per ID Public Sales Begin April 16 CAROLINA UNION Information Desk Mon-Fr. April 25 9 A.M. - 7 P.M. Memorial Hall 00 IlffH SVVV VV VV The Dally Tar HeX i pubUttied by th University of North Carolina Stwdont' Publications Board, daily excapt Sunday, xam periods, vacation, and surrmw periods, no Sunday tstua. The foU owing t 4t are to be tna onry Saturday feuuass -' SeptomtMr 2, 9. 16 ft 23, Octobwr 14 A 24, and November 11 & 1. - Offices are at ttta Student Union t-ikJirg, Univ. of North Carolna, Chapel MIH, N.C. 27S14. Telephone numbers: Neavs, Sports 933-101 lj 933-1012; Business, Circulation, ' Advertising 933-1163. Subscription rates: $10.04 par years S5.00 per semester. ' Second class postage paid at US. Post Office in Chapel HIU, N.C. The Student Lagisiatura shall have powers to determine tfte Student Activities fee and to appropriate an revenue -derived from the Student - Activities Fee ( of the Student Constitution). The Daily Tar Heel reserves the right to regulate the typographical ton of all advertisements and to revise or turn away copy it considers objectionabM. The Daily Tar Heet win not consider adjustments or payments for any advertisement- Involving major typographical errors or erroneous' insertion unless notice Is given to the Business Manager within (1) one day after the advertisement appears, or. within one day of the receiving of tear sheets, of subscription of the paper. The Dairy Tar Heel win not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of an advertisement scheduled to run several times. Notices for such correction must be given efore the next Insertion. urray Pool Floyd A If ord. Jr. l IUt UN,0N PFramm&- Results will be published. Business Mgr. ...... Adver. Mgr.

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